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1The French pianist who had been ______ very highly turned out to be a great disappointment.

A talked

B mentioned

C praised

D pleased

2______we were given the right address, we found her house easily.

A Since

B although

C If

D so

3In children’s _______ the Spring Festival is associated with nice food and presents.A

brain B head C heart D mind

4The doctor says that the new medicine will ______ you a good night’s sleep.

A secure

B assure

C ensure

D insure

5The old couple ______to adopt a boy and a girl though they already had three of their own.

A determined

B settled

C assigned

D decided

6The government is trying to do something to ______ better understanding between the two countries.

A raise

B lift

C promote

D push

7Jane’s dress is similar _____ her sister’s in design.

A for

B to

C with

D with

8By the time you get there this afternoon, the film _______.

A is to start

B is starting

C will start

D will have started

9 I suggested he _____himself to his new life in the countryside.

A adopt

B adapt

C regulate

D suit

10It _____ me there days to have the watch repaired.

A took

B gave

C kept

D made


Here are two cars. They may some day take the place of today’s big cars. If we use such cars in the future, there will be less pollution in the air. There will be more space for parking cars in cities, and the street will be less crowded. There such cars can park in the space that is needed for one of today’s cars.

The little cars will be very cheap. They will be very safe, too. Because these little cars can go at a speed of only 65 kilometers per hour.

The car of the future will be fine for getting around a city but they will not be useful for long trips. If the car is powered by electricity, it will have two batteries—one for the motor and the other for the lights, signals, etc. If the little cars run on gasoline, they will go 450 kilometers before they need to stop for more gas.

If big cars are still used along with the small ones, we must build two sets of roads, one for the big and the other for the small, slower cars.

11The” two cars” talked about in the first sentence of the first paragraph refer to two cars_______.

A with a small size

B used for long trips

C running on electricity

D bigger than today’s cars

12 One of the advantages of such cars is that it is______.

A more comfortable to sit in them

B simple to drive them in crowded places

C faster for them to run on narrow streets

D easier to park them in busy streets

13We can infer from the passage that customers may be interested in such cars because they______.

A) don’t use gasoline

B have fewer spare parts

C are not very expensive

D are powered by two batteries

14If these cars are used along with today’s cars, we must build______

A a new set of wide roads

B lots of gas stations

C two sets of different roads

D many more car parks

15What is the purpose of the writer in writing this passage?

A To invite people to buy new cars.

B To describe the future of cars.

C To introduce the advantages of a new kind of car.

D To draw attention to pollution caused by cars.


What is exactly a lie? Is it anything we say which we know is untrue? Or is it something more than that? For example, suppose a friend wants to borrow some money from you, you say: “I wish I could help you but I’m short of money myself.” In fact, you are not short of money but your friend is in the habit of not paying his debts and you don’t want to hurt his feeling by remmding him of this. Is this really a lie? A scientific study of lying shows women are better liars(说谎者) than men, particularly when telling a “white lie “ ,such as when a woman at a party tells another woman that she likes her dress when she really thinks it looks terrible. However, this is only one side of the story. Other researches show that men are more likely to tell more serious and lies, such as making a promise which they have no intention of fulfilling, This is the kind of lie politicians and businessmen are supposed to be particularly skilled at: the lie from which the man hopes to profit or gain in some way.

Research has also been done into the way people’s behavior changes in a number of small, unimportant ways when they lie. It has been found that if they are sitting down at the same time, they tend to move about in their chairs more than usual. To the trained observer they are saying, “I wish I were somewhere else now.”

16This passage tells us that telling lies is_______.

A often necessary in order to avoid being defeated

B quite bad because people ought to be honest

C sometimes necessary in order not to hurt someone’s feelings

D usually bad if you are talking with a good friend

17The writer says that women are better liars than men because______.

A their liars are easier to be accepted by men

B men are not as skillful as women in telling lies

C they always have a good intention in telling lies

D women tell fewer liars than men do

18 A “white lie” means a lie that ______.

A is told with a good intention

B is quite unbelievable

C is almost true to the facts

D often has a good purpose

19Politicians and businessmen are supposed to be skillful at telling lies as______.

A will allow them to gain some benefits

B seems to be strange but interesting

C can make women believe to be true

D may keep better relations with other

20It can be concluded from the passage that_______.

