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1. The Mississippi River carries great amounts of fine sand and silt into the Gulf of Mexico south of New Orleans.

(A) collections

(B) mounds

(C) reserves

(D) quantities

2. Even with adequate light and moisture, plant growth ceases when the air temperature suddenly drops below a certain minimum level.

(A) nearly

(B) steadily

(C) narrowly

(D) abruptly

3. Margaret Avison, one of Canada's finest poets, has remained outside the mainstream of recognized writers.

(A) thrived

(B) stayed

(C) reappeared

(D) published

4. Oil can be conveyed by pipeline from an oil region to a refinery.

(A) transported

(B) filtered

(C) connected

(D) diverted

5. Dry beans are very rich in proteins and carbohydrates and may be eaten as a substitute for meat.

(A) at the same time as

(B) mixed up with

(C) in place of

(D) in addition to

6. Farmers seldom attempt to cultivate every foot of their land.

(A) like

(B) try

(C) plan

(D) want

7. In arithmetic, a number stands for the size of a set of things.

(A) measures.

(B) estimates

(C) cancels

(D) represents

8. George Pullman, who invented the railroad sleeping car, designed a town for his factory employees in the outskirts of Chicago.

(A) surrounding regions

(B) stock yards.

(C) back streets

(D) manufacturing district

9. The combination of lenses, in a compound microscope makes possible greater magnification than can be achieved with a single lens.

(A) projects

(B) requires

(C) allows

(D) involves

10. In the 1700's North American colonists proclaimed their wealth and social standing by wearing elaborate stockings.

(A) responsibility

(B) events

(C) organization

(D) status

11. Footnotes sometimes explain a word or an idea, but more often they merely cite the source of authority for what the author says.

(A) correct

(B) expand on

(C) critique

(D) refer to

12. Some plants contain substances that interfere with the digestive processes of animals.

(A) disrupt

(B) encourage

(C) augment

(D) trigger

13. Tung oil is a powerful drying agent used in varnishes and paints.

(A) pure

(B) potent

(C) poisonous

(D) permanent

14. In his mathematics, Archimedes employed methods that resembled those of contemporary integral calculus.

(A) were similar to

(B) established

(C) were supported by

(D) prescribed

15. Permeable rocks have pores of sufficient size to permit water to pass through them.

(A) fluctuating

(B) enlarged

(C) adequate

(D) perfect

16. In north central Nebraska, huge herds of beef cattle graze on the grass meadows of enormous ranches.

(A) feed on

(B) sleep on

(C) dominate

(D) damage

17. The theory of plate tectonics provided scientists with

a framework for understanding how and why the various features of the Earth constantly change.

(A) goal

(B) motive

(C) subject

(D) structure

18. Histamine is one of the chemicals released by certain body cells when tissues are injured.

(A) destroyed

(B) given off

(C) inhibited

(D) renewed

19. Students of the Berry School for Mountain Children helped pay for their education by doing part-time labor that pertained to their particular course of study.

(A) resulted in

(B) began with

(C) paid for

(D) related to

20. Some birds have a waxy coating on their feathers that causes water to form beads and slide off.

(A) whiskers

(B) streams

(C) drops

(D) nests

21. The best olive oil is obtained from olives that are harvested just after they ripen and before they turn black.

(A) preserved

(B) squeezed

(C) gathered

(D) sorted

22. The Navajo people of Arizona and. New Mexico build, their hogans, cone-shaped, dwellings made of logs and earth, during the summer.

(A.) fishing boats

(B) living quarters

(C) weapons

(D) platforms

23. In astronomy, a scale of magnitude from one to six denotes the brightness of a star.

(A) signifies

(B) predicts

(C) contrasts

(D) examines

24. If an object is suspended from any point on the vertical line passing through its center of gravity, the object will remain stationary.

(A) secure

(B) flexible

(C) immobile

(D) hung

25. Many people who want warm coats can buy fake furs.

(A) costly

(B) soft

(C) heavy

(D) imitation

26. Maria Chapman, abolitionist and close associate of William Lloyd Garrison, wrote many brochures condemning slavery.

(A) slogans

(B) short poems

(C) sentiments

(D) short pamphlets

27. Shellfish give the deceptive appearance of enjoying a peaceful existence, although in fact life is a constant struggle for them.

(A) misleading

(B) calm

(C) understandable

(D) initial

28. In the United States senatorial race of 1858 Abraham Lincoln was the Illinois candidate of the new Republican party, a coalition of antislavery groups.

(A) a benefactor

(B) an opponent

(C) a forerunner

(D) an alliance

29. The most striking technological success in the twentieth century is probably the computer revolution.

(A) recent

(B) productive

(C) prominent

(D) dangerous

30. Scientific evidence from different disciplines demonstrates that in most humans the left hemisphere of the brain controls language.

