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Are you thinking about what to do in your free time? Come and join us ---Youth Club! Join in lessons and activities. It’s fun! For more information, call 138********!

Lessons Activities

Monday~~ Friday 6:00~~7:30 pm Computer lessons for beginners Saturday and Sunday 8:00~~9:00 pm Basketball and volleyball playgrounds open

Monday , Wednesday 7:30~~9:30 pm

Dance lessons for dance-lovers

You can learn and enjoy wonderful dances.

Monday~~ Sunday Swimming pool open

Tuesday , Thursday and Friday 6:30~~7:30 pm

Cooking lessons

Learn to cook delicious dishes from all over China The 2nd and last Saturday of every month 7:00~~9:30 pm

Concert time---Enjoy Swedish rock, American jazz and beautiful songs from different parts of the world!

1.On which of the following days can’t you have computer lessons?

A. Monday.

B. Wednesday.

C. Friday.

D. Sunday.

2 .If Dick wants to swim after playing basketball , when can he go to the club?

A. Monday and Wednesday.

B. Monday and Sunday.

C. Saturday and Sunday.

D. Monday to Sunday.

3.How often does the club have music concerts?

A. Twice a month.

B. Twice a week.

C. Four times a month.

D. Five times a week.


Jeff Keith has only one leg. When he was 12 years old ,Jeff had cancer . Doctors had to cut off most of his right leg.

Every day Jeff puts on an artificial(人造的)leg. The leg is plastic. With the plastic leg Jeff can ski ,ride a bicycle ,swim and play soccer. He can also run.

Jeff made a plan with his friends who had plastic legs, too. They decided to run across America. They all wore special T-shirts. On it was “Run ,Jeff, Run ,Jeff Keith's Run Across America.”

When he was 22 years old,Jeff Keith ran across the United States from the east to the west. He started running in Boston. Seven months later ,he stopped running in Los Angeles . He ran 3200 miles. Jeff wore out 36 pairs of running shoes and five plastic legs. Jeff stopped in cities on the way to Los Angeles. In every city people gave Jeff money .The money was not for Jeff ,but for American Cancer Society .The Society used the money to know more about cancer .

On the way to Los Angeles Jeff talked to people about cancer. Jeff is disabled ,but he can do many things. He finished college and is studying to be a lawyer .Jeff says,“People can do anything they want to do .I want people to know that I ran not only for disabled people ,I ran for


4.Jeff's right leg was cut off because of the______.

A .T

B B. an accident C. cancer D. hurt

5.Jeff's friends ran across America with him .They all have no ______

A .T-shirts B. legs C. shoes D. bicycles


Is the whal e the world’s largest fish? No. It looks like a fish, but it is really a mammal (哺乳动物). Then what’s the world’s largest fish? It’s the whale shark.

Although the whale shark is our biggest fish and lives in many oceans around the world, few people have ever heard of it. Scientists have not been studying whale sharks for very long. Much more needs to be learned about them.

A whale shark is sometimes called a “gentle giant (温柔的巨人)”. It likes to be alone and doesn’t care a bit about divers or humans. The biggest whale shark weighed 24,250 pounds and was nearly 40 feet long. This makes it heavier and longer than a school bus.

Inside its huge mouth are great numbers of very small teeth. To count all of them, you’ll need to do some maths. The whale shark’s teeth a re arranged in rows. There are between eleven and thirteen rows on each jaw (颚) and around three hundred teeth in each row.

However, the whale shark rarely uses its teeth. It does not chew or bite its food. Large amounts of water are pulled into its mouth and then pushed out through its gills (鳃).

For a few months every year, a group of whale sharks comes to Ningaloo Reef, off Western Australia. This gives scientists a wonderful chance to study the large fish. Whale sharks do live in other oceans of the world, but no one knows their population. It is possible that our biggest fish may need protecting. It is one of the reasons why scientists continue to learn all they can about these gentle giants.

6.Little is known about whale sharks because scientists _____.

