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全国教育硕士专业学位推荐教材 英语(毛大威主编) 考点整理

Unit 1 Literature

Prepare Yourself

Do you know ?

communication satellite 通讯卫星

mobile telephony 移动通讯

intelligent robot 智能机器人

clone 克隆

telecommunications 远程通讯

How do you say it ?


科幻小说science fiction

空间旅行space traveling


人类社会human society


信息时代information age

信息产业information industry

Make up a sentence

It took 100 years before the moon landings predicted by the French writer Jules Verne actually took place.

法国科幻小说家Jules V erne预言的人类登月,整整用了100年才变成现实。

Text 1 What’s the Big Idea?

Imagination is more important than knoeledge.

Word Glossary

sponsor 英['sp?ns?] 美['spɑns?]

n. 赞助者;主办者;保证人

vt. 赞助;发起

prominent 英['pr?m?n?nt]美['prɑm?n?nt]

adj. 突出的,显著的;杰出的;卓越的fiction 英['f?k?(?)n]美['f?k??n]

n. 小说;虚构,编造;谎言

hostile 英['h?sta?l]美['hɑstl]

adj. 敌对的,敌方的;怀敌意的

n. 敌对

frivolous 英['fr?v(?)l?s]美['fr?v?l?s]

adj. 无聊的;轻佻的;琐碎的

mutual 英['mju?t???l; -tj??l]美['mjut?u?l] adj. 共同的;相互的,彼此的

suspicion 英[s?'sp??(?)n]美[s?'sp???n]

n. 怀疑;嫌疑;疑心;一点儿

vt. 怀疑

speculation 英[,spekj?'le??n]美[,sp?kju'le??n] n. 投机;推测;思索;投机买卖remarkably 英[ri'ma:k?bli]

adv. 显著地;非常地;引人注目地

robotic 美[ro'bɑt?k]

adj. 机器人的,像机器人的;自动的

n. 机器人学

telephony 英[t?'lef(?)n?]美[t?'l?f?ni]

n. 电话(学);电话制造

predict 英[pr?'d?kt]美[pr?'d?kt]想

vt. 预报,预言;预知

vi. 作出预言;作预料,作预报

alien 英['e?l??n]美['el??n]

adj. 外国的;相异的,性质不同的;不相容的n. 外国人,外侨;外星人

vt. 让渡,转让

emerge 英[?'m??d?]美[?'m?d?]

vi. 浮现;摆脱;暴露

vision 英['v??(?)n]美['v???n]

n. 视力;美景;眼力;幻象;想象力

vt. 想象;显现;梦见

dominate 英['d?m?ne?t]美['dɑm?net]

vt. 控制;支配;占优势;在…中占主要地位

vi. 占优势;处于支配地位

Expressions and Phrases

in reality 实际上;事实上

call for 要求;需要;提倡;邀请;为…叫喊

in the middle of 在…中间

deal with 处理;涉及;做生意

in search of 寻找;搜寻

play a role in 在……起作用


―He backs a company which produces intelligent robots, capable of learning new tasks from their environment.‖


本句中capable of learning new tasks from their environment做定语修饰intelligent robots,起补充说明的作用。


Ⅱ.Vocabulary study

A. Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the right word or expression fron the box and make changes where necessary.

全国教育硕士专业学位推荐教材 英语(毛大威主编) 考点整理

1、They got there in the late afternoon and went around in search of a place to stay.


2、The astronomers were questioned on a wide range of subjects from physics to psychology. 宇航员被问到广泛的问题,从物理学到心理学。

3、As people spend more time watching TV and reading the newspapers, the media plays a major role in influencing their opinions. 注意复数加s


4、There was a strange silence about what was happening, but the details of the murder were finally revealed by the local paper.


5、After another round of negotiations, they finally signed a declaration calling for an immediate ceasefire.


6、Xiao Ling always seems so self-confident, but in reality she is extremely shy.


7、I have to admit that she is very nice as a hostess, but she dose tend to dominate the conversation.


8、Out of respect for the whishes of her family, the accident was not reported in the local media.


9、The company's expansion was predicted on the assumption that sales would rise.


10、Any suggestion of an imminent crash in stock market is pure speculation .


B. Choose the appropriate word for each sentence ,using the proper form. culture / cultural

1. The students attended a class entitled ―Beyond Tradition ‖,in which they discussed the effect of technology on traditional culture .


