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Part ⅠWriting (30 minutes)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication. Your essay should start with a brief description of the picture. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication

As is described in the picture, a father asks her daughter how her school today goes on. Instead of answering directly, the daughter tells her father to read her blog. It is common that youngsters nowadays incline to communicate with others on internet increasingly, and lack communication with people around them. With the development of Internet, it has influenced our society to a large extent, especially interpersonal communication.

To begin with, we can communicate with others anytime via internet. Otherwise, we would have to arrange our schedules strictly in advance. Also, interpersonal communication through the internet is not restricted by space. For example, in most multinational corporations, instant messages and video conferences help colleagues solve problems timely and efficiently. Last but not least, the internet can greatly speed up our interpersonal communication. Whereas, there are also disadvantages that the internet brings to us. More and more people complained that they have lost face-to-face communicating skills. As a result, people become more and more indifferent to each other in real life. Some netizens who are immersed in virtual world even have difficulty in making friends in reality.

In conclusion, communication through the internet could bring us both convenience and inconvenience. We should strike a balance between them and make the best of the internet.




本篇范文在句式上,长短搭配,形式多变。从句、非谓语动词等多种表达方式,值得借鉴。同时,用词同样注意多样化,对网络相关词汇的多种表达(web, cyber, instant message, video conference等),考生同样应在平时注意归类、积累。


Part I Writing (30 minutes) Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Way to Success by commenting on Abraham Lincoln's

famous remark, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will

spend, the first four sharpening the axe." You should write at

least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

The Way to Success

What is success? In fact, success is a positive feeling, it is a state of confidence after we achieve our ideals So all of us will try our best to get success."If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z..Hardworking is x; y is good methods and z is stop talking and get down to work."It is said by Einstein, who is used to be a winner of the Nobel Prize. According to this Wisdom, we known that if we want to do everything successful, we must follow these ways.

When we begin to study, our parents and teachers always told us to study hard. Hardworking, which is an useful way to success, is necessary for us. Hardworking, which means we should try our best to do the things. Besides, if you want to get success, we not only need hardworking, but also have some useful methods. If you have some useful methods, you will feel that it is easier to achieve your goals. What ' s more, we must stop talking and get down to work. Success is base on the actions. Actions, may not let we get success. But if we not action, it can never be successful. Regardless of the dream is big or small, the goal is high or low, from now on, swing it into action.

In my opinion, if you follow these important ways to do every things, you will get success at last. 2011年6月




The Certificate Craze

Almost no one in China has failed to notice the phenomenon that a growing number of people are enthusiastic about pursuing various kinds of certificates. Taking a look around, one can find numerous examples with ease. A common case in point is that students spend a great deal of time and energy attending a great variety of certificate-oriented training courses to ensure a better score。

The purpose of acquiring certificates varies from individuals to individuals. For students, as the job market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, not only can a certain certificate prove their capabilities, but also will put them in a favorable position in the employment market and the development of their career. When it comes to white-collared workers, more job-related certificates often guarantee greater opportunities for a salary raise and promotion. What’s more, it is also a ideal way to enhance their job techniques and sharpen their competitiveness。

From my perspective, the merits of pursuing certificates are self-evident. However, we should also bear in mind that it is the practical skills, such as management, cooperation, communication, rather than certificates that guarantee one’s accomplish ment in career. Accordingly, we might as well attach great importance to both certificates and the improvement of one’s comprehensive abilities。


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Due Attention Should Be Given to Spelling. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:

1. 如今不少学生在英语学习中不重视拼写

2. 出现这种情况的原因

3. 为了改变这种状况,我认为…


In recent years, the ignorance of Chinese has been prevailing among the students. In contrast, more and more students attach great importance to foreign languages since the economic globalization. In this essay, I will discuss the factors and consequences of this phenomenon and offer my own view on it.

There are a number of factors which can be attributed to this situation. One of the most common factors is that the majority of people hold a view that English is the dominant language in the world and we should give priority to it. Moreover, although Chinese is a compulsory course in highe r education, most professors and students haven’t given due attitude to it as fewer courses and credits are distributed to Chinese and fewer students attend the class or choose it as their major. And the fundamental factor is that most students take it for granted that Chinese is their mother tongue and they’ve already mastered it.

As far as I’m concerned, this ignorance may be the very first step to furthermore overlook Chinese cultures and in order to avoid this consequence-- to the students, they should read more Chinese articles not only to gain knowledge but also to broaden their scope; to the schools and colleges, they should alter the traditional teaching approaches to interest more students to study Chinese such as speeches and dramas. To live, to learn, our Chinese still need to be promoted.


With China’s opening u p, intercultural communication has become more and more frequent between Chinese and foreigners. A good command of at least one foreign language has increasingly been an essential skill for us. People, especially the youths, pay much more attention to foreign language acquisition than Chinese study.

Various factors can account for this situation. First of all, a good comm and of a foreign language may help young people to get a good job while Chinese skills may be of no significance in one’s job hunting and even their career. Consequently, some students may not treasure Chinese language any longer. Apart from that, nowadays fewer and fewer universities stimulate Chinese language study in campus, which has caused it to be marginalized. Under this circumstance, Chinese language becomes less and less popular in universities. It is clear that professors in the field of Chinese study are not so respected than they were before.

In view of this situation, effective measures should be taken to change it. First, the whole society should emphasize the importance of Chinese language in order to make it clear that it is one indispensable part of Chinese culture and Chinese race. Second, schools should promote Chinese language study and research. In addition, we individuals should contribute our own efforts to the study and protection of Chinese language.

To conclude, we should pay great attention to Chinese language, since the importance of it is never too great to be exaggerated.


Almost no one in China can have failed to notice the fact that a number of students pay little attention to the study of Cheese nowadays. Taking a look around, one can find examples too many to list: some refuse to go to Chinese classes, some read few Chinese classics and some rarely write in Chinese.

A number of factors can account for such phenomenon, but the following might be the critical ones. For one thing, the craze for learning English affect, to some degree, students’ passion for the study of their native language. For another, the increasing emphasis on some so-called “practical subjects” closely related to the pursuit for jobs also cut into students’ time and energy spent on the study of Chinese.

The problem mentioned above is bound to generate severe consequences if we keep turning a blind eye to it. First, students’ weakness in Chinese would lead to their ignorance of Chinese culture. Secondly, their problems with Chinese would also hinder the study of other subjects.

