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Unit 1 Changes in the Way We Live

1.get by: to succeed in managing, survive; be good enough but not very good

e.g. We'll get by if we spend less.

I can get by with little money.

My math isn't very good, but I get by.

Working at night paid my college tuition and enabled me to get by—but just barely.

get by on: I can get by on $1,500 a month if I'm careful.

get by with: You could probably get by with that computer, but a more powerful one would be better.

Mary can get by with her old coat this winter.

I'll get by with a bicycle until I can afford a car.

2.get (a)round to doing sth.: finally find time to do sth. that you have wanted to do for a long time

e.g. It always takes me ages to get round to writing letters to my friends.

I finally got round to reading that book you gave me.

Some day I'll get around to organizing this mess.

I meant to visit her, but I never got round to it.

I haven‘t been able to get round to looking at your essay yet, but I‘ll read it this evening.

3. just as well也好

e.g. It’s just as well that we didn’t go out in the rain. 倒也是好事。

It’s just as well that you took another road. 还好。

It‘s just as well that we didn‘t follow him.

He was alone this day, and it was just as well.


content: feeling happy or satisfied

与to搭配:He is content to remain where he is now. 他安于现状。

与with搭配:Are you content with your present salary?

(不可做定语,例如,不能说a centent man)

contented: feeling happy or content

定语:Harry is the most contented man I have ever met. (不可用content)

与with搭配:He felt contented with his present job.

可以说be contented with sth,但不能说be contented to do sth

5.make it: to achieve a goal; be successful.

e.g. He'll never make it in business.

I'm not just going to make it, I'm going to make it big.

She's very ambitious but I doubt she'll ever make it to the top.

6.比较: satisfying, satisfactory, satisfied

satisfying: giving satisfaction

It is satisfying to be proved right.

The story had a satisfying ending.

You have to choose between a satisfying job and a well-paid one.

satisfactory: good enough for a purpose (but not outstanding):

The result of the experiment was satisfactory.

Of all the pens he tried, only one was satisfactory.

His behavior is anything but satisfactory.

satisfied: feeling satisfaction, contented

I'm not satisfied with his circular explanation. 我不满意他拐弯抹角的解释。

A satisfied customer is the best advertisement that we hope to have.

She wasn?t satisfied with our work and made us start all over.

7. watch (out) for : be careful about sth.; be cautious

e.g. Watch (out) for cars when you cross the road.

―You're gonna get yourself in trouble, girl, if you don't watch out.‖

Watch out – you're going to hit that car!

8. supplement v. : to provide an addition to something supplementary adj.

e.g. He takes a Saturday job to supplement his poor salary.

Heat from the chimneys is pumped back in to supplement the heating system.

Our findings are supplemented with material from other surveys.

Their diet was often supplemented by home-grown vegetables.

I count on the rent from this place to supplement my pension(退休金/养老金).

9. cultivate: 1.耕作,栽培,养殖 2.培养,培育,陶冶

e.g. Man has greatly accelerated these changes since he began cultivating the soil.

The apple has been cultivated in Europe for over two thousand years.

You must cultivate good manners and behave like a gentleman.

You should cultivate the habit of listening to what you are told.

10. freelance: a self-employed person who is not employed continuously but hired to do specific assignments.

e.g. to work as a freelance

a freelance writer/actor/teacher/designer/photographer/journalist(新闻记者)

11. demanding adj.: requiring much effort, attention, time etc.

e.g. exhausted by a demanding job

a demanding relationship

Young children can be very demanding.

12. household: the people living together in one house collectively

e.g. At that time, not many households had telephones.

a household that consists of a single mom, her two kids, and her widowed mother

household routine/household chores

household products/appliances/expenses

a household name / word: a person or thing that is very well known

e.g. My friend told me, ―This'll make your name a household word.‖

13. get through:

1) to succeed in an exam or competition:

e.g. She got through her exams without too much trouble.

How did he ever get through his driving test?

2) to finish dealing with some work, a subject etc.

e.g. There was a lot to get through in the meeting.

3)to manage to deal with a difficult situation

e.g. The refugees will need help to get through the winter.

I just have to get through the first five minutes of my speech, and then I'll be fine.

We had trouble getting through because of the heavy snowfall

14. at that point: at that very moment


The man suddenly held up a poster. At that point, all TV cameras were pointed at him.

At that point, computers were room-size calculators consuming a lot of electricity.

