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Listen this way 第6册答案详解

Unit 1 Treasure Pleasure

A: 1. Regional Park 2. 37th Renaissance 3. 8 weeks from now through June 20th

4. 8 cages of continuous entertainment, costume performers, fine handcrafts, exotic foods, hearty ales

5. 180052 fair

B: 1. ①home/caterpillar/comes out/butterfly or moth ②a warm, safe, snug home

2. stay home for meals, rent videos

3. ①take-out food/ convenience food ②big-screen TVs/ CD players/computers

4. ①long hours at work/ not want/ spend time traveling/lack time to cook

②have money/take-out food/need not pay a baby-sitter/video renting cheaper

C: 1. recreation center 2. tennis courts 3. programs and lessons

4. special-interest groups

5. neighborhood watch programs, and community theaters

6. have a strong community spirit

7. a safer and better place

D:一: 1.①drink coffee ②chat

2.①homework ②play games ③the Internet ④send/receive e-mails ⑤entertainment information

3.a cybercafe

4.①check e-mails ②send business documents ③communicate with office

5.video-conferencing equipment

6.①business meetings with people across the globe ②poetry reading on Thursday nights ③musical events on Saturday nights

二:⑴F ⑵F ⑶T ⑷F ⑸F ⑹T

E:一: 1. every summer 2. 10 days

3. ①different cultures and people ②stories and celebrations

4. the Smithsonian Institution

5. 33 years

二:1.New Hampshire Part ①Guns/sport hunting ② a winter dog-sled race/canoe building

③throw and catch balloons filled with water

2. Romanian Area ①play horn and drum ②step and kick/turn and spin

③prepare Romanian salad

3. Monument ①music playing

4. Capitol Building ①weave a floor-covering ②make a rug

5. South African Area ①jewelry/baskets and toys ②wall hangings/covers for tables

F: 1. Duke Ellington’s life①April 29th, 1899 ②Washington D.C. ③occupations

④pianist ⑤bandleader

2. Duke Ellington’s music①some of his musical legacy ②In a Sentimental Mood

③Popular songs ④theatrical works

⑤his music roots ⑥classical music

⑦dance music ⑧music is a reflection of everyday life

3. Duke Ellington centennial celebrations

①concerts ②lectures ③tours ④ a new tribute album

⑤high school jazz and competition

G: 1. short for “magazines”/thinner/less glossy/reduced cost

2. the first ’zine/in Sydney/1991/intelligent and c ontroversial articles/interest highly educated youth

3. tell the whole story/issues friends want to know/2000 reprinted/2300 sold in alternative bookshops/3 in

the team/at home on a computer/not leave out facts/not tell lies

Unit 2 Buckle Up for Safety

A: 1. zip into any little space/in between cars/save a few seconds/squeezing past every year

2. winter/freezing rain/black ice/drifting snow/potholes

3. rubbernecking/an accident/everybody slow down/look/traffic slow to crawl

B: 1. This Wednesday

2. ①the driver of a car ②all passengers in the front seat ③children between four and sixteen

④children under four and weighing less than 40 pounds

3. $25 for adults and $48 for passengers under the age of 15

4. 298\

5. 199

6. 110

7. About 70%

8. People between the ages of 18 and 29 9. People in their 30s

10. 50 lives would be saved and more than 2000 injuries prevented

11. 75% happen within 25 miles of home and the average speed is less than 40 miles per hour

C: 1. ①play loud nusic in your car ②pay a $50 fine ③appear in court

2. ①it makes no sense to appear in court for it

②old laws/against disturbing peace/enough/priorities not in the right place/speeding/mail in the

payment/car radio loud/come to court/waste a lot of time

4. ①create safer roads and save lives ②strict about enforcing the law/radio loud/not

safe/distraction/can’t hear other cars/ beach resorts/music screaming/no peace and quiet/complain/annoying

D: 1. ①less tolerance ②harsher penalties/drive/alcohol or drugs

2. ①Mothers Against Drunk Driving ②a woman/child killed/drunk driver ③in 1980

④life and death ⑤criminal act ⑥public health and safety ⑦about 3 million

⑧campaigns/preventive education/tougher laws ⑨help reduce/ alcohol related fatalities

