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The Crystal Palace



The Summer Palace颐和园Buckingham Palace白金汉宫


The nobles of Florence built splendid palaces.佛罗伦萨的贵族们建了华丽的宫殿

His home is a palace compared to our little house.和我们的小房子比起来他的家就是宫殿Stately home 庄院(常有历史价值,艺术珍藏供人参观)

Palace revolution宫廷政变

Extraordinary adj.


What an extraordinary hat!


Agirl of extraordinary beauty


The committee meets regularly on Fridays, but there will be an extraordinary meeting next Wednesday.委员会在每星期五碰头,但是下周三会有一次临时会议

Extraordinarily adv. Extra+ordinary

Ordinary adj.平常的,普通的,通常的normal,usual

An ordinary day平常的一天

Ordinary people like you and me 你我之类的老百姓

Extra adj.额外的,附加的extra pay for extra work 多劳多得

Extra + adj. 描述事物性质或特征在程度上大大超过原词所描述的

Extra-thin extra-large extra-special extra-bright


1.展览on exhibition在展出,在展览

Some of the children’s paintings are now on exhibition at the school.孩子们的一些画在学校展出


An international trade exhibition 国际贸易展出

Make an exhibition of oneself 当众出丑,出洋相

Get up off the floor and stop making such an exhibition of yourself.




Don’t touch the exhibits. A priceless exhibit一件极其贵重的陈列品


To exhibit paintings展览绘画作品to exhibit flowers展出花卉to exhibit new cars展出新车



Strike while the iron’s hot.趁热打铁

The Iron Curtain(喻)铁幕-语出丘吉尔之口(从西方观点来看,前苏联及东欧共产党与西方之间在信息,贸易等方面的屏障)

Iron and Blood铁血政策(喻指残暴的政治手段)



An iron will坚强的意志

Have (several) irons in the fire同时进行数种不同的事情

Aman of iron铁汉 a woman of iron铁女人

Rule someone with a rod of iron 以铁腕统治

The iron hand in the velvet glove/the iron fist in the velvet glove外柔内刚

Various adj.


Of all the various ways of cooking an egg, I like boiling best.鸡蛋的种种做法里,我最喜欢煮鸡蛋For various reasons由于种种原因

Your reasons for not wanting to meet Mr. Smith may be many and various, but you must still meet him.你不想见smith的理由五花八门,但你还是得见他


Various people among those present thought they’d heard the aircraft.


Variously adv.

Variety n.


She didn’t like the work, because it lacked variety.他不喜欢这个工作,因为缺乏多样性


Everyone arrived late at the party for a variety of reasons.


Variety meat (美,委婉)(指牲畜的心,头,脑等部分)杂肉

Variety show综艺节目variety store杂货铺(美)

Machinery n. [u]机器(械)(集合称)

Agreat deal of machinery 许多机器

Machine n. [c] 机器

Asewing machine

A machine tool 机床,工作母机

Tool: an instrument for doing work , such as a hammer or spade 用来干活的工具Machine: man-made instrument or apparatus which uses power 人造的使用动力的机器



Be on display 在展览

Eg. Many priceless photographs are on display 许多珍贵的照片在展出

A display of skill 技术表演

Adisplay of fruit 陈列的水果

Adisplay of military might 军事力量的展示

2)n. (to show)陈列,展示,表露

To display fruit in a shop在店里摆水果

To display o ne’s true feelings流露出真实的感情

Display one’s wealth 炫耀财富

To display goods for sale 陈列商品

Display one’s ignorance 显示出无知

Steam n. [u]


Asteam engine 蒸汽机

Steam-boat 汽艇;汽船


Steamed-bread 馒头

Steamer 蒸锅

Steam iron 蒸汽熨斗


Eg. Steam formed on the inside of the kitchen windows 凝结在厨房窗户上的水汽


Let off steam 消除心中的闷气

Work off steam

Eg. I was so angry , I worked off steam by taking a long walk 我很气愤,我走了好久的路来消除心中的闷气。

Full steam ahead 全速前进

Get up steam 开始发动,开火启动

Under one’s steam

Under its own steam 凭自己的力量或努力

Profit n.

