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able a. 能…的;有能力的

be able to

enable v. 使能够

enable sth

enable sb to do

The dictionary enable us to understand English words.

feasible ['FI:zEbl] & plausible ['pLO:zEBL]

feasible a.可作的可行的

feasible suggestion



a. 1. seeming to be right or reasonable; believable似乎正确的,似有道理的,可信的

2. skilled in producing convincing arguments能说会道的


plausibly ad.似乎很信

【真题连线】1998 Text 7

Odd though it sounds, cosmic inflation is a cientifically plausible consequence of some respected ideas in elementaryparticle physics, and many astrophysicists have been convinced for the better part of a decade that it is true. 宇宙膨胀说虽然听似奇特,但它是基本粒子的物理学中一些公认的理论在科学看来似乎可信的推论。许多天体物理学家七八年来一直确信这一论说是正确的。



endanger [In'deinZE]

【构词】en使…进入状态+ danger危险→使面临危险

vt. to expose to harm or danger; imperil使受危险或伤害;危及

【真题连线】1999 Passage 4

Because current federal law already forbids the use of federal funds to create embryos (the earliest stage of human offspring before birth) for research or to knowingly endanger an embryo’s life, NBAC will remain silent on embryo research. 因为现行的联邦法律已经禁止使用联邦基金克隆研究的胚胎(人类子代出生前的最早阶段)或有意识的危机胚胎的生命,NBAC 在胚胎研究这一问题上保持沉默。

endure [In'djUE]【构词】en进入+ dure持久,坚硬→进入持久→耐久

v.to carry on throughs; undergo; to bear with tolerance; to continue in existence; last忍受,持久,持续

【链接】endurance n.忍耐(力),持久(力),耐久(性)

【真题连线】2000 Passage 4

“In Japan,” says educator Yoko Muro, “it’s never a question of whether you enjoy your job and your life, but only how much you can endur e.” “在日本,”教育家Yoko Muro说,“问题绝对不是你是否喜欢自己的工作和生活,而仅仅是你能承受多大的负荷。”

endurable a. 耐用的

engage★ [In'geidZ]

【构词】en-使+ gage-誓约→使立下誓约

v. 1. to draw into; involve (in)从事,着手

2. to pledge or promise约定;使订婚

3. to give or take as security; 保证

4. to arrange for the use of; reserve雇用

【链接】engagement n.约会,约定;婚约,订婚

engaged a.忙碌的,使用中的

【真题重现】2004 Cloze Test

Theories centering on the individual suggest that children engage in criminal behavior because they were not sufficiently penalized for previous misdeeds or that they have learned criminal behavior through interactions with others. 以个人为中心的说法认为孩子们之所以犯罪是因为他们以前的犯罪行为没有得到足够的处罚,或者认为孩子们通过与他人的交往学会了犯罪。

engage sb in sth/doing sth使某人参加某事或从事某事

注:另一常考词组: subject sb to sth/doing sth让某人经历…

The city was subjected to heavy bombing. 那座城市遭受到猛烈轰炸。

enjoy★ [In'dZOI]【构词】en使+ joy喜悦→享受;欣赏;喜爱

v. to receive pleasure or satisfaction from. 享受…的乐趣

【真题重现】2004 Text 2

One theory, dreamt up in all the spare time enjoyed by the alphabetically disadvantaged, is that the rot sets in early. 按字母表顺序排名靠后的人在享受闲暇时光时凭空想出一种理论,认为这种倒霉事老早就开始了。

enlighten [In'laitEn]

【构词】en使+ lighten明亮→开启

v. to give spiritual or intellectual insight to启发,启蒙,教导

【真题连线】1998 Passage 3

“The term ‘anti-science’ can lump together too many, quite different things,” notes Harvard University philos opher Gerald Holton in his 1993 work Science and anti-Science, “they have in common only one thing that they tend to annoy or threaten those who regard themselves as more enlightened.”“‘反科学’这个词可以涵盖很多截然不同的东西”,哈佛大学杰拉尔德·霍尔顿在其1993年的著作《科学和反科学》中写道:“它们惟一的共同点就是会激怒或威胁那些自以为比别人更有见识的人。

entail★ [In'teil]【构词】en使+ tail切→切→分开→使分担

vt. 1. to have, impose, or require使承担

2. 把(疾病等)遗传给(on, upon)