4. ①+90%/favor/mandatory anti-drunk driving component/driver ed instruction/longer jail terms/stiffer

fines/confiscate vehicles ②3/4 /support/suspension/license/decline/sobriety test/blood alcohol content/above legal limit

5. persuade governments/pass tougher laws/deter drunk driving/educate the public

E: 1. 2 adults/2 children/a cargo 2. small/quiet/maneuverable/smooth

3. 70km per hour

4. $5000

5. quiet/enough pickup

6. 80km per battery charge/4-5 times/average driving distance

7. heavy vehicle traffic/poorly refined fuels

F:一: 1. speed progress 2. cleaner environment 3. joining forces

4. fuels and transportation systems

5. tomorrow

6. Mobil

7. Ford

8. alliance

9. Drive 10. Better Future

二: 1. change/automobile & fuel technologies/needed/future efficiency/emission reductions/

2. commercially viable compact fuel processor/fuel cell/clean source of power

3. improve/technologies/diesel engines/for emission reduction & mileage increase/direct diesel

injection type engine

4. alternative fuel system/compressed natural gas/future promises/current/not feasible/infrastructure

not there/expensive/possible to use/densely populated hubs

5. General Motors/Amoco/fuels/for 21st century/at reasonable costs

Unit 3 What do you gain from slowing down?

A. 1. Cost airlines a lot of money / require pilots 8 hours rest in 24 hours

2. Work more than 8 hours during 24 hours

3. Somebody stays up 24 hours equivalent to blood alcohol level 0.1

4. Pilots extremely tired

5. Enforce the rule

B. 1. Immune system / 7 hours / 7 and a quarter / 6 hours / early death / little sleep / sleep deprivation / insufficient / poor quality / accidents / fall asleep at the wheel / shift workers / pressures / catnaps / proper sleep / insomnia

2. (1) a. British troops erected huge loudspeakers on the battlefield during the Gulf War, and played

heavy metal music at the Iraqi forces throughout the night.

b. The performance of those shift workers at work deteriorates.

(2) former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher could get by on the less than 4 hours sleep a night.

(3) many people who undersleep are more likely to be heavy smokers, to be under stress or to drink

more alcohol.

(4) a. People falling asleep at the wheel is a commoner cause of motorway death than alcohol, weather

or mechanical failure.

b. Not only professional drivers but also shift workers regularly fall asleep at the wheel, and many

have road accidents as a result.

(5) a. If you are kept away by a child at night, then catnapping through the day might be necessary.

b. If you are having difficulty in sleeping, then catnapping through the day is the worst thing you can

possibly do.

C. 1. Keywords: Prolonged stress / sickness / absence from work / cope successfully / day-to-day pressures / prolonged difficulties / unsafe situations

2. Practical tips Details

panic WASP sequence/ don't hyperventilate/ breathe slowly gently

Coolly use anger/get things done/put things right/be assertive/discipline asap

the action / the person end matter/ somewhere quiet, warm, undisturbed/ dim lights/sit, lie down/three

deep breathe

someone you trust colleague, partner, relative, friend/ control stress / keep nerve / be kind to

yourself/ positive/ decisions.

too hard on yourself mistake-learning opportunity/ get go of failures/ reflect on successes

well organized daily action plan/ one thing at a time/ unpleasant tasks first/ 30 minutes' enjoyable

things/ 20 minutes exercise

get overloaded delegate/"no"/favorite card photo/ funny/ spiritual side/ right balanced work home


D. 1. Major points Supporting details

Infection slow down on the inside/ reduce stress / boost immune systems /fight off infection

/ heal faster and more effectively

Overeat overly busy, overeat/ skip workouts and meditation/ turn to cigarettes, alcohol,

drugs/ create time for our health

Relationships/ spouse/family minds slow /more present/ better listeners/ talk from heart / experience more