2. China has a vast territory and abundant resources .She is a large country with a long history and a rich cultural heritage . 形容词,后加名词

中国领土宽广,资源丰富。她是一个历史悠久文化遗产丰厚的大国。sponsored/sponsoring 赞助、资助第一个是动词/ 现在分词 名称

3. At the conference , the minister accused the organization of sponsoring terrorism .

会上,部长指控该组织资助恐怖主义。介词后面要加ing 变成动名词

4. The research program is sponsored by a large computer company.


complication/complexity 复杂/复杂性

5. The drop in student numbers added further complication to the situation.


6. Now he was getting a lesson in the complexity of diesel engines. 词组


dominate/prevail 支配、占统治地位/流行、取胜、占优势

7. Being a member of Animal Adoration Society, she seems to think that animal rights should prevail over everything else . 词组


8. It was obvious that her husband completely dominated her.


investors/supporters 投资者/支持者

9. As one of the leading candidates for the presidency, he still needs the help of his supporters to win the election .


10. In most cases, investors are entitled to a reasonable return on their money .

大多数情况下,投资者有权得到他们投资的合理回报。注意加S,复数。SECTION C

III Sentence correction 句子改错第9页破折号后面的是正确答案

1. Eventually he realizes what--(that )they are asking themselves a question which has never occurred to him.


2. Modern drugs have a new role to be played----(to play)in controlling diseases of the mind . have a role to play, 发挥作用,不用被动语态

3. she has a cheerful disposition and has kept in contact for --(with)most of her friends from college . in contact with 词组,和…接触

4. After another round of negotiations ,they called on ----(for)the immediate release of the hostages . call for ,词组号召,呼吁

5. There were some delays on the road because of heavy traffic and it spend ---(took)him there hours to get to the airport. It took him some time to do, 花了某人多少时间干某事


Ⅰ. Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.

Science fiction is a literature genre developed in the 20th century in which the fiction writer addresses how scientific discoveries, technological developments, and future events and societal changes affect human beings. The description of these influences may be a careful and informed extrapolation of scientific facts and principles, or it may range into farfetched areas flatly contradictory of such facts and principles.


Ⅱ. Translate the following paragraph into English.


Science fiction was made possible only by the rise of modern science itself, notably the great revolutions in astronomy and physics, Science fiction proper began toward

the end of the 19th century with the scientific romances of Jules Verne, whose science was rather on the level of invention.

Unit 2 Business

Prepare Yourself

Do you know ?

stock holder 股东

taxing authority 税务机关

charitable organization 慈善机构

nonprofit firm 非盈利公司

sales forecast 销售预测

economic forecast 经济预测

How do you say it ?




人力资源human resources


决策make decisions

政府部门governmental agencies

金融机构financial institution

Make up a sentence

Human resources can achieve maximum productivity only when they have access to appropriate types of physical resources.


Text 2 A Definition of Management

Good management is a vehicle for social progress.


Ⅱ.Vocabulary study

A. Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the right word or expression fron the box and make changes where necessary.

全国教育硕士专业学位推荐教材 英语(毛大威主编) 考点整理

1、As an excellent manager, he is very good at motivating his employees.


2、Their principal activities are to serve the French corporations operating abroad.


3、The two rival companies maintained close relations for ten years.


4、A large complex organization can be slow to adapt to changes.


5、The ability to use a language can be acquired only by the act of using the language.


6、A password is needed to get access to the computer system.


7、Good records are required for the preparation of complete and accurate tax documents. 为了准备完整有精确的税收文件需要完善的记录。

8、They read the story, but only a few fully comprehended its meaning.


9、They converted the medieval castle into a beautiful theater.


10、The doctor was certain after examining his wounds that he could not possibly live.


B. Choose the appropriate word for each sentence ,using the proper form. Process/procedure 过程、步骤/程序

1. John did not follow the correct procedure in applying for the job.


2. The firm is now on the process of moving the machines to a new factory . 词组该公司现在正在将机器搬往新工厂的过程中。

Coordinate/cooperate 协调/合作

3. The scientists from the two medical schools are cooperating in the attempt to find a cure for the disease. 注意进行时加ing


4. They appointed a new manager to coordinate the work of the team.


Objetive/objection 目标/反对

5. He set an objective for the new organization to provide free legal aid to the poor.


6. The main objection to program was that it would cost too much .


effctive/efficient 有效的/高效的

7. They used a new drug in the treatment that is effective against the cancer .


8. A successful manager needs an efficient secretary.


Productive/productivity 高产的/产量

9. The installation of the new machinery has doubled the productivity of the factory .


10. The new training program made the workers highly productive .


III .Prepositions and adverbs

Fill each blank with an appropriate preposition or adverb. 1. He said that they should examine all the costs involved in the project first.


