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Part I Vocabulary and Structure (40 points)

Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes each sentence, and then write the choice in the brackets.

1.He is guy that he always has so many friends around him.

A. so cute

B. such a cute

C. such cute

D. so a cute

2. Nails protect the ends of human fingers and toes protect the toes of most other vertebrates(脊椎动物).

A. claws

B. as claws

C. as claws do

D. so do claws

3. you say,I still wonder whether the figures are accurate.

A. whenever


C. However D whenever

4. How close parents are to their children a strong influence on the character of the children.

A. have l

B. has

C. having

D. to have

5. The linebacker and captain of the team most valuable player.

A.haven selected

B. has been selected

C. have selected

D. has select many as

6. In the management of a shop,the feedback from the customers , together with opinions of your manager, you what to purchase for the shop next.

A. tell

B. Tells

C. have told

D. told

7. Some astronomers have pointed out that highly advanced civilization may have existed on other planets long before intelligent forms of life on the earth.





8. Pack the cake in a strong box, or it might get in the post.





9. She didn?t think the failure was her fault. Instead, she would rather it to bad luck.

A. distribute

B. contribute

C. attribute

D. tribute

10. At the meeting he gave an of his plan.

A. output

B. outline

C. outlet

D. outlook

11. His mind was busy all day and allnight on how he could reestablish with the outer world.

A. contract

B. contact

C. context

D. contrast

12. This illness made a of his plan.

A. mess

B. mass

C. miss

D. muss

1 3.The accepted a challenge from another boxer.

A. campaign

B. champagne

C. champion

D. companion

14. He often writes for newspaper, but that's not his main

A. vacation

B.vocation C.location D. dedication

1 5. They gave a broadcast while the performance was in process on the stage.

A. live

B. alive

C. living

D. lively

16. He was exhausted and in no for going to the concert.

A. sense

B. emotion C.feeling D. mood

17. On such , there is only one thing to do is give up.

A. cases

B. occasions

C. circumstances

D. situations

18. To this day I do not regret having made that on killing in the war.

A. proverb

B.remark C.event D. formation

19. Hearing these words, the man stormed out of the room in a .


B. mood C.craze D. rage

20. we should understand the importance of the industrial revolution and by the computer revolution.

A. reference

B. inherence

C. preference

D. Inference

21. Eating too much fat can heart disease and cause high blood pressure.

A. attribute to

B. attend to

C. contribute to

D. devote to

22. This article more attention to the problem of cultural interference in language teaching and learning.

A. cares for

B. applies for

C. allows for

D. calls for

23. Without proper lessons, you could a lot of bad habits when playing the piano.

A. keep up

B. pick up

C.draw up

D. catch up

24. He always did well at school having to do part-time jobs every now and then.

A. in spite of

B. regardless of

C. on account of

D. in case of

25. In Disneyland, every year, some 800,000 plants are replaced because Disney refused to

signs asking his "guests" not to step on them.

A. put down

B. put out C.put up D.put off

26. The bed has been in the family. It was my great grandmother's originally.

A. handed out

B. handed over

C. handed down

D. handed round

27. The early pioneers had to many hardships to settle on the new land.

A. go along with

B. go back on

C. go through

D. go into

28. The prisoner nervously up and down the cell.

A. wandered

B. paced


D. paraded

29. He has gone to the post office to a parcel that has come to him by his brother abroad.

A. gather

B. mail C.collect D.pick

30. If you buy something f-rom abroad, you should pay customs.

A. rates

B. taxes

C. fines

D. duty

31. The judge will give his summing up at tomorrow's court

A. period

B. course

C. session

D. schedule

32. when you get to the motorway, follow the to the New York.

A. marks

B. signs

C. signals

D. symptoms

33. Chemistry is the science of and physics is the science of energy.

A. bodies

B. objects

C. substances

D. matters

34. In the exam you cannot be careful.

A. too

B. very

C. much

D. so

35. The parents assured the children that there was no danger,but they could not help

A. worry

B. but worry

C. worried

D. to worry

36. Hot objects emit do cold object.

A. rays more than infrared

B. rays are more infrared

C. more than infrared rays

D. more infrared rays than

37. If I had remembered

A. to lock

B. locking

C. to have locked

D. having locked

38. The point in controversy now is not who will go there but whether it is worth there.


B. to go

C. will go

D. going

39.She seemed the appointment with the doctor.