A. are not interested in learning about them

B. find them too difficult to catch

C. do not know the best places to find them

D. have studied them for a short time

7.Which of the following is the best title for the article?

A. Gentle Giants

B. The Diary of a Sailor

C. The Largest Animal

D. My Life on the Sea


Taking an after-school class will give you a head start in high school.


But if it means walking home every day, even in snow and rain, would

you do it?

I did. I took part in an after-school Spanish class. Because it was after

school, no school buses were there to take me home when the class ended.

And my parents couldn’t pick me up, so I had to walk home.

At first I hated the walk because of the long distance. But after a few months, I got used to (习惯于) it and it became one of my daily activities, like getting dressed and brushing my teeth. And I began to enjoy it. I got to see things like birds flying and trees changing color. A few times I saw something very special, like a small snake near the sidewalk, or two cars that came very close to crashing!

Many of my classmates saw what I did. Once, one girl in my class asked her mother to drive me home because it was raining outside, and I didn’t have an umbrella (雨伞). Some people who I didn’t know even gave me a ride – they thought it was too cold out.

People always think walking long distances is difficult. Modern technology (技术) makes common things, like walking, seem impossible. Many people, like myself, live in the country and are close to nature, but also far away from it because of technology.

8. Why did the writer begin to enjoy walking home?

A. Because something interesting happened on the road every day.

B. Because the writer could get a ride from some strange people.

C. Because the writer enjoyed walking in the rain alone.

D. Because the writer could enjoy some interesting things happening on the road.

9. What does the last paragraph want to tell us?

A. It is difficult for many people to walk long distances.

B. Modern technology brings people a lot of inconvenience (不方便).

C. Modern technology makes people live better, but farther from the nature.

D. It is impossible for people to walk a long distance nowadays.


When people think of tigers, they think: strong and dangerous. But now, the big animal is calling for our help.

There were once eight kinds of tigers in the world, but three died out during last century. In the last 70 years, the number of Siberian tigers (东北虎) has gone from as many as 300 to somewhere between 18 and 22.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) started a program recently. It is about to put an end to tiger poaching (非法狩猎) and save wild tigers. China, together with 12 other countries, has joined in. The aim is to double (使…加倍) the number of wild tigers in the next ten years.

According to research by Chinese officers and the WWF, the Siberian tiger is already one of the world’s most endangered animals. “If the government doesn’t take any action, it’s quite possible that there will be no more Siberian tigers in China in 10 to 20 years,” said Zhu Chunquan, director at the WWF’s Beijing office.

Wild animals such as the red deer, sika deer (梅花鹿) and wild boar (野猪) are the tigers’ main food. The poaching of these animals is the greatest threat to tigers. Traps (陷阱) are also a

threat. In October, the people of Mishan, Heilongjiang found a dead Siberian tiger with a wire (金属丝) around its neck.

“V olunteers from the WWF remove traps every year, but the fact is that we cannot clear all the traps ourselves,” Zhu said. The most impor tant thing people can do is to save the animals which tigers eat. “To protect the tigers, we need to call on more people to stop eating wild animals.”

10. Which of the following is the reason why the number of Siberian tigers is becoming smaller

and smaller?

① The poaching ② traps ③people’s eating of wild animals ④ fewer volunteers

A. ①②④

B. ①③④

C. ①②③

D. ②③④


There have been many comparisons (比较) made between London Underground and New York Subway. They are the best known public transport systems (公共交通运输系统) in the world and each is a key part of one of the greatest cities of the world. The two systems have many things in common(相同), including their ages and fame(名声), but there are also important differences.

The following table shows some of the similarities (类似)and differences.


( ) 1. From the table, we can see that London Underground _______.

A. has more lines than New York Subway

B. has a longer history than New York Subway

C. has better air conditioning than New York Subway

D. isn't as convenient (方便)as New York Subway

( ) 2. It's_______ to take an underground in London than to take a subway in New York.

A. much safer

B. more dangerous

C. as safe as

D. as dangerous

( ) 3. London Underground and New York Subway have some similarities in_______.

