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1.﹣Look at _____ boy over there.He looks excited.

﹣Yeah,he has won _____ first prize in the school English Reading & Writing


A. a;the

B. the;a

C. the;the

D. a;a

2.﹣Annie,_____ books are all over the place.

﹣Sorry,mum.I?ll put them away.()

A. you

B. your

C. yours

D. yourself

3.The 2021 International Horticultural Expo _____ in Yangzhou.()

A. holds

B. will hold

C. is held

D. will be held

4.﹣I?m not sure what to write about The Secret Garden in the report.

﹣You should read some _____ about the book before writing.()

A. reviews

B. reasons

C. results

D. rewards

5.﹣My feelings for you have not changed.

﹣But you have changed.You are not as you _____.()

A. are

B. were

C. will be

D. have been

6.Facial recognition (人脸识别)technology is widely used for payment._____,we

needn?t enter the passwords any more.()

A. For example

B. As a result

C. What?s worse

D. What?s more

7.The police are watching the suspect _____ for more clues which will help solve the case.()

A. clearly

B. highly

C. closely

D. heavily

8.﹣Daniel,do you know that bees never get lost.

﹣Yes,Bees always remember _____ the same way as they went.()

A. come back

B. came back

C. coming back

D. to come back

9.﹣Kate,do you know _____?

﹣I?m not sure.Maybe a Bird﹣watching Society worker.()

A. where can I watch birds

B. what is the man with a camera

C. where I can watch birds

D. what the man with a camera is

10.﹣I ?m tired out after three﹣day work day and night.

﹣_____ relax yourself?Go out and enjoy the natural beauty.()

A. Why not

B. Why don?t

C. What about

D. Shall we

11.﹣Tan Dun does not use any musical instrument in his music Water.

﹣That?s really amazing! He is so _____.()

A. energetic

B. modest

C. serious

D. creative

12.﹣Honey,come and help me _____ the picture of balloons from the magazine.

﹣OK,Granny.I?m coming.()

A. carry out

B. work out

C. cut out

D. hand out

13.﹣Do you think David and Lisa can be good accountants?

﹣Accountants should be careful enough._____ David _____ Lisa is suitable,I?m afraid.()

A. Either;or

B. Neither;nor

C. Both;and

D. Not only;but also

14.﹣All of Audrey Hepburn?s films are wonderful.

﹣_____.Especially Roman Holiday.()

A. I can? agree more

B. That?s not the case

C. That?s not the point

D. Don?t mention it

15.﹣Amy,your pronunciation is so beautiful now.How do you make it?

﹣Thanks.Just as the saying goes,"_____."()

A. Each dog has its day

B. Many hands make light work

C. Practice makes perfect

D. The grass is always greener on the other side


I always think my daughter Kendall is the best﹣that?s just what parents do.When she was only three,she __(16)__ for the people,like a little angel.

When Kendall was five,we noticed that she __(17)__had a tic(面部抽搐).When the problem got worse,we took her from doctor to doctor.__(18)__ the treatment,Kendall continued to sing.Surprisingly,her tics disappeared when she sang.

When Kendall was sixteen,we thought she would be cured soon.However,a

(n)__(19)__ thing happened.

At a party,Kendall jumped on a friend for a piggyback ride.He bent lower than she expected,and she jumped __(20)__ than he expected.Kendall flew over his back

and __(21)__ on the floor ﹣on her neck.She was rushed to hospital,paralyzed(瘫痪)

from the neck down.She couldn?t__(22)__.But her biggest _(23)___ wasn?t whether she would walk again,but was whether she could try out for a show called American Idol.

As the days went on,feeling on her left side _(24)___,but she was still paralyzed on the right.We weren?t sure how much of her__(25)__ would come back.A friend brought a microphone and put it on her bed.Every day,Kendall tried hard to pick it up.It was more _(26)___ for her to pick up that microphone than a spoon or fork.

Sometimes she had to bite a toothbrush to take her mind off the pain.We all cried because of the __(27)__ we witnessed.But on the day﹣only three months after her _(28)___﹣we cried full of joy when she sang,__(29)__ she didn?t enter the Top 24 of American Idol.

When she was a little girl,she asked me (30)__ it was she that had tics.My heart hurt,but I told her,"Kendall,you have a pure heart,a fantastic voice,a strong mind.And you are a beautiful presence."