(A) groups of followers

(B) years

(C) countries

(D) fields of study


1. Men and women who exercise vigorously seldom put on excess weight.

(A) rarely

(B) inevitably

(C) compulsively

(D) foolishly

2. Anthropologists believe that in the sixteenth century a few thousand Inuits inhabited northern Canada.

(A) threatened

(B) fought over

(C) governed

(D) lived in

3. The walrus uses its tusks to dig food from the ocean bottom.

(A) floor

(B) environment

(C) islands

(D) waves

4. When he was in Congress, Joseph Martin, of Massachusetts was noted for keeping in touch with his constituents.

(A) cooperating

(B) conviving

(C) celebrating

(D) communicating

5. Insufficient amounts of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, cause scurvy, a disease characterized by spongy gums and


(A) Ingested

(B) Variable

(C) Inadequate

(D) Demonstrable

6. By 1929, two years after the start of the "talkies," motion picture theaters in the United States were attracting 100 million patrons every week.

(A) owners

(B) actors

(C) customers

(D) critics

7.Sophonisha P. Breckinridge, the first woman admitted to the bar in Kentucky, eventually abandoned her legal career and became a social worker.

(A) supported

(B) prosecuted

(C) gave up

(D) tired of

8. Most modern printing inks contain synthetic pigments, binders, and solvents as well as ingredients to promote drying.

(A) chemicals

(B) components

(C) glues

(D) liquids

9. President Jefferson approved the idea of using surplus revenues of the government to promote the interests of commerce, industry, agriculture, and education.

(A) tax

(B) financial

(C) extra

(D) precious

10.Textiles are among the most important relics found in the ruins of ancient households.

(A) Books

(B) Statues

(C) Plates

(D) Fabrics

11. Florida, largely a lowland peninsula, is surrounded on three sides by the water of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

(A) mainly

(B) obviously

(C) formerly

(D) wholly

12. Although Venus is the planet nearest the Earth, little is known about it because it is constantly covered by thick clouds.

(A) continuously

(B) completely

(C) curiously

(D) closely

13. Acculturation is a process whereby the members of one culture adopt the customs of another.

(A) spread

(B) regulate

(C) take on

(D) count on

14. Even though the topography of different areas of the southwestern United States is diverse, the weather patterns are quite similar.

(A) predictable

(B) humid

(C) cyclic

(D) comparable

15. The National Ballet School of Canada, founded in 1957, produces finely trained classical dancers.

(A) expensively

(B) highly

(C) traditionally

(D) uniquely

16. Humus is decayed organic matter that is an important part of fertile soil.

(A) derived

(B) compacted

(C) decomposed

(D) liquefied

17. The best country music songs are those that express an emotion that is likely to make a listener weep.

(A) smile

(B) think

(C) sing

(D) cry

18.Forests are delicate systems that, if disturbed, can be permanently destroyed.

(A) fragile

(B) expansive

(C) complex

(D) unusual

19. An oyster forms a pearl to protect itself from some irritating bit of foreign matter trapped inside its shell.

(A) needs

(B) positions

(C) develops

(D) uses

20. Through her portrayal of eight college-educated women in the book, The Group, author Mary McCarthy criticizes an entire period.

(A) age

(B) nation

(C) social class

(D) system of education

21. In many parts of the world, taliamans are used to ward off evil.

(A) keep away

(B) describe

(C) transcend

(D) seek out

22. Toward the end of a major earthquake, the force of the vibrations diminishes gradually.

(A) by degrees

(B) at random

(C) noticeably

(D) sufficiently

23. Although the ancient classical theater was originally satirical and critical in tone, it definitely began to show signs of romanticism by the mid-fourth century B.C.

(A) finally

(B) occasionally

(C) clearly

(D) intentionally

24. Although wildflowers appeal to nature lovers, some of them are considered troublesome weeds by farmers.

(A) deadly

(B) annoying

(C) destructive

(D) worthless

25. The degree of declivity of a beach depends on its sediment composition as well as on the action of waves across its surface.

(A) graininess

(B) downward slope

(C) seasonal change

(D) resistance

26. Will Rogers, an American humorist and social critic, became famous for his homespun humor and shrewd comments about current events.

(A) stories

(B) discussions

(C) beliefs

(D) remarks

27. In modern writing, the distinction between literary expression and colloquial expression is often blurred.

(A) exagerated

(B) reversed

(C) indistinct

(D) unintentional

28. Since nitrogen is a characteristic and fairly constant component of protein, scientists can measure protein by measuring nitrogen.

(A) singularly

(B) relatively

(C) naturally

(D) chemically

29. Writers of mystery novels often try to fool their readers by presenting misleading clues.

(A) deceive

(B) intrigue

(C) persuade

(D) frustrate

30. Most palm trees have slender, unbranching trunks with

a clump of leaves at the top.

(A) flock

(B) bunch

(C) herd

(D) pack


1. Recent discoveries in Montana indicate that some dinosaurs may have resided in colonies.

(A) lived

(B) died

(C) hunted

(D) fed

2. Algae vary in their capacity to tolerate salinity changes.

(A) desire

(B) ability

(C) effort

(D) purpose

3. Most classical music is recorded in studios where minimal extraneous sounds and distractions are likely to occur.

(A) reliable

(B) complementary

(C) the loudest

(D) the fewest

4. Voted the most valuable player of the National League in 1949, baseball player Jackie Robinson also received a gold medal that year for his role in bettering race relations.