A. to forget

B. forgotten

C. have forgotten

D. to have forgotten

40.When we came near we found there was a notice which says “ nobody is allowed car

h ere.??

A. to park B.parking C. to have parked D. having parked

Part II Cloze(1x20)

Directions: There are 20 blankets in the following passages. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet.

The World Health Organization 41 that more than four million people die each year from the 42 of smoking tobacco. That number is 43 .

WHO officials expect one hundred and fifty million people to 44 tobacco use in the next twenty years. Seven 45 ten of those deaths will be in developing countries. These numbers are frightening.

In the United States, about forty-seven million adults 46 smoke. American health experts say tobacco use is the leading preventable 47 of death nationwide. This year, more than four hundred and thirty thousand Americans will die of diseases 48 smoking.

It is not easy 49 permanently. However, doctors say you probably will live longer if you 50 stop smoking. You will feel and look better .You also will protect the health of family members 51 breathe your smoke.

The American Cancer Society says there is not just one right way to stop smoking. It says one method or a combination of methods may be 52 . They include 53 self-help programs or 54 directions in a book .The group says any way to stop smoking that is legal, moral and effective is worth 55 .This could include taking long walks or spending time in areas 56 smoking is banned .Also ,you could eat a small piece of fruit or vegetable 57 having a cigarette.

The American Cancer Society says 58 smokers stop smoking, the more they can reduce their chances of getting cancer and other diseases. It says blood pressure 59 to normal twenty minutes after smoking the last cigarette. Carbon monoxide gas levels in the blood return to normal after eight hours. After one year, the risk of heart disease for a non-smoker is half 60 of a smoker.

41.A. estimates B. suggests C. informs D. tells

42.A. affects B. effects C. affecting D. affected

43.A. increased B. increase C. increasingly D. increasing

44.A. die of B. die in C. die from D. die

45.A. in B. at C. from D. out

46.A. current B. currently C. often D. always

47.A. reason B. cause C. excuse D. result

48.A. link B. connected C. linked D. because

49.A. to stop to smoking B. stop to smoking C. stop smoking D. to stop smoking

50.A. did B. do C. does D. think

51.A. which B. as C. who D. where

52.A. succeed B. success C. successfully D. successful

53.A. take B. attending C. attended D. organizing

54.A. following B. follows C. accepting D. taking

55.A. tries B. tried C. trying D. doing

56.A. when B. where C. as D. what

57.A. instead B. instead of C. insteading D. and

58.A. the faster B. the sooner C. the slower D. the easier

59.A. returns B. back C. turns D. goes

60.A. which B. one C. that D. it

Part III Reading Comprehension (2x20)

Directions: There are 4 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions or incomplete statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet .

Passage 1

Throughout the world, boys and girls prefer to play with different types of toys. Boys typically like to play with cars and trucks, while girls typically choose to play with dolls. Why is this? A traditional sociological explanation is that boys and girls are socialized and encouraged to play with different types of toys by their parents, peers, and the “society”. Growing scientific evidence suggests, however, that boys? and girls? toy preferences may have a biological origin.

In 2002, Gerianne M. Alexander of Texas A&M University and Melissa Hines of City University in London surprised the scientific world by showing that monkeys showed the same sex typical toy preferences as humans. In the study, Alexander and Hines gave two masculine toys (a ball and a police car), two feminine toys (a soft doll and a cooking pot), and two neutral toys (a picture book and a stuffed dog) to 44 male and 44 female monkeys. They then assessed the monkeys? preference for each toy by measuring how much time they spent with each. Their data showed that male monkeys showed significantly greater interest in the masculine toys, and the female monkeys showed significantly greater interest in the feminine toys. The two sexes did not differ in their preference for the neutral toys.

