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习题-真题 2014-2009综合填空 青岛中考汇编



习题-真题 2014-2009综合填空 青岛中考汇编

1.Look!My aunt flowers in the garden.

2.The pop singer Sun Nan on CCTV next week

3.Qingdao Aquarium is one of the most wonderful places .

4.My best frind always me when I do dadly in exams.

5.Tom many songs by The Beatles,now he can sing some of them.

6.I have a new pen pal. I’m looking forward to her as soon as possible.

7.Tea became popular after it .

习题-真题 2014-2009综合填空 青岛中考汇编

_ 8__ them at once as she should.

One day Mr.Thomton said to Amy,“Would you like to make some money?” “Oh, yes,”she replied, “I noticed some fine blackberries on Mr.Green’s farm today,and he said that angbody was welcome to them. I will pay you thirteen cents a quart(夸脱(容量单位))for all you pick for me.”Mr.Thomton said.

Amy was 9 at the thought of making some money.So she ran home to get a 10 and was ready to go to pick the berries at once.

Then she thought she would like to know like to know how much moneyshe would get if she picked five quarts.And with the help of the paper and pencil,she 11 that she would get sixty-five cents.“How much would I get if I picked 12 quarts,fifty,a hundred,and two hundred quarts?”It 12 her some time to do this, and then,it was so near dinner time that she had to stay at home until afternoon.

As soon as dinner was 13 ,she took her basket and hurried to the farm.Some boys had been there 14 dinner,and all the berries were picked.She could not find even one quart.

As Amy went home,she thought of 15 her teacher had often told her--“Do your task at once,then think about it,”for“One doer(实干家)is worth(值)a hundred dreamers”

习题-真题 2014-2009综合填空 青岛中考汇编



习题-真题 2014-2009综合填空 青岛中考汇编

1.Mother has the habit of ________ shopping lists when she goes shopping.

2.An advertisement sometimes ________ customers to buy something they don't need at all.

3.The students ________ out of the building when the bell rang.

4.More and more people are worried about the serious air pollution because the number of family cars ________ all the time.

5.I strongly believe that my dream ________ some day even though many people laugh at me.

6.It is difficult for people today ________ what life will be like in a hundred years.

7.Qingdao ________ greatly in the last few years.It's a great attraction for many tourists.


习题-真题 2014-2009综合填空 青岛中考汇编

Have you seen a group of boys dancing hip-pop together? The music beat is usually___8___and cool!And the people dancing hip-pop seem to really___9__what they are doing.

What is the real meaning of "Hip-pop"?Some people say it is the motion(动作,姿态)that people make while they'er__10__.They move their hips(臀部)sideways when they dance.That's very interesting.

The__11__hip-pop music came to the world in the beginning of the 1970s by DJs(disk jockeys)A Jamaican(牙买加人)known as Kool Herc was the first person who performed hip-pop music.Whenever people think of hip-pop,music and dance are the first things that come out in their minds.

However,there are other things that are part of the hip-pop culture.One of them is graffiti.Graffiti is modern art where you draw pictures and words on walls,trains,__12__other places with spray (喷射)paint.Many of you may have seen things around your neighborhood.Some of those works are really terrific!

Also ,there is a certain__13__of fashion,such as wearing bigger size jeans,casual shirts,sneakers,and colorful caps,that the young people like to wear.They call it"Hip-pop fashion".

Hip-pop culture is a new style of the younger generation.They express their feelings__14__this culture and enjoy it.So whenever you see groups of young people dancing hip-pop and singing,just stop for a moment and try to understand__15__!

8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 11.______

12.______ 13.______ 14.______ 15.______

习题-真题 2014-2009综合填空 青岛中考汇编



习题-真题 2014-2009综合填空 青岛中考汇编

2.You are not supposed t visit a friend’s house without_______first when you’re in Switzerland.

3.Don’t bring food to the classroom, or it__________.

4.Mr King_________ six countries over the years.

5.---Why are you still here? The movie was over fifteen minutes ago.

---Oh, I________ my wallet.

6.---Do you like the exhibition?

---The photos of the countryside are so great that they _______me a lot.

7.Nancy shut the door and __________the office.


习题-真题 2014-2009综合填空 青岛中考汇编

all of the others, ___8___Love. One day it was said that the island would sink, so all of the feelings were busy making boats and ready to go.

The crucia l moment came at last! When the island___9___ sank, Love gave her boat to por people who couldn’t make a boat. Now it was Love’s turn to ask for help.