At that point, there was no evidence US companies were overstaffed.

15. timing : the time when something happens:

e.g. "Have we arrived too early?" "No, your timing is perfect - dinner is almost ready."

perfect/good/bad timing

16. on balance : with all things considered; on the whole

e.g. I would say that, on balance, it hasn't been a bad year.

On balance, I think we made the right decision.

17. illustrate:

1) to show the meaning or truth of something more clearly, especially by giving examples

e.g. The lecturer illustrated his point with a diagram on the blackboard.

2) to draw pictures for a book, magazine, etc:

a beautifully illustrated book

Sports Illustrated: 体育画报(杂志名)

18. anywhere near: nearly

e.g. He isn‘t anywhere near as clever as his brother.

She isn‘t anywhere near as popular as she used to be.

19. generate v. : to make money, to create jobs or work, to make a lot of people express feelings or opinions about something, to produce power

e.g. The business is not generating enough revenue to cover its costs.

The new development will generate 1500 new jobs.

Her latest film has generated a lot of interest/excitement.

The wind farm may be able to generate enough electricity/power for 2000 homes.

20. aside from : besides, except for

e.g. He'd eaten half a loaf of bread, and that was aside from the sandwich he'd had earlier.

I hardly watch any television, aside from news and current affairs

Aside from hanging about(闲逛)in the street, there's nothing for kids to do here.

21. cut back (on): to do less of something or use something in smaller amounts

e.g. We're trying to cut back on the amount we spend on food.

The government has announced plans to cut back on defense spending by 10% next year.

I'm trying to cut back on caffeine(咖啡因).

If you cut back on fat and sugar, you'll lose weight(减肥).

Pete smokes but he's trying to cut back.

22. dine out : to go to a restaurant to eat your evening meal

e.g. We rarely dine out these days.

23. patronize :

1) to be a regular customer of a shop or restaurant

We always patronize Beaumont's(餐厅名)- the food is so good there.

patronage n.(表示行为的名词)

We would like to thank all of our customers for their patronage in the past.

patron n. (表示人的名词)

Will patrons kindly note that this shop will be closed on 17th July.

2)to behave or talk in a way that shows you think you are more intelligent or important than someone else; to behave or treat in a condescending way

He hated being patronized and pitied by those who didn't believe his story.

“I'm sure you did your best even though you failed.‖ ―Please don't patronize.‖

24. suspect :

1) to believe that something is true, especially something bad

e.g. We had no reason to suspect that he might try to kill himsel


"Do you think she'll have told them?" "I suspect not/so."

Teachers should call social services if they suspect child abuse.

Police suspected that she had some connection with the robbery.

Carl seemed very kind, but she suspected his motives.

suspect someone of something/doing something怀疑某人做了某事

2)(spoken) used for stating an opinion to make it sound less direct (课文就是这个用法,相当于think)

e. g. He'll be missed by some, but not, I suspect, by all his colleagues.

25. doubt: to not feel certain about something or to think that something is not possible

e.g. I doubt whether/if I can finish the work on time.

He may come back tomorrow with the money, but I very much doubt it.

I don't doubt his abilities.

26. socialize : to spend the time, when you are not working, with friends or with other people in order to enjoy yourself

e.g. I tend not to socialize with my colleagues.

He likes to socialize with his coworkers after work ends

I hope he is actually doing some work - he seems to spend all his time socializing!

27. scale : the size or level of something, especially when this is large

e.g. We don't yet know the scale of the problem.

Is the Government aware of the full scale of the problem?

This is sculpture(雕刻)on a grand scale.

Nuclear weapons cause destruction on a massive scale (= cause a lot of destruction).

My parents used to entertain friends on a large/small scale (= they had large/small parties).

on a large/massive/grand/small scale

28. primarily : mainly/principally/chiefly/for the most part或者at first; originally

e.g. We're primarily concerned with keeping expenditure down.

Skiing is primarily a winter game.

The movie is primarily about the European history.

The magazine is targeted primarily at young middle-class women.

The university was primarily an agricultural college when it was founded over two centuries ago.

Ketchup(番茄酱)is primarily made from tomatoes.


对乡村生活抱有浪漫幻想:have a romantic idea of countryside

靠土地谋生:live off the land

真去把梦想付诸实践:get round to putting their dreams into practices

这样或许也没什么不好:This is perhaps just as well.