If children? s toy preferences were largely formed by gender socialization, as traditiona l sociologists? claim, in which their parents give “gender appropriate” toys to boys and girls, how can these male and female monkeys have the same preferences as boys and girls?They were never socialized by humans, and they had never seen these toys before in their lives.

61.Traditional sociologists believe boys? and girls? toy preferences ________.

A. are passed down from their parents

B. have a biological origin

C. have nothing to do with gender socialization

D. are largely formed in later life

62.The study by Alexander and Hines shows that monkeys________.

A. also play toys as humans do

B. also have a sex typical toy preference

C. have no toy preferences

D. like to play different toys at different time

63.Alexander and Hines carried out the study to ________.

A. find out why boys and girls prefer different toys

B. test the intelligence of monkeys

C. test whether monkeys like to play toys

D. find more evidence for traditional sociology

64.According to the study, if given a stuffed dog, ________.

A. only the male monkeys showed interest

B. the female monkeys showed more interest

C. the male and female monkeys showed the same interest

D. neither the male nor the female monkeys showed any interest

65.Masculine toys are mainly intended for________.

A. monkeys

B. adult

C. boys

D. girls

Passage 2

When Steve Maxwell graduated from college, he had an engineering degree and a high tech job —but he couldn?t balance his checkbook. “I took one finance class in college but dropped it to go on a ski trip,” sa ys the 45 year old father of three, who lives in Windsor, Colorado. “I actually had to go to my bank and ask them to teach me how to read my statement.”

One of the biggest obstacles to making money is not understanding it: Thousands of us avoid investing b ecause we just don?t get it. But to make money, you must be financially literate. “It bothered me that I didn?t understand this stuff,” says Steve, “so I read books and magazines about money management and investing, and I asked every financial whiz (能手) I knew to explain things to me.”

He and his wife started applying the lessons: They made a point to live below their means. They never bought on impulse, always negotiated better deals (on their cars,cable bills, furniture) and stayed in their home long after they went for an expensive vacation. They also put 20 percent of their annual salary into investments.

Within ten years, they were millionaires, and people were coming to Steve for advice. “Someone would say, …I need to refinance my house —what should I do? …A lot of times,I wouldn?t know the answer, but I?d go to find it and learn something in the process,” he says.

In 2003, Steve quit his job to become part owner of a company that holds personal finance seminars (研讨会) for employees of corporations like Wal Mart. He also started going to real estate investment seminars, and it?s paid off: He now owns $ 30 million worth of investment properties, including apartment complexes, a shopping mall and a quarry.

“I was an engineer who never thought this life wa s possible, but all it truly takes is a little self education,” says Steve. “You can do anything once you understand the basics.”

66. When Steve Maxwell graduated from college, he________.

A. couldn?t balance his work and life

B. made up his mind to become a millionaire

C. didn?t know how to manage his money

D. often went to banks to borrow money

67. The underlined part “live below their means” (in Paragraph 3) probably means “________”.

A. take effective measures

B. live a miserable life

C. spend more money than they had

D. spend less money than they had

68. Since Steve Maxwell became a millionaire, he________.

A. has been unwilling to help others

B. hasn?t stopped learning from practice

C. has been willing to follow others? advice

D. has stopped to invest in houses

69. What would be the best title for the passage?

A. A self made engineer

B. How to balance your checkbook

C. Don?t avoid investing

D. Educate yourself to become a millionaire

70. It can be inferred from the passage that________.

A. self education is very important to one?s life

B. everyone should learn how to invest in their life

C. Steve Maxwell was quite interested in finance classes in college

D. Steve became rich because he saved every penny he had earned

Passage 3

Lisa was running late. Lisa, 25, had a lot to do at work, plus visitors on the way: her parents were coming in for Thanksgiving from her hometown. But as she hurried down the subway stairs, she started to feel uncomfortably warm. By the time she got to the platform,Lisa felt weak and tired —maybe it hadn?t been a good idea to give blood th e night before, she thought. She rested herself against a post close to the tracks.

