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1. Good morning(afternoon, evening),class(everyone,students). 同学们,早晨好。

2. This term we have nine subjects: Chinese,Enghish,Politics,History,Geography,Maths,physics,Chemistry and Biology.这学期我们有九门学科:语文、英语、政治、历史、地理、数学、化学和生物。
3. We also have some other interesting subjects: Music, Fine Arts, Physical Education,etc.我们还有一些其它的有趣的课程:音乐、美术、体育等等。
4. We have one weekly meeting on Monday afternoon.周一我们有一节班会。
5. The head teacher of our class is Mr.Zhang.我们的班主任是张老师。
6. You must be polite and say hi to them when you see the teachers.见到老师要礼貌,要问好。
7. When you come into our school, you must speak Putonghua.一进学校,你就要讲普通话。
8. The Chinese lessons are very important。语文课对于我们来说相当重要。

9. We should study it more carefully than before.我们要比以前更加认真地学习。
10. If you study Chinese it’s very easy, but if you don’t it’s very hard.对于汉语,你学它就不难,你不学它就显得挺难。
11. Chinese is our native language,we must learn it well.汉语是我们的母语,我们必须把它学好。
12. This is our first Chinese class of this term. 这是我们本学期第一节语文课。
13. We’re going to learn Lesson One (the first Lesson). 我们要学习第一课。
14. Don’t make any noise in class,or you may trouble the others.课上不要喧哗,那会影响别人。
15. Open your text-books to Page 10. 打开课本第10页。
16. This text is written by Mr.Luxun.the great man in our Chinese modern literature history.本文由我国现代文学史上伟大的文学家鲁迅先生的作品。
17. Listen to me carefully,let me tell you sth about the writer.请认真听我为大家介绍一些作者的情况。
18. You may write down sth important and special on your notes.你们可以在自己的笔记本上记录一些较为重要和特殊的内容。
19. First ,let me read the text aloud .首先让我为大家朗读本文。
20. Put the text-books on your desk, please.请把你的课本放在书桌上。
21. Please read it follow me quietly(lowly).你们可以轻声跟读。
22. Read the text to yourselves.默读本文。
23. Stop here for a while, please.暂停一会儿。
24. Take your text-books.用手端起课本来。
25. Pay at

tention to them when they read the second paragraph.他们读第二段时,注意听。
26. Read more distinctly(Speak more clearly), please.请读清楚一点。
27. Would you speak in a little loud (in a slow)voice(louder,please).你能大一点声音吗?
28. Speak in a little low voice, please.声音低一点。
29. Your voice(timbre, tone) sounds sweet.你的声音很好听。
30. Read louder and slowly so that everybody can hear you.读得声音大一点、慢一点,让大家都能听清楚。
31. Now, you may read it in class .现在,你们可以课堂上阅读本文。
32. I ask you to read it fluently and clearly as soon as possible.我要求大家尽量流畅、清晰地阅读本文。
33. About the key sentences, I ask you to study not only the meaning of the words,but also (them)in the line.就这些重点语句,我要求大家有仅了解字面,还要注意字里行间的深意。
34. You may ask me if you have any questions.有问题可以问我。
35. I’ll give you explanations as many as possible(I can).我会尽多地为大家解释。
36. And then, I’m going to ask you sth simple about it. 然后,我会问你们一些较为简单的有关情况。
37. Where did we stop(learn) off last time(how far did we get last time)? 上一次我们学到什么地方了?
38. Let me remind you of what we have learned last period (refresh your memory last time we talked about).让我提醒你一下,关于上节课所学的内容。
39. Do you know the general mind (main meaning)of the article?你知道这篇文章的中心意思吗?
40. Say sth about what you have learned from the hero。谈谈关于这个英雄的启示。
41. You mustn’t make faces in class.上课不要做鬼脸,出洋相。
42. Please keep quiet when some other students make mistakes.同学出错时,你要保持安静。
43. Let’s take turns to read。让我们轮流来读。
44. Who can read it aloud first ?哪位能先朗读?
45. Hands up,please.请举手示意我。
46. Don’t worry(calm down,slow down).不必紧张。
47. Speak up,please.请大声说。
48. Stand straight,please.站直些。
49. The blackboard is too high for me, I only can write so few words on it.黑板太高了,我只能写这么多。
50. You’re right(well done ).很不错。
51. Let’s read the text aloud together.下面,全体齐读。
52. Now let’s begin.开始!
53. It’ll take us two periods to grasp(master) these.这些需要我们两课时才能掌握。
54. We have three study tasks to do this class.本课时,我们有三个学习任务。
55. The first is the background and the writer .首先是本文的背景和作者情况。
56. Next,the thought and the writing methods .然后是它的思想内容和写法。
57. Then,the new words and the sentence strctures .最后是本文中的生词和一些句式。
58. What’s more(what else), the feelings and the lauguage style of the text.还有,本文的感情和语

