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Section B

57. When the author says the creative mind and the critical mind “cannot work in parallel” (Line 4, Para. 1) in the writing process, he means ________.

A) no one can be both creative and critical

B) they cannot be regarded as equally important

C) they are in constant conflict with each other

D) one cannot use them at the same time

58. What prevents people from writing on is ________.

A) putting their ideas in raw form

B) attempting to edit as they write

C) ignoring grammatical soundness

D) trying to capture fleeting thoughts

59. What is the chief objective of the first stage of writing?

A) To organize one’s thoughts logically.

B) To choose an appropriate topic.

C) To get one’s ideas down.

D) To collect raw materials.

60. O ne common concern of writers about “free writing” is that ________.

A) it overstresses the role of the creative mind

B) it takes too much time to edit afterwards

C) it may bring about too much criticism

D) it does not help them to think clearly

61. In what way does the critical mind help the writer in the writing process?

A) It refines his writing into better shape.

B) It helps him to come up with new ideas.

C) It saves the writing time available to him.

D) It allows him to sit on the side and observe.

Passage Two

62. Why doesn’t the author want to talk about being a woman scientist again?

A) She feels unhappy working in male-dominated fields.

B) She is fed up with the issue of gender discrimination.

C) She is not good at telling stories of the kind.

D) She finds space research more important.

63. From Paragraph 2, we can infer that people would attribute the author’s failures to ________.

A) the very fact that she is a woman

B) her involvement in gender politics

C) her over-confidence as a female astrophysicist

D) the burden she bears in a male-dominated society

64. What did the author constantly fight against while doing her . and post-doctoral research?

A) Lack of confidence in succeeding in space science.

B) Unfair accusations from both inside and outside her circle.

C) People’s stereotyped attitude toward female scientists.

D) Widespread misconceptions about nature and nurtured.

65. Why does the author feel great satisfaction when talking about her class?

A) Female students no longer have to bother about gender issues.

B) Her students’ performance has brought back her confidence.

C) Her female students can do just as well as male students.

D) More female students are pursuing science than before.

66. What does the image the author presents to her students suggest?

A) Women students needn’t have the concerns of her generation.

B) Women have more barriers on their way to academic success.

C) Women can balance a career in science and having a family.

D) Women now have fewer problems pursuing a science career.


2007年12月英语四级考试真题及答案Section B

Passage One

57. What is the most striking feature of the University of Phoenix?

A) All its courses are offered online.

B) Its online courses are of the best quality.

C) It boasts the largest number of students on campus

D) Anyone taking its online courses is sure to get a degree.

58.According to the passage , distance learning is basically characterized by_____

A) A considerable flexibility in its academic requirements

B) The great diversi ty of students’ academic backgrounds

C) A minimum or total absence of face-to-face instruction

D) the casual relationship between students and professors

59. Many students take Internet -based courses mainly because they can_____

A) Earn their academic degrees with much less effort

B) Save a great deal on traveling and boarding expenses

C) Select courses from various colleges and universities

D) Work on the required courses whenever and wherever

60. What accounts for the high drop-out rates for online students?

A) There is no strict control over the academic standards of the courses.

B) The evaluation system used by online universities is inherently weak.

C) There is no mechanism to ensure that they make the required effort.

D) Lack of classroom interaction reduces the effectiveness of instruction.

61. According to the passage, universities show great enthusiasm for DL programs for the purpose of_____

A) building up their reputation C) upgrading their teaching facilities

B) cutting down on their expenses D) providing convenience for students

Passage Two

62. What do we learn from the first paragraph?

A) Children do find lots of fun in many mindless activites.

B) Rebecca is much too occupied to enjoy her leisure time.

C) Rebecca draws on a lot of online materials for her writing.

D) A lot of distractions compete for children’s time nowadays.

63. What did the author say about her own writing experience?

A) She did not quite live up to her reputation as a writer.

B) Her way to success was full of pains and frustrations.

C) She was constantly under pressure of writing more.

D) Most of her stories had been rejected by publishers.

64. Why did Rebecca want to enter this year’s writing contest?

A) She believed she possessed real talent for writing.

