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六年级毕业小升初毕业模拟卷 四面 2015年毕业模拟卷(一)





( ) 1. A. play B. pour C. point

( ) 2. A. waste B. wake C. water

( ) 3. A. full B. cool C. care

( ) 4. A. doctor B. dentist C. pianist

( ) 5. A. please B. palace C. place

( ) 6. A. August 3rd B. October 3rd C. August 13th

( ) 7. A. plastic bottles B. paper bags C. plastic bags

( ) 8.A. father B. fast C. fashion

( ) 9.A. sleepy B. sleeping C. sweep

( )10.A. get out B. come out C. look out


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

( ) ( ) ( )( ) ( )三、根据所听内容,选择正确的应答句。(5分)

( ) 1.A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, they do. C. No, we don’t.

( ) 2.A. At ten. B. Ten. C. It’s ten.

( ) 3.A.No, she won’t. B. Yes, he will. C. Yes, he is.

( ) 4.A.Take a taxi. B. Wait for the green man. C. Great!

( ) 5.A. In the afternoon. B. Watched a film. C. The Heping Cinema.


( ) 1.A. No swimming. B. Don’t take photos. C. No eating or drinking.

( ) 2.A. He could jump. B. He could draw. C. He could walk.

( ) 3.A. It was sunny. B. It was rainy. C. It was windy.

( ) 4.A. Canada. B. The UK. C. The US.

( ) 5.A. He went to school by bike. B. He often goes to school by bus.

C. He’ll go to school on foot.


Jack is my . He has many good . He his things in . He likes healthy food. This , he is going to Taipei with his . Jack me about his travel plans on the

last night .




Nn V v

B. 把下面的句子正确规范地写在四线三格内,注意大小写及标点符号(3分)excuse me how can I get to sunny road


( )1.A.out B. loud C. mountain D. country

( )2.A.weather B. meat C. eat D. tea

( )3.A.moon B. book C. cook D. look

( )4.A.park B. warm C. large D. hard

( )5.A.begin B. drive C. knife D. kite

( )6.A.healthy B. mouth C. through D. these

( )7.A.turn B. Thursday C. Saturday D. purse

( )8.A.appear B. pear C. ear D. hear


1.保持课桌整洁_______ the desk_______ 2、使用太多的石油use too _____ _____ 3.按时完成on 4. 欢迎法国旅游者welcome


6.照顾我们of us

7.瘦弱的老鼠a and mouse

8. 想成为伟大的科学家want to be a ________

9.walk through the forest 10.a few minutes late

11.except Oxford 12.light fireworks


( )1.There_______any tomatoes on the table. But there _______some tomato juice in the fridge.

A. are; are

B. aren’t; is

C. aren’t; are

( )2.The lion and the mouse is from______________.

A. Chinese idiom books

B. Aesop’s Fables

C. Japanese cartoons

( )3.The boys were very _______about the _______game.

A. exciting; excited

B. excited; excited

C. excited; exciting

( )4.Where_______you last night? I_______ in the supermarket.

A. are; am

B. were; was

C. were; am

( )5. Mr Liu ________ to travel around China by bike. He ________ it again with friends yesterday.

A. plans, planed

B. plans, planned

C. planning, planned ( )6. The children are _______carefully, but they can’t _______anything.

A. listening; listen

B. listening; hear

C. hearing; hear

( )7. People usually make lanterns and wear masks. What holiday is it?

A. Easter

B. Halloween

C. Christmas

( )8. What would you like _______? I’d like _________ bread.

A. to eat; a few

B. eating; some

C. to eat; a little

( )9. _______will she stay in the USA?---For three months.

A. When

B. How long

C. How many

( )10. -- the weather in winter in Beijing? --It’s dry and cold.

A. What’s

B. How

C. How’s

( )11. I’d like a book_______ animals and a cake _______lots of grapes.

A. about; with

B. to; with

C. about; for

( )12. May I have _______ paper? --OK. How _______do you want?

A. any; many

B. some; many

C. some; much

( )13. In , drivers should drive on the right side of the road.

A. New York

B. London

C. Hong Kong

( )14. It is often in the UK, so people always an umbrella.

A. rains; carries

B. raining; carried

C. rainy; carry


1. Liu Tao (bring) some snacks to his friends last Sunday.

He ____________(bring) more tomorrow.

2. His father is a _________( write). He _________(write) stories for children.

3. __________(cross) the road _________ (safe), we should wait for the green man.

4. ___________(read) ___________(make) people clever.

5. Billy wants __________(find) out about these interesting ___________(country).


( )1.Where are you going? A. She’s a good doctor.

( )2.What time is it? B. Let me see. Some fish.

( )3.How many kites are there? C. We are going to the cinema.

( )4.What’s your favourite subject? D. No. I like bananas.

( )5.Do you like oranges? E. Yes, please.

( )6.How is your mother? F. No, I won’t.

( )7.Would you like some apples? G. Not bad.

( )8.What will you cook? H. I like Chinese best.

