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Unit 1

Exercise 4

1. The group elected one of its members to be their spokesperson.

2. Wage increases are being kept to a(n) minimum in many companies because of the economic depression.

3. The engineering profession now has many distinct branches.

4. Now that you're 13 you should have more sense of are located .

5. Students usually pursue one or more of the subjects which they have studied at "A" level, such as Art, Drama, English, Music, etc.

6. We need to make sure that we exploit our resources as fully as possible.

7. Congress is considering measures to restrict the sale of cigarettes.

8. College courses should be designed to equip students with knowledge and skills to help them survive in modern society.

9. The local government granted $1.1 million so that the old theatre could be taken down and rebuilt.

10. For his achievement in the medical field, the Mayor awarded him a medal of merit. Exercise 7

1. 任何年满18岁的人都有资格投票(vote)。(be eligible to)

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote.

2.每学期开学前,这些奖学金的申请表格就会由学校发给每一个学生。(apply for, scholarship)

A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to each student before the start of each semester.

3. 遵照医生的建议,我决定戒烟。(on the advice of)

On the advice of my doctor, I decided to give up smoking.

4.公园位于县城的正中央。(be located in)

The park is located right in the center of town.


The university provides all the materials and facilities we desire.

Exercise 8


Lu Xun is one of the greatest writer in China and one of the world’s outstanding men of letters.


Most graduate students chose literature as their field of study, and the rest made linguistics their choice.

3人们购买什么样的户型居住是根据各自的特殊需要和有关专家的建议。People buy what kind of houses to live in on the basis of their special needs and on the advice of relevant experts.

4这些虚拟教学设施能使亚非学生在一个真实的情景中学习外语至少3 个月。These virtual teaching facilities enable overseas students from Asia and Africa to learn a foreign language in a real-life situation for a minimum of three months.


Students should check carefully that they are eligible to join this club before making their decision, as each of them is restricted to only one choice.

Exercise 13

1. Reducing unemployment will be the main challenge for the new government.

2. He said she had transformed him from a hard-drinking person to a devoted husband and father.

3. The new toy didn't engage the child's attention for long; a few minutes later he cried again.

4. The tragedy occurred only a few minutes after take-off; more than one hundred people were killed in the crash.

5. My tutor urged me to take the time to read at least three books on the list.

6. The band were forced to cancel their appearance at the recent MTV awards ceremony due to George's poor health.

7. They accused him of having a prejudice against his women employees.

8. The mutual understanding between the couple provides a solid foundation for their marriage.

9. All non-violent (非暴力的) religious and political beliefs should be respected equally.

10. At the meeting, she made a number of constructive remarks to help us to improve our work. Exercise 15

Unit 2 Exercise 4

1. I'm absolutely sure that this dress is a cheaper version of the one we saw in that department store.

2. The bookshelves were crowded with books and scientific publications .

3. If you want to open a file, click twice on the icon(图标)for it.

4. To their disappointment, the thieves were spotted by the police at the moment they were entering the bank.

5. During World War II, many refugees fled to the United States.

6. They've updated(更新) a lot of entries in the most recent edition of the dictionary.

7. Despite financial difficulties,they did not find the life in London unpleasant.

8. After a lot of part-time jobs, John finally got a full-time position.

9. In your report, you should give a detailed description of the whole incident.

10. Companies publish annual reports to inform the public about the previous year's activities. Exercise 7

1. 警察们正忙着填写关于这场事故的各种表格。(fill out)

The policemen are busy filling out forms about the accident.

2.我想在还车之前把油箱(fuel tank)加满。(fill up)

I want to fill up the fuel tank before returning the car.

3.如果你要投诉,最好遵循正确的程序。(follow the procedure)

If you want to make a compla int, you’d bette r follow the correct procedure.


We couldn’t have finished the experiment so soon without John’s help.

5.暴风雨之后,岸边的人们焦急地搜索湖面以期发现小船的踪迹。(scan for) After the storm, the people on the shore anxiously scanned the lake for any sign of the boat.

