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2014高考专题复习九 特殊句式 倒装完成句子一 二


1. Not until she had supper,.(come)


2. , she helped her mother to do the homework.(as)


3.Should , your health care and other benefits will not be immediately cut off.(fire)

. 如果你被开除,你的医保和其他福利将马上取消。

4. Never in my wildest dreams these people are living in such poor conditions.(imagine)


5.Only with the help of the local guide (rescue)


6. Greatly loved in China ____.(poet)


7. So to work out the problem that I decided to ask Tom for advice. (find)我觉得难解决这道题是如此之难以至于我决定向汤姆求助。

8. , he wasn’t able to educate his own child well.(as)尽管他是个教师,他却不能教育好自己的孩子。

9.I’ve tried very hard to improve my English, but by no means



10.No than the teacher came in.(sooner)


11. Hardly when it began to rain.(get)


12. So that no fish can live in it.(shallow).


13. Not only ___ ,but also he had to do his homework.(force)他不仅被迫留在家里,而且还必须做作业。14. Standing beside the window .(age)


15. Little , though he was in great danger himself.(care)尽管他自己处于很大的危险中,但很少关心自己的安全。

16. Had ,I would have told you something about it.(see)如果看了那部电影,我就会对你讲讲它的大概。

17. At no time .(beat)


18. After that we never saw her again. Nor her.(hear)


19. You disliked him, .(so)


20. We have been told that under no circumstances _____________in the office for

personal affairs. (use)我们被告知在办公室不可打个人电话。

21. Such that they were all lost in thought after it was over.(move)


22. Only he told me secretly that not only ___ but also she was lazy.(stupid)


23. You’ve no idea __________________to help the snow-hit victims out of trouble.(how)你不知道帮助暴雪灾民摆脱困境有多么重要。

24. “Nowhere else beautiful palace”, said my father excitedly.(find)父亲激动地说,“在别处任何地方我都不能找到如此美丽的宫殿。”

25.Only by discovering what we can do best , and truly make a difference.(reach)只有通过发现能够很好地做什么,我们才希望实现目标,并真正产生影响。

26. Scarcely when it began to rain.(gather)


27. Before dark, we arrived at a small town, east of which .(lie)天黑前我们到一小镇。东面是一个大农场。

28. He shouted, such .(excitement)



1. —My room gets very cold at night. —________



2. —I don’t think I can walk any further. —_____________



3. — He is a maths teacher but he likes English. —(same)—他是数学老师但喜欢英语。—他的妹妹也是。

4. A better understanding of the environment is necessary, _____



5. I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never in all my life



6. Seldom since they got married.(quarrel)自结婚他们很少彼此吵架。

7. Not until ____________________________did he realize that he was wrong.(explain)


8.Not until I began to work __________________________how much time I had wasted.(realize)


9. So _________________________ _that even beginners understand most of what he says.(speak)


10. So ______ that only a few students passed it.(difficult)考试是如此难,很少有同学通过。

11. Such ____________ _that he was praised.(make)

他因取得如此大的进步而受到表扬。12. _____________ _can we improve the situation.(action)只有通过采取行动我们才能改善现状。

13. Only when your identity has been checked (allow)只有在检查了身份,才允许你进入。

14. Not only _______________ _people to find jobs, but also medical treatment will be provided. (help)


15. at the station than the train left.(sooner)我一到站火车就走了。

16. Hardly / Scarcely when everybody burst out laughing.(turn)一他转过身,所以人都大笑。

17 , his idea was accepted by all the people at the



18 _________ _, I won’t buy it.(as).尽管我很喜欢它,但不会买。

19. __________ , he knows a lot of things.(as)尽管他是个孩子,懂的可不少。

20.。Neither has he called on her, .(nor)他既没有拜访过她,将来他也不会那样做

21. The more you explain, ___________ _.(confuse)你愈解释我愈糊涂。

22. __________________ , his mother would wait for him to have dinner together.(however)


23. , we would have to put off the visit to Beijing.(rain)如果明天下雨,我们会推迟此次北京之行。

24. , he might have got through the exam.(work 要是那个男孩更努力一些,他就会通过考


1. did her mother come back

2. Tired as she was

3. you be fired

4. could I imagine

5. were the mountain climbers rescued

6. are the English Romantic poets

7. difficult did I find it

8. teacher as he was

9. is the teacher satisfied with my progress

10. sooner had the bell rung

11. had I got home

12. shallow is the lake

13. was he forced to stay home 14. was a boy aged about 6

15. did he care about his own safety

16. I seen the film

17. will / should the teachers beat students

18. did we hear from her

19. so did I

20. can we use the telephone

21. a moving film was it

22. was she stupid

23. how important it is

24. can I find such a

25. can we hope to reach our goals

26. had we gathered in the grain

27. lies a big farm 28. was his excitement


1. So does mine.

2. Neither can I

3. I t’s the same with his sister/

The same is true of his sister.

4. did he care about his own safety

5. had I felt so happy.

6. have they quarreled with each other

7. I had explained all to him

8. did I realize

9. clearly does he speak

10. difficult was the exam

11. great progress had he made

12. Only by taking action 13. will you be allowed in

14. will help be given to

15. No sooner had I arrived / I had no sooner arrived

16. had he turned around

17. Strange as it might sound

18. Much as I like it

19. Child as he is

20. nor will he do so

21. the more confused I am /get

22. However late he was

23. Should it rain/ Were it to rain tomorrow

24. Had the boy worked harder

25. as is the willingness to act