In view of the seriousness of the problem, effective measures must be taken before

things get worse. In the first place, it is essential that the school attach more importance to

the teaching of Chinese. In the second place, students should enhance their awareness of the importance of mastering their mother tongue. Only with these measures taken can we expect the all-sided development of students.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Should Parents Send Their Kids to Art Classes? You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.

1. 现在有不少家长送孩子参加各种艺术班

2. 对这种做法有人表示支持,也有人并不赞成

3. 我认为……


Should Parents Send Their Kids to Art Classes

Children are the future of the nation, the pearl in their parents’ eyes. Hoping that their kids can become the cream of the crop among others, more and more parents send their kids to various art classes to let them learn more. However, people hold different opinions toward this phenomenon.

Some people hold a firm position that it is a beneficial thing for kids to attend art classes. There, kids can not only learn some art skills that may helpful for them someday, they can also get a chance to expand their interests to a great extent, and their minds can also be broadened. Besides, kids can also make a lot of friends there, thus their communication skills may also be sharpened. While for the others, they hold an opposite opinion. They think parents should not send their kids to art classes blindly against kids’ will, beca use this will get a definitely negative impact on kids. Kids, in these parents’ eyes, should be given more flexible time to relax and do whatever they are interested in. And kids also need freedom because unacceptable art classes will absolutely eliminate the nature of kids. Thus, sending kids to these classes will undoubtedly hurt them.

Every coin has two sides. As far as I am concerned, I think children’s interests should be taken into careful consideration before being sent to art classes. Children should be given enough freedom to develop by themselves. Whether parents should send their kids to art classes, it depends. 2009年6月

题目:On the Importance of a Name





The Importance of Name

Recently, it is universally acknowledged that due attention has to be paid to the importance of name. To begin with, a large number of people assert tha t one’s name can exert profound influence on the success of a person or institution. In addition, some even maintain that the mental health and physical fitness of a person will be influenced or even determined by his or her name.

On the contrary, it is t he view of a great many people that one’s name is of little significance. I can think of no better illustration than the following ones. “Qiu”, which means “hill”, is the name of Confucius, the greatest thinker, philosopher and educator throughtout history. Likewise, another case in point is Lao Zi, the founder of philosophical and religious Taoism, whose name is “er”, which means “the ear”. These examples effectively clarify that one’s future is only determined by his striving spirit, talent or intelligence rather than some mysterious and superstitious factors such as certain names or lucky numbers.

As for me, significance should be attached to intelligence, persistence and diligence instead of one’s name. Given all the above arguments, it is high time that we put an end to this undesirable phenomenon. (新东方王江涛)


On the Importance of a Name

There is no denying the fact that it is a controversial topic whether names are important or not. Some hold the positive view. They claim that a good name, or a name that can be easily remembered, can bring one a lot more opportunities than others. Some Chinese may also believe that a name designed according to the traditional theory of five

elements can bring good luck.

Others, however, hold the opposite view. They argue that a name is nothing but a code to distinguish one from another. A person “good” name may not be as successful as the name indicates. In the same way, a person who has a common or casually given name can also achieve tremendous success.

Personally, I believe that both sides have something right, so we should not go to extremes. On the one hand, we have to admit that a well designed name can help a person to some extent. On the other hand, we should not exaggerate the effect of a name on a person’s fate. Anyway, a person’s success mainly depends on his hard work and desirable personalities. (新东方王兆飞)



1. 学生心理健康的重要性

2. 学校应该怎样做

3. 学生自己应该怎样做

范文:How to improve psychological health?

As is known to all, psychological health is as important as, if not more important than, physical health for a student during his/her growth. However, it’s quite worrying that nowadays some students are not quite psychologically healthy.

Undoubtedly, schools and universities should take great account in the responsibilities of students’psychological health. Relevant courses and activities should be introduced to students so that they would be more aware of the significance of psychological health and find appropriate ways to maintain and improve it. For example, there should be a psychological counseling hotline or office for students to turn to when they need some psychological aid.

Of course no psychological health can be obtained without the efforts from the students themselves. From my perspective, what they can do is trying to stay positive, optimistic and follow the right guidelines from their schools. To be more specific, they can participate in some activities such as voluntary work to cultivate an opening and caring mind. Meanwhile, harmful impacts from the cyber space should definitely be avoided. 2008年6月

题目:Will E-books Replace Traditional Books?

1. 随着信息技术的发展,电子图书越来越多

2. 有人认为电子图书会取代传统图书,理由是……

3. 我的看法

范文1:Will e-books replace traditional books?

A new era has come. With the mass production of electronic devices and application of new technologies, mankind has entered an “e”age. Nowadays, we have e-mails, e-tickets, e-tests, and e-books, and consequently, paper-based materials gradually vanish. Nowadays, e-books become extremely popular among youngsters, while traditional ones seem suffer a great loss of their readers.

For some people, electronic and internet based books are convenient and accessible. Environmentalists even advocate the benefit of e-books on the ground of forest protection. E-books lovers even assert that traditional books will disappear in the near future.

I have been a book worm for a long time. For me, reading experience is unique and rewarding. Nothing can be more thought-provoking than thumbing through a book bought years ago under a table lamp in a dark night. As to note-taking, scanning and skimming, and portability, traditional books have advantages. Just as the invention of camera didn’t put an end to the history of painting, traditional books are, and will still be, an intimate friend of readers.


With the development of the information technology, electric books (e-books) have attracted the attention from all our society. Wherever we go, we can see them, such as in the libraries, in the classroom as well as on the Internet. Just some experts predicted in a rectent TV interview, e-books would possibly dominate the reading the next few decades. Some people claim that the e-books will substitude the traditional ones. For one thing, the e-books can not only bring them great amount of convenience, but also free them from going to the bookstores to selecting traditional books. For another, e-books save them lots of space as well as money. They can just put them in computers and take them while traveling. However, traditional books are too heavy and bulk for us to carry. From my perspective, I firmly believe the e-books can not take the traditional books’ place totally.

They will unquestionably co-exist for a long period.

Although the e-books offer us lots of favorable consequences, the traditional books can provide us opportunities to take note on them and to be easy for collection. Therefore, the e-books and the traditional books are preferable to different people, and both of them can bring us benefits.