A. air conditioning and hours of operations

B. longest station and frequency

C. crashes in the last 10 years and longest station

D. longest journey without changes and passengers (旅客)


The seven-day National Holiday was fun for many Chinese, but not for the animals in Xiangjiang Zoo in Guangzhou. Some of the animals were nervous, because too many people crowded(拥挤)into the zoo nearly every day during the holiday, according to (根据) the workers at the zoo.

Visitors took a lot of photos, hit the cages, shouted at the animals and made noise the whole day. Others gave the animals some food that they should not eat.

Many animals were scared (害怕) and didn't come out. Koalas were in the grass. A panda sat in a corner. A monkey was angry at a child and wanted to get out of the cage and nearly broke its arm. A little giraffe was ill after eating the food given by a young man.

"We hope the visitors, while enjoying the time in the zoo, think about the animals and their health," a worker from the zoo said.

"Hitting cages will scare baby animals. It can make them change color, and even die." Experts(专家)said. "Monkeys and bears can hurt their stomachs (胃) after eating too much food given by visitors. Some animals, such as zebras will die if they eat the plastic (塑料) bags. "

The same problem happened at Beijing Zoo, yet most visitors stopped when workers in the zoo asked them to.

( ) 4. The workers at the zoo hope _______.

A. there won't be so many people coming to the zoo

B. the visitors don't make animals angry

C. the visitors also think about animals' health

D. the experts give some advice(建议)to the visitors.

( ) 5. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. A monkey was ill after eating the food given by a young girl.

B. If a giraffe eats plastic bags, it will die.

C. A panda slept all the time because it wouldn't like to come out.

D. The same thing happened at the Beijing Zoo, but it was not as bad as that in Xiangjiang


( ) 6. From the passage, we know the writer_______.

A. was worried about the animals in the zoo

B. hated all the visitors very much

C. wanted to take the animals out of the zoo

D. asked the experts to stop the visitors

( ) 7. The writer tells us not to_______ if we go to visit the zoo.

A. hit the cages of the animals

B. give food to the animals

C. shout at the animals loudly

D. do all of the above


I heard the bees long before I saw them.

It was a very hot afternoon, and we decided to cool off in the river near my home. As we climbed down a small hill toward the water, my boyfriend John started to shout, then jumped into the water. Peter and Mary quickly followed but I was too far away to jump. I was trapped.

I heard a low hum (嗡嗡声), the group of bees looked like a heavy smoke. As it got closer, I realized (意识到) it was actually a lot of bees flying towards me.

All I could do was to cover my face with my hands. Crazily, I thought that if I sat still (不动) ,

the bees would think I was just another rock.

After a few seconds, I knew my plan didn't work. The bees attacked (袭击) me. I could hear my friends shouting at me to get down to the pool fast.

But it wasn't so easy. The only way I could get away was to use my hands to climb down the rocks. However, I was afraid to do that at first because my face would be unprotected(不受保护). The noise of bees made me worried, but I could do nothing.

I rushed down the rocks and jumped into the pool, but I didn't remember doing it. I was just so happy to be free from the pain.

But we still weren't out of danger. Every time we tried to climb out of the pool, the bees flew back over our heads. We spent the next three hours in the water, putting our heads under the water from time to time to avoid (避免)the bees till they finally lost interest.

( ) 8. The underlined word "it" refers to (指) "_______".

A. a rock

B. the group of bees

C. a hill

D. the river

( ) 9. At first why didn't the writer want to climb down the rocks?

A. She was afraid she would fall.

B. She was too far away from the pool.

C. She thought the bees would follow her.

D. She didn't want her face to be unprotected.

( )10. How did the writer escape (逃离) from the bees?

A. She covered her face with her hands.

B. She hid behind the rocks.

C. She jumped into a water pool.

D. She made herself look like a rock.

( )11. In what order are the following mentioned in the story?

a. The writer rushed down the rock.

b. John jumped into the water.

c. The low hum got closer.

d. The bees flew back over their heads.

e. The bees attacked the writer.