Exercise 8

1那时他刚刚被提升为公司副总裁不久,所以他并没有期待六个月内还会有升职。He had just been promoted to vice president of the company and wasn’t

expecting another promotion in six months.


Shortly after he graduated from school, he jumped to a satisfactory job.


Most colleges and universities have their homepages, enabling applicants to scan for the information available about the university they want to apply to.

4她轻轻地点击了一下鼠标,就把作业上交给了导师,并很快得到了回音。With a click of her mouse, she submitted her assignment to the tutor and soon got the reply.


By accessing the website of the university she was going to study in, she saw color photos of the university, including a detailed map of the university campus

Exercise 13

1. He stressed that the laboratory's safety standards were the best in the country.

2. Dr. Wright was given the prize for his distinguished achievements in the chemical field.

3. Your bank manager will advise you how to invest your money.

4. He matured a lot while he was at college.

5. The selling price barely covered the cost of the raw materials(原材料).

6. Her whole attitude to life soured as a result the awful experience.

7. The concept that everyone should have an equal opportunity was deeply rooted in their mind.

8. We have to balance the benefits against the costs of medical insurance.

9. The shop assistant said they could give me a big discount if I bought three at once.

10. The children are happy at the school, but they lack discipline .

Exercise 15

Unit 3 Exercise 4

1. Company loyalty made him turn down many attractive job offers.

2. Miller's fascination with medieval art dates from her childhood.

3. His statement that he had nothing to do with the affair was greeted with some suspicion.

4. There are good novelists, despite the terrible flood of bad novels and poor work.

5. The shops are well stocked with food, clothing and other consumer items.

6. Something is worrying me, but I can't define exactly what it is.

7. She had a clear image of how she would look in twenty years' time.

8. The agency is more concerned with making arty ads than understanding its clients(客户).

9. The dead soldier was identified only by his uniform and personal belongings .

10. Food and clothing are the bare necessities of life.

Exercise 7

1. 我们需要通过减少道路上的车辆以降低燃料消耗。(consumption)

We need to cut down on our fuel consumption by having fewer cars on the road.

2.电费上涨增加了我们的负担。(add to)

The rise in power costs has added to our burden.

3. 你应该自己判断行事,别总是跟在你哥哥的后面。(follow the lead)

You should judge by yourself, and not always follow your brother’s lead.

4.那种发型今年很流行,但是我想明年就会过时。(in fashion)

That hairstyle is in fashion this year, but I am afraid it will be out of fashion next year.

5.在追求真理的过程中,我们注定(fate to)要遭受失败的痛苦。(in one’s quest for) We are fated to suffer from many failures in our quest for truth.

Exercise 8


I’ve never stopped to question whether I’m fit to be what my parents want me to be though I’ve always been listening to my parents.


All the things one has done are influenced by what his habits, his personality, or his way of life tell him he needs to do so.


College is a place where you can work with professors and scholars, so you can learn to be an expert in whatever field you want to be exploring.

4虽然我常翻阅杂志查看流行时尚,但仍然受到传统服装样式的影响。Although I look to magazines for fashion, I am still affected by the traditional dressing styles.

5因为人的本性让我们愿意打扮漂亮,所以我们往往跟着时尚模特的样子做。Because human nature makes us want to look nice, we follow the lead fashion models give us.

