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1.The people there are far ______(friend) to us today.

2.I wonder whether Tian’an Men Square ___(fix) now.

3.Mrs. Johnson was pleased __________(know) that her son had passed the exam.

4.-What are on display in the museum?

-A lot of new inventions _____(invent) by children.

5.Which country is __________(develop), Jane, England or France?

6.A quarter of the population in the country _________(be) farmers.

7.Can you give us a full ____(describe) of this accident?.

8.Few _____(speak) words made us excited even though they came from the famous university

9.He lost the game because of his ___(care).

10. Don't you know eight is one fifth? (forty)

11. The more Coke you drink, the _____________ you'll be. (thirsty)

12. If you , you may call "110" for help, (rob)

13. How can you make such a good ___________?(decide)

14. His eighteen —year —old son used to ___________computer games at weekends, (play)

15. My mother never knew what _______________in ten years, (happen)

16. There are two _________of the cinema. You may go through either of them. (enter)

17. You shouldn't give up ___________exercise. (take)

18. He was _______________to lose all the books borrowed from the school library. (luck)

19. Please put away the _____________digital cameras. They are going swimming. (tourist)

20. I live on the ______ (twelve) floor in that tall building.

21. If you do your homework as ___________ (careful) as you can, you’ll make ________(few) mi stakes.

22. Mary did ______(badly) in the exam than Jack.

23. Most people who live in less ________(develop) countries are quite poor.

24. My grandma has just had her ______(ninety) birthday.

25. Xiao Ming won the first prize in our city maths competition, so he is the ______(proud) of our school.

26. –Is this your dictionary? - No.___________ is over there.(I)

27. They are singing and dancing____________ on the playground.(happy)

28. When his mother got home, Jimmy_________(put) the toys together busily.

29. __________ you__________(hear) about any exciting news recently?

30.The doctor's ________ made all of them sad.(dead)

31.Which river is the second ________ river in the world? (long)

32 It is a ________ for me to stay with you. (please)

33 They don't know why you talked to them so ________. (angry)

34 Someday you’ll find a foreign language a bridge to a lot of ________. (know)

35. If it ______ (not rain), we will go for a picnic.

36. Our geography teacher once told us that the earth _______ (go) around the sun.

37. He likes collecting all kinds of information. I often see him ______ (search) the Internet.

38. Where is Mr. White? I haven't seen him for a few days. He ______ (go) to Hong Kong.

39. — I'm too tired. — So am I. We'd better _______(stop )______ (walk) and have a rest.

40. — Do you like listening to popular songs? — Sure. My family ______ (be) all music lovers.

41. The summer holidays are coming. I ______ (fly) to Hainan Island with my parents.

42. — Sally, your dress looks so nice! — Thank you. It _______ (make) of silk.

43. Houses in some cities now are much _________________________ than before. (expensive)

44. The clever girl could teach ______________________ English when she was ten. (she)

45. Chocolate is usually ____________________ favourite food. (child)

46. They played so _____________________ that they lost the football match. (care)

47. Look, the Blacks ___________________________ trees by the river. (plant)

48. Everyone should make a contribution to ___________________ the environment. (improve)

49. His sister sings well. She has a _____(please) voice.

50. It is _____(know) to all that smoking does harm to our health.

51. Liu Xiang got the _____(one) in his competition of the 2004 Olympic Games.

52. We went swimming yesterday. He, _____(like) us, stayed at home.

53. Too much homework is really _____(pain) to students.

54. Lily told us a _____(surprise) piece of news.

55. You’d better ______________ (spend) more time ______(talk) with your parents.

56. When he heard the phone, he turned over and went on ______________(sleep).

57. He wants to be a person like Yuan Longping after ______________ (graduate) from college.

58. Liu Mei with her friends ______________ (see ) working in the Home for the Old yesterday.

59. What beautiful photos! Where did you have them ______________ (take)?

60. The more he said, the ____ we felt. (angry)

61. The photos _____ on the Great Wall look very nice. (take)

62. Everybody knows _____ comes first. (health)

63. Keep quiet! You are speaking too ______. (noise)

64. The boys scored in the _____ minute of the first half. (twenty-six)

65. Be careful ____ friends with bad boys. (not make)

66. Her _____ sounds good but it’s hard to try out. (decide)

67. The story _____ on a real person is very moving. (base)

68. After the mouth –to –mouth___________(breathe) , the patients came back to ____. (them)

69. There is much _____ in the town. You’d better not go in. (foggy)

70. _____, he missed the last bus. (luck)