A. b, c, e, a, d

B. b, a, e, c, d

C. c, d, e, a, b

D. c, b, d, e, a


"I'm hungry," said Kelly as she and Sheila walked home from school.

"You're always hungry," Sheila said, "We'll have something when we get to my house."

Kelly looked at Sheila, who was walking quickly down the sidewalk. Sheila had beautiful long red hair and always wore nice clothes. Kelly had short hair and many of her clothes were hand-me-downs.

No one was home when they got to Sheila's house. No one ever seemed(似乎) to be at Sheila's house. Kelly had two sisters and a brother. "It must be amazing to have the whole house to yourself. I'll be lucky if I can be alone for five minutes," said Kelly.

"Well, I can do whatever I want. Do you want to order(订) a pizza? There's nothing in the fridge." There was never anything in Sheila's fridge.

"That's okay," said Kelly. "I have to go home for dinner soon. But I would go crazy if people were telling me what to do all the time."

"Well, you're lucky," said Kelly. Sheila was lucky. She had perfect(极好的) hair, perfect

clothes and a perfect house. "I would give anything to be Sheila for just one day," thought Kelly.

The phone rang. "Hi, Mom," Kelly heard Sheila say. "No, it's okay. I understand." She hung up. "My mom's having dinner out again." she said. "Are you sure you can't stay for a pizza?"

"Sorry. I have to go or I'll be late for dinner." said Kelly.

"Whatever. See you."

Kelly saw Sheila looking out of the window as she walked down the street. Suddenly, Sheila' house looked very big, and Sheila looked very small.

( )12. Which of these sentences tells the difference between Sheila's life and Kelly's?

A. Sheila is from a big family and Kelly is from a small one.

B. Kelly has a big, caring family and Sheila is often on her own.

C. Kelly has perfect clothes and Sheila wears hand-me-downs.

D. Sheila and Kelly have similar families.

( )13. Which things about Sheila's life does Kelly like?

A. Her house, her parents, and her clothes.

B. Her hair, her clothes, and her pets.

C. Her hair, her clothes, and her house.

D. Her clothes, her parents, and her pets.

( )14. What things about Kelly's life might Sheila like?

A. The fact that Kelly has sisters to lend her clothes.

B. The fact that Kelly has caring parents who are there to take care of her.

C. The fact that Kelly has a big house and lots of time to herself.

D. The fact that Kelly gets to eat pizzas almost every night of the week.

( )15. Why does the writer write the final sentence of the story?

A. To show that Sheila lives in a big, beautiful house.

B. To show that Sheila gets to do whatever she wants.

C. To show that Sheila is happy'.

D. To show that Sheila is lonely.

四. 1-3 BAD 4-7 CDAD 8-11 BDCA 12-15 BCBD

It rained in the country those days. It was very ___16____ everywhere. Classes in the morning were over and the children of about 5 to 6 years old__17____around Mrs. Brown, the teacher, and waited. Five minutes later she finished putting the 36th boot on the ___18____pair of little feet. All the children left except(除了)the smallest one.

Now she had a look at her ___19____, it was five past twelve. Her daughter was waiting for her at the school gate. She said she was going to take her to a ___20____at noon, the little girl came to school without breakfast. ___21____she was anxious (焦急的)to finish the last pair. They were for little Johnny Smith, a quiet boy. Mrs. Brown had a very ___22____ time getting his boots on as they were a bit too small for his growing feet, but she finally succeeded (成功).

To her dismay (沮丧), little Johnny looked at her ___23____and said ,"Teacher, these boots aren't mine."

In a hurry, but wanting to be ___24____Mrs. Brown groaned (呻吟) and took them off. But at that moment Johnny continued, "They 're my little brother 's. Mine are broken and Mummy had no time to ___25____them this morning, so she told me to wear them to school today."

