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21 Everyone believes Mr Wilson because he is honest man.

A a

B the

C /

D an

22 the end,the little boy passed the exam by working hard.

A At

B In

C To

D By

23 Now Baidu is more and more popular .We can use it to search for quite

a few

A information

B news

C videos Dmusic

24 Kate won the first prize in the English speech contest and she took pride in

A her

B herself

C hers

D she

25 --How did you like the food in Sichuan?

--Pretty good.It was ours but I enjoys it very much.

A different from

B similar to

C good for Dimportant to

26 –Do you like the mobile phone?

--Of course.It is designed for office ladies,just like me.

A quickly

B strongly

C specially

D differently

27 Mary,can you me with more information ?I don’t know about the plan well.

A offer

B provide

C produce

D tell

28 We can’t our meeting again.We’re supposed to make a decision right away.

A go off

B turn off

C put off

D set off

29 Jerry said he would’t go to sleep tonight he was sure that his son arrived home safely.

A if

B when

C unless

D because

30 –Are you ready for the trip?

--Yes,I most of the things except the camera.

A packed

B am packing

C had packed

D have packed

31 --Why are you coming so late? The party has been on for about half an hour.

--But we to come at 8:00.It’s exactly the time.

A will tell

B have told

C are told

D were told

32 The boring movie made most of the people half way through it.

A leave

B to leave

C leaving

D left

33 Steve Jobs brought us ipad and iphone died on October 5,2011.

A who

B whom

C whose Dwhat

34 --Is that man over there our Enlish teacher?

--It be him.He has gone to Guangzhou for a meeting.

A won’t

B can’t

C might

D must

35 – Shirly,could you please tell me ?

--No problem.He told me about it just now.

A where will Erie go for his holidays

B when Eric would reach London

Chow Eric will deal with the problem

Dwhat was Eric going to do


Once upon a time the colors quarreled about their importance.

Green said,“I am the sign of life and hope.I was chosen for grass,trees

and 36 .Without me ,animals would die.”

Blue disagreed.“You only think about the plants, 37 consider

the sky and the sea .I’m the basis of life.”

“I bring laughter ,joy and warmth into the world .”Yellow said.“Without me,there would be no 38 ”

Orange said,“I’m the color of health and strength.I 39 the most important vitamins.”

Suddenly,Red shouted out ,“I am the ruler of all of you.I am blood—life’s blood!Without me,the earth would be as 40 as the moon.”

Purple said slowly but clearly,“Kings have always chosen me.I am

the color of power.People do not question me! 41 just listen and obey.

Here is the last one,Indigo(靛蓝).“I am the color of silence .You 42 notice me.But without me,you all become superficial(肤浅).You need

me for balance.”

They argued louder and louder.Rain started to pour down.“You 43 colors,don’t you know that each one of you is different?Join you hands with each other and come to me.”

They did so and a beautiful rainbow 44 .Each color realized working 45 was the best choice.And the rainbow is a sign of hope

for tomorrow.

36 A health B leaves C food D water

37 A but B and C or D or

38 A energy B change C dream D fun

39 Aincrease B grow C carry D invent

40 A heautiful B lively C empty D noisy

41 A We B He C They D I

42 A always B hardly C ever D sometimes

43 A kind B foolish C friendly D famous

44 A dropped B broke C lost D appeared

45 A together B alone C hard D well



46 Why did Monica practice playing basketball so hard?

A Because her father told her to do so.

B Because the writer liked to watch it.

C Because she wanted to get a scholarship to college.

D Because she was preparing for her basketball match.

47 What can stop Monica’s dream according to her father?

A Monica’s attitude

B The coach’s words

C The writer’s opinion

D her father’s advice

48 What’s the most possible relationship between the writer and the girl?

A Father and daughter

B Coach and player

C Neighbors

D Teacher and student

49 Which of the following statements is not true?

A Monica’s basketball team

B Monica is not very tall

C Monica’s father encourage her to hold on to her dream

D Monica didn’t succeed in getting the scholarship at last

50 What’s the best title of this passage?

A A brave girl

B The college scholarship

C A wise father

D The power of a dream


51 How many ways are mentioned to release pressure in this passage?

A One

B Two

C Three

D Four

52 According to the passage,why do people like going hiking when they hace pressure?

A To make more friends

B To make themselves healthier

C To enjoy the beauty of the nature

D To keep them off stress from work

53 Which of the following statements is not true ?

A Soft music cam make us get a sense of peace and quietness

B Stress has become a more and more serious problem nowadays

C Much stress can help us work better

D Watching soap operas can make us relaxed

54 What does the underlined word remove in the last paragraph mean?

A 减少

B 去除

C 移动

D 掩盖

55 What’s the main idea of this passage ?

A How wo can deal with stress

BWhat kind of soap operas is funny

C Why music makes us relaxed

D Which sport is good for releasing pressure



56 Which season is the best time fot holidays according to the passage?

A Spring

B Summer

C Autumn

D Winter

57 How long does the festival in Sardinia last?

A About one month

B About four months

C About half a year

D About one year

58 Lily is interested in local food.which place might she go to for her holidays?

A Sardinia

B Dubrovnik

C Dahab

D Mount Sinai

59 What can people do in Dahad?

A Enjoy the warm and humid weather

B Visit some interesting historical sites

C Take a ferry to an island with the locals

D Go to street markets and craft workshops

60 Where does this passage possible come from?

A A movie poster

B A magazine

C A science book

D A job advertisement



61 62 63 64 65


Shop what name usual turn around how just it sell if difficult







一、1-5 BACBA 6-10 ACBCB 11-15 CACBB 16-20 EACDB

二、21-25 DBCBA 26-30 CBCCD 31-35 DAABC

三、36-40 BADCC 41-45 CBBDA

四、46-50 CACDD 51-55 CDCBA 56-60 CBABB 61-65 ECADB

五、66. around 67. named 68. sells 69. how 70. it

71. just 72. shopping 73. If 74. turn 75. usual

六、76. Where are you going?

77. What kind of contest will you take part in/is it?

78. Great!/Sounds great!/How great (it is)!/Wonderful!

79. Can you give me some good advice?/Do you have any

suggestions?/What do you think I should write about?

80. You’re welcome. / Good luck. / Wish you good luck.

七、One possible version:

Nowadays, micro blog is becoming more and more popular. We can get news and information very quickly from it. And it is a pleasure to share pictures, videos, music and feelings on it. What’s more, we can discuss some hot topics with others online.

However, it also brings us something harmful. For example, there may be some false information or ads on it. Our private information may not be kept secret. And some people may spend too much time on it so that their work or study will be influenced.

In my opinion, micro blog is good for our daily life. We can use it but we should use it in a proper way.