Several yards away, Frank ,43, and his girlfriend, Jennifer,found a spot close to where the front of the train would stop. They were deep in discussion about a house they were thinking of buying.

But when he heard the scream, followed by someone yelling,“Oh, my God, she fell in!”Frank didn?t hesitate. He jumped down to the tracks and ran some 40 feet toward the body lying on the rails. “No ! Not you ! ”his girlfriend screame d after him.

She was right to be alarmed. By the time Frank reached Lisa,he could feel the tracks shaking and see the light coming. The train was about 20 seconds from the station.

It was hard to lift her. She was just out. But he managed to raise her the four feet to the platform so that bystanders could hold her by the arms and drag her away from the edge. That was where Lisa briefly regained consciousness,felt herself being pulled along the ground,and saw someone else holding her purse.

Lisa thought she?d been robbed. A woman held her hand and a man gave his shirt to help stop the blood pouring from her head. And she tried to talk but she couldn?t,and that was when she realized how much pain she was in.

Police and fire officials soon arrived, and Frank told the story to an officer. Jennifer said her boyfriend was calm on their 40 minute train ride downtown—just as he had been seconds after the rescue,which made her think about her reaction at the time. “I saw the train coming and I was thinking he was going to die,” she explained.

71.What was the most probable cause for Lisa?s weakness?

A. She had run a long way.

B. She felt hot in the subway.

C. She had done a lot of work.

D. She had donated blood the night before.

72.Why did Jennifer try to stop her boyfriend?

A. Because they would miss their train.

B. Because he didn?t see the train coming.

C. Because she was sure Lisa was hard to lift.

D. Because she was afraid the train would kill him.

73.How did Frank save Lisa?

A. By lifting her to the platform.

B. By helping her rise to her feet.

C. By pulling her along the ground.

D. By dragging her away from the edge.

74.When did Lisa become conscious again?

A. When the train was leaving.

B. After she was back on the platform.

C. After the police and fire officials came.

D. When a man was cleaning the blood from her head.

75. The passage is intended to________.

A. warn us of the danger in the subway

B. show us how to save people in the subway

C. tell us about a subway rescue

D. report a traffic accident

Passage 4

“In only six days I lost seven pounds of weight.”

“Two full inches in the first three days !”

These are the kinds of statements used in magazine, newspaper,radio and television ads,

promising new shapes and new looks to those who buy the medicine or the device. The promoters of such products say they can shape the legs, slim the face, smooth wrinkles,or in some other way add to beauty or desirability.

Often such products are nothing more than money-making things for their promoters. The results they produce are questionable, and some are dangerous to health.

To understand how these products can be legally promoted to the public,it is necessary to understand something of the laws covering their regulation. If the product is a drug, FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) can require proof(证明) under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that it is safe and effective before it is put on the market. But if the product is a device,FDA has no authority to require pre-marketing proof of safety or effectiveness. If a product already on the market is a danger to health, FDA can request the producer or distributor to remove it from the market voluntarily, or it can take legal action, including seizure (查封) of the product.

One notable case a few years ago involved an electrical device called the Relaxacisor, which had been sold for reducing the waistline. The Relaxacisor produced electrical shocks to the body through contact pads. FDA took legal action against the distributor to stop the sale of the devices on the grounds that it was dangerous to health and life.

Obviously, most of the devices on the market have never been the subject of court proceedings(法律诉讼), and new devices appear continually. Before buying, it is up to judge the consumer to judge the safety or effectiveness of such items.

76. It can be inferred that the ads mentioned in the text are________.

A. objective

B. costly

C. unreliable

D. illegal

77. Which of the following is true according to the text?

A.The court is in charge of removing dangerous products.