16. A. danced B. sang C. jumped D. painted

17. A. never B. sometimes C. seldom D. always

18. A. During B. Before C. After D. Until

19. A. useful B. exciting C. meaningless D. terrible

20. A. farther B. nearer C. higher D. lower

21. A. lay B. sat C. stood D. landed

22. A. move B. sing C. eat D. think

23. A. problem B. worry C. dream D. plan

24. A. stopped B. remained C. returned D. disappeared

25. A. movement B. treatment C. achievement D. entertainment

26. A. interesting B. important C. helpless D. dangerous

27. A. microphone B. toothbrush C. joy D. pain

28. A. failure B. show C. tic D. accident

29. A. though B. because C. if D. so

30. A. who B. when C. why D. what



Here are some questions and answers on Yangzhou from a website.Questions & Answers



A. Robert.

B. Cheverton.

C. Eric Yeo.

D. Roy.

32.____answer was given the most thumbs up.

A. Black?s

B. Ms.Chen?s

C. Jennie?s

D. Tina?s

33.Which of the following is TRUE according to the webpage?____

A. The questions on the webpage are all about Yangzhou Travel.

B. It?s not a good idea to eat Yangzhou Fried Rice in Shiweitian.

C. Robert can take the high speed train from Shanghai to Yangzhou.

D. Mr.Cheverton is advised to visit Yangzhou in spring and summer.


That morning,we noticed a cab following Sir Henry and Dr.Mortimer in London.But who?

We went to Sir Henry?s hotel.Holmes asked Dr.Mortimer if anyone with a black beard lived in or near Baskerville Hall.

"Yes," said Dr.Mortimer,"Barrymore."

"We must send a telegram to check whether Barrymore is in London or at Baskerville Hall," said Holmes.

Sir Henry said he wanted to go to Baskerville Hall.

"OK",said Holmes."But you mustn?t go alone.Watson can go with you."

Sir Henry and I agreed to take the 10:30 train on Saturday.

Holmes thought deeply on the way home:the story of the Hound,Sir Charles?s death,the strange letter,the missing boot and the black﹣bearded man.He sat in his room all afternoon,smoking and thinking.

Just before dinner,a telegram arrived.It said,"Barrymore is at Baskerville Hall."

"That becomes a dead end,Watson.We will have to look for another way to go forward.

Just then the door bell rang.It was the cab driver who drove the man with the black beard."I got a message that you are asking for me",he said."I?ve never had a complaint.I came here to ask you what you had against me! "

"No,no,"said Holmes." Instead,I?ll give you money if you tell me about the man in your cab this morning.He watched this house at 10:00 and then told you to follow the two gentlemen."

The driver looked surprised and then answered,"The man said he was a detective and that I shouldn?t tell anyone about him."

"It?s serious,my friend,and you may be in trouble if you refuse to answer."

"His name," said the driver,"was Sherlock Holmes."

I?d never seen Holmes more surprised.Then he laughed." He scored against me thattime,Watson."

The driver told us everything he knew.Holmes gave him the money and sent him away."This is a dangerous enemy,Watson."

﹣Taken from The Hound of the Baskervilles

34.According to the passage,the underlined phrase "dead end" in Paragraph 10 means____.

A. Holmes wanted to give up solving the case

B. the road in front of Baskerville Hall was closed

C. the cab driver didn?t find his way and turned round

D. they didn?t know who the man with a black beard was

35.According to the passage,we can know that the cab driver____.

A. was as dangerous as the black﹣bearded man

B. received a complaint from the black﹣bearded man

C. didn?t know why Ho lmes asked for him at the beginning

D. didn?t tell Holmes anything about the black﹣bearded man

36.By the sentence "He scored against me that time",Holmes means "The man gained an

advantage over me by____."

A. watching this house at ten o?clock

B. following Sir Henry and Dr.Mortimer

C. telling the driver his name was Holmes

D. asking the driver to keep his secret

37.Which of the following is the correct order according to the passage?____

a.Holmes received the telegram.

b.The cab driver came to see Holmes.

c.Watson was asked to go with Sir Henry.

d.Holmes was surprised and then laughed.

e.Watson and Sir Henry took the 10:30 train.

A. cabde

B. ceabd

C. abcde

D. acebd


My father was a cemetery(公墓)keeper.When I was a child,he often took me there.Before we left each time,he would lay some stones on some graves(坟墓).I never asked why.I just thought that was his work.

Yesterday,I visited my sick father.He asked me to go to the cemetery and lay some stones.For some reason,it had to be done that day.I agreed.I hadn?t been there for a long time.

When I got there,I found a woman in front of one of the graves I would lay a stone on.As I went to lay it,I heard her whisper" Thank you".It was then that I noticed the date of death on the grave was that same day.The grave was that of a child,only five when he died fifteen years ago.

