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Part II Vocabulary and grammar 31%

I. Choose the best answer.(选择)15%

26.Which underlined part is different in pronunciation?

A. Last summer was the wettest on record for 50 years.

B. He must put more effort into his work.

C. He left the room without any explanation.

D. The science fiction film had some marvellous special effects.

27.Going on a trip into__space must be quite__exciting experience.




D. the: a

28.In my new apartment, I have some furniture similar to__described in the magazine.





29.The question__again at the conference.



C.was risen

D.was raised

30.The manager is much better than other employees__dealing with the customers' complaints.





31. The weather was good__an occasional shower.

A.except for

B.except that



32.__terrible life people in the small island lived at that time!



C.How a

D.What a

33. The lady walked around the shops,__an eye out for bargains.




D.to keep.

34.---can I go out with you? I want to buy the latest magazine,

-- If your homework__

A.will be finished


C.will finish

D.is finished

35.Half of the students in the class have finished the exercises. I will give __students__minutes to finish.

A.the other;other five

B.the other;another five

C.other;five more

D.other;more five

36.A wedding ring is a__of eternal love between a married couple.





37. Look up__the sky!A plane is flying__the city.





38.The family__at the lunch table when someone came to tell them what had happened at__

A.were sitting: Mr. Brown

B.were sitting: Mr. brown's

C.was sitting: Mr. Brown

D.was sitting: Mr. brown's

39.__other students,Tom__taking part in different activities

A.Unlike, likes

B.Like, dislike

C.Dislike, likes

D.Like. unlike

40. The one-eyed monsters in the film__humans.

A.look partly

B.is partly like

C.look partly like

D.are partly look like

41. Write down the key words that you _______ your students to find in the passage.

A make B. expect C. suggest D. hope

42. When they got to the station, the train _______ for 20 minutes.

A. had left B went away C had been away D had gone

43. It _______ quite a few years _______ the man was declared(宣布) innocent and set free.

A. was; since

B. is; that

C. will be; when

D. was; before

44. I can't help _______ the dinner, for I’m busy _______ my paper.

A. preparing, writing

B. to prepare, to write

C. preparing, to write

D. prepare, writing

45. We soon find him _______.

A. easily to get on with B hard to get on

C. difficult to get on with

D. hardly to talk to

46. David will never forget the day _______ he first met Linda in the street.

A that

B when

C which

D where

47. When my neighbor complained _______ the noise from our apartment, I explained to her about the naughty boys and apologized _______ that.

A. to, to

B. to, for

C. about to

D. about, for

48. As a talented and hardworking athlete, he deserves _______ by us all.

A. to respect

B. respected

C. to respecting

D. to be respected

49. If you have any idea _______, please return them to him.

A. whose gloves are these

B. whose gloves is this

C. whose gloves these are

D. whose gloves this is

50. Donald Trump_______ President of America on Nov. 9, 2016.

A. elected as

B. elected to be

C. was elected to be as

D. was elected

51. -I was wondering if you could lend me some more money?

-Sorry, I’ve got _______ at hand myself. You know the new ipad cost me all I had just now.

A. neither

B. nothing

C. none

D. few

52. The days we look forward to _______ at last.

A. comes

B. to come

C. came

D. coming

53 ---It took me ten years to build up my business, and it almost killed me.

---Well, you know what they say “_______”.

A. There is no smoke without fire.

B. Practice makes perfect.

C. All roads lead to Rome.

D. No pains, no gains.

54. I don't think the way she deals with the problem is right, _______?

A. is it

B. isn’t she

C. doesn't she

D. is she

55. -I found my mom not feeling well this morning. I’m afraid she is ill.


A. Don't worry too much

B. It's nothing at all

C. I’m sorry to hear that

D. Take it easy

II. Fill in the blanks with the given words in their proper forms(用所给词的适当形式填空)5%

56.Are the__(electricity)cables laid out by that__(electricity)over there?