59. We may analyse the title of the text together. 我们可以一起分析一下本文的题目。
60. Now let’s speak freely.现在请大家畅所欲言。
61. That’s all(so much) for the class .Time’s up.下课时间已到,本课时就讲这么多。
62. After class,you’re to read the text again.课后,大家还得再读一会儿。
63. And you ought to hand in the homework in time.大家要及时上交作业。
64. Let’s take a break, see you later,everyone.休息一会儿,同学们,再见。
65. According to the study demand (require) and our arrangement,we’ll do an action.根据学习需要和安排,我们要搞一项活动。
66. From now on, at the beginning of every Chinese class, we’ll ask someone to do the oral composition.从现在开始,在每堂语文课上课之始,我们请同学们做口头作文。
67. Do you understand what I said just now ?大家明白我刚才说的意思吗?
68. Now, you may make preparations for it in ten minutes.现在,大家可以准备十分钟。
69. The lecture will begin in a minute, let’s get ready.演讲稍候就要开始,准备一下。
70. Whose turn is it today ?轮到谁了?
71. Are you ready now?准备好了吗?
72. Please do it in fron t of the blackboard.请到黑板前来做这个练习。
73. Let’s give him(her) a warm welcome(clap).让我们用掌声欢迎他(她)。
74. Please write down your title of oral composition on the right of the blackboard.请把你的作文题目写在黑板右面。
75. Thanks for father’s love.感谢父爱。
76. The first unforgetable cut class.难忘那第一次逃学。
77. You’d better do it without draft.最好不要带稿。
78. Good job! You have done it with some grace, but your content isn’t much(enough).做得不错,大方自然,只是内容偏少。
79. Just now our classmate Zhang Ming gave us a lecture, I think it is well done, I’d like to ask for some students’opinion on it.刚才我们的同学张明给我们做了一次演讲,我认为他做得很不错,我想听一听一些同学对它的意见。
80. How do you think of his lecture?你觉得他的演讲怎么样?
81. Because of our learning of text last period, we didn’t invite someone to do the lecture, at the begining of the class,we’ll ask our two classmates to do it, who is the first?上节课因为课文学习的缘故,我们没有请同学做演讲,这节课之初,我们要请两个同学做这个练习,哪位是第一位同学?
82. Next class, we’re going to learn Lesson Five.下节课,我们要学习第五课。
83. I ask you to make preparations for it before class. 我要求大家课前做好一定准备。
84. You gotta(have got to) learn the paragrghs 4---6 by heart.大家还要背诵第4—6段。
85. Can you recite them now?现在能背诵过吗?
86. Please try to do it as well as you can.尽量做好。
87. Wonderful—very good---good---not bad---terr