题目:Digital Age 数字化时代

1. 如今数字化产品得到越来越广泛的使用,例如…

2. 使用数字化产品对于人们学习工作和生活的影响。


Life is becoming more digital and the digital is becoming more alive. Have you ever noticed that you were surrounded by all kinds of digital products? Digital camera, digital computer, digital television, and so on. Because of these stuff, great changes have taken place in our morden life.

Firstly, with the development of digital products, TV, film and music go on-line and mobile. Our life are becoming more and more colorful. Secondly, the growth of peer to peer digital media means that people can generate and transact digital content and services over global networks. Nowadays, information is being unleashed and re-shuffled. And everything is becoming increasingly more connected. This is both very exciting and a bit unnerving. At last, the digital age has renewed our interest in friendship which means there is also an opportunity to deepen our sense and appreciation of it.

To sum up, our future is digital. To achieve success in the 21st century, all of us need to attain proficiency in digital products.

范文2 :

It is widely accept that the digital age has already arrived, such as mobile phone, Mp3, Mp4, digital camera, digital computer and so on. They make our life convenient and colourful.

But at the same time many people maintain that just for these stuffs our life become more and more monotonous, and people lack face to face communication. Everything has two sides.

The advantages of the digital products are obvious to some people. For one thing, in terms of convenient, the increasing popularity of using these has helped us save a lot of time. For another, due to the rising of digital age, it makes our life colourful. We often see all sorts of people bring different kinds of products of digital age to go sightseeing and travelling.

However, there are still quite a few people who strongly oppose these fashionable digital things. Reality mobile phones, in some extent, make friends lack face to face communication, and the famlies spend less and less time together, which cause generation gap and indifference to the person around us.

Personally, I side with the former opinion. It is a wonderful feeling and a great way to make our life much more colour and conveiment. As long as the society is developed, there follows a great nummber of digital products.


Living in the digital age, we are unavoidably exposed to all kinds of digital products, such as digital camera, digital computer, digital television, and so on, which grow in an increasing categories and quantities. Believe it or not, look around yourself and you can easily find one or two of these stuffs.

Here is a question,what kind of influence do the digital products bring to people’s life.? Frankly speaking, these modern digital products offer us a more convenient life than before. For example, the digital camera makes it possible to delete or correct the “unsuccessful” photo of ours, which was impossible with the traditional camera. While, unfortunately, these fashionable digital items have cultivated a generation more isolated from the real life. It is hard to imagine that a man so accustomed to the digital mobile on-line chatting can be capable of the practical communication with others. Finally, too much dependent on the digital things, human seem to be more indifferent to the real world, which we, though reluctant to admit, have to accept.

Thus, as the generation assailed by all kinds of digital miracles, we might as well initiatively avoid some of them despite efficiency and comfort they can supply. Don’t forget those old days when you were going to visit an old school friend though there would be a long train journey, which, in today’s digital era, has been thoroughly replaced by the digital on-line chatting. (新东方)


Direction: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Should One Expect a Reward When Doing a Good Deed? You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.




范文1:Should One Expect a Reward When Doing a Good Deed?

A great many people presume upon a reward when doing a good deed. First and foremost, there is a natural tendency to equate doing good deeds with a certain amount of reward, and reward with a certain amount of money. What is more, they maintain that since the basis of contemporary society is money, one of the major means of earning money is getting reward by doing good deeds.

On the contrary, the vast majority of people assume that doing a good deed should be based on people’s personal interests. Hence, doing a good deed is fulfilling itself and reward is of minimal significance. Numerous examples can be given, but this will suffice. Mr. Leifeng lived a simple life dedicated to doing good deeds without expecting any reward and helping people from all walks of life, yet he was remembered as one of the most successful hero of our time.

Generally speaking, it is my view that we should not expect a reward when doing a good deed. We do this for enjoyment, fulfillment and other spiritual enhancement, not for the purpose of reward


The argument over whether we do good deeds for a reward is heated. Some argue strongly that great deads deserve recognition and acclaim. In this selfish and materialistic world, it is vitally important to recognize and promote various noble deeds. Rewarding and encouraging good deeds helps set an inspiring example to the public.

The opposing view is that we should perform good deeds without expectations of any outcomes or rewards. Acknowledgements and credit shouldn't be given people who do good deeds with mixed motives. For example, some entrepreneurs supporting charity aims at tax reduction instead of lending a helping hand to others with a real motive. So we should do something good for others like Lei Feng without expectations of any economic and immaterial return.

From my perspective, doing good deeds in exchange for rewards isn't an offense. We merit them. In fact, receiving sufficient public praise and attention serves as a contributing force behind the widespread promotion of good values. A role model sometimes outweighs a sole good deed.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Importance of Reading Classics. You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.




范文1 The Importance of Reading Classics

It is widely acknowledged that reading the classics is both important and beneficial to the character development and personal growth of the young people. To me, nothing can bring more joy and happiness than reading those masterpieces created by great figures like Confucius and Cao Xueqin. I believe works like The Dream in the Red Chamber and The Legend of Three

Kingdoms can drastically elevate one’s aesthetic taste and deepen the understanding of the glorious history of Chinese culture.

However, the modern society is full of temptations. Compared with TV soap operas, sport events, and video games, classical literary works are old fashioned and time consuming. In bookstores, “Fast-food”reading materials are replacing classics, and young writers with sensational and “cool” remarks win the support of a large number of fans.

As the salt of this world, we college students should be fully aware of the important role the classics play in broadening one’s vision. Therefore, we should start reading and studying the treasuries our ancestors left and absorbing the essence of those classical works. We should also advocate to the public the importance of classics so that an increasing number of general people can enjoy the pleasure of reading.

范文2 The Importance of Reading Classics

Nobody could have failed to notice the fact that reading classics plays an important and beneficial role in the personal development and growth of people. Personally, ever since my childhood, nothing has been more attractive than reading the classic masterpieces. Taking a look around, we can find classics from which people hugely benefit too numerous to list: The

Dream in the Red Chamber, The Legend of Three Kingdoms, Bible and the like. However, it is widely acknowledged that an increasing number of people are losing interest in classics. A number of factors could account for the change, but the following are the most critical ones. On one hand, practical reading has occupied the market and students’ spare time in such a material possession oriented society. One the other hand, the boom of internet industry gives rise to the change in students’ reading habit which consequently, in comparison, makes reading classics time-consuming and less entertaining.