Exercise 13

1. We gave up the house, because of economic considerations.

2. The value of the painting was estimated at several thousand dollars.

3. The new tax will not have any measurable impact on the lives of most people.

4. I was greatly inspired to work hard by her example.

5. The company's main function is to maximize profit.

6. The profit-sharing pla n is designed to motivate the staff to work hard.

7. Almost all our electricity is created by heating water to form high-pressure steam.

8. Thousands of soldiers are working to distribute food and blankets to the refugees.

9. Police are anxious to hear any information concerning the suspect's whereabouts.

10. Drug and alcohol abuse contributed to Brian's early death.

Exercise 15

Unit 4 Exercise 4

1. The driver gave a signal that he was going to turn right.

2. It was reported that 41 people were killed in a plane crash in the Himalayas last week.

3. The ship's captain radioed that it was in distress .

4. The skaters moved over the ice with a smooth, effortless grace .

5. The bomb was taken away and the soldiers exploded it at a safe distance from the houses.

6. They were on their way to the Shropshire Union Canal when their car was involved in a collision with a truck.

7. The Central Bank lowered interest rates by 2 percent.

8. He beamed a cheerful welcome as he opened the door for the distinguished guest.

9. He used to scatter his toys all over the floor and I had to pick them up.

10. The destruction of the world's forests concerns everyone in some way.


1. 她在公共汽车站一直等到末班车进站。(come in)

She waited at the bus stop until the last bus came in.


If there is any way we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. 他需要多少船务人员才能使他的游艇(yacht)航行?(crew)

How many crew does he need to sail his yacht?

4.虽然她的新书没有上一本好,但是我还是喜欢它。(not quite as)

I enjoyed her new book though it’s not quite as good as her last one.

5.我从未遇到过如此善良的人。(never before)

Never before have I met such a kind person.

Exercise 8


Never before had so many people gone in for jogging in this country.

2火箭升空的一刹那,所有的人都显得很激动。突然,火箭爆炸,燃成了一个火球。All the people appeared to be excited the moment the rocket reared up into the sky when it suddenly exploded into a ball of flames.

3 4点30分,飞机被劫持开往邻国。

It was 4:30 P.M. when the airplane was hijacked and directed to a neighbor country.


All 30 classmates came back for the reunion party, including nine alumni who are now working overseas.


All that remained as the police combed through the scene of the murder was a cigarette end still smoking and flashing in the darkness.

Exercise 13

1. Look at that little boy wandering about--perhaps he's lost his mother.

2. They were unloading new furniture from a truck.

3. Don't pack the cakes at the bottom of the box or they'll get crushed .

4. I haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about.

5. We bought him a present to show our appreciation for all the work he had done.

6. The company has taken giant steps forward since the new manager came.

7. Our garage entrance isn't very wide and it's quite difficult to steer the car through it.

8. She knelt down on the mat and began to pray for good luck.

9. The reporter leaped forward holding out her microphone as soon as she spotted the film star.

10. The driver slammed on the brakes when a child ran in front of his car.

Exercise 15

Unit5 Exercise 4

1.The economy in that country was sinking deeper and deeper into crisis.

2.My father was a historian and his specialty was the history of Germany.

3.They decided to close the museum purely and simply because it cost too much to run.

4.The local government has decided on new measures to discourage car use in favour of public transportation.

5.It’s pretty unlikely that they’ll turn up now-it’s nearly ten o’clock.

6.The interchange of ideas aids an understanding of group dynamics.

7.She says it’s a good film and recommends it to all her friends, though she hasn’t actually seen it.

8.Stop shouting and let’s discuss this reasonably.

9.People now have perceived that green issues are important to our future.

10Kathy and Eric run this small hotel as a/an “extended home”, which should give you a good idea of the atmosphere of warmth and hospitality there.


1. 我们得把感情放在一边,从专业的(professional)角度来对待这件事。(from


We have to put aside our emotions and take it from a professional standpoint.

2.这部戏非常精彩,我很快就沉浸于激动人心的剧情之中。(lose oneself in)

The play was so wonderful that I soon lost myself in the excitement of it.

3. 她没有什么爱好——除非你把看电视也算是一种爱好。(unless)

She hasn’t got any hobbies — unless you call watching TV a hobby.


He said that he had got the information first-hand from the Mayor himself.


Since you can’t answer the question, perhaps we’d better ask someone else. Exercise 8


How can we find a proper way to steer disabled people toward success?

2不错,她是做过很可怕的事,但她已因此而受到了惩罚,而且现在她也愿意为此作出补偿。It’s true that she did something terrib le before, but she was already punished for that—and she’s willing to make it up for that.