Richness(财富)was passing by Love in a boat. Love said, “Richness, can you take with you?” Richness 10 , “No, I can’t. There is lots of treasure(金银财宝) in my boat. There is no room here for you.” Just at that time, Sadness was nearer, so Love asked,“Sadness, let me go with you.” “Oh, Love, I am so sad that I need to be alone by 11 .”Happiness passed b y Love, too, but she was too 12 to hear clearly what Love said to her.

Suddenly, there was a 13 ,“Come on, Love, I will take you.”It was an elder. Love even forgot to ask him where they were going. When they 14 dry land, the elder went away. Love asked Knowledge, another elder, “Who helped me?”

“It was Time.”Knowledge answered.

“Time?” asked Love. “But why did Time help me?”

Knowledge smiled 15 answered, “Because only Time can understand how important Love is.”

8. 9. 10. 11.

12. 13. 14. 15.

Ⅶ. A 1.to work 2.calling 3.will be taken away 4.has toured 5.am looking for 6.interest 7.left

B 8.including 9.nearly 10.answered 11.myself 12.happy 13.voice 14.reached 15.and




copy, rise, experience, save, regard… as…, mention, be[来源:http://www.wendangku.net/doc/88f6494b05087632311212c3.html]

1. _____________ careful to look both w ays before you cross the sheet.

2. —I_____________ my money so I can buy a car.

— So am I.

3. Good boy! You're doing such a good job of_________ materials for me.

4. The old teacher used to get up before the sun _____so that he could catch the early bus to work.

5. Every baby_____ the apple of the parents' eye.

6. As a volunteer, she___________ love and hate, sadness and happiness in. the

past ten years.

7. He thinks it necessary____________ his sister in his speech, who has supported

him in his university study.

B. (8分)

习题-真题 2014-2009综合填空 青岛中考汇编

) engine-block in one piece. But the engineers said that was 8___________

Ford said, "Produce it ______9_____."

"But," they replied, "it is impossible."

"Go ahead," Ford said, "and stay on the job until you 10 , no matter how much time is required."

Six months passed and nothing happened. Another 11 months passed, and still nothing happened, The engineers tried every possible 12 to carry out (执行)the orders , but lire request (要求) seemed impossible.

At the end of the year, the engineers again informed Ford they had found _ 13 way to carry out his orders.

"Go right ahead," said Ford. "I want it, and I'll have it."

They went ahead, and then,as if by a stroke (轻触) of magic, the secret was discovered. Ford had won 14 more!

Henry Ford was successful 15 one of his principles of success is that he believe what

he wants. If you can do this, you can equal (与……相当) your achievements in any calling for which you are suited.

8. ______________ 9. _____________ 10. _______________ 11._____________

12.______________ 13 . _____________ 14. _________________ 15. _______________


A. 用所给词的适当形式填空,每空限用一次。(7分)

1. Be

3. copying

4. rose

5. is regarded as

6. has experienced

7. to mention

B. 选择恰当的单词填空,将答案填写在文章下面的横线上,每词限用一次(有两个是多余的)(8分)

8.impossible 9. anyway 10. succeed 11. six

12. plan 13. another 14. once 15.because




explain,take part in,not mean,know, miss,invite,discuss

1. I am sorry you the last train. It left thirty minutes ago.

2. The young teacher thought it easy the project to the students.

3. The volunteers from our city some training before they go to Tibet.

4. —As a well-known actor, are you feeling happy?

—Not really. Sometimes I have a hard time who my real friends are.

5. A famous inventor to our school last summer vacation.

6. Don't bother your brother while he something with his classmates.

7. Singing English songs well you can speak English well.


by,nobody,popular,invented,can,quickly,and,beginnings, anyone,make

Pick up one of these cubes and you probably won't be able to put it down. How hard (8) it be to rearrange(重新排列)the nine colored squares on each side of the cube? In fact, there are 43×1030 possibilities !It has been 31 years since the cubes were sold in stores around the world. Its (9) ,however, began years earlier as a simple classroom example. In 1974, Dr. Erno Rubik (10) the “Magic Cube” as he called it.

He did this to help his students understand 3-D concepts. This classroom model was quickly changed into a (11) toy.In 1979,Ideal Toys bought the rights(权利)(12) sold it as "Rubiks Cube”. The invention (13) became a 1980s cultural icon.

As time went (14) ,the cube's popularity became less, however, it made a comeback with the Internet. Now (15) can go online and find many videos that show ways to solve the cube. Erik Akkersdijk of the Netherlands holds the present world record. He finished it in just 7. 08 seconds !

8. 9. 10. 11. .

12. 13. 14. 15. .