88. Now I’m sorry I’m late.对不起,我来晚了。
89. How foggy it is this morning!今早晨雾迷漫。
90. Sth was wrong with my autocycle on my way to school just now.刚才我的摩托车在路上坏了。
91. My autocycle is in the third bicycle-shed.我的摩托车现在放在第三个车棚里。
92. Let’s continue the text.让我们继续学习这篇课文。
93. What’s the weather like today?今天天气怎么样?
94. Great day today, isn’t it ?今天天不错,是吧?
95. It’s cloudy and rainy today,It has been very cold these days。今天阴雨天,这几天都挺冷。
96. Put on more clothes before you go out.出门的时候多穿点衣服。
97. And you ought to cover yourself well with quilt while sleeping.睡觉的时候,盖好被子。
98. Open the window,please,It’s quite airless(the air is not fresh) here.打开窗户,这里太闷了,一点也不通风。
99. Please shut the door, It’s very cold today.今天天气真冷,请关上门,好吗?
100. How foggy it is (what a foggy day it is) now!今天雾可真大啊!
101. It’s getting chilly(hot, cool,warm).天要变得寒冷(炎热,冷爽,温暖)。
102. According to the weather report(forecast),it’s going to rain(snow, clear).根据天气预报,天要下雨(下雪,放晴)。
103. Are you going to take your umbrella to the concert.你要拿雨伞去音乐会吗?
104. you’d better take your raincoat with you ,it looks like rain.你最好拿着雨衣,天要下雨。
105. The weather changed suddenly, many of us caught cold.天气突变,一些人感冒了。

106. It’s said that you were ill yesterday , is it true ?据说你昨天病了,真的吗?
107. Let me feel your forehead.让我摸摸你的额头。
108. How are you feeling now?现在你怎么样?
109. It doesn’t matter (amount to) very much.没什么大不了的。
110. Does your classroom have central heating?你们教室有暖气吗?
111. You’d better boil some vinegar.你们最好熬一些醋
112. Get well soon.祝你尽快康复。
113. I have used up all of the chalk, would you fetch.some more from the office?粉笔用完了,你到办公室拿回一些来,可以吗?
114. Please pass (bring) me the red chalk.请给我拿来红色粉笔。
115. I’ve used up my ink(toothpaste,paper).我的墨水(牙膏,纸张)用完了。
116. We’re all out of money.我们的钱用完了。
117. A dictionary is of great use to students learning a foreign language..对于学外语的学生,字典是很有用处的。
118. Will you please fetch me my dictionary?能给我拿过我的词典吗?
119. You’re welcome to use my dictionary.你当然可以用我的词典。
120. Some of you look like sleepy now,they seem to be tired.有些人显得很疲劳,好象挺累了。
121. You’re allowed to have some drink in the evening.

class 晚上上课时,大家可以喝水。
122. During the class, I notice some of you looks sleepy。我注意到有些同学课上精神不振。
123. I don’t think you had a good rest yesterday。我想你可能是昨天没有休息好。
124. Now you are allowed to take a three-miunte catnap.现在你可以休息三分钟。
125. And then,all of you must be in good (high) spirits.。然后,大家都要振作精神。
126. This class will be over in a moment, now let’s take a nap(break ,catnap).本课时将近结束,大家可以休息一会儿。
127. But you know(should understand), this doesn’t mean that you can take a rest in class freely.但是你得明白,这不是说你可以上课时随便休息。
128. Could I have your attention?请注意了。
129. Don’t fidget sth(about).不要搞小动作。
130. Please give the main idea(meaning) of each paragraph.请给出这段的主要意思。
131. What strikes you most in the lesson?这节课给你印象最深的是什么?
132. We’ll look at some difficult points in this text.我们要看一下这篇课文的难点。
133. I’ll give you some homework to do, everyone of you must do it well,ok?我给大家布置一些作业,大家能够尽力做好吗?
134. Do you like the pop music? Whose music do you like?你喜欢流行音乐吗?喜欢谁的音乐?
135. Now let’s enjoy the tape of a famous popular singer Miss Tianzhen.现在欣赏一下在大歌星田震的磁带。
136. You needn’t erase the backboard after class.课下你不必擦黑板。
137. It’s impolite to mutter to one another in class.上课交头接耳不礼貌。
138. Some day next week, some leaders and teachers will attend (be here to see) our Chinese class, we’d better make preparations for it.下周,一些领导和老师要来听课,我们还是略做一点准备。
139. Excuse me, from yesterday on, sth has been wrong with my throat.请原谅,从昨天起,我的咽喉痛得很厉害。
140. Now I can’t say anything in this class.这节课,我几乎什么也不能讲。
141. I’ll write two study tasks on the blackboard.我在黑板上给大家写上两个学习任务。
142. I hope you can do it well by yourselves.我希望大家能自己做好。
143. You may discuss (have a discussion about sth) in groups(with you classmates,in pairs).你也可以分组讨论。
144. And you may look through the new article-----Lesson Ten.你可以浏览新课----第十课。
145. Please read the notes to the text in class again.你可以课堂上再看看注释。
146. Let’s read the exercise of the text, look at exercise .No.2.看看课文的练习,第二题。
147. We have two Chinese classes this afternoon, let’s practise writing a composition.今天下午有两节语文课,我们练习一篇作文。
148. We’ll put down(stop, won’t practise)the oral composition this period.这节课我们不做口头作文。
149. There’re several titles o