( )16.A.dry B.cold C.wet D.warm

( )17A.sat B.stood C.slept D.jumped

( )18.A.16th B.17th C.18th D.19th

( )19.A.book B.desk C.hand D.watch

( )20.A.restaurant B.factory C.cinema D.hospital

( )21.A.So B.Or C.But D.And

( )22.A.exciting B.careful C.easy D.difficult

( )23.A.hair B.face C.ears D.nose

( )24.A.afraid B.worried C.kind D.happy

( )25.A.wash B.sell C.make D. mend




Special Offers

26. The information above is probably takes from____.

A. a sports report

B. a story book

C. a fashion magazine

D. an advertisement poster

27. If the price of the book is 40 yuan , you need to pay ____.

A. 4 yuan

B. 36 yuan

C. 40 yuan

D. 44 yuan

28. You can get another tie for free ____ at LOTTE-Mart Menswear.

A. on November 9

B. on November 11

C. on New Years Day

D. on Christmas Day

29. How long can you park your car for free at most after spending 108 yuan in RT-Mart ?

A. 1 hour.

B. 5 hours.

C. 6 hours.

D. 7 hours.

30. What can Tom get for free after he has spent 7 yuan at Mike ’s Café?

A. A soft drink.

B. The best hamburgers.

C. The best snacks.

D. A delicious meal.

B Free soft drink Buy any meal for at least 6 yuan at Mike ’s Café and receives a free soft drink. We serve the best hamburgers and snacks in the mall. Come in and try our delicious meals and our excellent service. Free soft drink offer ends on November 12.

Buy one, get one free

Buy one shirt at LOTTE-Mart Menswear (男士专柜),and get anothe r shirt of the same value free. You can choose any tie here, then we will give you another one at no cost. Hurry! Offer ends on November 10.

10% Off Show this ticket at Xinhua Book Store to get a 10% discount on any book you buy. We have lots of books to choose from, including children ’s books, novels, travel guides and hobbies. You are sure to find something that you ’ll enjoy. Shop now for Christmas. 6 Hour ’ Free Parking

If you spend 100 yuan or more in RT-Mart , you will receive six hours of free parking. When you have spend 100 yuan or more, just take this ticket that you pay for your goods to the service desk. They will stamp(盖章 ) your parking ticket to allow 6 hours of free


There was a lovely vegetable patch (菜园). A large tree grew there. Both the patch and the tree gave the place a wonderful look, and they were the pride of the gardener. But no one know that the vegetables and the tree couldn’t stand (忍受) each other. The vegetables hated the tree’s shadow (阴影) , because it left them only just enough light to live. The tree, on the other hand, hated the vegetables because they drank nearly all the water, leaving him just enough to live.

The situation became so serious that the vegetables decided to use up all the water in the ground so that the tree would die. The tree answered back by not protecting the vegetables from the hot sun, so they began to dry up. Soon the vegetables were really weak, and the tree was drying up.

The gardener wondered why and stopped watering them. When he did that, both the tree and the vegetables realized that it was better to help each other. They learned how to live in harmony with those around them. So they decided to work together, using both the shade and the water to grow well. After seeing how well they were doing, the gardener gave the best care to the vegetable patch, watering and fertilizing (施肥) it better than any other patch for miles around.

31. From the passage we know ______.

A. The vegetables were sorry to see the tree drying up.

B. The gardener was very angry with the vegetables and the tree.

C. The gardener didn’t know what was happening in the patch at first.

D. The tree didn’t know how important the sun was to vegetables.

32. The underlined phrase “in harmony” means “______” in the Chinese.

A. 长久地

B. 小心地

C. 有效地

D. 和谐地

33. The passage is mainly about _______.

A. why the sunlight and water were very important

B. how the gardener took care of his vegetable patch

C. why the gardener was proud of his vegetable patch

D. what happened between the vegetables and the tree


Some teenagers think that newspapers are boring and only for adults. But that's not true. There are many interesting stories in the paper. You just need to make clear what you are looking at. “I spend about half an hour reading newspapers every day,” said 15-year-old Gao Ming from Beijing. “I'm interested in things happening at school.” Sc hool news is just one kind of news story in newspapers. There's also world news: from international problems to pop stars.