Eg. He sold his house at a profit ; he made a profit of £1000 on the sale. 他卖了房子赚了钱,在这笔生意上他赚了1千英镑

Eg. There’s very little profit in selling land at present. 现在卖地利润很薄。


Eg. They are only interested in a quick profit 他们急功近利

Profitless adj. 无利益可言

Eg. It would be profitless to do such a foolish thing 干这种愚蠢的事情是毫无利益可言的

Profitable adj. 有用的,有利益的

Eg. She spent a profitable day cleaning the house thoroughtly她善用这一天,彻底地清扫了房子

Aclear profit 净利

Agross profit 毛利



University n. (综合性的)大学


Collegiate adj. 学院的,大学生的


Perhaps the most extraordinary building of the nineteenth century was the Crystal Palace, which was built in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition of 1851.



She had eight children, three of whom lived to grow up.他有八个孩子,其中三个已经长大成人One herdsman, who looks after 800 sheep at most, earns about 690yuan a year.

一个看了800只羊的牧羊人,每年大概赚690元。Who引导定从修饰one herdsman,由逗号隔开,是个非限定定语从句,做补充说明


In the old days, when I was a little boy, the city had no industry to speak of.(when引导修饰days)在旧社会,在我还小的时候,这个城市根本没有工业可言

They will fly to Kunming, where they plan to stay for two or three days, and go on to Guilin.


The Crystal Palace was different from all other buildings in the world, for it was made of iron and glass.

Be different from不同于

Be made of用…制造(指原材料没有发生化学上的变化)

Be made from(制造出的成品跟原材料不同)Bread is made from wheat.

Be made in +时间/地点

It was one of the biggest buildings of all time and a lot of people from many countries came to see it.

Of all time有史以来=in history空前的

Agreat many goods were sent to the exhibition from various parts of the world.

A great many许多=a good many


Various parts of the world世界不同国家all parts of the world世界各地

All over the world 遍布全世界

There was also a great deal of machinery on display.

There be结构 a great deal of +不可数

On display/on show


He has gone to Frankfurt on business.他因公出差去法兰克福了。On business因公出差

Ididn’t catch the bus. I came here on foot.

I asked to see the officer on duty.我要求见值班的官员

On the whole(all in all), it has been a very successful year.总的来说,这是成功的一年

Look at that smoke. That building must be on fire.

I don’t think it was an accident. He did it on purpose.我认为这不是意外,他肯定是故意的

On the average, I made six telephone calls a day.我平均每天打6个电话

You mustn’t on any account sign the contract before you read it.你一定要读完合同再签字Not…on any account决不可以,切莫

Iknow I had agreed to let you go to the cinema, but on second thoughts, you should stay at home and finish your homework.


Though in those days, travelling was not as easy as it is today, steam boats carried thousands of visitors across the Channel from Europe.

Not as easy as it is today不像今天那么容易,前面was,后面is注意

Thousands of 成千上万的hundreds of 成百上千的millions of 数以百万计的

On arriving in England, they were taken to the Crystal Palace by train.


On hearing the news, we burst into cheers.一听到这个消息,我们欢呼起来

Take…to 送去bring…from 从哪儿带来fetch去取,双向动作

There were six million visitors in all, and the profits from the exhibition were used to build museums and colleges.

In all 总共,总计all in all 从各方面来考虑,从各方面来说

all or nothing(指行动)需要竭尽全力at all根本,丝毫not at all根本不

one’s all 自己所有的一切,生命

Later, the Crystal Palace was moved to South London.

Move from…to …搬迁,迁徙

They moved from Taian to Nanjing.

We’re going to move to a house in the suburbs.我们将搬去市郊的房子

Move 使(某人)感动,使动心

His performance of the piano concerto moved us greatly.他钢琴协奏曲的演奏深深感动着我们

It remained one of the most famous buildings in the world until it was burnt down in 1963. Remain保持,仍旧是He remained silent.他保持沉默

Burn sth. Down(将某物)焚为平地,烧得精光

The house burnt down in half an hour.半小时内房子烧的精光