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Unit1 The way to success


1.Most cities in the country have introduced“Clean Air Zones”

__whereby__factories and households are only allowed to burn smokeless fuel.

2.He knows that the__pursuit__of social status can consume vast amounts of his time and effort.

3.The doctors are at a loss because so far no medicine has been found to __inhibit__the spread of the disease.

4.We see many special education directors trying to__maintain__the quality of their programs with much less money and much smaller staff.

5.People there are told it is their__patriotic__duty to support the national economy by buying their own products.

6.Drawin’s thinking both drew upon and__transcend__the conventional ideas of his time.

7.In spite of all your__endeavors__,there many be times when you encounter difficulties in the training process.

8.My advice to Mr.Stewart is to think carefully before entering into

a career in medicine,as this is a field which requires a lot

of__dedication__and long working hours.

9.Most chinese parents would prefer to choose some professions that are stable and could bring__prestige__and economic benefits.

10.It is legally possible for an elderly person to__nominate__someone to act for them,should they become incapable of looking after themselves.

Unit2 Beat your fear


1.Kids are more likely to__intervene__in a situation if they believe their parents expect them to help.

2.The first lesson I learned as a newcomer for the company was never to__underestimate__the degree of difficulty I could face in career advancement.

3.Just as I started to think that I was never going to get well,the illness began to__recede__.

4.Whatever the decision is,I would like you to know that your department is my first choice and I__deem__it a great honor if I could study in your department.

5.During one particularly__bleak__moment in my career,a senior colleague of mine said to me,“If you follow your dream,the money

will come.Follow the money,and you will lose your dream.”

6.Unless we can find a way to__appraise__nature and then invest in protecting it,our basic life-support systems are going to collapse.

7.The blizzard moved south,turning into an icy rain

that__paralyze__the airports for three days.

8.In this introduction we have diagnosed some of the causes of the illness and in the following chapters,we will draw attention to its various unpleasant__symptoms__.

9.In those days,divorce under any circumstances was socially unacceptable and there was great__dismay__in the family who went through it.

10.Every time she talked about being rejected in her hunt for a

job,she seemed on the__brink__of tears,and I would quickly switch the conversation to another topic.

Unit3 Life stories


1.As a number of authors point out,the urge to migrate is

a(n)__integral__part of human nature.

2.Children should be allowed to__cherish__those few years of innocence before they have to learn the truth about the real world.

3.He has been__afflicted__by a horrible disease,from which one of his best friends died two week ago.

4.The results of the survey are__noteworthy__and useful despite being from a small sample.

5.The director said that they needed a young actress who

could__portray__someone who was both unbalanced and confident at the same time.

6.praise must be used wisely to__compliment__students who perform up to expections and to encourage students to perform to maximum levels.

7.In the__domain__of research,it is an accepted fact that scientific publications have to be written or translated into English to get published,acknowledged,and cited.

8.He received a(n)__anonymous__call threatening to disclose details of his affair if he didn’t pay the money.

9.The movie presents Lincoln as a strong-willed,__conscientious__man who led the US through a moral,constitutions and political crisis.

10.It is understandable that the health and welfare of their family

is a(n)__perpetual__concern for this young couple.

Unit5 When work is a pleasure


1.The general considered all the information that had been gathered and__gauged__what possible moves the enemy might make before issuing his orders.

2.The new president said she would__dedicate__herself to protecting the rights of the old and the homeless,who are otherwise helpless and vulnerable.

3.Cell phone conversations,which are fairly__commonplace__on commuter trains,can be annoying to fellow commuters.

4.Ask your doctor whether a low-fat diet and a daily walk

will__suffice__to reduce your high blood pressure.

5.The__revenue__from tourism is the biggest single contribution to GDP in the Maldives;every year many tourist from all corners of the world spend their holidays there.

6.Since the beginning of this century,china has built many morden conference centers with underground parking,air-conditioning

and__simultaneous__translation systems.

7.While advertising offers a stimulus to buy,sales promotion offers

a(n)__incentive__to buy,but consumers must have their own reason to buy

8.In general,smokers living in cities are slightly more__prone__to lung cancer than smokers who are living in the country.

9.A large proportion of important__innovations__are brought about by people who step outside of conventional categories or traditional assumptions.

10.The habit of going to coffee houses was__fostered__by the city’s relatively small size,safe streets,good public transportation and moderate climate.