远非轻松,很不容易:be far from easy

热情不减:remain enthusiastic about…

一边写作,一边经营农场:combine being a writer with running a farm

过得去:get by

从中获得满足/乐趣:find contentment in…

自给自足的生活:a self-reliant sort of life

成功:make it=succeed in doing sth.

差不多:just about=roughly

荡舟河上:canoe on the river

林中野餐: go picnicking in the woods

骑车远游:take long bicycle rides

热爱土地回暖的气息:love the smell of the earth warming

美好生活也会很艰苦:The good life can get pretty tough.

在干这些杂活之余:in between such chores

繁忙的工作安排:a demanding schedule

日常家务:usual household routine

一场又一场的暴风雪:one storm after another

一波又一波的农产品:wave after wave of produce

地上遍地都是一堆堆的…:the floor disappear under piles of…

辞职做自由职业者:quit one‘s job and start to freelance

总的来说:on balance

我现在挣的钱远不如以前全职的时候多:I‘m not making anywhere near as much money as I did when I was employed full time.

挣得足够的收入:generate enough income

至于:when it comes to…

支付(账单):pick up (the bill)

除了:aside from=in addition to/apart from/except for

弥补差距:make up the difference

节约开支:cut back (the expenses)

大幅度降低生活标准:appreciably lower one‘s standard of living

外出就餐:dine out

光顾本地餐厅:patronize local restaurants

看歌剧和芭蕾:attend the opera and ballet

奢侈的圣诞节成为了回忆:Extravagant Christmases are a memory.

手头紧,经费紧张:on such a tight budget

参加学校活动:be involved in school activities

小范围、小规模:on a small scale

抵制诱惑:resist the temptation

没人知道我们还能有精力在这里呆多久:How much longer we‘ll have e nough energy to stay on here is anybody‘s guess.

一丝伤感:a feeling of sorrow

一些骄傲:a sense of pride

我们不是为了赚钱而移居这里的:We didn‘t move here primarily to earn money. (这个句子是否定转移现象。例如:我来这里不是为了和你吵架。I don‘t come here to argue with you. 中文否定在后面,英文否定则在前面。)

Unit 2 Civil-Rights Heroes

1.比较: historic & historical

Historic: important in history (有历史重要意义的)

e.g. She returned safely from her historic flight into space.

They know of many historic volcanic eruptions in the area.

a historic day / moment / occasion

Historical: connected with the past (历史的)

e.g.The painting depicts(描绘) an actual historical event.

There are no historical precedents(先例)for a president resigning(辞职)in mid-term.

Many important historical documents were destroyed when the library was bombed.

She specializes in historical novels set in eighteenth-century England.

2.leg : a stage of a journey, competition or activity

e.g. France will be the next leg of the president‘s visit.

the second leg of our journey across the US

the final leg of the band's 30-month World Tour

3.impose (imposition n.)

1)to force a rule, tax, punishment etc. to be obeyed or received:

e.g. Very high taxes have recently been imposed on cigarettes.

The council has imposed a ban on alcohol in the city parks.

They have imposed restrictions on trade with foreign companies.

rules and regulations imposed by national governments

2)to force someone to accept something, especially a belief or way of living:

e.g. Don't try to impose your ideas on me!

I wouldn't want to impose my views on anyone.

The colonists(殖民者)tried to impose their values on the indigenous peoples(原住民).


1)to give a new appearance to a person or thing, especially in order to hide its true form:改装

e.g. He disguised himself by shaving his head and wearing a false beard.

The soldiers disguised themselves as ordinary civilians.

She arrived at his home disguised as a man.

She usually goes out in disguise(这里是名词,与in搭配)to avoid being bothered by the public.

2) to hide an opinion, a feeling…掩饰

e.g. I couldn't disguise my disappointment.

He didn't disguise his bitterness(痛苦) about what had happened.

He tried to disguise his voice on the phone but I could tell it was him.

名词短语a blessing in disguise:something that seems bad or unlucky at first, but results in something good happening later 塞翁失马,焉知非福

e.g. Losing that job was a blessing in disguise really, and I ended up in a much more enjoyable career.

5. compel: to force someone to do something

e.g. As a school boy he was compelled to wear shorts(短裤) even in winter.

The new circumstances compelled a change in policy.新形势迫使政府不得不在政策上做出改变。

We took steps to compel their cooperation.