B) She was sure of winning with her mother’s help.

C) She wanted to share her stories with readers.

D) She had won a prize in the previous contest.

65. What’s the author’s advice for parents?

A) A writing career, though attractive, is not for every child to pursue.

B) Children should be allowed freedom to grow through experience.

C) Parents should keep an eye on the activities their kids engage in.

D) Children should be given every chance to voice their opinions.



Part III Listening Comprehension (35 minutes)

Section A

Part IV



Section B

Passage Two

62. What does the author mean by saying “the 21st century equivale nt of being caught naked ”(Lines 3-4, ?

A) People’s personal information is easily accessed without their knowledge.

B) In the 21st century people try every means to look into others’ secrets.

C) People tend to be more frank with each other in the information age.

D) Criminals are easily caught on the spot with advanced technology.

63. What would psychologists advise on the relationships between friends?

A) Friends should open their hearts to each other.

B) Friends should always be faithful to each other. C) There should be a distance even between friends.

D) There should be fewer disputes between friends.

64. Why does the author say “we live in a world where you simple cannot keep a secret” (Line 5, ?

A) Modern society has finally evolved into an open society.

B) People leave traces around when using modern technology.

C) There are always people who are curious about others’ affairs.

D) Many search engines profit by revealing people’s identities.

65. What do most Americans do with regard to privacy protection?

A) They change behaviors that might disclose their identity.

B) They use various loyalty cards for business transactions.

C) They rely more and more on electronic


D) They talk a lot but hardly do anything about it.

66. According to the passage, privacy is like health in that ________.

A) people will make every effort to keep it B) its importance is rarely understood

C) it is something that can easily be lost

D) people don’t cherish it until they lose it

Passage One

57. What is said about global warming in the first paragraph?

A) It may not prove an environmental crisis at all.

B) It is an issue requiring world wide commitments. C) Serious steps have been taken to avoid or stop it.

D) Very little will be done to bring it under control.

58. According to the author’s understanding, what is Al Gore’s view on global warming?

A) It is a reality both people and politicians are unaware of.

B) It is a phenomenon that causes us many inconveniences.

C) It is a problem that can be solved once it is recognized.

D) It is an area we actually have little knowledge about.

59. Green house emissions will more than double by 2050 because of _______.

A) economic growth

B) the widening gap between the rich and poor

C) wasteful use of energy

D) the rapid advances of science and technology

60. The author believes that, since the signing of the Kyoto Protocol,


A) politicians have started to do something to better the situation

B) few nations have adopted real tough measures to limit energy use

C) reductions in energy consumption have greatly cut back global warming D) international

cooperation has

contributed to solving

environmental problems

61. What is the message

the author intends to


A) Global warming is more

of a moral issue than a

practical one.

B) The ultimate solution to

global warming lies in new


C) The debate over

global warming will lead to



D) People have to give up

certain material comforts

to stop global warming.

57-66. DCABB




Part IV Reading Comprehension (Reading in Depth)(25 minutes)

Section B

Directions:There are 2 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.

Passage One

Questions 57 to 61 are based on the following passage.

If you are a male and you are reading

this ,congratulations: you are a survivor .According to statistics .you are more than twice as likely to die of skin cancer than a woman ,and nine times more likely to die of AIDS. Assuming you make it to the end of your natural term, about 78 years

for men in Australia, you will

die on average five years

before a woman.

There are many reasons

for this-typically, men take

more risks than woman and

are more likely to drink and

smoke but perhaps more

importantly, men don’t go to

the doctor.

“Men aren’t s eeing

doctors as often as they

should, ” says Dr. Gullotta,

“This is particularly so for the

over-40s,when diseases tend

to strike.”

Gullotta says a healthy

man should visit the doctor

every year or two. For those

over 45,it should be at least

once a year.

Two months ago

Gullotta saw a 50-year-old

man who had delayed doing

anything about his smoker’s

cough for a year.