f the composition on the blackboard,黑板上有好几个作文题目。
150. Write a composition of about 200 words on one of these subjects(titles).就其中一个题目,写一篇200字的作文。
151. You may choose one of them to write.你可以选其中一个进行练习。
152. You gotta(be going to) pay attention to the requests(demand).大家一定要注意这些要求。
153. I think you ought to finish it in two classes(it’ll take you two classes to ).我认为大家用两节课可以写完它。
154. Everyone of you must hand it in at the end of the next class。每个同学在下节课结束时都要上交这份作业。
155. This assignment will take us two hours to finish it.这项工作需要我们两个小时才能完成。
156. Section monitor of Chinese, collect all the compositions and take them to my office , please.语文科代表,你要收上全部作文,把它们放在我的办公桌上。
157. She is good at handwriting(her handwriting is good).她的字写得不错。
158. We’ll have our final exam of this term next Tuesday.下周二我们要举行期末考试。
159. From this class on, we stop our practice of oral lecture temporarily.从这节课开始,我们暂停口语训练。
160. It’s Friday today, we have five days left今天星期五,我们还剩五天。
161. I hope all of you can pass the exam.我希望每位同学都能通过考试。
162. We’re the best,we can beat the other classes.我们可以胜过所有班级。
163. You had better go over these ancient Chinese units.大家最好复习一下文言文单元。
164. You may listen to the tapes of them quickly.大家可以较快地听一听这些文章的磁带。
165. And first, let me analyse our double-bases exercise-books.首先,我们一起分析一些双基练习。
166. You may look through the notes and other study materials.大家看一下笔记和相关资料。
167. We gotta(have got to) review these ancient articles we have learnt.我们要把学过的文言文内容复习好。
168. We’ll get ready for the final exam.我们要为这场期末考试做准备。
169. Now, our examination paper has been made up.现在,我们已经完成了试卷出题。
170. These content is in our four revision books: text-book,exercise-book,and our other two study materials.考试内容就在我们四本书里:课本、练习和其它两本学习资料。
171. I’ll introduce them toyou if you’re interested in .如果大家感兴趣,我就为大家介绍一下这些材料。
172. He spent two hours in going over the old lesson.为复习旧课,他用了两个小时。
173. He spent a lot of money on literature books.他花了不少钱,用于买文学书籍。
174. This class, I’ll promote a monitor,and you may take a election for it.这节课,我想提拔一名班长,大家可以选举。
175. Do you understand(is it understood)?大家明白吗?