1. have missed【解析】本题考查动词时态。末班车30分钟前离开,因而选择“miss”,而且强调对现在的影响,


2. to explain【解析】本题考查非谓语动词。句意为:年轻老师认为跟学生解释这个方案很容易。explain sth. to


3. will take part in【解析】本题考查动词时态。先确定跟training搭配合适的应该是take part in。本句是复合句,包含一个由before引导的时间状语从句,从句用一般现在时表示将来,但是主句仍然用一般将来时。

4. knowing【解析】本题考查非谓语动词。名演员很难知道谁是真正的朋友,这是他不开心的地方。所以选择know。have a hard time后可接不定式或者现在分词短语作定语,

to do—般表示未发生的事,doing表示正在或已经发生的事。本句内容是一般现在时,所以使用现在分词短语

5. was invited【解析】本题考查动词的被动语态。根据句意可知,著名发明家是被邀请到我们学校,所以用invite的被动语态;同时由于时间发生在过去,故用一般过去时。

6. is discussing【解析】本题考查动词时态。不让弟弟打扰,有可能是和同学在讨论问题或者商量事情,故选择discuss。主句是祈使句,从句再现在时,while引导的时间状语从句多用进行时态,故用现在进行时。

7. doesn't mean【解析】本题考查谓语动词。英语歌唱得好并不意味英语说得好,选择not mean。现在分词短语作主语,谓语动词要用第三人称单数形式,需加助动词does表示否定。

B 【文章大意】魔方很神奇,至今仍是一种流行的有难度的游戏,然而你知道它的历史吗?本文介绍了它的起源与发展的情况。

8. can【解析】本句是一个特殊疑问句,主语前缺少助动词或者情态动词,故选择can。

9. beginnings【解析】本句中its后应该加名词,与后面began 呼应,因此选择beginnings。

10. invented【解析】本空前面是某人,后面是某物,缺少谓语动词,且时间状语表示过去,故要用动词的过去式,所以选invented .

11. popular【解析】本空前有冠词,后有名词,需要填入形容词,故选popular0

12. and【解析】本空前的bought the rights(权利)和后面的sold it as “Rubik,s Cube"都是由Ideal Toys 所做的,为并列关系,故用and。

13. quickly【解析】本句意思完整,不缺少主要成分,故用副词quickly强调事情发展迅速。

14. by【解析】go by为固定短语,指(时间)过去。

15. anyone【解析】此句中缺少主语,且有“任何人”之意,故选anyone



sleep, run out of, grow up, win, take notes, point at, put

1. Ann wants to be a nurse to look after patients when she .

2. It’s not polite anyone with chopsticks at the dinner table.

3. I think is one of the most useful ways to get good grades.

4. I’m sure Jim the next piano competition.

5. Be quiet, please! The baby in the bedroom at the moment.

6. Tom all his pocket money, so he can’t buy his favorite

sports shoes.

7. Bananas, ice cream and yogurt into the blender just now.

The milk shake will be OK soon.

B. 短文填空选择恰当的单词填空,每词限用一次。(有两个多余的选项)

thanked, no, unhappy, on, some, when, came back, happy, mountain, quickly

It was Mother’s Day. Nancy was 800 miles away from her parents, so she was a little ___8___. In the morning she phoned her mother to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, and her mother told her about the beautiful flowers in the garden. Later that day, ___9___ s he told her husband about the flowers, he said, “I know where we can find all that

you want. Get our children Peter and Lily, and come on.” So they went, driving down the country roads.

There on a ___10___, they saw a lot of beautiful purple flowers. Nancy ran ___11___ to enjoy the flowers. Carefully, she picked a few here and a few there. And on their way home there was a big smile ___12___ her face.

When they were passing a nursing home, she saw an old granny sitting in a chair. The granny had ___13___ children with her. They stopped the car and Nancy walked to the old woman, put the flowers in her hands, and smiled at her. The old granny ___14___ her again and again. She smiled happily, too.

When Nancy ___15___ to her car, her children asked her, “Who is that old granny? Why did you give our flowers to her?”

“I don’t know her,” Nancy said, “But it’s Mother’s Day, and she is alone. But I have both of you, and I still have my mother. Just think how much those flowers meant to her. ”

8. 9. 10. 11.

12. 13. 14. 15.


VII. 综合填空(共15小题,每小题1分,共15分)

A.1. grows up 2. to point at 3. taking / to take notes 4. will win

5. is sleeping

6. has run out of

7. were put

B.8. unhappy 9. when 10. mountain 11. quickly

12. on 13. no 14. thanked 15. came back