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1. mark often attempts to escape ( ) whenever he breaks traffic regulations.

2. if i had remembered ( ) the door, the things would not have been stolen.

3. –mary, help yourself to some salad.

-- .

4. mill ions of pounds’ worth of damage ( ) by a storm which swept across the north of england last night.

5. her son promised ( ) in the bedroom until the baby stopped ( ).

6. mrs. smith warned her daughter ( ) after drinking.

7. as she is looking forward to ( ) from me, please remember ( ) this letter on your way to school.

8. everything seems all right, ( )?

9. it’s a fine day. let’s go fishing, ( )?

10. –we mustn’t lose heart, must we? all the teachers are encouraging us.


1. a party is the ( ) activity i want to take part in.

2. the president ( ) went to see the flood-stricken areas.

3. the sun is ( ), far away from the earth.

4. they found a pile of gold at the entrance. there was ( ) more inside the cave.

5. it was the officer ( ) informed the village of the danger.

6. there ( ) more than 300,000 kinds of plants on the earth.

7. i finally got the job i dreamed about. never in my life ( ) so excited.

8. no sooner ( ) to bed than he heard a knock at the door.

9. i didn’t see the minister, ( ) did i see the secretary.

10. –- why don’t you stop and ask a policeman for direction?


1. they always kept on good ( ) with their next-door neighbors for the children’s sa ke.

2. there was a good ( ) of the countryside from the front of the bus.

3. i think we should let maria go camping with her boyfriend. ( ), she’s a big girl now.

4. if you ever have the ( ) to go abroad to work, you should take it.

5. the man told his girlfriend he would wait for her where the three roads ( ).

6. the current political ( ) of our country is favorable for foreign investments.

7. my house is very ( ) for getting to work as it is only a few minutes from the station.

8. –mum, it is nice weather. i want to skate this afternoon.

--don’t you think the ice on the lake is too thin to ( ) your weight?

9. our english teacher ( ) our buying a good english-chinese dictionary.

10. ( ) from the moon, our earth, with water ( ) seventy percent of its surface, appears as a “blue ball”.

1. what’s the language ( ) in germany?

2. mr. lee, ( ) of the ( ) speech, started to read a novel.

3. ( ), the boy couldn’t enter his house.

4. i think they will go to town tomorrow, ( )?

5. we told you that he would come tonight, ( )?

6. –do you think living in the countryside has more advantages?

--( ).

7. –you’ve won the basketball game. congratulations!

--( ).

8. the problem of housing ( ) leads to the problem of social instability.

9. the complicated problem can be solved by the computer within ( ) a few seconds.

10. after ( ) his work, he came to help me with my english.

二、阅读理解(每题2分,共30分)passage 1 if you judge by the number of people who go to see the games a

1. basketball is probably the most popular sport in america today because ________ .

2. the passage shows that in america _____________.

3. in spring and summer, you can see young people play baseball _________ .

4. during the warm weather, americans often talk about ____________ .

5. from the passage we know that american football is __________ .

passage 2

air travel is an everyday experience these days because it’s so fast. but frequent long-distance flying can be very tiring

1. what does the author mean by “the traveler begins to feel his brain is in one country and his body

is in another”? he means

1what does the phrase “vice versa” mean in the second paragraph? it means

2doctors say that air travelers should after a long journey.

3pilots can hardly be affected by frequent flying because they

4what most likely happens to businessmen after a long journey is the following except

passage 3 animals traveling from one country to another have to follow laws, just as people do. they do not

1. the story does not say so, but it makes you think that .

2. animals are often vaccinated against .

3. on the whole, this story is about .

4. why are some animals kept in a special place before entering a country?

5. which of the following does the story lead you to believe?


the benefits of exercise 1 be stored for long. they should be renewed each day. astronauts who have spent long 2 of time in space know at first hand how weightlessness 3 to weaken man’s muscles. on earth when our muscles lift, push or pull, they work 4 the resistance of gravity to maintain the good condition and build 5 . 6 the removal in space of the resistance, they tend to 7 strength and endurance. that is 8 the legs of recently returned astronauts feel so trembling when they

9 take up the normal task of 10 the body’s weight again.


1. 这起交通事故在很大程度上是由于粗心大意引起的。(to a …extent)

to a great extent, the car accident was caused by carelessness.