176. Everyone,you’re doing a great job.大家

177. Don’t cry over spilt milk.不要过于计较。
178. Let’s give the classroom a good cleaning.让我们打扫一下教室卫生。
179. Would you just look at the place?怎么打扫的卫生?
180. Why don’t we clean our classroom first?先打扫教室吧?
181. What shall we take care of next?还干什么?
182. Take these chairs out of the room.把这些椅子拿出房间。
183. Take these charts off the wall.把这些图画从墙上取下来。
184. Why don’t we just straighten up a bit?我们最后再收拾一下吧?
185. Who’s the student (with)wearing glasses ?戴眼镜的那位同学叫什么名字?
186. Her name is on the tip of my tongue.我一时记不起她的名字了。
187. I knocked at the office door many times just now.我刚才敲了多次办公室的门。
188. What’s the emergency? 什么急事?
189. Xiao Zhany is badly ill now, we must send for a doctor at once.小张正病得厉害,我们要赶紧送他到医院。
190. Is there a doctor in the school?学校里有医生吗?
191. Somebody call an ambulence.911. 快打救急电话号码911。
192. What’s eating you(what’s wrong with you)?你到底怎么不舒服?
193. The doctor told me to take the cold medicine three times a day.医生告诉我服用感冒药一天三次。
194. My classmate Zhangming got into a fight yesterday.同学张明昨天打架了
195. You are injured.你受伤了。
196. Freeze, don’t make him to lose too much blood.别乱来,不要让他失血太多,
197. Tell him not to worry about it 告诉他,别为这事着急。.
198. Out of the way(get out).离开这里。
199. I’m just playing around with you(joking around with you,no fooling).我给你开玩笑。
200. Your cause is still unclear.你的事还不很明白。

201. You don’t have to come back the day after tomorrow.你后天不必回来了。
202. Don’t want you to leave(I really hate for you to leave).不愿让你走啊。
203. Don’t scare me, I’m not strong enough.不要吓我,我可禁不住啊。
204. I wonder why he’s made such a mistake this time.我不明白他犯了这样的错误
205. Can you translate what I say(my words) into English ?你能把我说的话翻译成英语吗?
206. can you translate those paragraphs into English?你能把这些段落译成英语?
207. I can’t translate this sentence into modern Chinese ,can you help me?我难以把这个句子译成现代汉语,你能帮我吗?
208. It’s unbelievevable for you to do so difficult thing(I hardly believe that you could do such a difficult thing well).真想不到你能做好这么困难的工作!
209. Your thought isn’t really right, please think it again .你的想法不是很合适,再想想。

210. Are you going to make any changes to the plan?你想改一下计划吗?
211. We’re thinking of giving up our plan.我们正在琢磨着放弃我们的计划。
212. They gave up th

eir holidays in order to fulfil their work plan.为了实施这个工作计划,他们放弃了假期。
213. The teacher asked his pupils to learn the poem by heart.老师要求他的学生要背诵这首诗。
214. Where are you going to spend the winter holiday?寒假里,你打算干点什么?
215. Please give me your address before you go home.回家之前,给我留下你的地址。
216. My phone number is 9.double 3.2.4 .我的电话号码是 93324。
217. You may make a call to me if you have sth.你有事可以给我打电话。
218. I’ll listen.由我来听电话。
219. We can’t hear you, please read it as clearly as you can.我们听不清,请再大声点。
220. Please tell me where he lives . 可以告诉我他住在哪儿吗?
221. Don’t forget to write.别忘写信啊。
222. I won’t forget.我不会忘的。
223. I’m really gonna(going to ) miss you.我会很想你的。
224. His parents got divorce last year.他的父母去年离婚了。
225. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her when I heard that her mother died when she was child of five.听说她5岁就成了孤儿,我很难过。
226. Her elder sister doesn’t get married yet now.她的姐姐还没结婚呢。
227. Do you have brother and sister?你有姊妹吗?
228. His brother is making praparations for the enterance examinations of university.他哥哥正积极准备大学入学考试。
229. His father has been fired(is out of work), and he’s busy looking for a job.他父亲失业了,正忙于到处找工作。
230. What does your uncle do(what’s your uncle)?你的叔叔是干什么工作的?
231. My hometown is a small mountain village in Shandong province.我老家在山东省的一个小山村里。
232. I can never forget my first experience about climbing Mountain Tai.我永远忘不了第一次爬泰山的情景。
233. You are so deeply impressed.你的印象如此之深。
234. In my spare time, I have been learning the piano for five years. 利用业余时间,我已学习钢琴五年了。
235. I’m not surprised to hear that.听到这个我并不奇怪。
236. I shall wash(clear) up after dinner today.今天饭后,我要收拾一下。
237. You’d better not stay up late recently.你近来最好不要熬夜。
238. It’s good to get up early.早起床对自己有好处。
239. When(what time) did you get up this morning?今天早晨你几点起床?
240. Do you like morning exercises?你喜欢晨练吗?
241. Which kind of activity do you often take part in? 你经常参加什么活动项目?
242. How do you play basketball? What about football?你的蓝球怎么呢样?足球呢?
243. He wants to work in a big company as an engineer when he grows up.他想长大在大公司里当一名工程师。
244. It’s very dangerous to throw stones at the window glasses.用石头扔窗户玻璃,这很危险。
245. Are you a pet fan?你是宠物爱好者吗?
246. What’s your f