Intelligence/creativity slow down/ more intelligent thoughts/ more creative insights/ new ideas/ best

ideas/ in slower/ on vacation

2. Major Points Supporting Details

Minute vocation stop what you're doing/take deep breaths/release tension/ be conscious of

yourself and surroundings/ release anxiety

Restroom heated business meeting/ bathroom break/ leave room/peaceful place/calm down Self-indulge 15 minutes a day/focus on yourself /meditate/enjoy life

Just for the fun of it make time/do something for fun/ no gain, self-enhancement, reward/pleasure

Independent listening

Lead: stress increase/ satisfaction decrease/work life unbalance/family-friendly programs/work duties/ childcare/eldercare/intimate adult relationships

Norwegians: paid potential leave/ job guarantee/ draw back/ discourage full-time career women

Germany: half day childcare/ little public care for infant/ expensive private care

American companies: on-site childcare/encourage career women/ tougher rougher work culture/ less protective time-wise/ mixed blessing -expanding childcare/ increasing work hours

Unit 4 Advice on survival

A. (bears) Take a spray

2. Tie/rope 2. Keep food/in tent

3. Hang/tree/away 3. Approach/closely

4. Pull/high 4. Close-up shot

5. Make noise / when walking/talk/sing/bell 5. Between a bear and cubs

B. 1. (1). the Robertson family and a group of reporters

(2). At the dockside

(3). It is about how the Robertson family survived a shipwreck and returned safely to civilization.

2. (1). 38 days

(2). Thirst/storms/spines of fish/turtles' blood

(3). Northeast

(4). A Japanese fishing boat

(5).fish/turtle meat & eggs/shark/flying fish

(6).do exercises/keep a look-out/empty water/dream about food

(7). Best restaurant in town

C. For burns

Wrong Sensible ways

1. Grease/butter 1. Under cold tap/iced water slowly/10 minutes

2. Give drinks(esp. Alcohol drinks) 2. No touch/expert help immediately/cover lightly/clean sheet or


3. No alcohol drinks/thirst/wash mouth/not sallow

General advice 1. If no/ artificial respiration

2. Stop bleeding

3. No move/ keep warm/ loosen tight clothing/reassure victim

D. The Himalayas/ two or three chocolate bars/ snow/ dehydrated/ frightened/ his fiancée and his parents/ to the fullest/ his frostbitten feet and weakness/ 43/ a helicopter

Independent Listening: Life altering / Melanie biking trip/in my 20s/ Club Meds / outgrew / different / sweat /day / comfortable / accommodations / guides / equipment/something unexpected / give confidence / feel incredible/ get through anything/ persevere/ develop relationships/ wear/ car/ meaningless / core personality/ important/ see/ at your best& worst / laugh & experience together/ ultimate risk / not physical danger/ your world / upside down/ tap into/ inner strength / conviction

Unit 5 The Green Image

A: 1. giraffes 2. extinct 3. the environment 4. greenhouse effect

5. acid rain

6. unleaded petrol

7. unclear energy

8. recycled

B: 1. beginning of new millennium —1.3 million/ middle of next century — 1.6 billion

2. 1/4 of land — dry/ arable land — decrease

3. since 1993 — a net importer of petroleum/ by 2010 — 100 million tons gap

4. drying lakes, rivers, desertification, salinization, deterioration of grasslands/ top 10 air-polluted cities — 7 in


5. core of information industry: CPU, operating systems —dominated by foreign companies/ accessories, sensors, software — not protected by intellectual property rights

C: (Part 1) 1. While he was a teacher, he began to wonder what the future world would be like for the children he was teaching.

2. Because the state of the environment depends on what we as citizens and politicians as d

ecision makers want to do with it.

(Part 2) 3. A pessimist, because there is a lot to be pessimistic about, and constructive because something must be done about it.

4. Problems Details

1)population This will be a big problem in the middle of next century

2)the w orld’s resources We are using up both renewable and non-renewable

resources very quickly.

3)poverty, famine and hunger In various parts of the world, this will get worse before

the turn of the century.

4)the arms build-up One thousand million million dollars are spent every year. 6.Reasons Details

1) environment awareness More people are aware of the need to look after the planet, and are

better informed.

2) increasing political awareness People need to involve themselves in organization.