" He?s my son,"she said." But,where?s your father?He was always the one to leave the stone."

I told her that my father was ill but he asked me to do this.It seemed important to him."Your father?s kindness means more to me than anything else.When my child died,I came often to see him.It is our custom to leave a stone.It tells the one who is here that he is thought of.But,then we moved away from here.. so many painful memories.. I was so afraid that he would be alone.But your father marked the grave every time he came.Each time I returned here,I saw that stone and it always comforted me.Your father is the kind of man who would ease the pain of a mother?s heart though we are strangers.Just tell him you saw me today,won?t you?" She said.

It took me a minute to find my voice.That small stone marked the grave of a child and the heart of his mother.

38.The underlined phrase" some reason" in Paragraph 2 refers to(指代)____.

A. the writer had been away from the cemetery for a long time

B. the woman?s child died on that day fifteen years ago

C. the writer?s father was always the one to leave the stone

D. the writer?s father would meet the woman that day

39.What does the underlined word "ease"in Paragraph 5 mean?____

A. Increase

B. Cause

C. Reduce

D. Express.

40.According to the passage,we can infer(推断)____.

A. the writer understood his father in the end

B. laying stones was part of a cemetery keepers work

C. the woman knew the writers father well fifteen years ago

D. the stone marked the grave of a child and the heart of his mother

41.What?s the best title of the passage?____

A. A Strange Custom

B. One Small Stone,Unforgotten

C. A Cemetery Keeper

D. Painful Memories,Unforgotten


Trees in cities "live fast but die young" compared to forests in the countryside,warns a new study.

Researchers found that trees in cities die younger than ones in the countryside because of the higher levels of CO2.City﹣living trees suffer(遭受)a loss of carbon storage(碳储量).That means trees produce less energy from the air.

Now researchers say more must be done to deal with the situation.Ian Smith,a PhD student of Boston University in the United States,said,"Cities are in the important position in fighting against rising temperatures and increasing CO2."."We find that tree planting alone may not be enough to keep and increase city canopy cover(树冠覆盖率).Because of the age and size of the present canopy,efforts to improve and protect tree health are badly needed for increasing city tree cover and canopy cover."

The research team used a model to watch changes among street trees for several planting and management methods.Researchers also used the model to watch tree growth,death and planting rates(率)both among trees in Boston city and forests in the countryside in Massachusetts.

It was discovered that rates of carbon cycling and growth rates among city trees were nearly four times faster than those in the countryside.However,loss of carbon storage and death rates are also higher,especially death rates are more than double higher than those in countryside forests.

The study,published in PLOS ONE,has reminded scientists to encourage communities to do more to plant and protect trees.It is important to increase city canopy cover and carbon storage.

Researchers say planting and protecting will be needed to make sure cities can develop healthily,but more needs to be done to have a better understanding of city trees ﹣﹣﹣which may be different from countryside forests.

42.According to the passage,which of the following is TRUE?____

A. The more carbon storage loses,the more energy the trees produce from the air.

B. The higher the levels of CO2 are,the harder it will be for the plants to survive.

C. If we plant enough trees,we are sure to increase city canopy cover.

D. Cities do better in fighting against rising temperatures and increasing CO2.

43.Paragraph 4 mainly tells us____.

A. the results of the study

B. the discoveries from the researchers

C. the methods of the study

D. the suggestions from the researchers

44.What does" those" in Paragraph 5 refer to?____

A. Death rates.

B. Rates of carbon cycling.

C. Growth rates.

D. Loss of carbon storage.

45.The writer?s main purpose of writing the passage is____.

A. to teach us how to improve and protect tree health

B. to warn us that trees in cities live fast but die young

C. to let us have a better understanding of city trees

D. to tell us to take action to increase city canopy cover



Nowadays,many people in China and Japan are racing against time.They put a lot of value in "being on time".However,in some countries of the world,people have different opinions on "being on time".


Thanks to its industrial past,in Germany you are expected to arrive at least ten minutes earlier for any planned meeting.

In Germany,being on time is risky enough because your hosts will probably already be there waiting,wondering how on earth you could be so stupid.What will you do if anything unexpected happens,like heavy traffic or a sudden rain?So remember to

arrive early in Germany.

Saudi Arabia

Some countries care little about time and Saudi Arabia is one of them.It?s because of their long history of desert living where time is not the first thing to think about.It could be that it?s too hot to do anything on time.So don?t expect them to be on time.Moreover,looking at your watch during an event is even considered as bad manners.So don?t get angry with them,either.