avourite animal?你最喜欢什么动物?
247. Do you know how to protect the animal?你知道怎么保护动物?
248. They admitted the problems between them,else.他们承认两人之间还有矛盾。
249. Of course,many families in China don’t live together(under the same roof) now.当然,现在中国的很多家庭也不在一起生活。
250. You’d better catch him up as soon as you discover the thief.一旦发现盗贼,一定要尽力抓住他。
251. I have no idea.我不知道。
252. I don’t have a clue.我一点线索也不知道。
253. Don’t look at me .你不用看我,我全然不知内情。
254. You needn’t say anything about others.你不用再说别人什么。
255. What else(any more)?还有什么?
256. You’re too much.你太过分了。
257. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again soon..我热望着很快能够再见到你们每个人。
258. In the past,we used to have a rest on Saturday and Sunday.过去,我们都是在周六和周日休息。
259. Since we’re in the senior school(our high school).自从我们上了高中。
260. According to our study demand and the arrangement of our school .根据我们的学习需要和学校安排。
261. We gotta(have got to) have extra lessons during the holiday.我们在这些假日里也要补课。
262. Everyone must obey the school rules(disciplines)大家一定要遵守学校规定。
263. You must learn words from the context.你得结合语言环境来学习字词。
264. And you may guess the meaning of this from the context.并且从上下文里推测它的意思。
265. What does the word do in(by) the context?结合上下文,如何理解这个词?
266. How to say it in your own words?用你自己的话怎么说?
267. Be bold to speak up,don’t be afraid of making mistakes!大胆讲话,别怕出错!
268. How do you think of the article?你怎么理解本文?
269. Write it neatly!书写要工整!
270. Can you say these briefly?你能简要地讲一下吗?
271. Don’t omit a single detail.不要漏掉任何细节。
272. Don’t feel shy, you must learn to speak in public.不要害羞,要学会当众讲话。
273. You’ll have to stop talking in two minutes.两分钟内停止讲话。
274. I shall tell you sth about the writer’s life.我给大家讲一些作者的生活情况。
275. First of all, let’s preview the text in class for some minutes.首先,我们就这篇课文课堂预习一会儿。
276. What’s the main idea(topic) of this essay.这篇短文的主题是什么?
277. At the end of the class, we’ll invite someone to sum up the lesson.本课结束之时,我们要请同学总结本课内容。
278. You must learn how to use dictionary and reference-books.你们要学会使用词典和工具书。
279. What part of speech is it?这是什么词类?
280. I’m looking bad.不好意思。
281. What happened to you yesterday?你昨天怎么啦?
282. You wouldn

’t look like a manic.你不该显得如此不明事理。
283. Get it over, let’s change the subject.别吵了,换个话题吧。
284. I beg your parden,please.请再讲一遍,可以吗?
285. What are you trying to tell me ?你到底想给我说什么?
286. Get to the point(cut the chase.).有话直说。
287. Don’t leave out the verb in the sentence?句子中不能省略这个动词。
288. Let’s analyse these attributive clauses now.下面一齐看看这些定语从句。
289. Are you ready to answer my question?你准备好回答我的问题了吗?
290. How do you think of the second adverbial clause?你怎么理解第二个状语从句?
291. I’m giving you the answer tomorrow.明天我给大家有关答案。
292. You did it.你说得对。
293. You’re absolutely right(you said it).你的意见很对。
294. You ought to know the new table of work and rest by heart first .你应该先记牢新的作息表。
295. The spring sports meeting will be held on April 25 to 27.四月25到27日召开春季运动会。
296. Is this seat taken(is it all right to join you)?可以坐下吗?
297. No, go right ahead.恐怕不行,已经有人在这了。
298. Sure,have a seat(sit down, please).请坐吧。
299. I’ve just heard about his accident.我刚听到他的一些情况。
300. I didn’t expect to run into you here.没想到在这儿碰到你们。