57.As civil__(service), policemen have a lot of work to do every day to keep the city running smoothly.

58.He gave no__(far)explanation for why he decided to give up his career.

59.The Internet helps keep everyone__(connect)to each other.

60.We will take your recent illness into__(consider)when marking your exams.

61. Using a telescope, Galileo discovered stars that were__(visible)to the naked eyes.

62.with a__(satisfy)look on her face, Mary said this was the best meal she had ever had.

63 France is known by__(French) as "the Hexagon(六角形)” because of its shape.

64.I ca n’t hear you clearly. Can you speak a bit more __(loud)?

III. Fill in the blanks with the verbs in their proper forms(用动词的适当形式填空)49%

65.The computer looks old, but it__just half a year ago.(buy)

66.Nobody but Mary and Lucy__(go)away so far.

67.The poor girl never saw her grandpa because he __before she was born.(die)

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/8e662b737e192279168884868762caaedc33ba79.html rge numbers of refugees(难民)__from the troubled region into that country in the last three months.(flow)

69.Sales of CDS have greatly increased since the early 1990s,when people __to enjoy the advantages of this new technology.(begin)

70-you were out when I dropped in at your house yesterday afternoon.

-Oh, I__a new book in my office at that time. (edit)

71.King Edgar was the first monarch(君主)__(bury)in Westminster Abbey in 1065.

72.Mr.Wang suggests we all__(be)patient when communicating with elderly people.

IV. Rewrite the sentences as required: (按要求改写下列句子)7%

73. Jimmy read the story again and again when he was a little boy. (改为一股疑问句)

_______ Jimmy _______ the story again and again when he was a little boy?

74. We used to visit the Disneyland on family holidays. (对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ you use to visit on family holidays?

75. Can you tell me what his father looks like? (保持句意不变)

Can you tell me_______ his father _______?

76. Every one of us takes measures to help preserve wild animals. (改为被动语态)

Measures _______ _______ to help preserve wild animals by every one of us.

77. “I’ll return the DVDs to Mary as s0 on as possible”, said Mike.(合并为宾语从句)

Mike said that he _______ _______ back the DVDs to Mary as soon as possible.

78. It’s not polite to make fun of others' accents. (保持句意不变)

_______ _______ on others' accents is not polite.

79.with, grinned at, her eyes, brightly, she, me, shining (连词成句)


Part III Reading and Writing 34%


With its wonderful Georgian and Victorian architecture, and winding(蜿蜒的) medieval streets, it's easy to see why Edinburgh has been (80) _______ as a World Heritage Site.

The setting of Edinburgh is fascinating. Edinburgh Castle dominates the urban skyline, lying on the cliff of an ancient volcano right in the center of the city. Yet Edinburgh is not

(81) _______ in the past. And neither is it all about bagpipes(风琴), shortbread, whisky and tartan(格纹图案).

In fact, the city is one of the most vibrant, international cities in Europe and is

(82) _______voted as one of the most desirable places to live in the world. The capital is filled with arts, culture, sports and attractions and is famous for playing host to the world's largest arts festival. After dark Edinburgh has a lively nightlife with (83) _______ and pubs, restaurants, clubs and live entertainment to rival(和……相匹敌) any European city.

In Edinburgh, there’s plenty of open space too, with a large number of public parks and green spaces (84) _______ in the busy city center. For active types, there's a(n) (85) _______ and varied choice of activities and sports in Edinburgh and the surrounding area. Or if you just want to exercise your wallet, the capital is a great place to shop. This is a city that knows how to be both (86) _______ and modern.

The capital of Scotland is a great place to live and study in, with a wide range of theatres, galleries, clubs and shops to (87) _______, not to mention the plenty of arty bars and cafes.

Passage B (4%)


88. The denim clothing that you would like to donate_______

A. can be either new or second-hand

B. can be of any size or color

C. must be a certain famous brand

D. can be worn by dolls and humans

89. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the ad?

A. Ultra Touch may be the name of a building material.