In view of the seriousness of this problem, effective measures must be taken before things get worse. First, it is essential that college rules and regulations be worked out and enforced to encourage college students to read classical works and start classics-reading campaigns in campus. Secondly, college students should enhance their awareness of the importance of absorbing the essence of the classics in which our ancestors left their wisdoms and experiences. With proper rules and an alert public, it will only be a matter of time to see this problem become a thing of the past in the near future.










From the table, we can see that in the past 10 years, the number of people in a given city who have gone traveling abroad has increased considerably. Especially in the recent 5 years, the figure has been more than tripled, surging from 40,000 to 120,000.

There are several reasons for the change. Firstly, with the development of economy, more and more people become better off. And their ability to finance their trip abroad is growing. Secondly, tourism has greatly developed over the decade. Travel agencies offer not only domestic packages but also travel specials abroad. In addition, individuals today are expected and encouraged to go outside to widen their horizon and to face the real world of globalization. In this way they hope to keep themselves informed of what is going on around the world.

From the changes reflected in the table, we can predict that the number of individuals going out of the country will boost. This encouragingly and inevitably facilitates the cultural exchange between ours and the rest of the world and this trend will be irreversible.


Directions:For this part.you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a company declining a job offer.You should write at Least 150 words following the outline given below:




范文: A Letter Declining a Job Offer

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you very much for giving me so much time for last week’s interview. I was very exciting you could provide the position for me as I’m a student who just graduate from college now.

But I must say sorry for your believing in me. I could not be able to take this job. Because I have passed the examination to graduate school. As I have mentioned to you at the interview that I have attended the graduation exam half a year ago. At that t ime, I don’t know the results. But now I received the acceptance letter from the school. So I couldn’t be able to join in your company. I’m sorry for it.

But here, I still want express again my deep gratefulness to your job and warm welcome. I hope and am sure we will have opportunite to cooperate in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay entitled “On Piracy”of no less than 150 words. You may base your writing on the following outline:




Useful words and expressions

盗版piracy (n)

盗版产品pirated products

知识产权intellectual products

侵犯版权infringe sb’s copyright, copyright infringement


Nowadays, it is known to all that China has become a place of rampant pirated products: pirated CDs, pirated VCDs, pirated DVDs, pirated books…They are available everywhere and we are so accustomed to the phenomenon that we won’t feel it strange to see pirated copies of the latest movies even before they are on shown in theatres.

The reasons for the phenomenon, which are obvious to all, can be listed as follows: First of all, the price of the products that are pirated is too high that most people cannot afford it. Second, the price of the pirated products is much lower and, in some cases,the pirated product doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. Also playing a part is the local government. Some officials give top priority to economy. They will tolerate, or even encourage, anything so long it can bring them financial income.

But the pirated products really do much harm. First, they infringe intellectual property rights. Second, they offend against the rules of the market. As a result of piracy, companies investing in invention will inevitably run bankruptcy and our society will stop where it is.

No advance. No progress. In view of the seriousness of the problem, effective measures should be taken: for one thing, it is high time that people all over China realized the harm of piracy; for another, the government should issue strict laws and regulations in order to put the situation under control.


At present, piracy is becoming unprecedentedly visible in China, Any product, like tape, CD and hi-tech device can be copied, not to mention book. Shortly after a newly-published book hits the shelves, people will unsurprisingly find its pirated counterparts in the stores. It has been widely believed that piracy has caused a great loss to legitimate producers, inventors and authors in many ways. To start with,pirated products often cost much less than the original ones, so they enjoy unbeatable advantage in price in spite of their relatively poor quality.

The original ones, on the contrary, sell poorly.As far as pirated books are concerned, they do great harm to the authors/ reputation due to their misprints. In the long run, pirated products may also have negative impacts on customers since those legitim ate producers’ enthuslasm may be greatly hurt by the fact that some customers are more indined to purchase pirated products. In my opinion, it’s high time that the govement called on everyone to start the battle against piracy. Besides, as customers, we should develop our consciousness to resist pirated products. And law should be strictly carried out to ban piracy from spreading any further.

Only in this way can we put an end to piracy and create a healthy environment for both customers and producers.


Nowadays, the problem of piracy has become more and more serious. Books, tapes, VCDs and others high-tech products have been pirated. For instance,when a new product comes onto market, most probably, its pirated counterpart will soon put on its appearance in the market, too.

Piracy has caused a great loss to legitimate producers, inventors and writers in many ways. To start with,the pirated products often cost much less than the genuine ones so that they enjoy a better trading position in spite of their relatively poor quality. The genuine products, on the contrary, sell poorly. What's worse, pirated books sometimes do great harm to the authors' reputation due to some misprints.In the long run,pirated products may have a negative impact on customers. Those legitimate producers' creativity and

enthusiasm may be deeply hurt by the fact that some customers are more interested in the pirated products for the sake of small gains.

In my opinion, it's high time that everyone started the battle against piracy. First,customers should develop their consciousness to resist the pirated products. Second,the government should take effective measures to put an end to piracy. Finally,laws must be strictly enforced to completely ban piracy. Only in this way can we wipe the pirated products out of our life.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an open letter on behalf of the student union asking people to give help to a student who is seriously ill. You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below:




范文:Your Help Needed

Dear friends,

As some of you may know,Lucy,a lovely girl student,a junior from the Department of Fine Arts,has been seriously ill.In fact,she has been suffering from hepatitis, which is very dangerous. This 20-year-old girl comes from a small town in Shangdong province. Her family has tried every means to save her.

Now Lucy is in urgent need of operation to her liver transplanted. However, her family is too poor to afford the expenses, which totaled 120,000 yuan. How can a poor family earning 1000 yuan per month afford such high expenses? But the time is limited. They cannot afford to wait to see the disease untouched.

So you help is urgently needed. Let’s do what we can to save our fellow student. The life of such a lovely girl is in your hand. Your love can save a life. You can contact 2335648 in the daytime and 2335658 at night.







June 19, 2004

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to reflect some problems I came across recently and. appeal to the improvement of the service industry.

This weekend I bought an English-Chinese dictionary in a bookstore near my home since its cover is elaborately designed. But when I went home and read carefully, I found that the several pages of the dictionary have been cracked and befouled. What is worse, the misprints spread everywhere in the dictionary and seriously affect my comprehension. Since there was such damage and misprint to the dictionary, I went to the bookstore to require for a replace. But to my surprise, the staff of the bookstore turn down my request rudely and even denied the poor quality of the dictionary.