Read the newspaper carefully, we'll find different types of articles on the pages:

News stories —these stories are about events. Reporters try to show all points of a story to help readers understand what happened. Reporters try to speak to as many people as possible. They also use pictures and numbers to show the readers that the stories are true. The newspaper Teenagers has lots of news stories on the news page and front page. When we read them, we learn more about the facts, not the writers’ ideas.

Opinion writing —opinion writing is usually about something happening right now. But it isn't just facts. Here writers add their own opinions to the news. Writers pick only the facts that help back up their ideas. They make readers believe that they are telling the truth. This is usually

the kind of story that gets people thinking. Go to “Speak Out” on Page Two for an example of opinion writing in Teenagers.

Advertisement —Don’t get happy too early when you read them. Those sweet words and lovely pictures are just ways to get us interested in their products! People have to pay to put advertisements in newspapers!

34. The underlined sentence means that the readers "_______".

A. should understand interesting news stories

B. ought to know which kind of things to read

C. need to look at the school news first

D. must know the contents of all the news

35. We can not find the facts of an event _______.

A. in advertisements

B. in the school news

C. in opinion writing

D. on the front page

36. This passage mainly discusses how_______.

A. reporters write different kinds of news

B. teenagers get interested in newspapers

C. readers can read newspapers in better ways

D. readers can deal with different news in newspapers


Mrs. Thompson came to the 5th grade class and noticed that Teddy was always alone. Also, he did badly in his studies. When she reviewed Teddy’s past records, she f ound he was a good child at first, but he began to change when his mother got ill. Finally he lost interest in school after his mother’s death.

Mrs. Thompson realized the problem and felt sorry for him. She felt even worse when her students brought her beautifully-covered Christmas presents. His presents were covered with some old paper. Some children laughed when she found a bracelet(手镯)with some of the stones missing, and a bottle with a little perfume(香水). But she said how pretty the bracelet was, putting it on, and dabbing some perfume on her hand. Teddy stayed after school for a long time just to say, “Mrs. Thompson, today you smelled just like my mom used to.”After the child left, she cried for quite a long time.

On that very day, she taught not only knowledge but also children. As she worked with

Teddy, his mind seemed to come alive. By the end of the year, Teddy had become one of the smartest children in the class.

A year later, Teddy left school. She found a note under her door, from Teddy, saying that she was the best teacher he ever had in his life. After that, these words were repeated in each of his letters to her.

Then after he finished college, Teddy wrote telling her that he had met a pretty girl and was going to get married. He explained that his father was dead, and that he wondered if Mrs. Thompson might sit at the wedding in the place for the mother of the groom (新郎).

Of course, Mrs. Thompson did. She wore the bracelet and the perfume that Teddy remembered his mother wearing on their last Christmas together.

They hugged(拥抱)each other, and Teddy whispered in Mrs. Thompson’s ear, “Thank you, Mrs. Thompson, for making me feel important, and showing me that I could make a difference.”

Mrs. Thompson, with tears in her eyes, whispered back, “Teddy, it’s not like that. You were the

one who taught me that I could make a difference. I didn’t know how to teach until I met you. ”

37. What made Teddy change before Mrs. Thompson came?

A. His mother’s illness and death.

B. His clas smates’ laughi ng at him.

C. His past records by his teachers.

D. His interest in some other things.

38. Teddy left a note for Mrs. Thompson when he left school mainly to say _______.

A. sorry

B. hello

C. thanks

D. goodbye

39. What kind of person was Mrs. Thompson?

A. Wise and humorous.

B. Kind and helpful.

C. Selfish and impatient.

D. Strict and stubborn.

40. We can learn from the passage that _______.

A. Mrs. Thompson became Teddy’s mother at last.

B. Mrs. Thompson didn’t know how to teach all her life.

C. Teddy didn’t finish college before he got married.

D. Mrs. Thompson and Teddy each made a difference.

16-20 CACDA 21-25 ADBCD


26-30 DBACA 31-33 CDD 34-36 BCA 37-40 ACBD

Today, I felt terrible with my head full of problems. As a result, I decided to take a 26 even though I didn't know where l would go.