B. New products are more likely to be questionable.

C. The production of a device must be approved by FDA.

D. The promoters usually just care about profits.

78. FDA can ask for the proof of safety and effectiveness of a product________.

A. if it is a drug

B. if it is a device

C. if its consumers make complaints

D. if its distributors challenge FDA?s authority

79. The Relaxacisor is mentioned as________.

A. a product which was designed to produce electricity

B. a product whose distributor was involved in a legal case

C. a successful advertisement of a beauty product

D. an example of a quality beauty product

80. The author intends to ________.

A. make consumers aware of the promoters? false promises

B. show the weakness of the law on product safety

C. give advice on how to keep young and beautiful

D. introduce the organization of FDA

Part IV Translation (2×10)


81.A person who knows a local sports hero personally, or who attends events where famous athletes are present, is considered by some people to have accomplished something worthwhile.

82.Expressions from sports are extraordinarily common in everyday American speech.

83.Pubic schools are free to all boys and girls, but some parents prefer to send their children to private schools.

84.I am glad to see that the changes of another year have permitted you to move in health through this beautiful world.

85.The good news is that some of the fastest growing service jobs are the better paying ones,particularly in the technical and professional fields.







Part V Error correction (1×10)

Directions:There are 10 sentences. Each of the following sentences has four underlined parts marked A, B, C, D. You are required to identify the incorrect part, then write the corresponding letter and the correct answer on the Answer Sheet.

91.I read in the paper that the killer and his accomplices are to be hung at noon by


order of the governor.


92.When the policeman found the body of that young man , he had already died for about


two days.

93.As the main objective of going to school is presumably to prepare for after life,


it should be very easy to organize lectures designing to , give a broad view of the of occupations .


94.I?d r ather you would go by train , because i can?t bear the idea of your being in


an airplane in such bad weather.


95.He cannot tell the difference between true praise and flattering statements making


only to gain his favor.


96.It is difficult to classify mathematics as simply an art or a science,as they contain


elements of both.


97.The managing director refused to accept either of the four proposals made by the

A B C D contractors.

98.In that city most of all a people often go hunting over there.


99.I must confess that her knowledge of english literature is more superior to mine.


100.It was not so much the many blows he received for the lack of fighting spirit that


led to his losing the game.


Part VI Writing(20 points)

Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Abilities and Good Looks by commenting on the old saying,“Never judge a person by his appearance.” You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words

Abilities and Good Looks




1.【解析】选[B]。从本题的选项可以看出,本题的测试点在于such…that的用法以及其与so…that的区别。首先,such…that“这样…以至于”和so' that“如此…以至于”都是用来引导结果状语从句,只是在修饰内容方面有所差别。such---that这一句型such+a(an)+adj单数可数名词+that从句或者such+adj+复数名词或不可数名词+that从句,可见其修饰的重点是名词;而so...that的句型是so+adj. (or adv.)+that从句,修饰的重点在形容词或副词,但是so' that 句型也可以与单数名词连用,即so+adj.+a(an)+单数可数名词+that从句,此时一定要注意修饰的顺序。那么在本题中,修饰的重点是一个单数可数名词guy,所以such a cute guy或者so cute a guy都是对的,因此正确答案就是选项[B]。


2.【解析】选[B]。考查方式状语从句的用法。从句子的意思可以看出,这句话是对nails和选项中的主要词claws的相同功能上的对比。因此,空白处的连词将引导方式状语从句。而选项[B]放在句中,“as claws protect…”表示“正如爪子保护…一样”,符合题意,此时as引导的是方式状语从句,故[B]是正确答案。

【题意】指甲保护人类的手指和脚趾的末端,正如爪子保护多数其他脊椎动物的脚趾一样。3.【解析】选[B]。考查让步状语从句的连接词。whatever这里等于no matter what,是“无论什么”的意思,引导让步状语从句,并且作及物动词say的宾语。


4.【解析】选[B]。考查主谓一致。从句怍主语时,主句的谓语动词要用单数形式.How close parents are to their children……是一个有主谓结构的句子形式,作整个句子的主语,空格处应当是主句的谓语动词,所以答案是[B] has。


