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Translation Practice One

I. Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

1. A wise man will not marry a woman who has attainments but no virtue.

2. Winter is the best time to study the growth of trees. Although the leaves are gone and the branches are bare, the trees themselves are beautiful.

3. These developing countries cover vast territories, encompass a large population and abound in natural resources.

4. Eight o’clock found Franz up and dressed.

5. Sino-British links have multiplied-----political, commercial, educational, cultural, defense, science and technology.

II. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. 我们要培养分析问题、解决问题的能力。

2. 中国足球的落后状态必须改变。

3. 广告是很赚钱的生意,大部分电台和电视台都是靠广告费收入而生存的。

4. 来稿有可取的,要帮助他加工,改好,发表。

5. 结婚大办筵席,实在可以免去了。

III. Translate the following passage into Chinese.

If people mean anything at all by the expression “untimely death ”, they must believe that some deaths run on a better schedule than others. Death in old age is rarely called untimely — a long life is thought to be a full one. But with the passing of a young person, one assumes that the best years lay ahead and the measures of that life was still to be taken.

History denies this of course. Among prominent summer deaths, one recalls those of Marilyn Monroe and James Deans, whose lives seemed equally brief and complete. Writers cannot bear the fact that poet John Keats died at 26, and only half playful judge their own lives as failures when they past that year. The idea that life cut short is unfulfilled is illogical because lives are measured by the impressions they leave on the world and by their intensity virtue.

IV. Translate the following passage into English.


Key to Practice One


1. 聪明的人不会娶有才无德的女子为妻的。

2. 冬天是研究树木生长的好季节,虽则树叶落了,树枝光了,但树木本身却是美丽的。

3. 这些发展中国家,土地辽阔,人口众多,资源丰富。(或:这些发展中国家地大物博,人口众多。)

4. 八点钟,费兰兹起床穿衣。

5. 中英两国在政治、商务、教育、文化、国防和科技方面的联系成倍地增加。


1. We must cultivate the ability to analyze and solve problems.

2 The (state of / condition of) backwardness of the Chinese football must be changed.

3. Commercial business is very profitable, and most radio and TV stations depend on the income.

4. Manuscripts which are acceptable but in need of improvement should be allowed publication after they have been revised and polished by the editors.

5. The practice of giving lavish feasts at weddings can well be dispensed with.





Those who gain fame most often gain it as a result of exploiting their talent for singing, dancing, painting, or writing, etc. They develop a style that agents market agressively to hasten popularity, and their ride on the express elevator to the top is a blur. Most would be hard-pressed to tell you how they even got there. Artists cannot remain idle, though. When the performer , painter or writer becomes bored, their work begins to show a lack of continuity in its appeal and it becomes difficult to sustain the attention of the public. After their enthusiasm has dissolved, the public simply moves on to the next flavor of the month. Artists who do attempt to remain current by making even minute changes to their style of writing, dancing or singing, run a significant risk of losing the audience’s favor. The public simply discounts styles other than those for which the artist has become famous.