The most amazing thing happened 27 I was walking along the street.

I saw an old man, over seventy years old, 28 on a chair. He was a seller of second-hand shoes. He seemed so helpless and nobody was buying his shoes. Then, a little girl came toward him. I heard the girl say, "Grandfather, may I clean your shoes?" That old man 29 and passed her a shoe. The girl said, "I do this because I want to 30 some money to buy my brother a new school uniform."

I heard this and tears came to my eyes. To my 31 ,the old man said, "Oh, little girl. Just stop doing this. Come with me and I will 32 you one." To see what would happen, I 33 . They walked to a store and there the old man really got her a uniform, which must have cost him a lot. The girl said, "Thank you so much for doing this. May God bless you." Then she 34 , leaving the old man smiling.

As I walked away, I glanced back and I could see him still smiling. My own sadness had 35 - it had been driven away by the light of this moving act.

26. A. walk B. rest C. bath D. photo

27. A. although B. when C. before D. since

28. A. looking B. sleeping C. sitting D. living

29. A. believed B. laughed C. hoped D. agreed

30. A. donate B. charge C. make D. collect

31. A. sadness B. delight C. joy D. surprise

32. A. find B. order C. buy D. produce

33. A. answered B. followed C. waited D. returned

34. A. hid B. relaxed C. stared D. left

35. A. remained B. gathered C. disappeared D. failed




They never knew each other before. However, they got together because ofa charity show. Judy

I'm glad to be chosen as the host of the charity show which will be held in our school. Though I have some experience in being a host, I'm still nervous. And it is great to do something for charity. So I'll try my best to do my duty.

Ms Molly

I've taken part in many different shows. But I received an invitation to be in a charity show for the first time. I might be paid little or even nothing. However, I'll get excited about the show because I can help raise lots of money with my performance.

Mr Black

As a successful businessman, I'm living a rich and happy life. It's my first time to support charity. Thank the charity show for giving me such an opportunity. I'll do my best to help those kids return to school.

Xiao Min

I'm one of the kids who will be helped by all kind people. We hope to get back to school, but we couldn't because our families were too poor. This time, good news was that the chartiy show would help us. Maybe our lives will be changed by it.

36. Who may be the audience of the charity show and support it?

A. Judy.

B. Ms Molly.

C. Mr Black.

D. Xiao Min.

37. What will Ms Molly do for the charity show?

A. She will help host it.

B. She will get much money from it.

C. She will help teach poor kids.

D. She will perform in it.

38. What's the purpose of the charity show?

A. To help Judy be a great host.

B. To help poor kids return to school.

C. To help make more people rich.

D. To help build another better hospital.

39. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Judy will donate a lot of money to help poor kids.

B. Mr Black has supported charity many times already.

C. Xiao Min will thank all kind people for changing his life.

D. The four people knew each other before the charity show.


If you go into the forest with friends, stay with them. If you don't, you may get lost. If you get lost, this is what you should do. Sit down and stay where you are. Don't try to find your friends-let them find you. You can help them find you by staying in one place. There is another way to help your friends or other people to find you. You can shout or whistle three times. Stop. Then shout or whistle three times again. Any signal given three times is a call for help.

Keep up shouting or whistling. Always three times together. When people hear you, they will

know that you are not just making a noise for fun. They will let you know that they have heard your signal. They will give you two shouts or two whistles. When a signal is given twice, it is an answer to a call for help.

If you don't think that you will get help before night comes, try to make a little house with branches. Make yourself a bed with leaves and grass.

When you need some water, you have to leave your little branch house to look for it. Don't just walk away. Pick off small branches and drop them as you walk in order to go back again easily.

When you are lost, the most important thing to do is to stay in one place.