5.【解析】选[B]。考查主谓一致和被动语态。由and连接两个或多个主语时,后面一般都跟谓语动词的复数形式,在表示两个人时,and后面应加不定冠词、定冠词或其他限定词,如果and后面没有冠词或其他限定词,则表示的概念,后面接谓语动词的单数形式,主语The linebacker and captain of the team,看似两人,实际上是一个人兼两个职位,是个单一概念,所以谓语动词用单数形式。另外,由句意可以判断句中的谓语动词select和主语之间的关系为承受关系,应选择被动语态,因此正确答案为[B]has been slected。


6.【解析】选[B]。考查主谓一致。本题的考点是考查together with等短语修饰主语时,谓语动词的数的用法。当主语不止一个,且主语间由介词with,together with,along with, as well as. as mach as' no less than, more than, not to mention, including,like,but,except等连接时,其谓语动词取决于前一个主语,即上述介词前的名词或代词。因此本题的主语应该是the feedback,谓语动词用单数形式,答案为[B]tells。


7.【解析】选[A]。形近词辨析题。所填词与'forms of life形成语义场同现,能和forms of形成合理搭配的选项应为[A]evolved“演变,进化”,在句中表示“地球上进化的智能生命形式”,符合句意。




【题意】把蛋糕包装在一个结实的盒子里,否则在邮寄的过程中会被压坏的。9.【解析】选[C]。形近词辨析题。所填词与介词to形成结构同现,选项[C]attribute“把…归于,把…归因于”,常用于attribute sth.to结构,表示“将某事归咎于,认为某事是由…引起或产生的”,符合句意,所以[C]是答案。


10.【解析】选[B]。形近词辨析题。所填词与plan形成语义场同现,能和plan形成合理搭配的选项应为[B]outline“大纲,要点,概要”,outline of his plan意为“计划的纲要”,符合句意,所以[B]为答案。


11.【解析】选[B]形近词辨析题。所填词与reestablish形成语义场同现,能和reestablish搭配作其宾语的选项应为[B]contact“接触,联系”,reestablish contact意为“从新建立联系”,符合句意,所以[B]为答案。


12.【解析】选[A]。形近词辨析题。所填词与illness和holiday plan形成语义场同现,并表示二者的关系,选项[A]mess“混乱,杂乱”,在句中表示“打乱了我的度假计划”,符合句意,所以[A]为答案。




14.【解析】选[B]。形近词辨析题c but引导并列句that指代的是整个前面的分句,所填词与writes for newspaper形成语义场同现,是对writes for newspaper.的概括,因此答案为[B]vocation“职业”


15.【解析】选[A]。形近词辨析题。所填词与broadcast形成修饰同现,由句中的while可知perform ance和broadcast是同时进行的,所以答案选[A]li ve“现场直播的,实况转播的??。


16.【解析】选[D]。固定搭配题。所填词与in no形成结构同现,可以和它们形成搭配的词成为[D]mood“心情,情绪”,in no mood for doing sth.是一贯的用法,意为“没有心情做某事”,所以[D]是答案。


17.【解析】选[B]。固定搭配题。所填词与on形成结构同现,选项[B]occasions“场合,时刻,机会”,常与on搭配,on such occasions表示“在这个时候??,符合甸意,所以[B]答案。


18.【解析】,选[B]。固定搭配题。所填词与on形成结构同现,选项[B]remark“评论,话语”常与on搭配,make a remark on sth。意为“就…发表意见,对…评头论足”,符合句意,所以[B]为答案。


19.【解析】选【D]。固定搭配题。所填词与in a形成结构同现,选项[D]rage“狂怒,盛怒”,in a rage;以为“勃然大怒”,符合句意,所以[D]为答案。


20.【解析】选[D]。固定搭配题。所填词与by形成结构同现,by inference是固定搭配'意为“依照推理,同理”,因此答案为[D]inference“推理,推论”.