2. Dealing with this diversity of human resources in the 2010’s and beyond will be a significant challenge to managers. 固定词组,对…挑战


3. Smith’s Tuesday morning experiences are typical of managerial work, which is varied, fragmented, and difficult to plan and organize. 固定词组,典型的


4. Effective managers may be one of a developed country’s most valuable resources, and they are one of the most needed resources in less developed countries .

效率高的经理可能是发达国家最有价值的资源之一,他们在不太发达的国家是最需要的资源之一。less 副词,修饰形容词,表示较少的

5. The specific tasks of a manager in a college or university department differ from those of people managing in other organizations .


6. Bad management results in poor employee morale, poor quality, low productivity, and unnecessary employee-employer conflicts . 固定词组,导致


7. Errors in judgement for job hunting can prevent even the finest candidate from landing the job she or he wants . 固定词组,在…方面的错误。


8. The business plan is a written document that clearly defines the goals of a business and outlines the methods for achieving them . 固定词组,…的方法


9. Rapid technological developments in transportation and communications have

brought the peoples of the world closer together in a physical sense. 固定词组,在…意义上


10. A recent survey revealed that 54 percent considered a foreign language necessary for doing business abroad . 副词,在国外

最近的调查显示54%的人们认为一门外语是在国外做生意所必须的。SECTION C

Ⅰ.情态动词(Modal verbs)

情态动词与其他动词一起构成谓语,表示“可以、能力、可能性、允许、建议、必须、应该、需要”等含义;常用的情态动词有can、could、may、might、must、ought、need 等,其中ought接动词不定式,其他情态动词接动词原形。


might may could can ought should must

A.Translate the following Chinese sentences into English using appropriate modal verbs.


She said that such errors ought not to be allowed.


When choosing a computer, you will need to select the right software.


In our work, we may occasionally communicate with experts in other countries.


These obstacles must be overcome if one is to be successful in the business world.


Market research is very important, the information which has been gathered can increase your profit potential.


Because no company has many financial resources as it would like to have (as might have been expected), decision must be made regarding how these limited resources will be used.

B. Complete the following sentences by using the proper modal verbs for the verbs in the brackets.

1. I was waiting all the morning. You should have told(tell)me you weren’t coming.


2. There must have been (be)a bad accident here. Look at all the broken glass around..


3. I should like to have been told (tell) the result earlier .


4. You ne edn’t have carried (not carry) all those parcels by yourself .The shop would have delivered them if you had required it .


5. No one dared to question (question) the order of the commander at that time .


6. I can’t find my mobile phone. I may have left (leave) it in the restaurant yesterday .


7. Since you’ve finished with these magazines, you may as well sell (sell)them and make some money.


8. ----Look! Those people who are coming into the hall are carrying wet umbrellas .

----It must be raining /must have been raining (rain)outside.



ⅡSentence correction

1. Believe it or not ,his success was due in ---(to)luck . due to 词组

2. The changes have been apparent at ---(over)the past five years. Over 在过去的五年中。

3. In addition for--- (to )English, the students learn art ,music and history .

in addition to 词组,除了…以外。

4. Tim likes outdoor activities. He will go out other ---( rather) than stay home. Rather than 词组,而不愿

5. She hasn’t made up her mind as for --(to)where she will spend her holiday . as to 词组,关于


Ⅰ.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.

Managerial economics is the study of the application of economic principles of decision-making in business firms or in other management units. The basic concepts are derived mainly form microeconomic theory, which studies the behavior of individual consumers, firms, and industries, but new tools of analysis have been

added. Statistical methods, for example, are becoming increasingly important in estimating current and future demand for products.


Ⅱ.Translate the following paragraph into English.


Good management is a vital element in achieving personal and social objectives. Good management can creat high quality and high productivity, minimize conflicts and maximize cooperation, all of which lend to an improving economy which lays an excellent foundation for personal development and social progress.

Unit 3 Travel

Prepare Yourself

Do you know ?

tourist resort旅游胜地

landscape scenery 山水风光

virgin forest 原始森林

hitchhiking 沿途免费搭乘他人便车旅行

outdoor adventures户外冒险活动

a camper 野营者

How do you say it ?


兜风go for a ride


探险explore, exploration

交游go outing



睡袋sleeping bag

导游图tourist map

夏令营summer camp

Make up a sentence

Once in the wilderness, your chief worry will be, not how to avoid other hikers, but how not to get lost!


Text 1 Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Happiness takes no account of time.


Ⅱ.Vocabulary study

B. Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the right word or expression fron the box and make changes where necessary.

全国教育硕士专业学位推荐教材 英语(毛大威主编) 考点整理

1、Housing could be obtained at a price .