3) awareness of spiritual values More people are aware of the spiritual values or an alternative to

materialism, rather than search for material wealth alone.

D: John Mortimer’s Andy Pearson’s

1) The lifestyle today is much better Most people, if given a choice, would try to minimize

than 30 years ago — travel by car. environmental damage — use unleaded petrol.

2) Medicines are the contribution of the Asthma is ten times more common now than 50 years

chemical industry to the good life-- ago — industrial pollution.

cure asthma.

3) Thanks to chemical preservatives, The unrestricted use of phosphates and nitrates is

people can eat most produce all the having a terrible effect on our environment —

year round — vegetables and fruits. super-bugs.

Independent listening Key words and phrases:

1) multi-media/ animated/ high tech/ music-filled/ fun/ colorful/ booming

2) teach children 4-12 about environment/ bring ecology down to day-to-day life/ there are choices/ choices

make difference

3) American youngsters/ concerned about environment/ doubtful about own ability

4) JD junkyard dog/ TV monitors/ Tox monster/ puzzles/ games/ scavenger hunt/ model of car/ model of house/ process

5) Philadelphia/ end of May/ five-year tour/ United States/ Canada

Unit 6Changing Lifestyle

A: 1. 1) eating places/ movie theaters/ stores/ containers of green plants/ places for people to sit/ games/ amusement park rides/ wild animals// buy things/ meet friends/ see a movie/ walk around/ most people shopped/ the center of public life 2) lower price/ lower prices/ buy goods directly from factories/ 300

2. 1) outdoor/ different buildings/ southern California/ palm trees/ sandy beach/ fountains/ musicians, singers/

neon museum/ university classroom/ 25,000 per day

2) first: Aug.11, 1992/ largest: 4.2 million square feet/ over 525 stores/ over 100 places: eat, dance, movies/ fun

center: 20 rides, shows/ 40 million per day

3) over 200 stores, 30 movies, computer games, rides/ American Wilderness Experience/ zoo, therter,eating

places, store/ 70 wild animals/ five environments/ 3 hours/ $ 160/18million last year

4) largest outlet mall/ 230 stores/ 20% to 80% less/ 17 million per year

B: work/ disappear/ 12 years old/ longer/ agreeable/ sooner/ very small/ disappear/ 5 years of age/ working mother/ harm/ good parents

C: 1. make beds/ do shopping/ match slipcover material/ eat with children/ drive children about/ sleep beside husband

2. 1) career first/ family second/ 20s establish career/ 30s or 40s childless, no partner/ too late for both

2) marry, have children in 20s/ establish career in 30s

3. equality between men and women/ share parenting, house chores/ both men and women take responsibility

for work-family conflict

D: 1. You’ve given them private information.

2. A bill that has just passed the senate in April.

3. It gives consumers the right to dicide whether or not they want grocery stores to track information about

their purchases, and the right to keep the stores from selling that information.

4. No. They are not aware that information might be analyzed and used.

5. California Grocers’ Association and Retailers’ Association believe it’s unnecessary since they don’t sell


6. Yes. But retailers’ and grocers’ lobby is strong.

7. Send a letter out of bill./ Lep people know at cash register./ Have brochure or new application available./

Educate people that they have a choice, don’t have to trade privacy for grocery bill.

Independent listening

1. funny/ not used to serve people/ no feeling for helping/ just do job

2. new service concept/ friendly/ attentive/ “license to smile”/ attractive/ relaxed atmosphere/ no objection

3. pay off in long run/ no reliable figures/ customers acknowledge efforts

4. friendly/ help without question/ like/ better service/ example for whole service culture

Unit 7 what’s on?