71. The _____ you eat, the better you’ll be. (health)

72. Two thirds of the earth________ covered by water. (be)

73. It’s said that he’s had the machine ______. (check)

74. Children were excited to see the ____ of the plant they grew. (appear)

75. There are no machine _____ people to stay under water for a long time at that time. (allow)

76. Our teacher has a good ______ (know) of computers.

77. In a _____ result, the boys were beaten by the girls. (surprise)

78. By the time we got to the station, the train _____ away for five minutes. (be)

79. _________ (where) you go, I’l l right be here waiting for you!

80. It’s said that his father is one of the greatest journalists _____. (live)

81. His mother is__________ill. (terrible)

82. The books ______ from the library should be returned on time. (borrow)

83. There are many differences between you and ______. (I)

84. The __________population may be the greatest challenges of the world.(increase)

85. Children are interested in ____ computer games. (play)

86. How _____ he is doing his homework! I can hardly understand it. (care)

87. The men fell off the motorbike and _____ on the ground. (lie)

88. I want my ruler. I don’t want ______. (someone else)

89. Hurry up! There are ten more windows ______ . (clean)

90. Children under 1.2m in ______ are not allowed to come in. (high)

91. His mother cut the apple into two_______ . (half)

92. Little Tom had his left leg _______ on his way home. (break)

93. Kate asked the Greens to help ______ to some fried chicken. (them)

94. I don’t think the language worth ______ .(study)

95. The fossils of dinosaurs ______ by the scientists are on show in this museum. (discover)

96. Edison was one of the greatest _____ in the world. (invent)

97. In _____ countries, the most important holiday is Christmas. (west)

98. _____ he says, you must listen to him clearly. (what)

99. The picture book made the baby very ______ . (interest)

100. The cotton sweaters ______ there feel comfortable and soft. (hang)

101. China and India are _____ developed countries. (little)

102. Beijing University _____ a hundred years ago. (found)

103. Could you please fill in your ______ information here? (person)

104. After ______ off things, they went to Tian An Men Square in a hurry. (drop)

105. I ___________( tell) there _____ twelve months in a year when I was young. (be)

106. It’s still ____ who broke the window. (know)

107. The injection given by the nurse wasn’t ______ at all. (pain)

108. Thanks for _____ me to your party. (invite)

109. When they got to the airport, the plane _____ five minutes before. (take off)

110. Xiao Li’s dog has ______ for nearly two months. (die)

111. I have worked in the supermarket since it ______. (open)

112. To finish the work in such a short time is _____ for me. Please give me some more time. (possible) 113. By the time we got there, the basketball match _____ for ten minutes. (be)

114. By the end of last month, Wang Ping _____ more than 1000 English words. (learn)

115. Her mother is a _____ doctor. (child)

116. The doctor told me to take the medicine ____ a day. (two).

117. The girl is too _____ to win the competition. (confidence)

118. They wake up the other family members, _____ ―Merry Christmas.‖ (call)

119. I prefer to read rather than ______ idle. (sit)

120. I prefer to walk there instead of _______ by bus. (go)

121. Miyoko clicked on the screen, and a form appeared for her to fill in her _____ information. (person) 122. You are ____ about him. (mistake)

123. We can’t have the car _____. (stop)

124. His _____ speech made us a lot. (excite)

125. He got nothing in _____ for her kindness. (reward)

126. Their hen has _______ two eggs today. (lay)

127. Li Lei has got some books about ______. (chemist)

128. The policeman helped the mother to find the _____ boy. (lose)

129. Beijingers are truely _____ to the world. (friend)

130. Of all the teachers in our school, Mr Li talks _____ but does most. (little)

131. I found my bike ______. (miss)

132. We are all _____ of the winner. (pride)

133. The baby was crying _____. (noise)

134. We can’t live _____ air or water. (with)

135. Miss Zhang asks us to have a group ________ (discuss).

136. The bottle is ______ with milk. (fill)

137. Soon he fell fast _____. (sleep)

138. Fath er Christmas isn’t a ____ person. In your family, Father Christmas is _____ your father. (real) 139. The children play games on the playground , _____ happy songs.(sing)

