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Book 4 Unit 6 The Pace of Life

1) To stimulate consumption, farmers now can buy household appliances with government subsidy.


2)Conventional medicine has concentrated mainly on the treatment of chronic and acute illness, and until recent years the role of preventive(预防性的) medicine has suffered comparative neglect.


3)Cost apart, you should remember that however fancy a fridge is ,it doesn’t kill bacteria (细菌); it only shows down the rate at which they multiply.


4)The economic planners are seeking to achieve a fairer distribution of wealth throughout society, but it’s easier said than done, I think.


注释:seek to do…意为“设法做…”,相当于try to do…;

distribution 意为“分配”

5)The town has been producing wool, cloth, and blankets since the 13th century and much of its prosperity today is still founded on those industries.

译文:自13 世纪以来,这个城镇一直生产羊毛、布匹和地毯,它今天的许多繁荣兴旺仍然建立在那些工业的基础上。

6)I’ve heard of a company that provides guidance and help so that you can decorate your house to your own taste.

译文:我听说过一家公司,他能够提供指导和帮助,以便你能按照自己的喜好来装饰房屋。注释:decorate 意为“装饰,装修”。此句中第一个that 引导定语从句,修饰先行词 a company。So that 引导目的状语从句

7)To prevent widespread famine, the UN report calls for a joint effort to develop new high-yielding crops adapted to hotter climates and drier soils.


8)Carrying large quantities of /a large quantity of cash could be dangerous and inconvenient. Why not use a credit card?


注释:large quantities of/ a large quantity of 意为“大量的”,后即可接可数名词复数形式,亦可接不可数名词。Carrying 引导的现在分词短语作主语。

9)The World Bank decided to grant Hungary a loan of 66 million dollars to streamline its fragile financial system.

译文:世界银行决定拨给匈牙利66000 千万美元的贷款以精简其脆弱的财政体制使其更有效率。

注释:streamline 在此为动词,意为“使有效率”

10)I’ll send you a fax with detailed information about the proposed project.


注释:fax 意为“传真”;在此句中with 的复合结构作后置定语,修饰fax,意为“带有,含有…的”

11)It was Deng Xiaoping who pointed the way to our opening-up policy and fundamental economic reforms.


注释:此句为强调句,基本句型:it was+被强调部分+who+谓语;the way to 意为“通往…之路”

12 )Mayor Lewes was taken aback and utterly bewildered by the unexpected question put to him by a reporter 一”Are you a liar ,sir?”



1)Experts say profits could halve (减半) over the next year as the other supermarket chains eat into Gateway’s market share. (eat)

译文:专家表示,随着其他连锁超市侵占Gateway 的市场份额,Gateway的收益会在来年减半。

2)Unlike native Americans in many other parts of the country, where customs have gone through tremendous changes, the Eskimos in Alaska still cling to their old traditions.(cling)


注释:cling to 意为“坚守”;此句中where 引导非限制性定语从句,修饰其前的in many other parts of the country.

3)Those pale blue flowers stand out /stood out like jewels against the dark, bare soil. (stand )


注释:stand out 意为“明显,醒目”

4)Mont Blanc (白朗峰) exists, and it will go on existing until it wears away or an earthquake knocks it over.(wear)


注释:wear away 意为“磨损,磨灭”;knock…over 意为“将…打倒,撞倒”

5)It would be far better to admit the problem openly and set about tacking it.(set)


6)The usher showed us to our seats, and there was just enough time for Denise to switch off her cell-phone before the curtain went up. (switch)


注释:switch off 意为“切断/关上(电源)”

7)Tonight Euro Disneyland will open its doors and 15000 adult guests form around the world will be turned loose for two days in the vast theme park.(turn)

译文:今晚欧洲迪斯尼乐园将会敞开它的大门,在接下来的两天中来自全世界15000 名的成年宾客将会在这巨大的主题公园黎彻底放松自己

8)Letters have poured in congratulating her on her success in setting a new world record for the women’s 5000 meters.(pour)

译文:信件蜂拥而至,纷纷祝贺她在女子5000 米比赛中成功地创造了新的世界纪录。注释:pour in 意为“大量涌入,蜂拥而至”

3. Rewrite each sentence with the word or phrase in brackets.

1) The unemployment rate is forecast to be below average next year, which at the moment is 4 percent.

