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(浙江选考)2019版高考英语大二轮复习 专题四 语篇填空提升练16 名词性从句



1. we may find interesting is that it usually takes more to be polite.

2.All my friends were so excited to start their own lives,but I just wasn’t sure

I was ready for that yet.

3.The only way to succeed at the highest level is to have total belief you are better than anyone else on the sports field.

4.I am afraid he’s more of a talker than a doer,which is he never finishes anything.

5.The most pleasant thing of the rainy season is one can be entirely free from dust.

6.It suddenly occurred to him he had left his keys in the office.

7.With piles of work at hand,Jane doubts she can pass the coming driving test.

8.My mother knew where we were at all times.She knew our friends were.

9.If you are going to kill the snake,you have to get close to the head is and cut it off.

10. I want to stress is that you should make it a rule to practice speaking Mandarin.



When it comes to 1. (explore) the space,people think it useless.They account that it will be better if the money used 2.

(seek)space is put to such rewarding matters.As 3. a far-sighted view,the positive impacts of space discovery go far beyond(超过)its harmful influence.

Exploring the universe gives people access to more natural resources to improve “the hollowed Mother Earth”.4. we have already known is solar energy,by which people can take a shower without 5.(burn)coal in

winter.Moreover,millions of tons of helium-3(同位素氦-3),the cleanest,safest,and cheapest nuclear fuel,6. (find)on the Moon.And according to the statistics,one hundred tons of helium-3 can support one year’s energy use of 7.

whole glove.Thus some countries are trying to transport this 8.

(impress)energy to the earth.

In addition,sky labs have been established on space for the reason that space is weightless and oxygen deprived(剥夺),9. is good to do certain experiments.In the future scientists can transport people from the earth to a better place 10. (settle)in.

Last but not least,studying the outer space helps people to grasp more knowledge about other planets,thus serving to build our own planet into a more environmentally friendly one.


I was on my way to my parents’ on my motorcycle and saw a middle aged man 1. (carry)a heavy sack on his shoulders and walking with great struggle.I passed

him,then paused,and turned around to stop near him and 2. (offer)him a


He lifted the heavy sack 3. had a lot of scrap iron and sat on the pillion(后座).

4. (immediate)he asked me my name and after I told him,blessed me aloud.We rode on.

In five minutes,we 5. (stop)by a traffic policeman who demanded to see my license.There were many policemen 6. were stopping everyone on that road.My ride got down with his sack and got back on 7. I was through with the policeman’s check.

We reached 8. (he)destination.He got off and thanked me again.After reaching home,while parking my motorcycle I saw that iron pieces in the sack that he had placed on the pillion had made deep marks and almost torn the seat in a couple of places.

I smiled and took it as a reminder he 9. (leave) behind so

that I do not forget 10. the pillion is for.

语篇填空提升练(十六) 名词性从句


1.What 引导一个主语从句,并在从句中作find的宾语,用what。句意:我们会发现有趣的是这通常需要更有礼貌。

2.whether/if 引导一个宾语从句,表示“是否”,用whether/if。句意为:我所有的朋友都准备开始自己的生活,但是我不确定我是否做好了准备。

3.that 本题考查同位语从句。句意:通往最高水平的唯一的成功之路就是拥有坚定的信念:在运动场上你比任何人都更棒。belief后所接的从句对其内容进行解释说明,故为同位语从


4.why 考查表语从句。句意:我恐怕他是一个空谈家而不是一个实干家,那就是他一事无成的原因。“which is...”引导的非限定性定语从句中有一个表语从句,根据句意用why引导。

5.that 分析句子结构可知,此处是表语从句,且从句中不缺任何成分,故用that引导。

6.that 句意:他突然想起了他把钥匙落在了办公室里。“it occurs/occurred to sb.+that 从句”是固定句型,意思是“某人突然想起……”。that引导主语从句。

7.whether/if 考查宾语从句连接词。本句考查doubt引导宾语从句时连接词的选择。在否定句和疑问句中,doubt后面接that引导的宾语从句。在肯定句中,doubt后面一般接whether或if引导的宾语从句。句意:手边有很多工作要做,Jane很怀疑自己是否能通过即将到来的驾驶考试。

8.who/where 句意:我母亲始终知道我们在哪里。她知道我们的朋友是谁/在哪里。根据句意可知设空处在宾语从句中作表语,设空处表示身份或地点,故用who或where引导。

9.where 句意:如果你想杀死蛇,你得接近蛇头并将其砍断。宾语从句中缺少地点状语,故答案为where。

10.What 句意:我想强调的是你应该养成练习说普通话的习惯。“I want to stress”为主语从句,该从句缺少宾语,故用what引导。




1.exploring 考查非谓语动词。前面的to为介词,构成:when it comes to 句型,所以用动词-ing作宾语,意为:当涉及……时。

2.to seek 考查非谓语动词。这里使用不定式短语,表示目的。指花在探索太空的钱。

3.for 考查固定搭配。这里指从长远角度看,用固定短语as for,意思是“至于,关于”。

4.What 考查名词性从句。此处what引导主语从句,指我们已知的是太阳能。

5.burning 考查非谓语动词。此处是动词-ing短语作介词without的宾语,指无需燃烧煤。

6.were found 此处考查时态和语态。这里指发生在过去的事情,逻辑上是动宾关系,用一般过去时的被动语态。

7.the 考查冠词。定冠词the指全球。这里指全球的能源使用。

8.impressive 考查词形变化。此处用形容词修饰后面的名词。指这种能源引人注目。

9.which 考查定语从句。分析上下文可知,此处是非限制性定语从句,指事物,用which引导。

10.to settle 考查非谓语动词。此处是不定式短语作定语,指定居的地方。



1.carrying 考查非谓语动词。短语see sb.doing sth.,下文的walking与carrying并列。

2.offer 考查并列结构。stop与offer是并列的。

3.which/that 考查定语从句。the heavy sack是先行词,在定语从句中作主语,用引导词that或which。

4.Immediately 考查副词。副词修饰整个句子he asked me my name。

5.were stopped 考查过去时的被动语态。整篇文章用的是过去时,根据句中的by可知,we和stop是被动的关系。

6.who 考查定语从句。many policemen是先行词,在定语从句中作主语,用引导词who。

7.after 考查连词。句意:我通过了警察的检查后就又继续骑车走了。根据句意用连词after。

8.his 考查代词。形容词性物主代词修饰名词destination。

9.had left 考查时态。由句意可知leave behind动作发生在过去的过去,故用过去完成时。

10.what 考查宾语从句中的引导词。what引导宾语从句,在宾语从句中作介词for的宾语。