(A) improving

(B) discussing

(C) evaluating

(D) bartering

5. Although great strides in agricultural technology have resulted in massive production increases, weather remains

an important limitation.

(A) abrupt

(B) enormous

(C) long-term

(D) overdue

6. The American dancer Loie Fuller used perfume to create special effects during her performances.

(A) dim lights

(B) strange music

(C) darkness

(D) scent

7. The circulatory system helps dispose of wastes that would harm the body if they accumulated.

(A) catch up with

(B) bear up under

(C) get rid of

(D) run out of

8. The amount of time spent watching television in the average household in the United States has risen steadily since television sets were introduces in the 1950's.

(A) discreetly

(B) consistently

(C) automatically

(D) disproportionately

9. In 1896 George Washington Carver became director of the Department of Agricultural Research at Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, a position he retained for the rest

of his life.

(A) expanded

(B) managed

(C) cherished

(D) kept

10. Penicillin was discovered by chance in 1928.

(A) finally

(B) accidentally

(C) experimentally

(D) opportunely

11. Lamp filaments are made from tungsten, a strong metal that can hold up under high temperatures without melting.

(A) reduce

(B) withstand

(C) illuminate

(D) reflect

12. The junior college has become a significant component in the expansion of educational opportunities in the United States since the Second World War.

(A) force

(B) element

(C) concept

(D) academy

13. During their winter hibernation period, bears doze.

(A) sleep lightly

(B) lose fur

(C) go hungry

(D) have babies

14. Asbestos is a mineral fiber that can cause cancer if inhaled.

(A) picked up

(B) taken indoors

(C) breathed in

(D) eaten up

15. Known as "The First Lady of Song." Ella Fitzgerald got her start as a professional singer when she won a contest at the Apollo Theater in Harlem in 1934.

(A) an award

(B) an argument

(C) a competition

(D) a contract

16. Chromium is a comparatively scarce element, occurring in nature only in compounds.

(A) complex

(B) strong

(C) hard

(D) rare

17. Many photographers prefer to take pictures at twilight, when they can take advantage of the special effects of the setting sun.

(A) at dusk

(B) at noon

(C) in the spring

(D) in the fall

18. The climate of the Middle Atlantic region of the United States varies with the altitude and land surface.

(A) ocean waves

(B) humidity

(C) wind direction

(D) elevation

19. Since the Second World War, most urban growth in the United States has occurred on the outskirts of existing metropolitan areas.

(A) in the countries

(B) on the edges

(C) on the streets

(D) at the intersections

20. A recent study concluded that unstable weather patterns may cause migraine headaches.

(A) unforeseen

(B) variable

(C) violent

(D) unusual

21. Janet Guthrie was the first woman to compete in the Indianapolis 500, the most prestigious automobile race in the United States.

(A) fastest

(B) wealthiest

(C) most honored

(D) most dangerous

22. Logrolling is a sport in which contestants perform various maneuvers while treading on a floating log.

(A) speeches

(B) duties

(C) marches

(D) moves

23. The reproductive potential of aphids is unmatched in the insect world.

(A) unqualified

(B) unrecognized

(C) underestimated

(D) unequaled/ unparalled

24. The boom in silver production after 1860 spurred the use of innovative machinery in crafting silver flatware and vessels.

(A) stimulated

(B) allowed

(C) required

(D) accompanied

25. Barbara Reed, a probation officer in Ohio, tried to eliminate overly sweet foods from probationers’ diets in order to temper their antisocial behavior.

(A) explain

(B) moderate

(C) do away with

(D) learn about

26. If ground-worms are removed from the soil and placed in

a liquid, they thrash helplessly around.

(A) carelessly

(B) tirelessly

(C) powerlessly

(D) heartlessly

27. H.L.Mencken's sardonic prose left an indelible mark on the English language.

(A) an unrivaled

(B) an unmistakable

(C) a pretentious

(D) a permanent

28. In studying social groups, sociologists often gain insight through the use of such devices as questionnaires.

(A) access

(B) credibility

(C) publicity

(D) understanding

29. After his military defeat in 1865, Robert E. Lee entreated the people of the South to work for national harmony.

(A) warned

(B) urged

(C) commanded

(D) recruited

30. The value of a topaz is largely determined by its quality.

(A) especially

(B) actually

(C) mainly

(D) always


1. The flying squirrel does not truly fly, but glides through the air as it leaps from tree to tree.

(A) actually

(B) actively

(C) sincerely

(D) normally

2. The Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program gives colleges and universities in the United States the opportunity to host visiting scholars from other countries.

(A) money

(B) chance

(C) desire

(D) ability

3. Many English surnames once referred to specific localities.

(A) places

(B) jobs

(C) characteristics

(D) relatives

4. In successful film productions, the camera crew and the director work intimately together.