“When I finally saw him

it had already spread and he

has since died from lung

cancer” he says, “Earlier

detection and treatment may

not have cured him, but it

would have prolonged this


According to a recent

survey, 95%of women aged

between 15 and early 40s see

a doctor once a year,

compared to 70% of men in

the same age group.

“A lot of men think they

are invincible (不可战胜

的)”Gullotta says “They only

come in when a friend drops

dead on the golf course and

they think” Geez, if it could

happen to him.

Then there is the ostrich

approach,” some men are

scared of what might be there

and would rather not know, ”

says Dr. Ross Cartmill.

“Most men g et their cars

serviced more regularly than

they service their bodies,”

Cartmill says .He believes

most diseases that commonly

affect men could be

addressed by preventive


Regular check-ups for

men would inevitably place

strain on the public purse,

Cartmill says.” But

prevention is cheaper in the

long run than having to treat

the diseases. Besides, the

ultimate cost is far greater: it

is called premature death.”

does the author congratulate

his male readers at the

beginning of the passage?

A. They are more likely to survive serious diseases today.

B. Their average life span has been considerably extended.

C. They have lived long enough to read this article.

D. They are sure to enjoy a longer and happier live.

does the author state is the most important reason men die five years earlier on average than women?

A. men drink and smoke much more than women

B. men don’t seek medical care as often as women

C. men aren’t as cautions as women in face of danger

D. men are more likely to suffer from fatal diseases

59. Which of the following best completes the sentence “Geez, if it could happen to him…’(line2,para,8)?

A. it could happen to me, too

B. I should avoid playing golf

C. I should consider myself lucky

D. it would be a big misfortune 60what does Dr. Ross

Cartmill mean by “the ostrich

approach”(line q

A. a casual attitude towards

one’s health conditions

B. a new therapy for certain

psychological problems

C. refusal to get medical

treatment for fear of the pain


D. unwillingness to find out

about one’s disease because

of fear

61. What does Cartmill say

about regular check-ups for


may increase public


will save money in the long


may cause psychological

strains on men

will enable men to live as

long as women

Passage Two



62. Why are store managers

often the last to hear


A Most customers won’t

bother to complain even if

they have had unhappy


B Customers would rather

relate their unhappy

experiences to people around


C Few customers believe the

service will be improved.

D Customers have no easy

access to store managers.

63. What does Paula

Courtney imply by saying

“ … the shopper must also

find a replacement” (Line 2,

Para. 4)?

A New customers are bound

to replace old ones.

B It is not likely the shopper

can find the same products in

other stores.

C Most stores provide the

same kind of service.

D Not complaining to the

manager causes the shopper

some trouble too.

64. Shop owners often hire

moonlighting police as

parking attendants so that


A can stay longer browsing in

the store

B won’t have trouble parking

their cars

C won’t have any worries about security

D can find their cars easily after shopping

65. What contributes most to smoothing over issues with customers?

A Manners of the salespeople

B Hiring of efficient employees

C Huge supply of goods for sale

D Design of the store layout.

66. To achieve better shopping experiences, customers are advised to


A exert pressure on stores to improve their service

B settle their disputes with stores in a diplomatic way

C voice their dissatisfaction to store managers directly

D shop around and make comparisons between stores

57-66. CBADB BDBAC 2009年6月英语



Section B

Passage One

57. What is said about


A) It inspired many

leading designers to start

going green.

B) It showed that

designers using organic

fabrics would go far.

C) It served as an

example of how fashion

shows should be organized.

D) It convinced the

public that fashionable

clothes should be made


58. According to Scott Hahn,

one big challenge to

designers who will go

organic is that .

A) much more time is

needed to finish a dress

using sustainable

materials .

B) they have to create

new brands for clothes

made of organic

materials .

C) customers have

difficulty telling organic

from non-organic

materials .

D) quality organic

replacements for

synthetics are not readily

available .

59. We learn from Paragraph

3 that designers who

undertake green

fashion .

A) can attend various

trade shows free .

B) are readily

recognized by the fashion


C) can buy organic

cotton at favorable

prices .

D) are gaining more and

more support .

60. What is Natalie

Hormilla’s attitude

toward ecofashion?