A. 1. (1)more than once a month (2)comedies and suspense (3)from friends/the newspaper (4)alone/with

friends (5)at the box office

2.(1)telephone service (2)buy tickets over the phone

B. 1.Majestic Theater/ 12:30, 5:30, 9:30, 11:30/

2. Shattered/ 7:30 nightly/ 2:00 on Saturday and Sunday/

3.Sydnney/ 8:00/ by donation/

4. Art Gallery/ The Gold Rush/ paintings/

5. Focus at the Front Line/ The San Francisco Press Photographers’ Association

C. The Last Lieutenant, Norway/ Honey in Ashes, tradition and modernity/ The Emperor’s Shadow, China/

Israel, political and religious conflicts

D. 5000, shadow plays, projection/ magic lanterns, projection and photography/ 1877, photo/ 1888, on a roll/ 1890, 40 photos per second/ 1893/ project pictures onto a large screen

E. annoying/ interrupt the programs/ upset/ make money/ buying the products( they advertise)/ interesting and amusing/ pay for the programs

F. Disney animated feature/ Austin powers/ The General’s Daughter, military murder mystery, an army detective determined to catch a brutal rapist killer on a military base/ The Phantom Menace, sci-fi epic/ Notting Hill, romance comedy, a movie star falling in love with a mortal

Independent Listening: 1. Treasures of American Film Archives 2.in part by the federal government 3.a

concrete building/ hillside/ the Wright Patterson Airforce Base 4. 99 doors—50 down one side and 49 down the other 5. 4 feet wide, 20 feet deep 6. Pictures of aliens and monsters, lions, tigers, and bears and Bugs Bunny; first motion pictures/ by Thomas Elva Edisons; movies / first half of the century 7. double doors to prevent fire; not use top shelves; sprinkler system; copy the nitrate movies into safety ones; restore missing footage in the original negatives

Unit 8 why the sport?

A. 1. Soccer 2. Tennis 3. Football 4. Swimming

B. 1.Sport: tennis (1)/ (2)the desire to win is more and more evident (3) the pressure and the prize money have

increased (4) standards of behavior have declined (5)a growing tendency to challenge the umpire’s decisions

2. Discussion point: do we need professional sports people at all?


(1)Kids dream of becoming big sports stars

(2)Kids couldn’t live without their idols

(3)Outside chance of fame and forture


(1)Thousands don’t make the grade; thrown back into routine: disenchanted

(2)Schools’ facilities falling

(3)Divorce between professional sports player and the community

(4)Money could be better spent on more access to recreational facilities for ordinary people: sport for all

C. 1. Squash, football, skiing

2. squash, football, skiing, squash, skiing, football, squash, skiing

3. since she was at school for nearly forty years since she can remember

Yes Yes Yes

Jo: I’ve been playing it since I was at school—since I was quite young.

Brian: I’ve been playing for nearly forty years, ever since I was a little kid.

Stephanie: I’ve been doing it every winter holiday since I can remember.

D. 1.(1) when she was small, she saw her uncle, brother and dad play football in front of the house, and took an

interest from there.

(2) she enjoyed it and was good at it.

(3) she was 10 when she started to play 5-a-side, and she was 13 when she started to play 11-a-side.

(4) she played with boys in the playground, but she was not allowed to join their school team.

(5) Oakway, BOC Malden, Friends of Fulham.

2. Football is a way of life.

Women’s game is very accepted.

In Germany: Crowds of 10 000 or 11 000, make a lot of noise.

In Scandinavian countries: Make a lot of noise, a way of life, centred around football.

In Britain: Crowds of 2 500, very quiet.

Women’s game Men’s game

Speed slower quicker

Strength a skillful game a physical game

Fairness fairer, more sporting less

E. 1. check the main idea: √(2)indoor climbing is a safe way to get exercise and have fun.

Check all the topics: √(1)√(3)√(4)√(5)

2. (1)T (2)F (3)F (4)F (5)F

3. supporting details: (1) average age 14-30/ older than 70 (2) safer than bike riding/ very careful/ no

accidents (3) beginners 10 feet/ experienced 25 feet (4)$10 all day/ $3 shoes, equipment/ price of two


Independent listening: key words: against, single sport, additional, demands, intense training, many skills Problems facing child athletes: skilled in one sport/ early age/ extreme training/ concerns safety/ risks: injuries, delayed menstruation, eating disorders, emotional stress

Suggestion: levels meet abilities, interests/ doctors work with parents/ knowledgeable trainer/ correct methods/ doctors supervise/ prevent injuries/ balanced diet/ watch for signs