Illness compelled him to stay in bed.


e.g. He felt compelled to report the incident.(feel compelled to do sth觉得应该做/必须做某事)


意为有说服力的compelling evidence / argument 或很有趣的compelling story / movie

6.be intent on sth. / doing sth. : to be determined or eager to do something

e.g. I've tried persuading her not to go but she's intent on it.

He seems intent on upsetting everyone in the room!

She was intent on finishing her sculpture in time for the group show.

7.on the side

1)in addition to the main job:

He makes a little money on the side by cleaning windows in his spare time. The band's lead singer has been making solo appearances on the side.

2)(of food in a restaurant) served on another plate, or not on part of the meal:

I'd like a salad with the dressing(酱汁/调味料)on the side, please.

I'll have an omelette(煎蛋饼/煎蛋卷)with potatoes on the side, please.

8. close in on/around

1) to gradually get nearer to someone, usually in order to attack:

e.g. The advancing soldiers closed in on the town.

They chased the fox until it was too tired and weak to run and then closed in for the kill.

2) [for threats or negative feelings] to seem to surround someone or something.

e.g. My problems are closing in on me. 我最近麻烦多多。

I feel trapped. Everything is closing in.

The airport was closed in by fog. 大雾笼罩机场。

9.make the best of : to make an unsatisfactory situation(突出在逆境中/不如意的情况下)as pleasant as

possible; to try to think and act in a positive way when you have to accept a situation which you do not like but cannot change

e.g. We'll have to spend the night here, so we might as well make the best of it.

The room they've given us is too small really, but we'll just have to make the best of it.

比较make the most of…/make the most of it:充分利用

It‘s good for us to make the most of the college days.

10. pass for: to appear to be someone or something else, or to cause people to believe that they are 看起来像:

e.g. I really want to go and see the film, but I don't think I'd pass for 18.

He's nearly forty, but he could pass for twenty-five.

You could pass for a teenager.

The fake painting passed for an original.


微风轻拂:a gentle breeze swept (the Canadian plains)

所有人生来平等:all men are created equal

轻轻的敲门声:a soft knock

从门缝里往外瞥:peer out the door

急迫地低语:whisper urgently

在白天…在晚上: by day…by night…

滑过河面:slide across the river

受宗教信仰驱使:driven by religious convictions

避难:find refuge

利用命运给他的一切机会:make the best of his lot

冒着巨大的风险:at huge risk

扑倒在地:throw oneself on the ground

Unit 3

vulnerable : to be easily hurt, influenced or attacked physically, emotionally, or mentally易受影响、感动、攻击、伤害的…

1. Tourists are more vulnerable to attack, because they do not know which areas of the city to avoid.

2. 缺乏适当安全措施的房屋容易被窃。

Houses without proper security devices are vulnerable to theft.

3. His parents divorced when he was at the vulnerable age of 13.

tranquil: calm, quiet and undisturbed 静谧的,宁静的,平静的

1. It seems that nowadays more city dwellers prefer a tranquil life in the country.

2. No matter where you choose to live, to preserve a tranquil mind is all that counts.


hook up to:connect or attach to sth. with a hook连接到

1.The alarm systems in the banks are hooked up to the local police station.

2.My son begged me to hook up an electronic video game to the television but I refused. (把电子游戏连接到电视机上)

pry: to move or lift something by pressing a tool against a fixed point. 撬开

1.The car trunk had been pried open and all her equipment was gone. (pry the doors open)

to try to obtain private facts about a person:

1.As a reporter, I was paid to pry into other people's lives.

2.I hope you don't think I'm prying, but how much do you know about him?

premises: the land and buildings owned by someone, especially by a company or an organization

1.The company is relocating to new premises.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere on school premises.

3.The ice cream is made on the premises (= in the building where it is sold).

4.The security guards escorted the protesters off the premises (= away from the place).

feature: include someone or something as an important part

1.The film features Tom Cruise as a gallant fighter .

2.This week's broadcast features a report on victims of domestic violence.


A. anything that prevents people from being together or understanding each other


Despite the language barrier, they soon became good friends.

2.Shyness is one of the biggest barriers to making friends.

B. a long pole, fence, wall, a mountain or sea, that stops people from going somewhere

1.The mountains acted as a natural barrier to the spread of the disease.

2.Passengers are requested to show their tickets at the barrier.


做名词: a line or pile of objects put together, especially quickly, to stop people from going where they want to go

做动词: to build a barricade across, around or in front of something

1.Terrified villagers have barricaded themselves into their houses.