A) She doesn’t seem to

care about it. C) She is

doubtful of its practical


B) She doesn’t think it is

sustainable D) She is

very much opposed to the


61. What does the author

think of green fashion?

A) Green products will

soon go mainstream.

B) It has a very

promising future.

C) Consumers have the

final say.

D) It will appeal more to

young people.

Passage Two

62. What is the scientists’ new discovery?

A) One’s hair growth has to do with the amount of water they drink.

B) A perso n’s hair may reveal where they have lived.

C) Hair analysis accurately identifies criminal suspects.

D) The chemical composition of hair varies from person to person.

63. What does the author mean by “You’re what you eat and drink” (Line 1, ?

A) Food and drink affect one’s personality development.

B) Food and drink preferences vary with individuals.

C) Food and drink leave

traces in one’s body tissues.

D) Food and drink are

indispensable to one’s


64. What is said about the

rainfall in America’s West?

A) There is much more

rainfall in California than in


B) The water it delivers

becomes lighter when it

moves inland.

C) Its chemical

composition is less stable

than in other areas.

D) It gathers more light

isotopes as it moves


65. What did Cerling’s team

produce in their research?

A) A map showing the

regional differences of tap


B) A collection of hair

samples from various barber


C) A method to measure

the amount of water in human


D) A chart illustrating

the movement of the rain


66. What is the practical

value of Cerling’s research?

A) It helps analyze the

quality of water in different


B) It helps the police

determine where a crime is


C) It helps the police

narrow down possibilities in

detective work.

D) It helps identify the

drinking habits of the person

under investigation.





Section B

Passage One

57. Why does Michelle

Obama hold a strong

fascination for the author?

A) She serves as a role

model for African women.

B) She possesses many

admirable qualities becoming

a First Lady.

C) She will present to the world a new image of African-American women.

D) She will pay closer attention to the interests of African-American women.

58. What is the common stereotype of

African-American women according to the author?

A) They are victims of violence. B) They are of an inferior violence.

C) They use quite a lot of body language. D) They live on charity and social welfare.

59. What do many African-Americans write about in their blogs?

A) Whether Michelle can live up to the high expectations of her fans.

B) How Michelle should behave as a public figure.

C) How proud they are to have a black woman in the White House.

D) What Michelle should do as wife and mother in the White House.

60. What does the author say about Michelle Obama as a First Lady?

A) However many fans

she has, she should remain


B) She shouldn’t

disappoint the



C) However hard she

tries, she can’t expect to

please everybody.

D) She will give priority

to African-American

women’s concerns.

61. What do many

African-American women

hope Michelle Obama will


A) Help change the

prevailing view about black


B) Help her husband in

the task of changing America.

C) Outshine previous

First Lady.

D) Fully display her fine


Passage Two

62. What is the current

trend in higher education

discussed in the passage?

A) Institutions

worldwide are hiring

administrators from the .

B) A lot of political

activists are being recruited

as administrators.

C) American universities

are enrolling more

international students.

D) University presidents

are paying more attention to


63. What is the chief

consideration of American

universities when hiring

top-level administrators?

A) The political

correctness. B) Their ability

to raise funds.

C) Their fame in

academic circles. D) Their

administrative experience.

64. What do we learn

about European universities

from the passage?

A) The tuitions they

charge have been rising


B) Their operation is

under strict government


C) They are

strengthening their position

by globalization.

D) Most of their

revenues come from the


65. Cambridge

University appointed Alison

Richard as its vice-chancellor chiefly because _____.

A) she was known to be good at raising money

B) she could help strengthen its ties with Yale

C) she knew how to attract students overseas

D) she had boosted Yale’s academic status

66. In what way do

top-level administrators from abroad contribute to university development?

A) They can enhance the university’s image.

B) They will bring with them more international faculty.

C) They will view a lot of things from a new perspective.

D) They can set up new academic disciplines.

57-66. CBDCA ABDAC 2010年6月英语



Section B

Passage One



57. What does the author

say about the black box?

A) It ensures the normal

functioning of an airplane.

