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Unit 3 -4 句子

Unit 3 A day out 默写材料

1. What are you going to do, Eddie? Eddie,你打算干什么?

2. I?m going to exercise. 我打算锻炼。

3. You need to exercise and keep fit. 你需要锻炼,保持健康。

4. This hill isn?t as high as a real one! 这座山没有真山高。

6. I?m doing fine here. 我在这儿很好。

7. Mr. Wu invited me to join their school trip to the World Park.


8. The sun was shining brightly in a clear blue sky. 太阳在清澈的蓝天下照耀。

9. It took us about two hours to get there by bus. 乘公共汽车去那儿花了我们大约两小时。

10. There was a lot of traffic on the way and the journey was a little boring.


11. All of us couldn?t wait to get off the bus. 我们都迫不及待地下车。(get off it)

12. I couldn?t believe my eyes. 我不能相信我的眼睛。

13. There are models of more than a hundred places of interest from all over the world.


14. It was an amazing day because we saw the main sights of the world in just one day.


15. We learnt a lot about different cultures. 关于不同的文化我们了解了许多。

16. Go and see for yourself. 你自己去看一看。

17. The bus is as comfortable asthose in the USA. 公共汽车像美国的一样舒服。

18. The Eiffel Tower is not as tall as the real one in France. 埃菲尔铁塔没有法国的真的高。

19. Luckily, some climbershelped Simon. 幸运的是,有些登山者帮助了Simon.

20. It is in the final of the basketball competition. 它进入了篮球决赛。

21. The match takes place on Sunday,17 October. 比赛在星期六,十月十七号进行。

22. Come and cheer for our team. 来为我们队加油。

23. With your support, we will win! 有你的支持,我们会赢。

25. That sounds good, but it?s too far away. 那听起来很好,但是它太远了。

26. Why don?t we go to the China Science and Technology Museum?


27. It?s free for groups of 30 or more students. 三十或更多学生的团免费。

28. We will walk to Beihai Park.=We will go to Beihai Park on foot. 我们将步行去北海公园。

29. We will take the underground /bus to Tian?anmen S quare.

=We will go to Tian?anmen Square by underground/bus. 我们将乘地铁去天安门广场。30. We hope you can join us. 我希望你能加入我们。

31Sandy is so ______ that she makes few mistakes in her homework. (care)

32Simon is ________ , so he always makes too many mistakes in her homework. (care)

33Jack often helps those left-behind children. He is ________ (help), for he can imagine thosechildren?s feelings of being _________ (help).

34Don?t argue(争论) with them. It?s ____ (use). Let?s do something _____ (use) to change that. 35A my saw so many __________ (colour) dresses in the shop that she couldn?t stop_____(buy) one after another.

36.T here is always ________ (end) homework to do before the exam.

37.S ome people are always happy. They can be ________ (cheer) every day.

38.T his soup is _____, then he tasted the soup and found it quite ____ (taste). He is disappointed.

39.W ithout animals, the world will be a ________ (colour) world. So it is _________(mean)to protect them. Making some laws to stop people from hurting them is a _________(hope)way. Also, we should be_______(care) with our own activities. For example, don?t cut down trees any more. In fact, it?s an ________(end)way to protect animals.

40.I spend a ________ (sleep)night yesterday,so I feel tired and ______(sleep) now.

Unit 4 Do it yourself

1. Here are clear instructions. 这儿有清楚的指示。

2. You?d better get some tools. 你最好拿一些工具。

3. When you do DIY, you make, repair or decorate things yourself instead ofpay ing someone to do it. 当你“自己动手做”的时候,你自己做、修理或装饰东西,而不是付钱给别人做。

4. Another time, he wanted to put up a picture on his bedroom wall, but he hit a pipe and filled the room with water.


5. Now the living room has not only blue walls but also a blue ceiling and floor.


6. The y couldn?t stay there because one end of the shelf was much higher than the other!


7. So instead, I am reading all the books myself and attending lessons every Saturday.


9. Don’t touch the wet paint,please. 请不要碰未干的油漆。

Please fix the shelf for me .请问我安装一个架子。

10. You should know a little about DIY. 你应该知道一点DIY。

11. You should not put so many books on the shelf. 你不应该把这么多书放在架子上。

12. You had better not play computer games now. 现在你最好别打电脑游戏。

You had better not be late for school.

13. Your watch is broken. You had better buy a new one. 你的手表坏了。你最好买块新的。

14. I decided to make her a birthday card by myself. 我决定亲自为她制作一张生日卡片。

15. Cut some of the larger fruit into small pieces. 把一些较大的水果切成小块状。

16. I made some mistakes when 1 wrote the sentence “Happy Birthday, Mum".


17. Let?s make some sandwiches,shall we?让我们制作一些三明治。

18. I kept spelling the words wrong. 我总是把单词拼错。

19.What?s DIY exactly? DIY确切是什么意思?

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/8ad48a4ccbaedd3383c4bb4cf7ec4afe04a1b1d1.htmle fruit in season. 用当季的水果。

Some of the fruit will quickly turn brown when you leave it in the a ir for some time.


21.We had fun workin g together.我们一起工作很愉快。

22.We also cut out a picture of colourful balloons and stuck it on the cover


23.L ots of things went wrong during that time. 在那期间很多东西多出错了。

24.I wanted to keep it secret.我想保密。

25.He tried to put in a brighter light in his bedroom,but made a mistake.


26.I also advised him to take a course in DIY. 我也建议他上有关DIY的课程。否定前缀


un friendly

un happy

un comfortable un certain

un tidy

un able un fair

un lucky

un usual

un important

un interesting

un healthy

un pleasant

un kind

un ilke (不像)


im polite im possible

im patient

im possible

im proper

In dis In expensive dis like

In correct dis honest

In active dis agree

in direct

in complete