21.【解析】选[C]。固定搭配题。句中的and使所填短语和cause形成同义同现,能正确表述吃太多脂肪与心脏病间的因果关系并和cause意思相近的选项应是[C]contribute to“导致,促成”,所以[C]是答案。


22.【解析】选[D]。固定搭配题。所填短语和句中的attention“注意”形成语义场同现,台邑和attention形成合理搭配的词应为[D]calls for¨要求,需要”。


23.【解析】选[B]。固定搭配题。所填词与bad habits形成语义场同现,句子前后还暗含因果关系,因此答案选[B] pick up“染上”,pick up bad habits表示“染上坏习惯”,



2 4.【解析】选[A].固定搭配题。做兼职与学习好之间通常是矛盾的,因此要使甸意符合逻辑

必须用表示转折的短语,选项[Ain spite of“尽管”表示让步、转折的关系,



2 5.【解析】选[C]。固定搭配题。所填短语和signs形成语义场同现,能和signs“牌子,指

牌??搭配的短语应选[C]put up“支起,张贴”


26.【解析】选[C]。固定搭配题。第二句话表明这张床传自曾祖母,能出现在这一语义场牛短语应为[C]handed down“把…传下去,传给(后代)”,所以[C]是答案。



难”形成合理搭配的短语应为[C]go through“经历,遭受”,go through hardships表示“经历艰难”,符合句意,所以[C]是答案。



29.【解析】选[C]。近义辨析题。所填词与post office形成语义场同现,从题中可知包裹是人寄给他的,因此应该去领取,所以选[C]collect“领取,取走”,collect parcel意为“领取包裹”,符合句意,所以[C]为答案。




31.【解析】选[C]。近义辨析题。所填词与judge和court形成语义场同现,选项[C]session 庭的开庭,会期”,符合语境和句意,因此[C]为答案。





33.【解析】选[C]。近义辨析题。所填词与chemistry形成语义场同现,选项[C]substances 质”指具体的物质或某种可使某物具有某种特性的特殊物质,常表示化学物符合句意和语境,所以[C]为答案。




35.【解析】选[B]。考查固定句型的用法cannot but/cannot help but+动词原形,还有help+动名词都有“不能不,不得不,情不自禁”的意思,了解了这些用法,容易选出本题的正确答案[B]but worry。

【题意】父母向孩子们保证一点危险也没有,但是孩子们仍禁不住有些担心。36.【解析】选[D]。考查比较级的用法。本题中,根据句意可以看出是两者之间的比较,所以该用比较级。实际上,整句话补充完整了应该是“Hot objects emit more infrared rays than cold objects emit infrared rays.”,正确答案为[D]more infrared rays than 。


37.【解析】选[A]。考查remember接不定式的用法。remember之后可以用动词不定式或者动名词来作宾语,但是含义有明显的差别,remember后接动名词表示记得做过某事;如果后面跟上动词不定式则表示记得要去做某事。在本题中,应用了虚拟语气,对过去发生的事情进行虚拟,表明我没有记得去锁门,应该做的事情没有做,所以选[A]to lock。


38.【解析】考查固定搭配be worth+doing(动名词)的用法,意思是¨值得做….其中worth 是形容词,后面需要接动名词形式,所以正确答案就是选项[D]going controversy的意思是“辩论”,常常指就某一个问题通过文字形式进行辩论。


39.【解析】选[D]。考查不定式完成式的用法。在这句话中,主句的谓语seem之后要接动词不定式,这个动词不定式所表示的动作发生在主句的动作之前,所以应该用不定式的完成式,即to have forgotten。


40.【解析】选[A]。考查allow接不定式作宾语补足语的用法,allow sb. to do sth.意思是“允许某人做某事”,从选项以及句子的意思看,答案选[A]to park,符合句意。



41.A estimate意为“据估计”,suggest为“建议、暗示”,inform是“通知、告知”,因死亡数据只是一个大概数据,故应用A。

42.B 此外应缺少名词,故排除D项,A、C项词形错误,故应选B项effects。

43.D increasing 正在增加,为进行时态。

44.C die from 强调外因,die of强调内因。

45.A in 与数字或数量连用,表示比例,意思为

46.B currently 为副词,为时下,当下之意“每”。

47.B cause 为导致某事结果的直接诱因,reason 指说明某事的理由,excuse 为借口,result 为结果。w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m