( )9.Will you go to the library tomorrow? I. It’s nine.

( )10.What does your aunt do? J. Seven.


Venice(威尼斯) is a famous c in Italy(意大利). People do not d

c in that city, because there are m canals(水道). The canals look like s . There is much w in those canals. Your father an

d mother may go to w by bus. In Venice, fathers and mothers u go by b . It’s very i .


1、In Unit8, does Liu Tao want to fly to the Moon?

2、When does your father get up?

3、What are you going to do next Chinese New Year?

4、What does the sign“No littering”mean?

5、How can we do to protect the Earth?



Every day we eat a lot of food. A healthy diet is good for us. But people in different countries eat different kinds of food. My friend Peter is from America and he tells me a lot about food in America. Most Chinese people like to eat pork(猪肉). But in America beef(牛肉) is more popular(受欢迎). We often have rice or noodles at every meal. But Americans may think hamburgers and fruit pies are more delicious(美味). Chinese children like to eat ice creams in summer. But Americans nearly eat them every meal. Americans like sweet food very much, just like cakes, ice creams, chocolate and so on. ()1. People in China and the US have the same food.

()2. Peter is American.

()3. Pork is popular in the US.

()4. Chinese people like to eat beef and eat it every day.

()5. Chinese children usually eat ice cream in summer.


Uncle Wang works in a book shop in the middle of the city. The shop is not far (远) from his home. It is about one kilometer (公里) away. So Uncle Wang seldom (很少) goes to work by bus. He usually goes there by bike, sometimes on foot. It takes (花费) him twenty minutes to get there by bike and forty minutes on foot. His work starts at half past eight in the morning and finishes at a quarter to five in the afternoon.

Last Monday,his bike was broken (坏了). He wanted to walk there. He had breakfast at home. He left(离开) home at ten to eight and he walked to work twenty minutes earlier(更早).

( ) 1. What does Uncle Wang do?

A. He sells books.

B. He makes shoes.

C. He works in a hospital.

( ) 2. Why does Uncle Wang seldom go to work by bus? Because .

A. there is no bus

B. his shop is not far from his home

C. he likes riding a bike ( ) 3. How does Uncle Wang usually go to work?

A. By bike.

B. On foot.

C. A or B.

( )4. How long does it take him to walk to his book shop?

A. Twenty minutes

B. Ten minutes

C. Forty minutes.

( ) 5. What time does Uncle Wang usually leave home by bike?

A. At ten to eight.

B. At half past eight.

C. At ten past eight.




Mary is my little cousin. She __________ from Sydney.

Mary has a nice dream. She wants to be __________ _________ in the _________. She wants to draw many beautiful pictures for people. Because she is good at _________. She usually has painting __________ __________ weekend. To make her dream _________ __________, she will study harder. She will read more and practice more. She will ___________ give up.



1. Don’t pour water into the hole.

2. We can’t waste food.

3. Mike doesn’t care about his teeth.

4.I want to be a dentist in the future.

5.Sydney is a tidy and clean place.

6.My birthday is on the third of August.

7.You shouldn’t use too many plastic bags.

8.Look,the boys are running fast.

9. Helen never feels sleepy in class.

10.The mouse helped the lion get out of the net.


1. Do you love animals? You’ll find kangaroos and koalas in Australia.

2. The boy does badly at school.

3. Twenty years ago, many people used the telephone at home to call others.

4. Chinese people like watching dragon dances at Spring Festival.

5. My brother wants to be an astronaut and walk on the Moon.


1.Do you want to go with me?

2.How many students want to be a teacher?

3.Will Mike’s sister have a picnic this Sunday?

4.How can I get to your house?

5.Where did you go for the May Day holiday?


1、Wow, the sea world is so beautiful.

Yes. Look at the fish. They’re swimming happily. Let me take some photos for them. Oh, no. You can’t do that. Look, there’s a sign on the wall.

I’m sorry.

Question: What sign do they see?

2、Hi, Ben. Look at this old photo. You were only one year old then.

Funny. Could I walk then, Mum?

Yes. But you couldn’t run or jump.

Question: What could Ben do when he was only one year old?

3、What did you do last Saturday?

I went boating with my sister.

Did you have a good time?

You know, it was sunny in the morning. But it was rainy in the afternoon. We were wet.

What a pity!

Question: How was the weather last Saturday morning?

4、Nancy, you are reading a travel book. Will you go to the Grand Canyon?

Yes. I will visit it. It’s a beautiful place.

I want to visit there too.

Question: Where will Nancy go?

5、David, do you go to school on foot every day?

No, I go to school by bus. But I want to be a policeman in the future. I want to be brave and strong. I must do more exercise. So I’ll go to school on foot.

Question: How does David go to school every day?


Jack is my e-friend. He has many good habits. He _always_ puts his things in __order___. He likes __eating___ healthy food. This summer , he is going to Taipei with his__parents_____. Jack told me about his travel plans on the Internet last night .