2、Medicine should not be kept where it is accessible to children.


3、Patrick is not sure whether he can (negotiate the turn)at the bottom.


4、The hungry beggar had a craving for food, any food left by the guests.


5、Let's push off early so that we'll get there before nightfall.


6、John and Armstrong maintain consistently a high standard.


7、Those foreign students are accommodated in Canadian homes near the campus for a three-week orientation program.


8、Each person's signature is unique and that will help us to find out if this document is a forgery.


C. Chose the right word to complete each of the following sentences. Accessible/available 可到达、可接近的/提供的、可用的

1. Since 1978, the amount of money available to buy books has fallen by 17% . 自1978年以来,可以用来买书的钱减少了17%。

2. The building has been made accessible to disabled people .


Consistently/constantly 始终、一贯地/不断地

3. She is constantly changing her mind .


4. He has consistently stood firm on the side of the oppressed people .


Convert/reverse 转变、变换/颠倒

5. They convert an old stable into a little comfortable house .


6. Because the normal word order is reversed in passive voice sentences, they are sometimes hard to follow.


Outdoor/outdoors 户外的/在户外

7. If you enjoy outdoor activities, this is the trip for you .


8. I reckon it’s warm enough to eat outdoors this evening .


Sky/skies 天空/天空的状态

9. The Tibetan highland is a land of blue skies and warm sunshine. 形容天空



10. She looked out over the rooftops and the open sky . 死记下来。



Ⅰ.B. Identify the one underlined part that is incorrect in each sentence and correct it.识别下列句子中不准确的划线部分并更正。

1.The police says ---(say)that they have arrested twenty people following the disturbance .


2.Business managers focused on increasing their personal wealth by any available mean ---(means). Means 复数形式表示手段

3.The taste of vitamins is not so nice ,so the flavour sometimes need ---- (needs )

to be disguised . flavour 是口味表单数,动词加s 表示单数和主语一致。

4.In Wai Wen Bookshop is ----(are)to be found books in various languages .

倒装句,主语是books,所以is 改成are,在书店,很多各种语言写的书将被找到。

5.An expert together with some assistants were ---(was)sent to help resolve the problem .

主语是an expert 是单数,所以were 改成was.

6.They’ve got two hundred books ,one hundred and twenty are in Chinese and the rest is ---( are ) in English. The rest是指其余的书,复数,所以用are。

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/8a2dcb75b84ae45c3b358c51.htmlke Superior is such a large freshwater lake that the waves that breaks ---(that break)on its shores are like the waves of the sea .

主语是waves 是复数,所以动词要用原形

8.Here are things ----(The things)you can do in the European ―good

outdoors ‖include camping, snow –mobiling, skiing, hunting and horseback riding . Here are 去掉,因为有两个谓语,直接改成the things

Ⅱ.Preposioions and adverbs

Fill each blank with an appropriate preposition or adverb.

1. He said that they should examine all the costs involved in the project first .


2. That is the usual way the telecommunications company deals with complaints. 这是电信公司处理投诉的通常方式。固定词组,处理

3. Despite a thorough investigation, no trace of the escaped prisoner has been found.


4. About 1000 local workers were employed in the tourism industry last year.


5. At the heart of Dr. Piaget’s theories was an orderly schedule of stages,of children’s perceptions by age. 固定词组,在…的中心

Piaget博士的理论核心是孩子们按年龄接受事物,是一个有序的阶段时刻表。SECTION D

Ⅰ.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.

The unique contribution of the United States to those who love the great outdoors are the National Parks and State Parks. They are beautifully organized and give particular thought to campers. There are also campsites by the sea, which are hidden from the beach by a lion of sand dunes, or a thick belt of trees. Wherever you go, you can nearly always find picnic places complete with wooden tables, benches, garbage cans and restrooms.


Ⅱ.Translate the following paragraph into English.


Few countries have such a varied and tempting Outdoors as the USA. It has different kinds of climate and a spectacular landscape. Freeways and highways lead you to any places where there are things worth seeing. Many Americans, young and old, prefer

camping in vehicles called ―campers‖. Some retired couples put a large part of their saving into su ch ―home on wheels‖ and spend half of the year roaming the country, enjoying the great outdoors.

Unit 4 Biology

Prepare Yourself

Do you know ?

antibiotic 抗生素

gene 基因

El Nino 厄尔尼塔

marine 海产的,海运的,舰队,海运业

vitamin 维生素

How do you say it ?








家畜domestic animals

Make up a sentence

Periods of greatest shrinkage coincided with EL Nino events, when food supplies were diminished.


Text 1 Animal Life

Discovery the nature discovery yourself.