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第十三课时八年级(下)Units 7~8


(B)1.—Is your country ________ island country,Vince?

—Yes.It's one of ________ most beautiful island countries in the world.

A.an;/ B.an;the

C.the;/ D.a;the

(D)2.—Why do you like living in the countryside,Mrs.Brown?

—Because I like the ________ of nature.

A.square B.land

C.laughter D.beauty

(A)3.—Is this new dictionary ________,Alice?

—No,it doesn't belong to ________.It's my friend's.

A.yours;me B.yours;mine

C.your;me D.your;mine

(B)4.Both Frank and Bill are running ________ the cinema because the movie will start soon.

A.through B.towards

C.across D.from

(B)5.—Have you finished your homework ________,Judy?

—Yeah!I've ________ finished it.

A.yet;yet B.yet;already

C.already;already D.already;yet

(A)6.—I don't know the place.Could you please ________ it on the map?

—No problem.

A.mark B.record

C.hide D.protect

(A)7.If you come to my hometown for holiday,I'm glad to ________ some places of interest to you.

A.introduce B.wonder

C.find D.fail

(A)8.—Let's go to the countryside.We can ________ fresh air there.

—That sounds good.

A.take in B.take away

C.take after D.take out

(C)9.—How many friends has Frank made ________ he came to the new school?

—At least ten,I think.

A.while B.until

C.ever since D.as soon as

(C)10.—________ you ________ the new movie yet?

—Yes.I ________ it two days ago.

A.Will;see;see B.Did;see;saw

C.Have;seen;saw D.Have;seen;have seen


Once a king was very ill.No one in the large palace knew what was wrong __11__ him.“Perhaps music would help him feel better,” said one of his men.So the man ran through the streets,calling as __12__ as he could,“Music for the king!Music for the king!If you can play the most beautiful tune(曲子) and make him __13__,you will get a lot of money.”

Soon the __14__ palace was full of music.All of the music was played by very famous people,and some of the music was very wonderful,__15__ the king was still weak and unhappy.

Gladheart was a little boy.He __16__ sheep in a valley(山谷).He played the flute all day long.

“I must go and play before the king,” Gladheart said one day.

Gladheart went into the palace and played a beautiful tune with the __17__ for the king.As the king listened,his face became __18__ with smiles.

“The tune __19__ me a lot,” the king said.“What is it about,Boy?”

“It is about __20__,”said Gladheart.“I learned it from the fields when winter was just over.”

(C)11.A.of B.against

C.with D.at

(A)12.A.loudly B.quietly

C.completely D.slowly

(D)13.A.clever B.young

C.famous D.healthy

(C)14.A.most B.all

C.whole D.small

(B)15.A.though B.but

C.so D.because

(C)16.A.depended on B.looked for

C.looked after D.gave up

(B)17.A.piano B.flute

C.drum D.guitar

(A)18.A.bright B.dark

C.crazy D.sick

(C)19.A.hurts B.reports

C.excites D.worries

(D)20.A.autumn B.summer

C.winter D.spring


Hi,I am Bella.I can't remember a time when there was not a bookshelf(书架) in my bedroom.From Dr.Seuss to Mother Goose,I had all kinds of books that progressed in size as I got older.

My earliest memory of books was sitting on my bed at night with my mom reading to my older brother and me.And my first beloved book was a children's book about being a chosen child.It helped me,an adopted(收养的) child,learn that my family was my very own because they chose me.As I got older,the books got thicker and more difficult.The first book I ever bought with my own money was L.M.Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables.

When in primary school,there was a book catalog(目录).We could take it home and ask our parents to help us order new books.Then the books would be sent to the school.There was nothing better than getting my little bag of books.

My love for science fiction was deepened by my older brother's love for it.He introduced me to Star Trek and Doctor Who,but it was his copy of The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks that got me really interested in science fiction.

I read classics in high school.The first time I had the thought that I wanted to be a writer was after reading one of Edgar Allan Poe's works.And his use of words surprised me.Yeah,it's no wonder I studied English in university and later I became an English teacher.Through my work,I can pass on my love for the written words and books to my students.How great!

(A)21.Who helped build Bella's earliest memory of books?

A.Her mother. B.A famous writer.

C.Her older brother. D.An adopted child.

(D)22.As for Anne of Green Gables,Bella ________.

A.read it in high school

B.read it with her family

C.helped her get close to her family

D.bought it with her own money

(B)23.What did Bella probably think of the book catalog in primary school?

A.It was boring. B.It was helpful.

C.It was hard to get. D.It was easy to keep.

(D)24.Bella became really interested in science fiction after ________.

A.reading Star Trek with her older brother

B.talking about it with her older brother

C.being introduced to Doctor Who

D.reading The Sword of Shannara

(C)25.From the last paragraph we can know that Bella ________.

A.writes books herself

B.failed to get into university

C.enjoys her job

D.gave up her dream at last



26.This river is not deeper(deep) than that one,so we can walk across it.

27.Australia is in the southern(south) part of the world.

28.They were shaking with laughter(laugh) and couldn't even speak.

29.He said he felt so happy to be a panda keeper(keep).

30.Through years of hard work,Mr.Smith achieved great success(succeed) in life.


People read books less often these days.Because of the invention of radios,televisions,the Internet and computer games,it seems that reading books is no longer a popular activity.①然而,我却相信读书将永远是我们生活的重要组成部分之一。

First of all,books can make us much cleverer.They contain lots of knowledge of how things work and what people do.That is the No.1 reason why we should read books.

Some people say that reading is just a waste of time.In fact,even if we don't read books,we still read every day.We read traffic signs,calendars,instructions…②Everything__in__today's__society__requires__reading.Imagine that we are trying to do something as simple as reading the instructions on a medicine bottle.Without good reading skills,we could not understand ③them and might become very sick or even die.Under such conditions,we not only have to know the words and sentences,but also have to understand their correct meanings.Reading books helps improve our reading abilities and then make our life easier.

With a book at hand,we can travel anywhere we want to,do anything we like and talk to anyone we admire.There are different kinds of books for different ages,so no matter what our age is,reading is very important in our lives.

All in all,reading makes a full man.I think people should still read books as often as possible.









34.Why does the writer give us the example of reading the instructions on a medicine bottle?











Nowadays only a few students do some reading after class.Here are some reasons.

First,quite a few students have too much homework.Still others haven't formed a habit of reading.They'd rather spend their spare time on TV or on the Internet.

However,reading has many advantages.Through reading we can learn more about the world.Besides,it can help us think http://www.wendangku.net/doc/86e586b2f4335a8102d276a20029bd64793e62cf.htmlst but not least,reading can make our life more colorful.

Here are my suggestions.For one thing,teachers should give us less homework so that we can have more time to read.For another,it's a good idea for students to join reading clubs and learn from each other.