In college there were periods when I was highly focused on reading detective stories, but for most of my college years I read a wide range of books on nature.


The gym isn’t the only place where you can exercise so as to keep energetic.


Staying motivated in your study can lead to success—unless your choice ends up a dead end for your career.

Exercise 13

1.With one bound the dog was over the fence.

2.We don’t have sufficient resources to sustain our campaign for long.

3.She realized that being unable to speak a foreign language was a major obstacle to her career.

4.The actor said that he felt quite restored after the holiday, and was ready to work again.

5.I’m only 16, and I’m afraid I can’t sign these papers without my parents’ approval.

6.The shift in the balance of power in the region has far-reaching consequences.

7.I’d like to emphasize the point that we are ready to meet with the management at any time.

8.You won’t have to undergo a medical examination, or any probing questions about your health or occupation.

9.When you’re young you think you are invincible, you f eel you can achieve anything.

10.She was making a public appearance signing copies of her latest novel.

Exercise 15

1.由于公共汽车司机突然刹车(brake),旅客们都不由自主地向前摔倒。(pitch forward)

All the passengers pitched forward because the bus driver braked sharply.

2.这个协议将冲破对自由贸易设置的障碍。(break through; obstacle)

This agreement will break through the obstacles to free trade.

3.我刚放下叫出租车的电话,车就来了。(soon after)

The taxi arrived soon after I rang for it.

4.在过去不管我什么时候到家,我父母总会等我。(no matter)

My parents always waited up for me no matter what time I got home.

5.由于没有一方愿意让步,两个公司之间的对话完全破裂了。(break down)

Talks between the two countries completely broke down, because neither of them wanted to give in.

Unit6 Exercise 4

1. The audience cheered and clapped enthusiastically as the curtain came down.

2. Torrence expects to defend her title successfully in the next Olmpics .

3. Would you quit your job if you inherited lots of money from your parents ?

4. Jack has spent years in the development and perfection of his wine-making techniques .

5. As an advanced journalist , she has interviewed cerebrities and political leaders on her radio program for over 25 years .

6. According to a survey of 1000 city residents , garbage collection is the city service people like most .

7. The reporter managed to get an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister .

8. We’ve had to build some cupboards to give us more storage space .

9. “ I’ve always found German cars very reliagle ,” he observed in the newspaper column .

10. A team of sports journalists was sent to Germany to cover the 2006 World Cup .


1. 那件工作很难做,不过我想试试看。(have a shot)

It’s a difficult job, but I’d like to have a shot.

2.这是一本关于商务实践而非理论的书。(as opposed to)

This is a book about business practice as opposed to theory.

3. 社会活动从未耽误她的学习。(in the way)

Social activities never get in the way of her studies.

4.直到1911年人们才发现第一种维生素(vitamin)。(It is not until...that)

It was not until 1911 that the first of the vitamins was identified.


Natural disasters have obviously contributed to the country’s economic crisis.


From that moment on, 11-year-old Daniel who played the leading role in the “Harry Potter” movies recognized that his life would never be the same.


He was a young man who believed that he will fulfill his dream no matter how many difficulties lie in the way.

3他的妻子在车祸中丧生之后,他才意识到妻子在他的生活中曾经有多么重要。It wasn’t until his wife was killed in the accident that he realized how important she had been in his life.

4手中拿着一本童话故事书时,我总是觉得我被领进了一个美丽而纯洁的世界。With fairy tale book in hand, I always felt I was ushered into a world of beauty and purity.


Just as an athlete achieves perfection by repeated training of a few actions of the larger routine day after day, a good student should make continuous efforts to improve himself on a regular basis.