40. What will happen if you don't stay with your friends in the forest?

A. Your friends may get lost.

B. You may get lost.

C. They may go to another place.

D. They may be angry with you.

41. If you are lost, you should_______.

A. not move around but just stay there

B. go down and have a good rest

C. build a small house with branches

D. keep shouting and whistling

42. What does it mean when someone keeps up shouting three times together?

A. He is answering someone else.

B. He is asking for help.

C. He is playing a joke.

D. He is asking his friends where they are.

43. Why should you pick off small branches and drop them as you walk when you want to leave to

get some water?

A. Because you will get lost again.

B. Because you can tell somebody else that is your small house.

C. Because you can find the way back to your small house.

D. Because you can find the river by doing this.


Do you love having your own room? Do you love not having to clean it? So do many teens.

But sometimes this means your room becomes so messy (杂乱的), you can't find what you want. You can't even see the floor!

It doesn't get like that because you are lazy. It gets like that because you are not organized(有条理的)

But don't worry. American mother and daughter authors Julie and Jessi Morgenstern are here to help. They have written "Organizing from the Inside Out for Teens" to help make your life more organized.

In the book, the authors point out that your room is the only space in the world just for you. If you keep it clean and tidy, you will find things easier and have more success in life!

But, to have success, you must organize all parts of your life. Not just your room! The book gives much advice to help you do this:

●Always put things back where you found them.

●Keep anything important in one easy-to-reach drawer.

●Put labels(标签)on your drawers saying what is in them.

●When you buy a new text book, put your old ones away.

●Make a plan for each day. Then you will know what you should be doing at all times.

●Keep to your plan.

If you follow these tips, you will learn to manage your space and time. And your future will

be full of success!

44. The book written by Julie and Jessi Morgenstern tells us_______.

A. how to organize your life well

B. how to clean your room

C. how to find what you want

D. how to have your own room

45. If you buy a new textbook, you should_______.

A. throw the old ones away

B. put labels on the old ones

C. put the old ones away

D. put it together with the old ones

46. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Julie and Jessi Morgenstern are mother and daughter.

B. The labels on your drawers can tell you what is in them.

C. Put important things on the desk and you can find them easily.

D. An everyday plan helps you know what you should be doing at all times.


Dear Editor,

"I hate these bicycles in front of my car," said a Beijing car driver when he was asked a few days ago by a reporter. And today, in a famous American magazine, I read that cars are now winning a victory (胜利) over bicycles in the capital of China.

Who would have thought that Beijing, a city well-known around the world for its millions of cyclists, might lose its advantage(优势)in the fight against city pollution? Unfortunately, it is true, and this situation might be worse.

Each day I am proud to go to work by bike. At the age of 50, I think this means of transportation is the most suitable in a city with a large population like Beijing, and it also helps me to keep fit.

For almost 6 months, each time there is a traffic jam on Baishiqiao Road, cars are entering the bicycle road between the National Library and the Purple Bamboo Park. In turn, cyclists have to ride on the sidewalk to avoid(避开)these four-wheel "comers".

I understand the people's desire(渴望)to own cars and the government's desire to develop the national car industry.

However, when almost all big cities around the world are trying to stop pollution caused by cars, encouraging their citizens to use other means of transportation and taking actions to reduce traffic jams in downtown areas, Beijing's government should understand that encouraging its citizens to ride a bicycle is one of the means necessary to have a clean and enjoyable city in the future.

Louise Cadicux

47. It is reported in a well-known American magazine that_______ in Beijing.

A. cars are being defeated(击败)by buses

B. bicycles are defeating cars

C. cars can be seen everywhere

D. bicycles are being defeated by cars

48. What do you think "traffic jam" means?


49. When cars take up the bicycle road, cyclists have to_______.

A. stop on the sidewalk

B. ride on the inside road

C. ride on the sidewalk

D. wait by the roadside

50. The writer of this letter mainly wants to tell us

A. car drivers hate bicycles on the road

B. a lot of pollution is caused by cars

C. the people have a desire to have their own cars

D. bikes are clean means of transportation