3. to limit the inheritance限定

【真题重现】2007 Text 1

Deliberate practice entails more than simply repeating a task. 有意练习需要的不只是简单的重复一个任务。


ambition [QMBI'BISEn]


n. 1. an eager or strong desire to achieve sth. 野心,雄心

2 desire for exertion or activity; energy尽头,精力

【真题连线】2000 Passage 5

If ambition is to be well regarded ,the rewards of ambition-wealth, d istinction, control over one’s destiny-must be deemed worthy of the sacrifices made on ambitions behalf.



ambitious [QM'BISEs]

【构词】ambiti形容词后缀+ ous有雄心的

a. 1.fully of, characterized by, or motivated by ambition野心勃勃的

2. greatly desirous; eager:热望的;渴望的

【真题连线】2000 Passage 5

For such people and many more perhaps not so exceptional,,the proper formulation is, “Succeed at all costs but avoid appearing ambitious.”


补充:ambulance ['QMBJULEns] 救护车


access ['QKses]

n 通道,入口 prevent access to website


Journalists were denied access to the President.

I have access to the confidential information.

precede [PRi'si:d]


v. 1. to be in a position in front of; go in advance of领先(于),在(…之前);优先,先于

2. to preface; introduce给…作序;介绍

【链接】precedent n.先例

preceding a.在前的,在先的

predecessor n.前辈,前任


【真题连线】1996 Passage 4

A further stimulus to invention came from the “premium” system, which preceded our patent system and for years ran parallel with it. This approach, originated abroad, offered inventors medals, cash prizes and other incentives. 推动发明的另一刺激因素来自“奖赏”制度,它产生于我们专利制度之前,且多年来与后者一同实施。这种做法来自国外,为发明者颁发奖章、奖金和其他奖励。

proceed [PRi'si:d]


n.1. to go forward or onward 进行,继续下去(常与with, to + inf连用)

2. originate or issue源于起源或开始(常与from连用)

3. to move on in an orderly manner依次进行下去

【链接】proceeding n.行动,进行,(pl.)会议录,学报

【真题连线】1999 Passage 2

Subscribers can customize the information they want to receive and proceed directly to a company’s Website.用户可以定制自己想要接受的信息,然后直接进入某个公司的网址。

process ['prEUses]



2. progress; passage进行;进展

v. to treat raw material food ect. in order to change it加工,处理

【链接】procession n.队伍,行列

【真题连线】2007 Text 1

And the best way to learn how to encode information meaningfully, Ericsson determined, was a process known as deliberate practice. 埃里克松认为,学会如何富有成效地编译信息的最佳方法是刻意训练。

success [sEK'ses]


n. 1.成功


【真题连线】2000 Passage 1

A history of long and effortless success can be a dreadful handicap, but, if properly handled, it may become a driving force. 一段长时间并接不费力而成功的历史可能成为一种可怕的不利因素,但若处理得当,这种不利因素也有可能转化为一种积极的推动力。


excess ['ekses]

【构词】ex出+ cess行走,前进→走出,超出→过剩

n. 1. sufficient 超过

2. a surplus超额量

3. the amount or degree多余量

a. permitted 过量的,过多的

v. to eliminate the job or position of对…暂不聘任

【真题连线】2002 Text 3

One more reason not to lose sleep over the rise in oil prices is that, unlike the rises in the 1970s, it has not occurred against the background of general commodity-price inflation and global excess demand. 另外一个不应因油价上升而失眠的原因是,与20世纪70年代不同,这次油价上升不是发生在普遍的物价暴涨及全球需求过旺背景之下。

excessive [ik'sesiv]

【构词】excess+ ive形容词后缀→过分的

a. exceeding a normal, usual, reasonable, or properlimit过量的

【真题连线】1995 Passage 1

He was drawing excessively fine distinction. Of course advertising seeks to persuade. 他把两者区分得过于细微,当然广告力求说服人的。