B) The idea for its

design comes from a comic


C) Its ability to ward off

disasters is incredible.

D) It is an indispensable

device on an airplane.

58. What information

could be found from the

black box on the Yemeni


A) Data for analyzing

the cause of the crash.

B) The total number of

passengers on board.

C) The scene of the

crash and extent of the


D) Homing signals sent

by the pilot before the crash.

59. Why was the black

box redesigned in 1965?

A) New materials

became available by that


B) Too much space was

needed for its installation.

C) The early models

often got damaged in the


D) The early models

didn't provide the needed


60. Why did the Federal

Aviation Authority require

the black boxes be painted

orange or yellow?

A) To distinguish them

from the colour of the plane.

B) To caution people to

handle them with care.

C) To make them easily


D) To conform to

international standards.

61. What do we know

about the black boxes from

Air France Flight 447?

A) There is still a good

chance of their being


B) There is an urgent need for them to be reconstructed.

C) They have stopped sending homing signals.

D) They were destroyed somewhere near Brazil.

Passage Two

注意:此部分试题请在答题卡2 上作答。

62. What do we learn from the first paragraph about the self-help industry?

A) It is a highly profitable industry.

B) It is based on the concept of positive thinking.

C) It was established by Norman Vincent Peale.

D) It has yielded positive results.

63. What is the finding of the Canadian researchers?

A) Encouraging positive thinking many do more harm than good.

B) There can be no simple therapy for psychological problems.

C) Unhappy people cannot think positively.

D) The power of positive thinking is limited.

64. What does the author

mean by "… you're just

underlining his faults" (Line

4, Para. 3)?

A) You are not taking

his mistakes seriously


B) You are pointing out

the errors he has committed.

C) You are emphasizing

the fact that he is not


D) You are trying to

make him feel better about

his faults.

65. What do we learn

from the experiment of Wood,

Lee and Perunovic?

A) It is important for

people to continually boost

their self-esteem.

B) Self-affirmation can

bring a positive change to

one's mood.

C) Forcing a person to

think positive thoughts may

lower their self-esteem.

D) People with low

self-esteem seldom write

down their true feelings.

66. What do we learn

from the last paragraph?

A) The effects of

positive thinking vary from

person to person.

B) Meditation may

prove to be a good form of


C) Different people tend

to have different ways of


D) People can avoid

making mistakes through





Section B

Passage One



57. By “a one-way

street” (Line 1, Para. 1), the

author means ________.

[A] university

researchers know little about

the commercial world

[B] there is little exchange between industry and academia

[C] few industrial scientists would quit to work in a university

[D] few university professors are willing to do industrial research

58. The word “deterrent” (Line 2, Para. 1) most probably refers to something that ________.

[A] keeps someone from taking action [C] attracts people’s attention

[B] helps to move the traffic [D] brings someone a financial burden

59. What was Helen Lee’s major consideration when she changed her job in the middle of her career?

[A] Flexible work hours.

[C] Her preference for the lifestyle on campus.

[B] Her research interests. [D] Prospects of academic accomplishments.

60. Guy Grant chose to work as a researcher at Cambridge in order to


[A] do financially more rewarding work

[B] raise his status in the

academic world

[C] enrich his

experience in medical


[D] exploit better

intellectual opportunities

61. What contribution

can industrial scientists make

when they come to teach in a


[A] Increase its

graduates’ competitiveness in

the job market.

[B] Develop its students’

potential in research.

[C] Help it to obtain

financial support from


[D] Gear its research

towards practical


Passage Two



62. William Farr’s study

and other studies show that


[A] social life provides

an effective cure for illness

[B] being sociable helps

improve one’s quality of life

[C] women benefit more

than men from marriage

[D] marriage contributes

a great deal to longevity

63. Linda Waite’s

studies support the idea that


[A] older men should

quit smoking to stay healthy

[B] marriage can help

make up for ill health

[C] the married are

happier than the unmarried

[D] unmarried people

are likely to suffer in later life

64. It can be inferred

from the context that the “flip

side” (Line 4, Para. 2) refers

to _________.