Unit8 The art of parenting


1.He could hardly control his__indignation__at the condition under which the miners where forced to work,without water and enough food.

2.Both side were very careful when drafting the ceasefire agreements,they wanted to prevent any actions that could be considered__provocative__by either side.

3.She has always had a(n)__militant__personality;she is always prepared and ready to do battle when she believes that the cause is right.

4.News stories__overlap__;morning paper headlines take account of the previous,evening’s radio and TV stories,and the electronic media pick up items from the daily press.

5.Lucy stretched up to kiss her dad’s cheek lightly,and he patted his daughter as if he was__conferring__an honor to her.

6.Inspired by Martin Luther king’s famous speech,“I Have a

dream ”,thousand of people went out onto the streets to support the civil rights,movement in__defiance__of the curfew.

7.Beth was__hesitant__about visiting his ex-boy friend;she worried that he might refuse to talk to her.

8.When human first traveled into outer space,it was as revolutionary a(n)__milestone__in human culture as the invention of the wheel.

9.Perplexed,she turned and noticed her husband had collapsed and was slumped on the floor behind the counter.she rushed to him and

__cradled__his head in her arms.

10.Health experts are now__preaching__that even a little

exercise,such as doing housework or light gardening,is far better than none at all.



A committed(犯罪) F eventually(最后) K feats(功勋)

B scarcely(几乎不) G premier(首相) L diligent(勤勉,刻苦)

C dedication(奉献) H endeavor(尝试,尽力) M slightest(纤弱,细瘦)

D tragic(悲惨的) I transcend(超越,摆脱)N attained(到达)

E handicaps(阻碍,) J bypass(旁路小道) O diligently(勤奋的)

Where there is a will,there is a way.This proverb means that if you

are really determined to do something however difficulty is might

be,you will(1)__eventually__find a way to do it

well.The(2)__premier__point is that you must have the will to achieve


Ninety percent of the failures that occur are due to the fact that

there is no strong will involved.Many people simple say that they

want something,but they do not make any(3)__endeavor__to achieve

it.So,instead of getting it,they use the poorest excuse to explain

the situation away.

On many occasions,people tend to(4)__bypass__every minute

obstacle,making the objective impossible to attain.In reality,if they

have the will to succeed,they can get rid of the(5)__handicaps__and

achieve their goals

Only those with a(n)(6)__committed__and focused will and spirit can

fight their way to final victory.Many a famous man has the same

experience.They have(7)__attained__their prestige because they have

had the will to(8)__transcend__apparently insuperable(无法克服

的)obstacles.many artists,statesmen,writers and inventors have

managed to succeed because they possess a fierce will,which has

helped them to accomplish major(9)__feats__

Therefore,we can see that the main thing which one needs is a strong

will.Weak-willed people never climb to the top.They collapse at

the(10)__slightest__use of force against them.Strong-willed people,on

the other hand,will stand up against all odds and will make it a

point to succeed.


A excessive(过度) F pathetic(可怜的) K characterized(性格)

B roles(规则) G challenge(挑战) L awareness(意识,认识)

C paralyze(使瘫痪) H amount(总计) M catastrophe(不利局面)

Daspects( 方面) I exposed(暴露) N reaction(回应) E deemed(认为) J recede(减小) O vicious(凶险的)

Social anxiety symptoms often begin during adolescence.It’s developmental process that is(1)__characterized__by profound

psychological changes,especially in terms of how we relate to

others.One of the most frustrating(2)__aspects__of the adolescent

years is the tendency for self-focus and a decrease in the

(3)__amount__of focus we have for the feelings and needs of others

While these change are fairly universal,those of us who were born

with a shy temperament(性格)can carry the adolescent fears,which may

never(4)__recede__,into adulthood.An anxious temperament causes our

brains to react forcibly when(5)__exposed__to the stress of sudden awareness of our peers and gradually we become more and more

vulnerable.Our brains label the fear of exposure or embarrassment as

highly dangerous.This may result in a(n)(6)__vicious__circle for many years:excessive self-consciousness and inhibition when we feel we are being observed.

To cope with the problem,I would like to(7)__challenge__you to strive

for increased focus other people,in place of

your(8)__excessive__focus on yourself.Yes,I know,this is easier said

than done.The fear may cause you to feel that you will lose control

or make a fool of yourself when you are in the spotlight(聚光灯).But

if you begin to build a new response,in(9)__reaction__to your

fears,you will gradually build up a strong and more positive

response.Remember,don’t let self-consciousness(10)__paralyze__you!Be courageous!