48.C link to 与…有关,分词短语作后置定语,connected to 是两物相连接的,相连的。

49.D It+be+adj+to do 为固定句型,stop to do 是停下来去做另一件事。Stop doing 是停止


50.B do 表强调,有现在时态和过去时态,在肯定句中进行强调,后加动词原形。

51.C who 为特殊疑问句,引导定语从句,

52.D 此处缺少形容词,故用successful

53.B include doing sth.,attend 为参加一些自助活动,而并非组织活动,故排除D项。

54.A attending or following为并列关系,follow directions为按照说明去做。

55.C be worth doing 为固定短语,意为“尝试”语意好于“doing”

56.B where 引导定语从句,先行词是areas,在从句中担任地点状语。

57.B instead of代替,而不是,instead是相反之意。

58.B the sooner……the more越早越。强调终止吸烟的时间。

59.A return返回,回来,血压回到正常。back为副词,其它语意不符。

60.C that(特定的)那一类、那一个,it特指同一个,one泛指同一类。



[答案] D


[答案] B


[答案] A


[答案] C


[答案] C

66.[解析]事实细节题。根据第一段的he couldn’t balance his checkbook和I actually had to go to my bank and ask them to teach me how to read my statement可知,Steve Maxwell 刚毕业后不懂得如何理财。

[答案] C


[答案] D

68.[解析]事实细节题。根据第四段的A lot of times,I wouldn’t know the answer,but I’d go find it and learn something in the process可以看出,史蒂夫总是在教别人理财的过程中学到一些东西。

[答案] B

69.[解析]主旨大意题。史蒂夫从开始的根本不懂理财到最后成为百万富翁,靠的是不断的学习——向别人讨教,从书本上学习,D项点出了他成功的秘诀。文章最后一段的self education是关键词。

[答案] D


71.[解析]事实细节题。从第一段“...it hadn’t been a good idea to give blood...”可知,Lisa 怀疑自己虚弱的原因是因为献血了。

[答案] D

72.[解析]事实细节题。从最后一段“...I was thinking he was going to die.”可知,Frank的女友担心Frank会被列车轧死。

[答案] D

73.[解析]事实细节题。从第五段“...he managed to raise her the four feet to the platform...”可知,Frank把Lisa抱到了站台边。

[答案] A

74.[解析]事实细节题。从第五段“...felt herself being pulled along the ground...”可知,Lisa 是在被抱到站台上后才恢复了知觉。

[答案] B

75.[解析]主旨大意题。全文讲述了Lisa在地铁站因晕倒而差点遇险,不过幸而得到Frank 及时相救的故事。

[答案] C


[答案] C


[答案] D


[答案] A


[答案] B


[答案] A







86.He had just had a dinner so enormous that he could hardly breathe.

87.It was thoughtful of you to come and see me when I was ill .

88.Wherever he performs, his wonderful songs will always win the hearts of the audience.

89.Once you have confidence in yourself, you will make remarkable progress in your English study.

90.Now that you don’t want to miss the chance to study in America, please contact that university as soon as possible.


91.C-hanged 92.B-had already been dead 93.C-designed

94.A-went 95.C-made 96.C- it contains

97.C-any 98.B-the people 99.C-superior



We are often told not to judge people by their appearance, because for a person, abilities are far more important than appearance. Throughout history, there are numerous examples of outstanding people with remarkable achievements who are just plain or not good-looking at all.

However, nowadays some people hold the belief that appearance outweighs abilities, partly because some beautiful people seem to have advantages in competitive situations like job interviews and have been given more opportunities than others. Nevertheless, I still firmly believe that abilities are more important For one thing, although good looks are easy on the eye, it is always one?s abilities that create values that really matter. For another, while people?s good looks were born to them, abilities have to be gained through deliberate self-cultivation and years of hardworking which speak more of people?s true colors. Last but not least, abilities grow over time while good looks only fade.

Eventually, it is the abilities that help people succeed, so it is safe to say that abilities will always bring more to life

than good looks.