It goes without saying that today’s face-paced and market-oriented economy calls for much higher standard for service industry. However, to my regret, many of the commercials fail to achieve this standard and the quality of the staff needs to be improved. It’s self-evident that the poor quality of practitioners in the service industry will not only deeply disappoint customers but also hamper the development of our count ry’s economy. As a result, I expect your newspaper to appeal to the service industry to attach more importance to the service improvement.

Thank you for your attention!

Sincerely yours,



Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Reduce Waste on Campus. You should write at least 150 words according to the outline given below in Chinese



3.杜绝浪费, 从我做起

范文:Reduce Waste on Campus

As is known to all, waste on campus has become a more and more serious problem. We can easily see many students dump a lot of food in the garbage can. Some students spend thousands of yuan buying fashionable clothes and so on.

The negative effects of waste can be shown in the following aspects. In the first place, it makes some students dependent on their parents for money, which is harmful to their development. If they don’t learn to support themselves, they will be “useless people” when they graduate. In the second place, it is not easy for our parents to arrange for our schooling. Last but not the least important, there is no denying the fact that our country is still poor. There are many people who cannot go to university and many poor people still need our help.

As far as I am concerned, I should set a good example to reduce waste on campus. First of all, I will refrain from wasting anything, from food to stationery. What’s more, I’m determined to call on more schoolmates to fight against waste. Only through these measures can we hope to reduce waste on campus


Directions: 图表作文,关于一个美国大学图书馆的图书流动量(pop fiction, general nonfiction, science,art等),给出他们的流动比例对比,说明原因,并说明你自己喜欢阅读什么样的书。


From the table based on a survey we made of the reading preferences of students in an American university in 2002, we learnt that, of all kinds of bookds, contemporary university students like ficitions best, which has 65.9 percent of book circulation in library while other kinds of books have low percentage: general nonfiction --18.2, science/technology/education-10.8,art/literature/poetry--5.1. It suggests that contemporary students are much more easily influenced by the f ashion than ever before. It’s a reasonable and good phenomenon because it reveals that university students like to keep up with the development of society. Thus they will easily adapt themselves into the new life after they graduate from school.

Generally, I like reading nonfictions, for it is tightly connected with the reality. To some degree, it’s no use reading too much fictions which sometimes will take you into fancy fantasy. Fast life pace also don’t allow me to read books on art or poetry. To me, nonfiction is even helpful in analyzing society and humanity.


Directions: 图表内容是1990,1995,2000的公房和私房变化柱状表,趋势是公房越来越少,私房越来越多。





范文:Changes of Ownership of Houses in China

Ownership of houses in China has changed greatly in the past decade. In the past, most houses were stateowned. But now, private houses are everywhere. As is shown in the chart above, in 1990, the city’s houses were mainly state-owned, with a percentage of 75. This percentage became 60 in the year 1995 and then dropped sharply to 20 in 2000. At the same time, the number of private houses has soared up to 80 percent.

There are mainly two reasons that account for this rapid change. Firstly, the government has been forwarding the policy to support private houses programs. These programs have proved to be very important in developing China’s economy. Secondly, with the development of economy, people’s standard of living has risen. They want to have their own houses to satisfy their needs.

The change has enabled more people to enjoy larger living space. At the same time, people feel pressure to make more money so that they can buy their own houses.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic It Pays to Be Honest. You should write at least 100 words according to the outline given below in Chinese.

1. 当前社会上存在许多不诚实的现象

2. 诚实利人利已,做人应该诚实

范文1:It Pays to Be Honest

Although honesty is believed to be a virtue, there are still dishonest people in our society. For example, some businessmen sell fake product to their consumers; some students cheat in the exams.

Dishonest people are short-sighted. Those who sell fake products may make money at first, but consumers won’t buy their products any more. As a result, they will lose their fortune or even be sent to prison. By contrast, honest people gain a lot.

Those who always tell truth or keep to their promise not only let others trust them but gain respect from other people as well. Such persons are sure to have a lot of good friends.

Because they are trustable and respectable, everyone is eager to make friends with them, Besides, it is easier for a person with a good record to get a good job. Generally speaking, every employer wants his employees to be honest. So we can say that anyone who is honest will be paid back later. In a word, honesty wins trust, respect and honor. So it is important that we should behonest.


From the mass media and also with our own eyes, we know much dishonest behaviour existed in our society. For example, businessmen sell fake products to cheat their customers; students copy other one's homework or download illicit paper from Internet to cheat their teachers; and even worse, there are medical person produce fake medicine harming the patients. Seeing our society is filled with so man y dishonest phenomena, I can't help asking myself what's wrong with us ?

When we were very young we were taught the importance of being honest. I am sure everyone must still remember that story “wolf is coming”. In the story the child kept cheating other people that wolf was coming, but when the wolf really came, nobody trusted his words and he finally suffered his own dishonesty. Also w e have heard many stories that people benefit from their virtues of honesty.

So since we have already known being honest benefit both ourselves and othe r people, why many of us are still dishonest? I hope everyone to bear in mind th at being honest is the basic quality of human being and then we won't be afraid of any "wolf".


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Student Use of Computers. You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the chart and the outline given below:

1.上图所示为某校大学生平均每周使用计算机的时间: 1990年(2 hours)、1995年(4 hours)、2002年(14 hours),请描述其变化;

2. 请说明发生这些变化的原因(可从计算机的用途、价格或社会发展等方面加以说明);

3. 你认为目前大学生在计算机使用中有什么困难或问题。

范文:Student Use of Computers

Students tend to use computers more and more nowadays. Reading this chart, we can find that the average number of hours a student spends on the computer per week has increased sharply. In 1990, it was less than 2 hours; and in 1995, it increased to almost 4 hours; while in 2000, the number soared to 20 hours.

Obviously computers are becoming more and more popular. There are several reasons for this. First, computers facilitate us in more aspects of life. Also, the fast development of the Internet enlarges our demands for using computers. We can easily contact with friends in remote places through the Internet. Besides, the prices of computers are getting lower and lower, which enables more students to purchase them.

Along with the time spent on computers, there arise some problems. The most serious one is that many students are spending so much time playing PC games so that they ignore their studies. It is urgent to let the students use computers in a proper way.



Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic: A Letter to the University President about the Canteen Service on Campus You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:


January 12th, 2002

Dear Mr. President,


January 12th, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

I’m very lucky to attend this world-famous university, but I’m afraid I’m not content with the canteen service on campus.

Firstly, the quality of the dishes should be improved. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of delicious dishes, but all the year round, they are the same. More and more students are complaining about eating the same food each day. So I think the most urgent problem is variety.

Secondly, the price is a bit too high. Many of us hope that the canteen can provide us with not only delicious but also cheaper food.

Finally, the environment is so noisy that we can’t enjoy our meals in good mood. I suggest that there be some soft music to help us relax.

These suggestions are not just of my own, but also of may other students. We hope our respectable president will pay attention to our suggestions.

By the way, the canteen workers are very patient and always smiling. So I think if our university offers them better conditions, they will offer us better service.

Best wishes,

Yours sincerely,



Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a letter. Suppose you are Zhang Ying. Write a letter to Xiao Wang, a schoolmate of yours who is going to visit you during the week-long holiday. You should write a t least 100 words according to the suggestions given below in Chinese.

1. 表示欢迎

2. 提出对度假安排的建议

3. 提醒应注意的事项

范文: A letter to a Schoolmate

June 23, 2001

Dear Xiao Wang,

I’m delighted to learn that you are going to visit me during the week-long vacation. My parents will also be happy to see you again. I’m sure you will enjoy every minute here.

I know you are fond of swimming. A river lies not far away from my home. We can go swimming there. I think it would be very pleasant and refreshing to swim in such hot summer days. In every big room of my home there is an air-conditioner. We can watch TV, play CDs or read books very comfortably at home.

A mountain about two miles away from here is beautiful and it is worth touring. We can go there on foot. When we climb to the top of the mountain, we can have a wonderful bird-eye view of the whole village. Just phone me before you set off. There is no need for you to take anything. I’ll prepare everything for you.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


Zhang Ying


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic How to Succeed in a Job Interview? You should write at least 100 words, and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:

1. 面试在求职过程中的作用

2. 取得面试成功的因素:仪表、举止谈吐、能力、专业知识、自信、实事求是...... 范文:How to Succeed in a Job Interview?

Nowadays, in an ever tighter job market, great importance has been attached to an interview by both the employer and the applicant. The interview, so to speak, has become indispensable for getting a satisfactory job. On the one hand, the interviewer can take advantage of the occasion to learn about the candidates, such as their work experiences, education and their personalities, so as to pick out the right person for the company. On the other hand, the interviewee can make use of the opportunity to get to know the job he is going to take up, the salary, the working conditions and many other things about the job he is interested in.

Therefore, the job interview is very important to a job-hunter. But how can one succeed in it? Firstly of all, the interviewee must pay attention to his or her appearance. The first impression is always where we start. Get dressed properly and neatly. Secondly,

good manners are equally important. Don’t be too proud, and neither too timid. Just be courteous. Thirdly, the interviewee must demonstrate his aptitude and skills for the job and his knowledge about eh job-related areas. Be confident. Last but not the least, the interviewee ought to be honest about his or her personal as well as academic background, for honesty is the best policy.

To sum up, the job interview is indeed important, but there is no need to be nervous. As long as the interviewee has the ability for the job, with careful preparation and a fairly confident and honest performance, his or her success can be ensured.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Is a Test of Spoken English Necessary? The first sentence has already been written for you. You should write at least 120 words, and bas your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:

1. 很多认为有必要举行英语口语考试,理由是......

2. 也有人持不同意见,......

3. 我的看法和打算

Is a Test of Spoken English Necessary?

A test of spoken English will be included as an optional component of the College English Test (CET).

范文1:Is a Test of Spoken English Necessary?

A test of spoken English will be included as an optional (component of the College English Test (CET). Some people contend that it is absolutely necessary to hold a test of spoken English in China because we have been told many times that a Chinese student who has been learning English for years cannot communicate with a native English speaker. Sometimes even those top students who excel at grammar and writing skills find their English inadequate to express their thoughts freely when speaking. A test of spoken English will bring the importance of speaking English to the awareness of the college students, and thus help them with their communicating skills.

On the other hand, there are also people who maintain that good reading and writing skills would be enough for the average English learners. College students are already under considerable pressure from their coursework. Another required test will only add to their burden. Also, some students may take the shortcut and only practice the questions according to the fixed format of the test, which will not actually improve their spoken English.

I believe that a test of spoken English will do more good than harm. Since China will continue its policy of opening and reform, the ability to speak fluent English is a must for anyone who wants to surpass others in a highly competitive society. Whether I take the test or not, I shall make all efforts to practice my spoken English in the rest years in college.


A host of people expecially teachers think it is necessary to hold spoken English test. They regard if someone want to master English well, he had to say English fluently. Firstly, through such a test, which can motivate students plunge into learning spoken English. Secondly, China is a competing society. Pehaps you will beat your rival obtaining your job which you are satisfied with by saying fluent English. Lastly, China is expericining reform and opening-up. Many foreigners come into China. If you want to communicate with them,you had to grasp spoken English well. All these points are indispensable to holding spoken English test.

Some people ,however, take a different attitude. Spoken English test is regarded as being unnecessary. For one thing, they think China has not a good language circumstance to practice spoken English. For another, In daily life, most of us have a touch with Chinese. It is unnecessary for us to communicate with each other in using English.

As far as I am concerned, I am in favor of holding spoken English test, which will benifit students forever. If you can say English fluently,you will pround of yourself. So I decide to study spoken English hard and grasp every opportunities to practice my spoken English


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic How I Finance My College Education. You should write at least 100 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1. 上大学的费用(tuition and fees)可以通过多种途径解决

2. 哪种途径适合于我(说明理由)

范文:How I Finance My College Education

Several years ago new tuition fee policy was put into practice and college students were asked to pay a certain sum of money. And now, all the students, no matter what subjects they are engaged in, must pay for tuition.

There are many ways for a student to finance his college education. Most students ask their parents to pay the tuition fee and pay for their books, accommodation and other cost. A student can also apply for the scholarship. Most universities set up scholarship to offer money to the poor students who do well in entrance exams and reward those who do well in entrance exams and reward those who work well at university. A student can also apply for the low-interest loans. In addition to the above, taking part-time jobs is also a common way for a college student to get money to pay part of his tuition and fees.