A diplomatic(外交的) F popularity(欢迎) K devote(投票)

B humanitarian(人道主义) G beneficiary(利益) L mentally(精神上) Cdomain(领域) H committed(忠诚,坚定) M originally(原始的)

D integral(必须的) I define(规定) N surviving(存在的)

E embarked(从事,着手) J humane(仁慈,高尚) O cherishing(钟爱)

Audrey Hepburn was a beautiful actress and model,who become one of

the most successful and well-known actresses in the film(1)__domain__

She was a fashion icon and role model for women all over the

world,helping to(2)__define__a particular type of


the slim fashion model is due to Audrey Hepburn’s influence.Although

she appeared frail(脆弱的),she was(4)__mentally__strong.At the end of

the acting career when she entered a(n)(5)__diplomatic__career as a Goodwell Ambassador for UNICEF,she was so solidly(6)__committed__to

her cause that she was held in highest esteem(尊重)by even the most hardended politicians.

Audrey originally started working for UNICEF in 1954,doing radio presentations.She always said it was happy to(7)__devote__her life to helping impoverished(穷困的)children after her own good fortune

in(8)__surviving__the hardship of the Nazi occupation of Holland.she

began her permanent ambassadorship in 1988 and(9)__embarked__on trips

to many countries.She was always positive:“people in these places

don’t know Audery Hepburn,but they recognize the name UNICEF.when

they see UNICEF their face light up,because they know that something

is happening.”In 1992,her(10)__humanitarian__work with those in need

was recognize when she was awarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian

Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for her contribution to humanity.


A coincide(相符) F notion(概念,意见) K reflects(表达,反射) Bdiversion(转移,) G adverse(不利,有害) L primary(首要的)

Cfoster(培养,促进) H motivations(动力) M miserable(悲惨,令人痛苦) D gauging(测定,) I monetary(货币,金钱) N aspects(方面) Egossiping(八卦,) J livelihood(生活,生计) O employees(雇员)

In a study conducted in the UK,it was found that only four out of every five(1)__employees__happy at work.Surprisingly,contrary to popular(2)__notion__,friendly,supportive colleague and a good manage,instead of the salary or the love for the work,have been found to be the(3)__primary__causes of happiness at work.So,how do you keep your spirits up and at the same time,(4)__foster__a sense of joy on

the job? Here is one of the trips to help you on your way to finding happiness and complete job satisfaction in the workplace.

Start with a positive outlook.Happiness is a state of mind;it

(5)__reflects__an attitude,though not many people realize it.Staying happy at work is totally base on your(6)__motivations__on a positive outlook toward your job,not on(7)__monetary__rewards or material gain.Dwelling on(老是想着)the good(8)__aspects__of the work rather than rattling on and on(对…喋喋不休)about what makes you unhappy is the basic key to happiness.Negativity and(9)__gossiping__about bad things may be easy,but it is looking at the bright side that makes

for the challenging part of a job.As Francesca Reigler puts it,“Happiness in an attitude.We either make

ourselves(10)__miserable__,or happy and strong.The amount of work is the same.”


A contact(接触) F hardy(鲁莽,勇敢) K handy(方便)

B obedience(服从,) G confer(授予) L charge(装载)

C presumption(推测) H bounce(反弹) M dispense(摒弃,不用做)

D intellect(才智) I cradle(轻拥) N disposal(丢掉,清除)

E tumble(摔倒,翻腾) J automatic(自动的) O attached(附加,依恋)

Laughter is a(n)(1)__automatic__response to being touched by a

tickle(瘙痒)-a natural response from the child.This puts the tickler

in(2)__charge__of how much or how long the child laughs.We adults

don’t read children’s minds,but we often have

a(n)(3)__presumption__that we can.So we usually think we’re aware of

what’s too much tickling and when to stop.But it is possible to trap

our children without knowing it.We parents become(4)__attached__to

tickling because it seems to be a(n)(5)__handy__shortcut to

laughter.We wish that our children are happy and love us,and tickling

becomes our shortcut to get assured.