2.Why are we having to barricade ourselves against our neighbors and fellow citizens? (defend

ourselves against L28)

hold/keep sb. at bay: prevent an enemy or pursuer from coming near 不让…逼近

1.He held me at bay with a pistol.


2.The government is doing everything possible to keep the financial crisis at bay.


3.She left the light on at night to keep her fears at bay.

without so much as: without even


She stormed out without so much as a goodbye.

with/by a small/narrow/large/wide margin


1.China‘s exports of textile products have increased by a substantial margin.


She won by a clear margin.

look back on: think about sth. in one’s past 回顾

1.When I look back on those days I realize I was desperately unhappy.

2.In his speech, the president looked backed upon the economic recovery and made clear his ambition to

cut back on federal budget.


1.statistics 数据

2.crime rate 犯罪率

3.dramatically 戏剧性地,引人注目地,显著地

4.allegedly 据称,所谓


6.at any rate 不管怎么说,无论如何

7.be built in嵌入

8.at risk 冒险

9.defend against保护不受…侵害

10.it occurs to sb. that 突然想到

11.take over 控制,接管

12.chances are that…有可能…

13.access 权限n. & v. access card通行证free access自由通行

14.security guard保安


16.figure out想出

17.hold … at bay不让…靠近

18.without so much as甚至…都不

19.be bathed in沉浸在…,沐浴在…


21.with a small margin 小幅度

22.be supposed to 应该

23.in the name of 以…的名义

24.devise (device) 设计出

25.reflection 思考,反思

26.outsmart 比…更聪明outsmart oneself: 聪明反被聪明误

27.look back on 回顾

28.under surveillance 处于监控之下

Unit 5 Writing Three Thank-You Letters词汇补充

一、be under way : in motion, in progress 车、船行进中,或某事进行中

1.We'll put our bags in the car and be under way.

2.The ship got under way at noon.

3.The train has had to stop briefly, but it should be under way again soon.

4.Preparations for their arrival are already under way.

5.Plans are under way to sell the company.



The last couple of weeks have seen me busily preparing for the mid-term exams.

三、get to sth. / doing : to begin, to start

1.When he got to telling stories about the war, there was no one stopping him.

2.Get to watching by clicking play below.

比较get around to doing: to find the time or occasion for这个短语指的是终于做了很长时间以来一直想做的事,而get to指的是开始做某事

Few get around to putting their dreams into practice.

四、Specific: relating to one thing and not others; particular 特定的,具体的

1. The virus attacks specific cells in the brain.

2. The money is intended to be used for specific purposes.

3. Is there anything specific that you want to know?

五、On sb’s behalf / on behalf of sb.:

1.representing 代表

1) On behalf of the entire company, I would like to thank you for all your work.

2) Unfortunately, George cannot be with us today so I am pleased to accept this award on his behalf.

3) On behalf of everyone here, may I wish you a very happy retirement.

2.in sb’s interests为了某人的利益

Don’t be uneasy on my behalf. (Don’t worry about me.)


to make someone feel admiration or respect 令别人产生敬意或仰慕,负面的事情不能用impress这个字。比如,某小偷偷了整个银行的钱,不能说这个小偷impressed me。

?He impressed me with/by his extensive knowledge of sports.

?Steve borrowed his dad’s car to impress his girlfriend.

七、impress sth. on/upon sb.: to make the importance of something clear to someone

1. Father impresses on me the value of hard work.

2.Mr. Simmons tried to impress on me how much easier my life would be if I were better organized.

该短语后面可跟to do或者that从句

八、diminish: to become or make something become smaller

These memories will not be diminished by time.

We've seen our house diminish greatly in value over the last six months.

Don’t let him diminish your achievements.

九、accord: v.

1.给予高度注意/优先/待遇: to give someone or something special attention or a particular type of treatment

1)Every school accords high priority to the quality of teaching.

2)We were accorded a warm welcome by the local people.


accord with sth.: to match or agree with sth.

What he does doesn’t accord with what he says.

作名词时前面加in:in accord with sth. 与……一致

These results are in accord with earlier research.

十、successive: following one after the other

It was the team's fourth successive victory.

=The team won four times in a row.

名词succession 连续,连续不断的事物

in succession 接连地

She had her first three children in rapid succession.

指人:successor 接任者,后继者,继承者

十一、bring back: cause to return to the mind 使回想起

1.The cartoon movie brought back the days of my childhood.