2) Efforts to enter the building and find the baby girl proved futile as rescuers were driven out by the heat and flames.

3) The board was urged to divert some of its attention from expanding production and get more involved with issues of market demand.

4) Losing just one or two items of expensive clothing can really eat heavily into your profits when you are selling suits at £900 and dresses at £2,000.

5) She has toiled endlessly over the exercise machine for the last twenty years in order to keep her body in shape.

4. Complete the sentences.

1) The recent public reaction to a murder case involving a tycoon (工商界大亨) killed in his office shows growing discontent of ordinary people with the rich. The killing provoked little outrage and few expressions of sympathy for the victim.

2) At the National Tax Convention, a number of speakers mentioned the difference between avoiding tax and evading tax. As they explained, avoiding tax is an act of doing everything possible within the confines of the Tax Law in order to reduce your tax burden. And evading tax is the act of illegally paying less than (or not paying at all) the full amount of tax required by law. 3) Has the ever-increasing pace of modern living gotten you down? Has the quest for more money and more excitement become a burden in your life? Surveys show that today a lot of Americans feel weary of being knocked backwards and sideways just because they are always on the go /seem forever on the go. In their crazy search for fulfillment, they've gotten themselves into situations in which they are not able to cope.

II. Confusable Words

stress tension nervousness

When you are doing a presentation, you should concentrate on the ideas you want to get across, not on your own nervousness.

Studies have found that thirty minutes of intense physical exercise immediately reduces body tension and counters anxiety and depression.

There is tendency to think of occupational stress as applying mainly to the busy executive, but such people often experience less stress than those in the ranks immediately below them.

The incident indicated the high degree of racial tension in New York City, particularly between the black and Jewish communities.

honorable honorary

She received an honorary doctorate (博士学位) from Oxford University in recognition of her work for the homeless.

The Chairman of the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs is the former Cabinet Minister, the Honorable David Howell.

To most local residents, military service seems the most secure and honorable option available to an unmarried young man without a steady job.

The American conductor Andre Previnhas been awarded an honorary knighthood for his

contribution to Anglo-American cultural relations.

Suicide was an honorable choice for many Romans as an alternative to a dishonorable life.

Mr. Steward said he would continue offering his service to the company in the capacity of Honorary President.

III. Usage

1) Dealing with the extinction crisis is no simple matter. Is it sensible, we may ask, to spend large sums of money to save some species —be it an elephant or an orchid —in a nation in which a large proportion of the population is living below the poverty line?

2) This new technology could be used anywhere large numbers of people need to be quickly screened —at airports, train stations, bus terminals or border crossings. However, experts suspect, there is also the risk that people will learn to fool the machine the same way they try to fool polygraph (测谎器) readings by controlling their breath or taking drugs to relax them-selves.

3) With a high percentage of marriages ending in divorce, often due to financial difficulties, you would say that money is a big factor in making a good marriage. But, believe it or not, it isn't money that ensures you a happy marriage; it is your philosophy of life that does.

4) Not all the risks on the Internet are sexual, you know. Sites promoting violence are just a click away, and may include instructions for making bombs and other destructive devices. Comprehensive Exercises

I. Cloze

(A) Can you switch off (1) from the cares of life and relax? Many people today cannot. They feel instead that they are obliged (2) to be on the go (3) all the time. The pace of life seems to grow ever faster. As a result, feelings of stress are common as people struggle to cope (4) with what they see as a shortage (5) of time. Such widespread feelings are in part caused by the large quantity of (6) information that comes pouring in (7) on us. “All men,” said Aristotle, “by nature (8) desire to know.” But it is no longer possible, as it was in the past, for an individual to master the whole range of human knowledge. Instead, any individual, no matter how smart he is, can only command a fraction (9) of the total knowledge available. It may be argued that it is futile (10) to even attempt to do so. We should learn to set more realistic goals for ourselves if we are to hope to escape from the tyranny of time.

6B There's no such thing as time management. All you have is self-management and that is the key to making time your friend rather than your enemy.