Rather than forcing laughter in this way,we can(6)__confer__upon them

inner confidence if we will get known on the floor and invite them to

be in playful physical(7)__contact__with us.If we find ways to give

them much of the power,our children will laugh and laugh.Games like

“I have a hundred hugs for you”or“Where’s Jared? I know his

around here somewhere”or“Oh no! I can’t get this horsy rider off

my back!”let children laugh and laugh as we try to catch them,or try

to find them,or try to(8)__bounce__them, off our backs,and fail over

and over.

The physical contact that requires more creativity than tickling

allows us to (9)__tumble__around,to press our heads against their

stomachs here and there for a second,and to manage an embrace before

they make another daring escape.We get our affection across without

trapping our children.And we give them a chance to be inventive as

they use their(10)__intellect__to figure out a hundred ways to

outsmart us.


的智慧和奋斗去实现自我价值。青年创业(young entrepreneurship)是未来





Nowadays, many young people no longer choose “stable” jobs. Instead, they prefer to start their own businesses and realize their self-value through their own wisdom and efforts. Young entrepreneurship is the source of national economic vitality in the future. The success of entrepreneurs not only creates fortune, increases job opportunities, improves people’s life, but it is also good for the country in the long term. Entrepreneurs are a driving force in upgrading China’s economy. Especially for the time being, our country is encouraging people to start their own businesses and make innovations and giving policy support for medium and small businesses. This further arouses young people's enthusiasm to start their own businesses.






Realizing the great national rejuvenation, which we define as the Chinese Dream, has been the greatest Chinese expectation since

modern times. It basically means achieving prosperity for the country, renewal of the nation and happiness for the people, thus ensuring that every enterprising Chinese carries, generation after generation, the firm conviction that a better life is accomplished through persistent effort. People should achieve their prosperity through diligence, courage, creativity and determination instead of

aid from society or other people. Each individual is a participant

and a designer in the cause of realizing the Chinese Dream, for it

is a dream not only for the entire nation but also for every Chinese.

3.水墨画(ink and wash painting)是中国独具特色的传统艺术形式之一,是中国国画的代表。它大约始于唐代,兴盛于宋代和元代,距今已有一千多年的历史,其间经历了不断的发展、提高和完善。水墨画的创作工具和材料是具有浓厚中国特色的毛笔、宣纸和墨,其作品特点也与此紧密相关。例如,水和墨相互调和,使作品具有干湿浓淡的层次。水墨和宣纸的交融渗透也使画作善于表现丰富的意象,从而达到独特的审美效果。水墨画在中国绘画史上具有很高的地位,甚至被认为是衡量东方绘画艺术水平的标准。

Ink and wash painting, one of the unique traditional art forms of China, is representative of Chinese painting. It began around the time of the Tang Dynasty, and then prospered in the Song and Yuan dynasties. With a history of over one thousand years, it has experienced constant development, improvement and perfection. The tools and materials used to create ink and wash painting, i.e. brushes, rice paper, and ink, are characteristic of Chinese culture and closely related to the features of the paintings. For example, the mixing of water and ink creates different shades of dryness, wetness, thickness and thinness. The integration and infiltration of water, ink, and rice paper enables such paintings to convey rich images, and hence to achieve unique aesthetic effects. Ink and wash painting holds a high status in the history of Chinese painting, and it is even regarded as the criterion to evaluate the artistic level of Oriental paintings.


China is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of tea culture. Since ancient times, tea has been known as the "national drink" of China. In both the Chinese scholars' seven daily necessities, namely music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine and tea and common people's seven ones, namely firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, tea is listed as one of the necessities. Meanwhile, China is a country with ancient civilization and a land of courtesy. The practice of making and serving tea is essential whenever there

are guests or friends. With the development of cultural exchange, commerce and trade between China and other countries, Chinese tea and tea culture spread to the world. Today, a number of countries across the five continents grow tea plants, and many countries import tea from China. Chinese tea, like Chinese silk and chinaware, has become synonymous with China in the world.



The CCTV Spring Festival Gala (Spring Festival Gala for short), which was started in 1983, has become an indispensable cultural consumer product and a cultural symbol in the cultural life of the Chinese people. Though it's hard to satisfy the tastes of all the people, it has to be admitted that the Spring Festival Gala has become a "new custom" for the public that they can't live without. The Spring Festival Gala is more than a gala; it is a ritual and a symbol, a culture and a label, and an emotion and a place where people entrust their hearts to. With the development of the times and the emerging of new media, the audiences are having more diversified choices and demands. Corresponding, the Spring Festival Gala is also advancing with the times to satisfy the growing cultural needs of the people.