Exercise 13

1. No one can function properly if he is deprived of adequate sleep.

2. This is a healthful place - fresh air and plenty of sunshine.

3. She managed to successfully combine family life with a career.

4. I'm determined to get this piece of work finished today.

5. He doesn't have a very healthy lifestyle very fatly stress,a lot of food and no exercise.

6. She had to hold onto the railings(栏杆)to keep her balance when learning to skate.

7. Parents don't always know what approach to take when dealing with teenage children.

8. These doctors help you talk about your problems but they don't give you any solutions .

9. The child's cold, hungry, and tired, so of course he's feeling miserable .

10. She does such a good job that she deserves every penny she earns.

Exercise 15

1.我们的婚姻很幸福,但我们也曾经历过许多坎坷。(ups and downs)

Our marriage is happy but we’ve had many ups and downs.

2.许多外语教师常常在课堂上自己讲得太多。(be inclined to)

Many teachers of foreign languages are inclined to talk too much themselves in class.


(work out)The famous actor keeps fit by working out for an hour every morning.

4.与他促膝长谈之后,她的怀疑消失了。(melt away)

After a long heart-to-heart talk with him, her suspicion melted away.

5.目前我们没有职位空缺(vacancy),但我们肯定会记住您的申请。(keep in mind)

We have no vacancies now, but we’ll certainly keep your application in mind.

Unit7 Exercise 4

1 . you have to be a born optimist to be able to do this hard job and not despair.

2 . Economic reconstruction in the country must begin with the recovering of agricultural 、

3 . Her speech failed to sway her colleagues into supporting the plan.

4 . Jack never allowed himself to be bullied into doing anything that went against his principles.

5 . I felt disgusted and wondered how I could ever have been so gross.

6 . The director insisted that the conditions of the contract should be fulfilled exactly.

7 . Trade Union representatives are chosen by election, All the members have a vote.

8. The doctor who performed the surgery gave Aikman an 85% chance of full recovery by September.

9 Mother was a pillar of strength to us when our situation seemed hopeless.

10 The students complained about the rigid rules and regulations at the school.


1. 他并不后悔说过的话,只是觉得他完全可以不用这种方式表达。(could have done)

He did not regret what he had said but felt that he could have expressed it differently.

2.我们最好等到12月14日。那时大卫已考完试,就能和我们一起去度假了。(will have done)

We’d better wait till 14 December. David will have had his exam by then, so he’ll be able to go on holiday with us.

3. 他正在做一个新项目,年底前必须完成。(work on)

He’s working on a new project which has to be finished by the end of the year.

4.他们让我们使用他们的实验室,作为回报,我们则让他们分享研究成果。(in return)

They are letting us use their lab, and in return, we are sharing with them the results of our research.

5.诸如打电话,听电话一类的事情占用了这位秘书的大部分时间。(take up) Such things as making and answering telephone calls take up most of the secretary’s time.

Exercise 8


Despite his illness, he is a pillar of strength for our company and especially for the sales department.

2她从不惧怕困难,因为她知道不管发生什么事,父母的关爱总会和她在一起。She never feared difficulties, because she knew that no matter what, her parents’ concern and love would be there.

3汤姆决定辍学。像任何有责任心的老师那样,威尔逊先生极力劝阻他改变主意。Tom decided to drop out of school, and Mr. Wilson tried to sway him from his decision, as any responsible teacher would.

4结果,中国女子排球队接着获得了一枚又一枚金牌,成为整个国家的一个令人激动的事件。As it turned out, the Chinese Women’s V olleyball Team went on to win one gold medal after another, an exciting event for the whole country.


Hang in there and your goal will certainly be achieved.

Exercise 13

1.It was raining but they played the game anyway .

2. He took one sip of the wine and spat it out, for it tasted a bit sour.

3. Adjusting to the tropical heat was more difficult than they had expected.

4. As he is out of work these days, we should certainly visit him frequently to cheer him up

5. Their relationship was decidedly chilly after the argument.

6. If you do not go to school regularly , you will not learn your lessons properly.

7. Anne felt helpless, only able to wipe her mother's face and grip her hands, praying for some relief for her.

8. We both kept pinching ourselves to prove that it wasn't all a dream.

9. He scraped his car when he drove through the narrow gate.

10. Don't you worry if your baby seems a little reluctant to crawl or walk. Sooner or later, she'll pick it up.

Exercise 15

1他们把房子卖了后就到加拿大和女儿住一起。(go off)

They sold there house and went off to live in Canada with their daughter.