Most meeting times can be changed,even if an exact time is given,Ghanaians are very relaxed and easygoing.They think that if everyone is late,then no one is late.After all,what can?t be done today can get done tomorrow.If you find it difficult to deal with,prepare to be unhappy.Otherwise,sit back enjoy the ride.


Patience is considered a very important quality in Russian culture but being on time is

not.When doing business in Russia,do be on time.Otherwise,it will be considered disrespectful.But Russians won?t hold themselves to the same standard.So,again,patience can be key.















We confirmed that Jim was locked in the hut.We spent two nights d __(1)__ a hole under the hut.We came up under Jim?s bed.He was very surprised to see us.We p __(2)__ Jim to free him when we were ready.Then we climbed t __(3)__ the hole back to our bedroom and talked about a plan.

Tom wanted to make an adventure.He wrote a letter to Uncle Silas telling him somebody was planning to steal Jim.I put the letter under the front door.We waited for the c __(4)_ to free Jim.

The next night,some men were in Uncle Silas?s sitting room﹣﹣all with guns!We jumped

out of the bedroom window and climbed into the hut."Come on,Jim!"Tom

whispered."Huck,you go first.Then you,Jim.I?ll go l__(5)__."

We heard somebody shouting,"The thieves have s __(6)__Jim!" We quickly climbed out and ran towards the fence.

We kept running like our f _(7)___ were on fire.We made it to the fence.I jumped over the fence and Jim followed me.Tom was right behind us.U _(8)___ ,he caught his trousers on a nail.He pulled t __(9)__ free but the men heard the noise.They started shooting.We ran to the river and jumped into the canoe.We lay down,out of breath.

"Jim!You?re a free man!" I said.We were all happy and Tom was the h ___(10)_."It was a great adventure,"Tom said."And look!I got a bullet in my leg!"

It was true.His leg was bleeding badly but he considered it as part of the adventure.

﹣﹣﹣﹣Taken from The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn













We are going to study in a new school in____.(九月)


I believe I will____ in passing the English exam.(成功)


Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn____.(树叶)


Our country is becoming stronger and stronger and I?m____ of her.(自豪的)


In the past,many rivers were____ seriously,but now they are cleaned up.(污染)



Alice stood up and ran____ the field after the rabbit.(cross)


The silk scarf is pretty and____ her blue coat very well.(match)


The old man started to learn how to surf the Internet in his____.(eighty)


Follow that____ advice and soon you will solve the problem.(teacher)


If the golden sun should stop____ its light,just one smile from you would make my whole world bright.(shine)













63.俗话说"远亲不如近邻".近日某英文报正在举行题为"My Neighbourhood"的征文活

动.假如你是李雷,住在花园社区,根据以下流程图提示,完成一篇英文征文稿.Conditions What is your neighbourhood like?

What are your neighbours like?

Neighbourhood Neighbours How do they help others?(give two examples)

What did you do for your neighbours?(give one example)

Feelings How do you feel to live in your neighbourhood?





My neighbourhood

My name is Li Lei.I live in Garden Neighbourhood.





读写比赛中获得了一等奖。a/an修饰可数名词的单数,泛指,意为“一,一个”。a用在以辅音音素开头的单词前,an用在以元音音素开头的单词前。the特指。第一个空根据句中的over there,可知是特指在那边的那个男孩,故用定冠词the;第二个空表示一等奖,序数词first前用定冠词the。故选C。







句意:2021国际园艺博览会将在扬州举行。2021年还未到,所以用一般将来时,国际园艺博览是被举办,用被动语态,所以句子用一般将来时的被动语态,结构是will be +过去分词,故选D。



















句意:——丹尼尔,你知道蜜蜂永远不会迷路吗?——是的,蜜蜂总是记得走原路回来。remember to do sth.记得去做某事(未做),remember doing sth.记得做过某事(已做),根据句意,故选D。







句意:——我日夜工作了三天,累得筋疲力尽。——为什么不放松自己呢?出去享受自然美景吧。why not+动词原形=why don?t + you +动词原形;what

about +doing sth.,shall we do sth.让我们……。根据回答“出去享受大自然的美”,祈使句,主语是you。故选A。








我来了。carry out 执行;work out计算出,解决;cut out剪裁;hand out分发。根据句意可知是"过来帮我把杂志上气球的图片剪下来"。故选C。




既不……也不;both…and……和……都;not only…but also不仅……而且。问

句询问"你认为大卫和丽莎能成为好会计师吗?"根据答语中的"I?m afraid"可










【小题1】B 【小题2】B 【小题3】A 【小题4】D 【小题5】C 【小题6】D 【小题7】A 【小题8】B 【小题9】C 【小题10】A 【小题11】B 【小题12】D 【小题13】D 【小题14】A 【小题15】C



【关键词】daughter; tic; cure...