[A] the disadvantages of

being married

[B] the emotional

problems arising from


[C] the responsibility of

taking care of one’s family

[D] the consequence of a

broken marriage

65. What does the author

say about social networks?

[A] They have effects

similar to those of a marriage.

[B] They help develop people’s community spirit. [C] They provide timely support for those in need.

[D] They help relieve people of their life’s burdens. 66. What can be inferred from the last paragraph? [A] It’s important that we develop a social network when young.

[B] To stay healthy, one should have a proper social network.

[C] Getting a divorce

means risking a reduced life span.

[D] We should share our

social networks with each other.



57. What can we learn from

some recent studies?

A) Conflicts between studies of different races are unavoidable. B) Students of different races

are prejudiced against each other. C) Interracial lodging does more harm than good.

D) Interracial lodging may

have diverse outcomes.

58. What does Sam Boakye's

remark mean?

A) White students tend to look

down upon their black peers. B) Black students can compete

with their white peers academically.

C) Black students feel

somewhat embarrassed among white

peers during the freshman year.

D) Being surrounded by white

peers motivates a black student to

work harder to succeed.

59. What does the Indians

Univerisity study show?

A) Interracial roommates are more likely to fall out.

B) Few white students like sharing a room with a black peer. C) Roommates of different races just don't get along.

D) Assigning students' lodging

randomly is not a good policy.

60. What does Alec Webley

consider to be the "definition of


A) Students of different races are required to share room.

B) Interracial lodging is

arranged by the school for freshmen.

C) Lodging is assigned to

students of different races without exception.

D) The school randomly assigns roommates without regard to


61. What does Grace Kao say about interracial lodging?

A) It is unscientific to make

generalizations about it without further study.

B) Schools should be cautious

when making decisions about student lodging.

C) Students' racial background

should be considered before lodging is assigned.

D) Experienced resident

advisors should be assigned to handle the problems. Passage Two

62. What is the finding of the Global Humanitarian Forum? A) Global temperatures affect the rate of economic development.

B) Rates of death from illness

have risen due to global warming.

C) Malnutrition has caused serious health problems in poor countries. D) Economic trends have to do with population and natural disasters. 63. What do we learn about the Forum's report from the passage? A) It was challenged by some

climate and risk experts.

B) It aroused a lot of interest in the scientific circles. C) It was warmly received by


D) It caused a big stir in developing


64. What does Dr. Pielke say about the Forum's report? A) Its statistics look embarrassing. B) It is invalid in terms of


C) It deserves our closest attention.

D) Its conclusion is purposely exaggerated. 65. What is Soren Andreasen's view of the report? A) Its conclusions are based on carefully collected data. B) It is vulnerable to criticism if

the statistics are closely examined.

C) It will give rise to heated discussions at the Copenhagen


D) Its rough estimates are meant to

draw the attention of world leaders.

66. What does Kofi Annan say should be the focus of the

Copenhagen conference?

A) How rich and poor regions can share responsibility in curbing global

warming. B) How human and economic losses from climate change can be reduced. C) How emissions of heat-trapping

gases can be reduced on a global

scale. D) How rich countries can better help poor regions reduce climate hazards.

Part Ⅴ Cloze (15 minutes) Di When it comes to eating amart for your heart, stop thinking about

short-term fixes and simplify your life with a straightforward approach

that will serve you well for years to come. Smart eating goes beyond analyzing every bite of food you lift

67 your mouth. "In the past we used to believe that 68

amounts of individual nutrients (营

养物) were the 69 to good health," says Linda Van Horn, chair of the American Heart Association's Nutrition Committee. "But now we have a 70 understanding of healthy eating and the kinds of food

necessary to 71 not only heart

disease but disease 72

general," she adds. Scientists now 73 on

the broader picture of the balance of food eaten 74 several days or a week 75 than on the number of milligrams (毫克) of this or that 76 at each meal. Fruits, vegetables

and whole grains, for example,

provide nutrients and plant-based

compounds 77 for good health.