2---你下星期这个时候会干什么?---还是像平常一样干活。(will be doing)

----What will you be doing this time next week?---I’ll be working as usual.

3他既聪明又勤奋,不久就接管了杂志的编辑工作。(before long)

He was intelligent and hard-working ang before long took over the editing of the magazine.

4你话还没说完别人就挂断电话,难道你不恼火吗?(hang up)

Don’t you hate it when someone hangs up on you before you finish speaking?

5让他们感到恐惧的是,他们的房顶着火了。(to one’s horror)

To there horror, the roof of there house caught fire.

Unit8 Exercise 4

1.The reason I did not do well in my exams was that I just did not have adequate time to prepare.

2.It is vitally important that we get extra funding for the project.

3.Ms. Robbins was caught delivering a copy of a confidential document to a newspaper reporter.

4.The quick distribution of the virus caused great damage to the network system across the country.

5.Traffic noise, pollution, huge concrete buildings – how can people survive in a urban area!

6.The firm has identified potential customers at home and abroad.

7.I have had continual problems with this car ever since I bought it!

8.A computer virus may hide in a computer is memory ,calling up and infecting each of the machine is data piles in turn.

9.He says he will stop supplies getting in, but it is just an empty threat because there are many other suppliers.

10.An updated version of the software will be available within six months.


1.为了追求更为健康的饮食,人们现在比过去吃鱼多。(in pursuit of)

In pursuit of a healthier diet, people are eating more fish than they used to.

2.我们需要在坏天气到来之前叫人把屋顶修一修。(set in)

We need to have the roof repaired before the bad weather sets in.

3.这种疾病正在蔓延,所有儿童都有被传染的危险。(at risk)

The disease is spreading, and all young children are at risk.


The information is transmitted from one computer to another through a telephone line.

5.杰克是个相当好的赛跑运动员。他在大多数情况下都能获胜。(more often than not) Jack is a fairly good runner. He wins more often than not.

Exercise 8


It sounds like this high-tech company has put in place many favorable measures to protect against brain drains.

2如果造纸厂为了追求高额利润而置环境问题于不顾,就着实堪忧了。The worry comes when paper-mills ignore the environmental pollution in pursuit of profits. 3参加托福考试前去上考前辅导班非常重要,但要想真正学好英语这却不是一劳永逸之策。It’s vitally important that one attend a test-preparation class before taking a TOEFL test but this cannot be a one-off event if he really wants to have a good command of English.


The potential threat should always be in the back of a doctor’s mind and appropriate measures should be taken in no time once emergency arises.


In the end, science and education are the keys to a prosperous country and this is a continual process.

Exercise 13

1. The Shetlands are famous for their colonies of seabirds.

2. The company now has some of the most technologically advanced design and manufacturing systems in Europe.

3. They cursed the traffic, realizing they would be late again.

4. She's not very diligent at corresponding with friends- you scarcely ever get a letter from her.

5. If you delete 50 words, we can put the whole story on one page.

6. They developed a more effective national policy to fight against this dread disease.

7. I don't know anything about what has happened, I swear .

8. We lost everything in the earthquake, but thank God, our lives were spared .

9. The new policy provided protection for the domestic car industry by imposing import duties(进口关税)on foreign cars.

10. The actress felt that the questions were only set up to make her look dumb , so she just kept silent at the press conference .

Exercise 15


If you delete 50 words, we can put the whole story on one page.


On display were boxing gloves which bore the famous boxer’s signature.

3.我们想不通他怎么会干出那样的傻事。(figure out, dumb)

We can’t figure out why he did such a dumb thing.

4.约翰逊一家对我很好,使我感到就像他们家的一员。(feel like)

The Johnsons were very kind to me. They made me feel like one of the family.

5.他们说,想就合同的细节和你谈谈。(in connection with)

They say they want to talk to you in connection with the details of the contract