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考研英语核心词汇速成胜经Unit 6

考研英语核心词汇速成胜经Unit 6


Industrial safety does not just happen. Companies with low accident rates plan their safety programs, work hard to organize them, and continue working to keep them alive and active. When the work is well done, a climate of accident-free operations is established where time lost due to injuries is kept at a minimum.

Successful safety programs may differ greatly in the emphasis placed on certain aspects of the program. Some place great emphasis on mechanical guarding. Others stress safe work practices by observing rules or regulations. Still others depend on an emotional appeal to the worker. But, there are certain basic ideas that must be used in every program if maximum results are to be obtained.

There can be no question about the value of a safety program. From a financial stand-point alone, safety pays off. The fewer the injury claims, the better the workman's insurance rate. This may mean the difference between operating at a profit or at a loss.







establish / is5tAbliF / vt . 建立, 设立, 安置, 使定居, 使人民接受, 确定

v. 建立

[例] The club has established a new rule allowing women to join.


[同义] demonstrate , fix , found , organize, prove, set, settle, show [反义] demolish / di5mCliF / vt. 毁坏, 破坏, 推翻, 粉碎

[派生] establishment / is5tAbliFmEnt / n.确立, 制定, 设施, 公司, 军


due / dju: / n. 应得物、权力, [复]应付款 adj. 应得的, 应付的, 正当的, 预期的, (车、船预定)应到的

[例] Our thanks are due to him. 我们要感谢他。

[同义] equitable, fair, fitting ,just ,proper, rightful ,square

[反义] undue / 5Qn5dju: / adj. 不适当的

[固定搭配] due to 因为;由…引起;由于;

differ / 5difE / vi. 不一致, 不同

[例] Chinese differs greatly from Japanese in pronunciation.


[反义] coincide / 7kEuin5said / vi. 一致, 符合

[派生] difference / 5difErEns / n. 差异, 差别, 分歧, 争论, [数]差额,

差分adj. [数]微分的, [机]差动的

[固定搭配] agree to differ 求同存异, 彼此保留不同意见;beg to differ

恕不苟同;differ from 不同于; 和...不同; 和...意见不一致;differ in

在...方面不同;differ with sb. 与某人意见不同;

stress / stres / n. 重压, 逼迫, 压力, 重点, 着重, 强调, 重音 vt. 着

重, 强调, 重读

[例] I must stress that we haven't much time. 我必须强调我们没有多少


[同义] accent, emphasis, force, importance ,insistence, pressure, strain, tension

[固定搭配] stress out Slang 极度受压经历如来自于工作的极端压力;

appeal / E5pi:l /n. 请求, 呼吁, 上诉, 吸引力, 要求vi. 求助, 诉请, 要求vt.控诉

[例] The government is appealing to everyone to save water.


[同义] beg, entreat ,implore, plead

[派生] appealing / E5pi:liN / adj. 吸引人的, 哀诉似的, 恳求似的

[固定搭配] appeal to 向...呼吁[请求];

obtain/ Eb5tein / vt. 获得, 得到

[例] I haven't been able to obtain that book. 我还没能得到那本书。

[同义] acquire ,earn ,gain, get ,procure, receive ,secure

[反义] lose / lu:z / vt. 遗失, 浪费, 错过, 输去, 使失去, 使迷路, 使沉溺

vi. 受损失, 失败

[派生] obtainable / Eb5teInEb(E)l / adj. 能得到的, 可到手的

insurance / in5FuErEns / n. 保险, 保险单, 保险业, 保险费

[例] A balanced diet is an insurance against malnutrition.


[派生] insure / in5FuE / vt. 给...保险 v. 确保


1. We sincerely hope to ________ business relations with your esteemed corporation.

A. distribute

B. establish

C. arrange

D. erode

2. And where wealthy women _______ from most men is in their interests in socially responsible investing.

A. disagree

B. esteem

C. escalate

D. differ

3. __________ is not healthy, and it makes everyone angry.

A. Erection

B. Cruise

C. Stress

D. Cue

4. Computer technology enabled the researchers to _______ precise measurements of the volume of the front and side sections of the brain, which relate to intellect (智能) and emotion, and determine the human character.

A. obtain

B. complain

C. compose

D. constitute

5. In a lifetime, many of us spend as much on________ as we do on other things.

A. coinage

B. insurance

C. cluster

D. casualty