So far as I’m concerned, I’d prefer earning the scholarship. This means I must study hard and be a top student, which has always been my goal. After all, the task of a student is to study. And in addition to solving my financial problems, getting the scholarship can also prove my ability and is good for my future.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Reading Selectively Or Extensively? You should write at least 100 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1. 有人认为读书要有选择

2. 有人认为应当博览群书

3. 我的看法

范文:Reading Selectively Or Extensively

Some people think when we read we should read selectively. That is to say, we should select some books we are interested in and ignore the others. Reading selectively can help us concentrate our limited time and attention on those selected books.

Others think we should read extensively. No matter what kind of book it is, we should look it over. We should read various kinds of books, whether we are interested in them or not. They maintain that reading extensively can help to enlarge our view and grasp the general knowledge in different fields.

In my opinion, the two reading ways have their roles respectively in our reading. However, the disadvantages of each methods are easy to see. If we only read the books we select or prefer, the framework of our knowledge may not be complete. Our knowledge would be rather limited. And if we read without selection, we may not have so much time and energy to be specialized in one particular field. Therefore, the combination of the two methods is more reasonable.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Don’t Hesitate to Say "No". You should write at least 100 -160 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1. 别人请求帮助时,在什么情况下我们会说"不"

2. 为什么有些人在该说"不"的时候不说"不"

3. 该说"不"时不说"不"的坏处

范文:Don’t Hesitate to Say "No"

In our daily life, there are many occasions on which we should not hesitate to refuse when asked for help. For one thing, when it is beyond our ability, we should give a direct reply “no”. For another, we the thing we are asked for is unreasonable or even illegal, we should say “no” without hesitation.

However, it is not the case in our real life. Many people prefer to say “yes”when they should say “no”. Some are afraid to lose their face, since they think refusal means their inability. Some people are afraid to offend their acquaintances’face, such as their friends, relatives and so on.

In fact, doing so is quite harmful. If you agree to do the things beyond your ability, the result will only be worse. The other might as well have asked another person who can help. And if you agree to do the unreasonable or even the illegal favors, such as cheating in the exam, you are in fact not helping the other but hurting him. You yourself will get into trouble too.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes towrite acomposition on the topic Do“Lucky Numbers”Really Bring Good Luck? You should write at least 100

words and you should base your compositi on the outline (given in Chinese) below.



范文:Do “Lucky Numbers”Really Bring Good Luck?

Some people take it for granted that some lucky numbers can bring them good luck. For instance, the so-called lucky number “8”is widely used now because it is sounded like “getting rich”in Chinese and is believed to bring good fortune.

Yet many others don’t think so. They think that numbers have nothing to do with luck.

They regard numbers simply as a mathematic symbols for counting. They are anything but a mystery. They laugh at those who think numbers can bring good luck.

I’m in favor of the latter opinion. I think our society is very modern now. We mustn’tcount on the so-called lucky numbers to fulfill our wishes. Whether we can have good luck depends on ourselves. If we work hard, good luck will come to us.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic My View on Fake Commodities. You should write at least 120 words and you should baseyour composition on the outline (given on Chinese) below:

1. 假冒伪劣商品的危害。

2. 怎样杜绝假冒伪劣商品。

范文:My View on Fake Commodities

Nowadays there are a lot of fake commodities on the market. They range from daily commodities to expensive goods. They have caused many harms in society.

First, fake commodities damage the consumers’interests. In addition, fake commodities affect businessmen and manufacturers, too. Those who have been deceived will be reluctant to consume, which will make business slack. Worst of all, some fake commoditi es such as medicine, gas cylinder and electric devices will endanger people’s lives and social security.

There are many ways to eliminate fake commodities but the following ones may be effective.

First, the laws of the protection of consumers should be enforced to severely punish those who produce or sell fake commodities. Second, consumers should be taught how to tell good commodities from fake ones. Third, they should be advised to protect their own interests and not to be led astray by false advertisements.

In a word, the whole society should pay close attention to the problem of fake commodities and launch a campaign against them. Only in this way will fake commodities be possibly eliminated from the market in the future.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes t o write a composition on the topic: My View on Job Hopping. You should write at least 1 20 words and y u should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:





Different people have different views on job-hopping. Some people would like to always engage in one work because they think that if one sticks to one work, he will be quite familiar and skillful with the work.However, others would like to change jobs constatly because they consider it fashionable to do so and besides they think they can get different work experiences.

As to me, I am in favor of the former group of people's attitude. I think hthat if one always works in one field, he can accumulate a lot of experience in that field which in turn will further improve his work. Therefore he will become an expert in that field. However, if one hops from one job to another, he can never amass experience in one field. Although he can get different work experiences, he can't make use of these experiences.in one particular work. Therefore, he will always be a jack-of-all-trades.

In conclusion, if one wants to be an expert in one field, he should not hop from one job to another.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Haste Makes Waste. You should write at least 120 words and you should base your

composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1. 为什么说“欲速则不达”

2. 试举例说明

范文:Haste Makes Waste

"Haste makes waste" is an English proverb which has equivalent expressions in many languages. It has become a precept whose value is universally accepted.

This proverb can be verified by many other proverbs"There is no royal road in learning", "Rome was not built in a day". Anyway it means that one should not be overanxious for quick results, otherwise he will fail. If one wants to be a scholar, he should make persistent efforts, burying himself in books. If he wants to take sa shortcut, he will never become a scholar. If one wants to be president of a country, he should first display his remarkable ability in his routine work so that his ability will be recognized and accepted by others.

However, if he is impatient for success, he will never realize his goal. If a man courts a woman, he should ry to win her love gradually. He should not expect tto win her heart within a day, otherwise he will never get true love. In conclusion, one should follow in order and advance step by step and should not be impatient for success, otherwise he will suffer a setback.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Health Gains in Developing Countries. You must base your composition on the following instructions (given in Chinese):

1. 以下图为依据描述发展中国家的期望寿命(life expectancy)和婴儿死亡率(infant mortality)的变化情况。

2. 说明引起变化的各种原因。

[参考范文] Health Gains in Developing Countries

In the developing countries great changes took place in life expectancy and infant mortality in the period from 1960 to 1990. In 1960 life expectancy was very low, while infant mortality ws very high. However, in 1990 life expectancy increased, whereas infant mortality declined.