2.无论你去哪儿、无论你做什么,我都会在这里等你。(wherever, whatever)

wherever you go, whatever you do, i’ll be right here waiting for you


we must set a limit to the expense of the conference.

4.一方面这家酒店靠近大海,但另一方面花费高。(on the other hand)

on the one hand the hotel is near the sea, but on the other hand it costs a lot.


the purpose of the meeting is to elect a new chairman

6.在他看来他好像永远也没办法解决这个问题。(it seems that)

it sees to him that he would never be able to work out the problem.

7.他们并不是等着老师讲解,而是努力发现解决问题的办法。(instead of)

instead of waiting for the teacher to explain, they try to find the solution to the problems for themselves

8.对她而言,抓住这次学习的机会是很重要的。(it is important for…)

it is important for her to grasp this learning opportunity.


she changed her mind again, which made us all angry.


internet can provide different learners with more flexible and versatile ways of learning

11.随着工作时间越来越短和假期越来越长,如何度过休闲时间已经成为一个热门话题。(with)with the working hours becoming shorter and shorter and holidays becoming longer and longer, how to spend the leisure time has become a hot topic.


obviously, all things people do in leisure hours enable them to satisfy their wishes

13.锻炼有益于健康。(contribute to)

exercise contributes to better health.

14.我发现他的理论是正确的。(find sth. +a)

i found his theory to be true.


travelling round the world is always his life goal from his childhood.


he is not the person who is fit for the job.


these problems are indeed a little bit difficult, but i believe they could be solved

18.在许多方面城市生活比不上乡村生活。(compare with)

living in a town can’t compare with living in the country in many respects.

19.我们的喜好、品味、兴趣和个性与社会环境和学习经验有关。(be related to)

our likes and dislikes, tastes, interests and characters are all related to social background and learning experiences

20. 建这个图书馆花了他们五年多时间。(take)

it took them over five years to build this library.




This Friday ( September 10th) teachers, all teachers to rest one day, please tell each other.

Office 2、《my mother》--《我的母亲》My mother is very ordinary. She has a pair of dexterous hands, can make a delicious meal. Whether it is steamed stuffed bun, wonton, dumplings, noodles, steamed bread, steamed bread, mother's good-looking and delicious. She would embroider cross-stitch, home placed a lot of mother works, each and every one of them true to life likeness, vivid. My mother is strict. The mother in the life to me show the utmost solicitude, very much, but to my study, my mother is always strict with. Write a diary, write a composition to make a draft first, then copy it again seriously; finish

homework to check me then give mother read a book, write correct; to correct sitting posture, not lying, standing, squatting ... Finish reading the book in order to go out to play. It is because the mother's strict requirements, I developed a good work and rest habits and reading habit, whenever there is time will pick up the book, every time the exam in reading I can do very good, because the teacher let mother in parents speak on the exchange of experience, the mother said she was proud of me in fact, these are the mother of my strict requirements of the results. This is my mother, she is ordinary, but amiable honorable. I love my mother!

3、《我去香港旅游》during the spring festival holidays, i had travelled to hong kong with some of my friends. we went to hong kong by plane. hong kong is very small, but it is a crowded and prosperous.

in hong kong, all of the buildings are very tall. there are lots of shops there and you can go shopping until about 11:00 at night. in hong kong, things are very expensive, so we only bought a few souvenirs.

we went to lots of places, such as the disneyland and ocean park. i like ocean park best. sitting in the cable car, you can see deep water bay, it is a beautiful sea view. but my friend lily was afraid of sitting in the cable car!

we stayed in the shu ren college. there are many big trees around it. we had meals in the restaurants, but i didn’t like the food.

i like hong kong and i hope to go there again some day

4、《怎样学习英语》there are four key points to study english: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

firstly, we should be brave to talk with others in english. by doing this, we can improve our oral and listening skill. it is also a good way to learn how to usethe words.

secondly, we should try to listen to all kinds of english programmes as much as possible. in this way, we can gradually improve our pronunciation.

thirdly, we should often read english books. when we come across a new word, we should guess its meaning through the context first. then look it up in the dictionary. i think, it is a good way of reading. and you will find it easy to remember english words.

fourthly, we should practice our writing skills. whenever we have any ideas, we should get the pen and write it down in english at once. another way is writing diary everyday. it is very important to avoid writing in chinese way and using the chinese grammar.

as long as we listen more, speak more, read more and write more, we are sure to make remarkable progress。