句意:她三岁的时候像小天使一样给人唱歌。danced跳舞;sang唱歌;jumped 跳;painted绘画。根据like a little angel,像天使一样,可知她会唱歌。故选B。

2.句意:当肯戴尔五岁时,我们注意到她有时面部抽搐。never从来不;sometimes有时;seldom很少;always总是。根据When the problem got worse 当问题变得更严重时,推断出一开始她的面部抽搐并不严重。故选B。

3.句意:在治疗期间,她也继续唱歌。During在……期间;Before在……之前;After在……之后;Until直到。根据Surprisingly, her tics disappeared when she sang.当她唱歌时,她的面部抽搐消失了,可知唱歌有利于疾病控制,故在治疗期间也唱歌。故选A。

4.句意:然而,更糟糕的事发生了。 useful有用的;exciting兴奋的;meaningless 无意义的;terrible糟糕的。根据However转折,说明发生不幸的事情。故选D。

5.句意:他弯曲的出乎她的意料,她跳的高得出乎他的意料。 farther更远的;nearer更近的;higher更高的;lower更低的。根据从前一句的he bent lower可以看出她跳的比预期的更高。故选C。

6.句意:肯戴尔飞过他的背部,落在地上。 lay躺下;sat坐;stood站立;landed

落地。根据flew over his back飞过他的背部,就会落在地板上。故选D。

7.句意:她不能动了。move移动;sing唱歌;eat吃;think想。根据paralyzed from the neck down.脖子以下瘫痪了。因为瘫痪,自然推断出她不能动。故选A。8.句意:但她最大的担忧不是她是否能够再次行走,而是她是否可以参加美国偶像的选拔。problem问题;worry担心;dream梦想;plan计划。根据wasn't whether she would walk again, but was whether she could try out for a show called American Idol.不是她是否能够再次行走,而是她是否可以参加美国偶像的选拔。可知这是肯戴尔担心的事情。故选B。

9.句意:她左半身恢复知觉,但是右半身依然瘫痪。stopped停止;remained仍然是;returned回归;disappeared消失。根据but she was still paralyzed on the right.但是右半身依然瘫痪,可知右边的身体恢复知觉。故选C。

10.句意:我们不确定她的行动能力能恢复多少。movement活动;treatment治疗;achievement成就;entertainment娱乐。根据would come back恢复,可知是活动能力的恢复。故选A。

11.句意:比起能够拿起汤勺和叉子,对她而言,能拿起麦克风更加重要。interesting有趣的;important重要的;helpless无助的;dangerous危险的。根据Every day, Kendall tried hard to pick it up.可知,她每天努力地拿起话筒可知话筒对她来说是很重要。故选B。

12.句意:因为我们见证了她所承受的疼痛。microphone话筒;toothbrush牙刷;joy高兴;pain痛苦。根据Sometimes she had to bite a toothbrush to take her mind off the pain.有时她不得不咬着牙刷来分散痛苦,可知我们见证了她的痛苦。故选D。

13.句意:从事故之后的三个月,我们第一次因为喜悦而流泪。failure失败;show表演;tic面部抽搐;accident事故。根据only three months after可知,在事故后的三个月的那天。故选D。

14.句意:尽管她没有进入24强。though虽然;because因为;so因此;if如果。根据she didn't enter the Top 24 of American Idol.可知我们很高兴,虽然没有进入24强,前后分句是让步关系。故选A。

15.句意:她问我为什么是她有面部抽搐这个疾病。who谁;when何时;why为什么;what什么。根据she asked可知是问原因的。故选C。


【小题1】D 【小题2】B 【小题3】D



【关键词】 Yangzhou

根据表格七中Asked by Roy from USA | Mar.12,2018 12:27 Reply Is it possible to live in Yangzhou and commute daily by bus to work in Yizheng?美国


2.根据表格四中点赞数82个,而其他表格中的点赞数都低于82个,可知,Ms. Chen?s的回答获得了最多的点赞。故选B。

3.根据表格第四个的回答"The best time should be spring and summer. 最好是春



【小题1】D 【小题2】C 【小题3】C 【小题4】B



【关键词】Sir Henry; Dr.Mortimer; a black beard...

根据下文We will have to look for another way to go forward.我们不得不寻找新的线索继续了,判断dead end意为僵局,故线索断了,因此他们并未找到黑胡子的那个人是谁,故选D。