(B) Theme-related

There are only 24 hours in your day, just the same as everybody else’s. So how do you end up time-starved, frustrated, and behind in your work? Maybe it is because you don’t know how to use those 24 hours to your advantage (1).

If using your time wisely (2) is a problem for you, you probably don’t have a very good idea of where it all goes. It just seems to go! A good place to start, then, is to faithfully (3) keep track of how you use your waking (4) hours for a week. The results will probably surprise you.

The next step is to do some planning. You’ll discover, among other things, that if you get seven hours’ sleep a night, you have 119 hours per week to do everything you need to do. That, of course, includes (5) going to class, eating, social activities, personal hygiene, telephone and TV time, etc. Be sure to schedule (6) time for all these in your 119 hours. Then try sticking (7) to your schedule for a week. This should give you a good idea of what your real priorities (8) are!

Learn to say NO once your priorities are set (9). Turning down an invitation doesn’t mean you’ll

never be invited again. Making a decision based on what you know is best for you at the time actually leads to great respect (10) from your friends.

II Translation

1) 他们正在探索医学研究的新领域,试图治疗那些目前还无药可救的疾病。

译文:They are exploring the new frontiers of medical science in an attempt to find remedies for incurable diseases/cures for diseases that are beyond remedy so far.

注释:frontier 意为“(学科或活动的)尖端,边缘,领域”;remedy 意为“治疗(法)”,与介词for 搭配使用

2) 我的数学老师威尔逊女士不仅教学方法独特,而且她从不试图往我的脑子里硬塞知识。译文:Her unique teaching methods apart, Ms. Wilson, my math teacher, never attempted to cram knowledge into my head.

注释:cram 意为“把…塞进(+into);把…挤满(+with )”。例如:cram papers into a drawer 把文件塞进抽屉里

3) 中央电视台的定时天气预报使得我们旅行时不管走到哪儿都能知道天气的变化。

译文:The regular weather forecast by the Central TV Station keeps us up with the changes of weather wherever we go on a trip.

注释:名词forecast 意为“预测,预告”;keep up with 意为“跟上,不落后”


译文:The appalling explosion started a big fire and caused the partial collapse of the building. 5)在现代社会里,浪费时间的方式比以往任何时候都要多,各种各样的娱乐消遣(distraction)正在吞噬我们宝贵的时间。

译文:In the modern world, there are more ways than ever to waste away time, and all kinds of distractions are eating into our precious time.

注释:waste away 意为“慢慢融化掉,逐渐减少”;eat into 意为“侵蚀”

Passage Translatioin


Today we are under constant pressure to work longer hours, to produce more, and to possess more. Lots of people hold the wrong perception that happiness lies in working hard and earning well/ good money.


Many women today feel the same stress to produce and get ahead and, at the same time, to nurture their offspring and shoulder the burden of domestic responsibilities.


Research shows that workaholism tends to distance us from our immediate families.

它会迫使我们长时间辛苦劳作,仅留微乎其微的时间与我们的亲人呆在一起、交流感情。It forces us to toil longer and longer hours, leaving a minute fraction of our time to be physically and emotionally available to our loved ones.


Intimacy among family members is doomed to die in the process.

Text B

Unlike a book, you cannot browse through a video in the shop, so its content remains a mystery

until after you have purchased it and taken it home.

Some experts believe a cut in the interest rates would lift the economy out of its current state of suspended animation.

In winter, the classroom usually recorded temperatures of between 0°C and 5°C, no wonder so many children and staff often fell sick.

With such heavy responsibilities, Mr. Johnson has to constantly work under pressure.

Drink more than this and you’ll run the risk of developing high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Most holidaymakers still opt for travellers’ cheques which are no longer the cheapest means of funding trips abroad.

As you can see, the newly constructed railroad runs parallel to the coastline.

I confess I did not remember her at all, but since I have been away from the town for so long, I suppose it is only natural.

This area is noted for butterflies in the summer, and in August the purple hairstreak will be on the wing.

Be sure to bring a waterproof jack with you as a heavy rain is on the way.

At 16, when Holden and I first met, his ability to speak my thoughts thrilled and frightened me.