140. He couldn’t wait _____ the result of the result of the English ex am. (know)

141. There was no enough time ______ (visit) the Great Wall.

142. They stepped into the classroom, _____ (sing) and _____ (jump).

143. Computers are now _____ (wide) used all over the world.

144. There are a lot of foreign _____ (travel) on the train

145. Bananas _____ (grow) in the south of China.

146. He told us he had the work ______. (finish)

147. I would get you _______ a new bike. (buy)

148. Have you grown flowers or planted trees in or near ________ (neighbour)?

149. He had visited many countries in his _________ . (thirty)

150. The three scientists tried to explain the __________ (appear) of dinosaurs.

151. A girl _______ (call) Kate won the first prize in the competition.

152. It seemed that Miss Liu was very __________ (pleasant) with his words.

153. I don’t think the book is worth ______. (buy)

154. _______________ is very popular now.(canoe)

155. In which country is the weather most like ________? (German)

156. His ______ speech made us ______ a lot. (excite)

157. There are the words ―Made in China‖ ______ on the back of the machine. (write)

158. One half of the books _______ (send) to the country school last week

159. I’d like to buy a ______(wool) sweater.

160. This year my father is _____ (health)than last year.

161. The boy _________(tell) ________ (not play) with fire.

162. The babies should _______ (take) care of.

163. The famous article ―My Hometown‖ _______ (write) by Lu Xun.

164. _________, I found my lost pen. (lucky)

165. This school _________ (found) in 1950.

166. The PE teacher thought the girls deserved __________(win) because the boys

were____________(confidence) than the girls.

167. He stopped his son _______ (play) computer games.

168. You can borrow money from me _______. (direct)

169. China has built a Great Green Wall ______ (cross) the northern part of the country.

170. Two of the players _______ (fall) as they tried ______(meet) the ball.

171. The 31st Olympic Games will be ______ (hold) in Brazil in 2008.

172. March 12th is Tree _____ Day. (plant)

173. Look! The boy _______ (tie) the tree to the top of the stick.

174. The _____ (die) leaves fall on the ground in autumn.

175. Please keep your eyes _____ (close).

176. My father told me an ________ story. (usual)

177. My wish is ______ (go) to college when I _______ (graduate) from high school.

178. ______ (say) in one thing and ______ (do) is quite another.

179. Dr Bethune ______ (know) all over the world.

180. 3 ________ (multiply) by 2 is 6.

181. My brother prefers _______ (swim) to playing football.

182. I wasn’t sure if I _______ (be) able to buy a car in two years.

183. The girl is glad, she has bought a Canon camera _________ (successful)

184. She seems _______ (buy) a digital camera soon.

185. I’m sorry we haven’t got this kind of cameras. They ______ (sell) out last week.

186. The parents spent a whole day ______(look) for their child, but they failed. They reported the _______ (appear) of their child to the police.

187. The _____ (use) camer a I bought from Jack is far cheaper than a new one, but it’s very _____(use) 188. We were ________ (amaze) at Jone’s quick ________ (decide)

189. My lovely dog can help me feel__________ ( lonely ).

190. A policeman rushed into the burning house ______ (get) the boy.

191. Both of his feet were hurt in the accident. A doctor must _______ (send) for.

192. Last Saturday, we climbed Mount Tai ______ (watch) the sunrise.

193. Hi! Tom. Can you tell me when ________ for London tomorrow? (leave)

194. Could you tell me when the inspector _____ back from Paris today? (come)

195. He ______ a letter all yesterday morning. (write)

196. They like to watch TV very much now. But they ______ to play basketball a lot. (use)

197. _____ the thief _____ by your father? (catch)

198. Many clothes today need ________________ today . (clean)

199. English ______ more and more important since China joined WTO. (be)

200. What a good ____ Jim is! (cook)