A there is a simple way of finding out if someone is lying

B people’s behaviors sometimes can tell us they are lying

C people often repeat what they are saying when telling a lie

D in some situations women are most likely to tell a lie

21Forcing middle-aged persons to retire might cause______.

A the loss of valuable resources

B shortage of the work force

C elderly people feel upset

D families to be unstable

22The word “prime “in 7 Para.2 may be replaced by “______”

A first

B early

C major

D spring

23Which of the following suggestions did the writher make?

A Young people should work harder in order to go to college

B Colleges should be open to more high school-leavers.

C The old should be allowed to work as long as they want to

D Policy makers should create more job opportunities

24What is the writer’s attitude towards the described situation?

A Concerned

B Hopeless

C Indifferent

D Satisfied

25The best title for this passage might be “_________”

A How to solve unemployment problem

B Should People be forced to retire


26The increasing economic strength of our county has made it far less dependent on the American market.





27It was the limited knowledge of the cause of the natural disasters that put people at a loss of action.





28The voyage, contrary to our expectation, was so smooth that there was noting to prevent us from reading or sleeping.

A这次航行出乎我们的意料,非常顺利, 以至于没有耽搁我们读书和睡眠

B和我们的预料相反.这次航行平静异常, 毫不妨碍我们阅读和睡眠

C这次旅行比我们想象的还要顺利, 没有什么可以干扰我们读书和睡眠.

D这次旅行没有我们想象的好,太平淡了, 除了看书和睡觉没有事可做.

29Any time during the day may be employed in physical exercise, but provided it is not too near meal hours.






30If you (keep)______on doing that last month, you would have succeeded.

31One of the principles for (establish ) __________good relations between any two persons is to be honest.

32The new (equip) ________installed in the factory has just been imported from Italy.

33The room is (beautiful) _______painted and the furniture is in bright color.

34In our society there are large numbers of people who are doing (serve) _________to society and to those people in need of help.

35 It is important that he (finish) ________the task we have given him today.

36The shortage of energy has led (science) _______to make researches for new energy sources. 37Noise is another sort of (pollute)_______which affects people’s health, both mentally and physically.

38When comparing these two cultures, people (surprise) ______to find there are more similarities than differences.

39Sometimes it is extremely hard for people (say)_____a simple thing like “I was wrong about that ”.


That day I learned two things:

First, a little kindness and confidence _______people can make a great _____to them,

And second, ______and courage are not always measured ______medals and victories,

They are measured in the struggles we ___ difficulties .The strongest people are not always the people who win, ____ the people who don’t give ______when they lose.

I only dream that someday--perhaps as a senior---I will be _______to win the race with a cheer as big as the ______ I got when I lost the race ______a freshman.

40 A at B of C to D by

41 A meaning B effort C difference D effect

42 A strength B force C behavior D power

43 A with B by C in D through

44 A cover B overcome C settle D defeat

45 A as B for C but D since

46 A up B out C away D off

47 A able B alike C certain D real

48 A last B other C same D one

49 A as B like C beyond D against


A---Cartoon City B---Sky of Arts

C---Road to Health D---Soccer Night

E---Sunset Glow F---Garden for Opera Fans

G---Super Variety Show H---Time Across the Strait

I---Sunday Topics J---China

K---Half the Sky L---Gallery of Calligraphy and painting

M---Tell it like it is N---Traditional Medicine

O---Twinkling Lights P---Market Hotline













60For whom is the Dolphin Program specially developed?

It is developed for___________________________.

61What’s the style of the Holiday?

The style is designed to be __________________________.

62What will one have when one enjoys the holiday?

One will have ______________________________________.

63What are the evening programs?

The evening programs are parties, discos and__________________.

64"How long will the holiday last?

It will last for ___________________.


65What educators discovering is that many adults come back to school not just to fill time, or learn a job or hobby, but to enlarge their understanding of themselves, their, relationship to the world around them. An example is Fred Adams (弗雷德. 亚当斯) ,a retires businessman .He considers his studies as “leading purely for the sake of learning.” He says,” learning has more meaning .If you love learning, you love your life.”










World for reference:

负责人head,事先in advance; 杰克?史密斯Jack Smith.



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