"The more we learn, the more 78 we are by the wealth of essential substances they 79 ," Van

Horn continues, "and how they 80

with each other to keep us healthy." You'll automatically be

81 the right heart-healthy track if vegetables, fruits and whole grains make 82 three quarters of the

food on your dinner plate. 83

in the restaurant one quarter with

lean meat or chicken, fish or eggs.

The foods you choose to eat as well as those you choose to 84

clearly contribute to your well-being. Without a 85 , each of the small decisions you make in this

realm can make a big 86 on your health in the years to come.

67. (A) between (B) through (C) inside (D) to

68. (A) serious (B) point (C) lead (D) center 70. (A) strict (B) different (C) typical (D) natural 71. (A) rescue (B) prevent

(C) forbid (D) offend

72. (A) in (B) upon

(C) for (D) by

73. (A) turn (B) put

(C) focus (D) carry

74. (A) over (B) along

(C) with (D) beyond 75. (A) other (B) better (C) rather (D) sooner

76. (A) conveyed (B) consumed (C) entered (D) exhausted

77. (A) vital (B) initial (C) valid (D) radical 78. (A) disturbed (B) depressed (C) amazed (D) amused 79. (A) retain (B) contain

(C) attain D) maintain 80. (A) interfere (B) interact

(C) reckon (D) rest 81. (A) at (B) of

(C) on (D) within

82. (A) out (B) into

(C) off (D) up

83. (A) Engage (B) Fill

(C) Insert (D) Pack

84. (A) delete (B) hinder

(C) avoid (D) spoil 85. (A) notion (B) hesitation (C) reason (D) doubt

86. (A) outcome (B) function

(C) impact (D) commitment

Part VI Translation (5 minutes)

university authorities did not approve the regulation,

____________________________________ (也没有解释为什么).

88. Jane is tired of dealing with

customer complaints and wishes that she ____________________________________________ (能被分配做另一项工作

). rescued the drowning child _____________________________________ (冒着自己生命危险).

called his boss from the airport but it ______________________________

_________ (接电话的却是他的助手).

he was interested in philosophy,


_ (他的父亲说服他) majoring in law. 答案


8. the local markets

9. in a British way 10. share their meals


36. survive 37. distant 38. backward

39. discovered

40. scientific

41. motion 42. predicted

43. introduced

44. that move at a speed greater than light, and therefore, might

serve as our passports to the past 45. seems to have been part of

humanity for as long as humans have existed

46. used a definition of time for

experimental purposes, as that

which is measured by a clock



Passage One

57. The author believes that a single-sex school would


A force boys to hide their emotions to be “real man”

B help to cultivate masculine aggressiveness in boys

C encourage boys to express their emotions more freely

D naturally reinforce in boys that traditional image of a man

58. It is commonly believed that in a mixed schools boys ____________________.

A perform relatively better

B grow up more healthily

C behave more responsibly

D receive a better education

59. What does Tony Little say about the British education system?

A It fails more boys than

girls academically B

It focuses more on mixed

school education

C It fails to give boys the

attention they need

D It places more

pressure on boys than on girls

60. According to Abigail

James, one of the advantages

of single-sex schools is


A teaching can be

tailored to suit the

characteristics of boys

B boys can focus on

their lessons without being


C boys can choose to

learn whatever they are

interested in

D teaching can be

designed to promote boys’

team spirit

61. Which of the following is

characteristic of boys

according to Abigail James’


A They enjoy being in

charge B They

conform to stereotypes

C They have sharper

vision D They

are violent and sexist

Passage Two

62. What does the author say

about vacationing?

A People enjoy it all the

more during a recession

B Few people can afford

it without working hard

C It makes all the hard

work worthwhile

D It is the chief cause of

family disputes

63. What does the author

mean by saying “money

is known… to bring a

relationship to its knees”

(Line1 Para. 2)?

A Money is considered

to be the root of all evils

B Some people sacrifice

their dignity for money

C Few people can resist

the temptation of money

D Disputes over money

may ruin a relationship

64. The YouGov poll of 2000

people indicates that in a



A conflicts between

couples tend to rise

B it is more expensive

for couples to split up