2.The fallen leaves brought back the sweet memories of autumn in my hometown.

3.The photos brought back some wonderful memories.

比较: recall(想起), recollect(回想), reminisce(追忆)recall使用率最高,依次次之,reminisce较文雅名词形式:recall, recollection, reminiscence

十二、In a flash: 一瞬间

The game was over in a flash

? a flash in the pan 昙花一现

? a flash of hope 一线希望

十三、go about sth./doing sth.: to do something or tackle a problem/task

1.You’re not going about the job in the right way.

2.How do I go about selling antiques(古董)?

3.go about your business/work/daily life


沉浸在,沉迷于:be immersed in

暴露于,面对,接触:be exposed to sth.

认真思考:give serious thought to

真挚的文字:genuine statements

由衷的感激:heartfelt appreciation

渐渐地变成一种习惯:graduate into a habit of…

电子媒体:electronic media

很少了解:have little awareness of…

给我的生活洒下美妙遐想:sprinkle my life with stardust

思考:turn over

个人经历:personal experience

围聚在…周围:cluster about

收拾好、放好:put away

诸如此类、等等:and the rest=and so on

追求(如真理、意义):in quest of (truth, meaning…)

一把把:fistfuls of

发生迅猛的变化:undergo swift changes

实现世界和平:achieve world peace

靠当…为生:make a living as…

使某人认识到:give sb. In insight into…

有着相似的需求:with similar needs

简单地常识:simple common sense

对…至关重要:be paramount for

向…表达真挚的谢意:express sincere/heartfelt gratitude to…

Unit 7 Making a Living

1.linger: to take a long time to leave or disappear

e.g. After the play had finished, we lingered for a while in the bar hoping to catch sight of the actors.

It's impossible to forget such horrific events - they linger(on) in the memory forever.

I like to linger in my garden after I have finished working there.

The smell from the fire still lingered days later.

2.feel like (doing): to have a wish for something, or to want to do something at a particular moment

e.g. I feel like (going for) a swim.

I feel like (having) a nice cool glass of lemonade(柠檬汁).

"Are you coming to aerobics(健美操)?" "No, I don't feel like it today.―

补充:not feel a thing--(口语informal) to not feel any pain

e.g. "Did it hurt?" "Not at all - I didn't feel a thing."


1)hear the sound again

The sound of footsteps echoed round the hall.

2) to repeat details that are similar to, and make you think of something else

The design of the church echoes that of St. Paul‘s Cathedral.

4. betray

1) show a lack of loyalty to; give or show sb.or sth. to an enemy

He was accused of betraying his country during the war.


Although she often seems quite cold and harsh, her smiling eyes betray her true nature.

5.gain on sb/sth: to get nearer to someone or something that you are chasing

e.g. Garcia was gaining on her opponent throughout the race, but only overtook her at the very end.

compare: ―close in on/around‖ (包围攻击)

6.kick up:

1) to raise (dust or dirt) into the air while running or walking or driving

e.g. You could tell where he had been by the cloud of dust he had kicked up.

2)to show anger (about something)

e.g. He kicked up about it when they told him the train had been cancelled.

补充:kick off: start

7. tilt: to move into a sloping position

e.g. He tilted his chair backwards and put his feet up on his desk.

Anna looked up at him with her head tilted to one side.

The front seats of the car tilt.

补充:at full tilt: as fast as possible; at full speed, very quickly 全速

e.g. The plant is operating at full tilt to cope with demand.

The day was busy, but not terribly unusual for a White House that has run at full tilt for most of its first three months.

Don't go racing around corners at full tilt or you'll hit someone.


? a pack of/a group of/a party of

? a gang of(带贬义,“一伙”)

? a herd of (cattle)

? a flock of (sheep/geese/birds)

e.g. A noisy flock of tourists came into the building.

? a swarm of (bees/ants/locusts/flies)

e.g. a swarm of journalists followed the president‘s car.


1)when goods, letters, parcels, etc. are taken to people's houses or places of work

e.g. We get two deliveries of mail (= it is delivered twice) a day.

You can pay for the carpet on delivery (= when it is delivered).

We expect to take delivery of (= receive) our new car next week.

a delivery van一辆送货的货车

2)the way in which someone speaks in public

the actor's delivery, delivery of a speech (deliver a speech)


delivery room ---a room in a hospital in which babies are born 产房


1)to move someone or something from one place, person or thing to another

e.g. He has been transferred to another hospital.