There are many reasons for the changes, but in general, they come down to three major ones. First, their living conditions were improved. In the old days people in the developing countries suffered hunger and were exposed to the elements. Nowadays they are well fed and housed. Naturally they live longer than before. Besides, the medical condition was also improved and so the adequate medical treatment en sures the adults’ health and reduces infant mortality. Most important of all, in the early 60s there were constant wars in some developing countries because of the colonial rule and so a lot of people were killed in wars. Nowadays most developing countries have become independent countries and their people live a peaceful life.

In conclusion, the national independence and social stability are responsible for these changes.


Direction: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Why I Take the College English Test Band 6. you should write at least 120 words and your composition should include the following two points (given in Chinese):

1. 有人认为没有必要参加大学英语六级考试(简称CET-6)。

2. 我参加CET-6考试的理由。


Why I Take the College English Test Band 6Some students think it unnecessary to take CET-6. They hold this views because CET-6 is not compulsory and they can get a degree so long as they pass CET-4. However, I think it necessary and beneficial to take CET-6. The reasons are obvious.

First, if I decide to take CET-6, natually, to pass CET-6 becomes a goal I set myself and with a goal to strive towards I will continue to study English hard. Of course my English will not be neglected in the third and fourth years. Besides, if I pass CET-6, I can get a certificate which, to some extent, shows my experience and qualification so that I can compete with other in job-hunting. Most important of all, a good knowledge of English will help my work and scientific research in the future.

All in all, taking CET-6 does good both to my studies and to my personal advancement.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic:Should Firecraekers Be Banned'? You should write no less: than 120 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese ) below:




(Suggested key words: firecrackers(鞭炮) set off/let off(放鞭炮)

Remember to write your composition neatly.


Different people have different views on firecrackers. Some people think that firecrackers should be banned because they endanger people's lives and social security. However, others hold that firecrackers houldn't be banned because they will drive evil spirits and bring luck.

As to me, I am in favor of the first idea. The reasons are as follows. First, addmittedly, letting off firecrackers will create an auspicious atmosphere, but it will not really bring luck to let off firecrackers. Besides, it is dangerous to let off firecrackers. It was reported that letting off firecrackers causes a lot of accidents, fire, injury, and even death every year.

However,it is our traditional custom to celebrate an important occasion by letting off firecrackers.How can we let off firecrackers whithoug causing accidents? The possible solution is that the substitute for the firecracker should be invented so that we can celebrate an important occasion whitout causing accidents.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic My view on the Negative Effects of Some Advertisements. You should write at least 120 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1. 现在有些不良的商业广告

2. 这些广告的副作用和危害性

3. 我对这些广告的态度


My view on the Negative Effects of Some Advertisements Nowadays ther are a lot of false advertisements in society. They have caused many harms to society. Generally, their harms can be listed as follows.

First, they exaggerate the functions of the goods they advertise and mislead consumers. Second , some advertisements contain obscene contents and bring about spiritual pollution. Third, they seriously damage the credit of businesses because the shops which sell those goods will be distrusted and even considered the conspirators of those advertisers by consumers.

Personally, I am usually vigilant against any advertisements and so I have never been taken in. However, some people are credulous and are easily taken in. Therefore, in my opinion, effective measures must be taken to ban false advertisements and protect consumers’interests. First, all the advertisements must be strictly censored by the authorities concerned before they are published. Besides, severe punishment must be inflicted on those who publish illegal advertisements. In conclusion, false advertisements must be eliminated in our society.






范文:The Career I Pursue

In China young people usually want to be engineers, doctors, businessmen, etc. and few want to be teachers. Unlike most young people I decide to be a teacher. There are many reasons for my personal preference but generally they come down to three major ones.

First, I was born in a teacher's family and so I was greatly influenced by my father. Second, I find that education is important because it is the basis of science and technology and if a country's education is backward, its science and technology will never be advanced. Third, teachers are needed in our country, especially in the countryside.

However, it is not easy to be a qualified teacher. A qualified teacher must have a good command of his specialty. Besides, he should be responsible and devoted to the

educational cause. Most important of all, he should be patriotic. To be a qualified teacher in the future I must lose no time to acquire as much knowledge as possible. 'Furthermore I must know the history of our country so as to cultivate patriotism.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic We Need to Broaden Our Knowledge. You should write no less than 120 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1. 科学技术是社会发展所不可缺少的

2. 社会科学和自然科学相互渗透

3. 现代大学生需要广博的知识

范文:We Need to Broaden Our Knowledge

Knowledge is power, especially scientific and technological knowledge. Science and technology are the motive power of the social development. Without them human society could never have developed from primitive society to modern society. Therefore, to conquer and transform nature, we must master scientific knowledge.

However, social knowledge is also essential. Without it we can not understand society and don't know the law of the social development. As a result we are unable to tovern society. Therefore, besides scientific knowledge we need to master social science, philosophy, politics, history, aesthetics, etc, so that we can know society from all perspectives and form a correct world outlook.

To meet new challenges in he 21st century, we university students should lose no time to acquire as much knowledge as possible so that we will become qualified successors of the socialist cause.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on topic My View on Opportunity. You must base your composition on the following instructions (given in Chinese):


Different people have different views on opportunity. It is held that there are few opportunities. But it is also held that there re opportunities everywhere.

Those who hold the first opinion think that there are too many people and so there is always an intense competition for limited opportunities. In contrast, those who hold the second view think that if one is not prepared, he can hardly have any opportunities; however, if one is prepared, he can have a lot of opportunities.

As to me, I agtee with the latter opinion. Admittedly, there is really an intense competition for limited opportunities, but this is not to say that one can't create opportunities himself. In most cases opportunities are created by people themselves. For example, many people lost their jobs in recent years. Some people wait for opportunities in vain. However, others create opportunities themselves and get self-employed. Eventually they become employers themselves.

Therefore, to some extent, one can take his destiny into his own hands.







Nowadays, motorcycles are popular around us. They have be come an important means of transport in Chinese cities. Compared with the bike and the car, the motorcycle has its own advantages.

First, it is quite flexible. When there is a traffic jam, it can go through the cars that are held up in the street. Besides, it doesn't consume much petrol. Most important of all, it can carry another person at the back.

But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. To begin with, it's very complicated to get qualified for riding a motorcycle. You'll have to go through a series of procedures to get a riding license. Furthermore, the maintenance is expensive. Worst of all, it costs a big sum of money to pay for the license plate, especially in Shanghai.