We were transferred from one bus into another.

I'll be upstairs, so could you transfer my phone calls up there, please?

She transferred the house to her daughter before she died.

2)to change to a different job, team, place of work, etc., or to make someone do this

e.g. After a year he transferred to Dartmouth College.

Some very high-profile(知名度高的)British players have transferred to clubs abroad.

Transferable(形容词): The tickets were marked 'Not Transferable'(不可转让).


1)the act of controlling and especially reducing something 限制

the limitation of nuclear weapons

2)limitations复数形式:If someone or something has limitations, they are not as good as they could be.


e.g. Living in a flat(公寓)is all right, but it has its limitations - for example, you don't have your own


Despite her limitations as an actress, she was a great entertainer(艺人).


1)to request something, usually officially, especially by writing or sending in a form 申请

e.g. By the time I saw the job advertised it was already too late to apply.

Please apply in writing to the address below.

We've applied to a charitable organization for a grant for the project.

Tim's applied to join the police.

(表示“申请”时的介词搭配:apply to sb. for sth.)

2)to make use of something or use it for a practical purpose 利用、使用

e.g. He wants a job in which he can apply his foreign languages.

The court heard how the driver had failed to apply his brakes in time.

If you apply pressure to a cut it's meant to stop the bleeding.

13.pledge: a serious or formal promise, especially one to give money or to be a friend, or something that

you give as a sign that you will keep a promise, a solemn promise to do something

e.g. All the candidates have given pledges not to raise taxes if they are elected.

Thousands of people made pledges to the Children in Need charity campaign.

I give you this ring as a pledge of my everlasting love for you.

14.off balance

1)If someone or something is off balance, they are in a position where they are likely to fall or be knocked down

e.g. A gust of wind(一阵风)knocked her off balance and she fell.

2)confused or uncertain about what to do next

e.g. Many Republicans were thrown off balance by the Democrats' landslide at the polls.

15.drop off: to take someone or something to a particular place, usually by car, as you travel to a different


e.g. We dropped our luggage off at the hotel and went sightseeing. 放下行李

Drop me off at the main entrance of the building, please. 请把我送到大楼正门。

If the amount, number or quality of something drops off, it becomes less

e.g. The demand for mobile phones shows no signs of dropping of


补充:drop by/in (口语常用) : to visit someone informally 相当于call on(拜访)

e.g. I dropped in on George on my way home from school. 在放学回家的路上我顺便去了趟George家。

Drop by and pick up that book sometime. 找个时候来趟我家拿那本书。

I was in the garden covered with mud when my grandmother dropped in for a visit.

16.on the phone: to be using the telephone

e.g. He is on the phone all day!

17.register: if someone registers something, they realise/notice it

e.g. I scarcely registered the fact that he was there.

register office 登记处

a place where births, deaths and marriages are officially recorded and where you can get officially

married without a religious ceremony

18.profitable: resulting in a profit or an advantage

e.g. Over the years it has developed into a highly profitable business.利润可观的生意

I made profitable use of my time, mixing with a lot of different people and practicing my Spanish. 充分


19.off one’s feet: no longer standing

补充:back on one’s feet: to be healthy again after a period of illness

e. g. "We'll soon have you back on your feet again," said the nurse.

find one’s feet: to become familiar with a new situation

e. g. Did it take you long to find your feet when you started your new job?

vote with one’s feet- if you vote with your feet, you stop supporting, using or buying something

e.g. When the price of skiing doubled, tourists voted with their feet and just stopped going.

20.fix—prepare food or drink

Whose turn is it to fix dinner? 轮到谁做饭?

Can I fix you a drink? 我给你拿点喝的吧?

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/9cb5b7171711cc7930b71614.htmlmission: payment to someone who sells goods

e.g. Is she paid a regular wage or is it on/by commission only?

She gets a 15% commission on every machine she sells.

有时候commission是动词commit的名词形式: the act of committing a crime

the commission of the crime/offence/murder

22.be laid up: to be forced to stay in bed because of an illness or accident

e.g. She's been laid up in bed with flu for a week.

补充:lay sb off: to stop employing someone

e.g. Because of falling orders, the company has been forced to lay off several hundred workers.

laid-off workers 被裁的工人,失业工人,下岗工人=redundant workers

23.go off: If a light or a machine goes off, it stops working

e.g. The lights went off in several villages because of the storm.