301. Hey! What a coincident!哎呀,太精彩了。
302. I’m really having a bad day.今天我倒霉透了。
303. I guess today is just not my day.我觉得今天运气不佳。
304. I am in good mood today.今天我的心情不错。
305. I hate to be in your shoes.我也很同情你。
306. What’s your interest?你觉得什么有意思?
307. I’m interested in electric music.我对电子音乐很感兴趣。
308. How interesting(exciting,boring)!多么有意思(惊奇,无聊)啊!
309. On one hand, he’s patient with class, on the othe hand,he isn’t patient to his children,一方面,他对学生挺耐心,另一方面,他对自己的孩子不太耐心。
310. We sent a classmate to town to buy some paper.我们派了一个同学到市里买一些纸来。
311. When will you have more available?什么时候你们还有更多的可卖?
312. He’s too poor to send his children to school.他太贫穷了,以致孩子无法上学。
313. Have you found the pen you lost?你找到你丢的那支钢笔了吗?
314. We are sorry you lost the game.为你们输了这场比赛而难过。
315. Will you try to tell the story in English?你能用英语给我们说说这个故事吗?
316. If you can’t do it yet,try again.如果说你还不行,就再来一遍。
317. He tried to pass the exam, but he failed yet.尽管他很想通过这次考试,但还是没有做到。
318. He didn’t lose hope though he had failed twice.尽管失败了两次,他仍未失去希望。
319. Class is over now, let’s go and

get something to drink.下课了,一块喝点水去吧。
320. She asked me to show her the poem that I had written.她想让我给她看看我写的诗。
321. I’ll show you how to do it.让我告诉你怎么办。
322. let’s go home, it’s getting dark.快回家吧,天黑了。
323. Your cold may get worse if you don’t go to see the doctor at once.不去马上看医生,你的感冒会更厉害。
324. He caught a cold, but he soon get well after a good rest.他感冒了,好好休息就好了。
325. Do you have any red ink in your pen ?你钢笔里有红墨水吗?
326. This movie will be shown early next week.这个电影要在下周演出。
327. Have you found the book you’re looking for.你找到你要找的书了吗?
328. I found the story was very interesting.我发现这个故事挺有意思。
329. I’m afraid that I can’t cut a long story short. 我恐怕不能压缩这个长故事。
330. He noticed you study in the roomyesterday.他知道你昨天在这屋里学习过。
331. I knew I had made a mistake.我知道我错了。
332. I’m sure you’ll pass the entrance examination.我相信你一定能通过这次入学考试。
333. Mr.Zhang is in the opposite office now .张老师现在对门的办公室。
334. I hope this kind of thing will never happen again.我希望这种事情再也不要发生。
335. Let me think for a moment.让我想一想。
336. I have thought over the question quite carefully.我很仔细地考虑了这个问题。
337. I think your answer is correct.我认为你的回答是对的。
338. What do you think of our plan?你对我们的计划有什么要说的吗?
339. There’re many computers in the lesson-preparing office.在我们备课室里有很多电脑。
340. Where did you learn how to operate computer?你在哪里学的电脑操作?
341. It goes without saying that the computer is one of the greatest inventions in human history.不用说电脑是人类历史上最伟大的发明之一。
342. I’m glad you have got such a nice comptuter.你有这样好的电脑,我很高兴。
343. He’s learning how to operate the computer now.他正学习如何操作这台电脑。
344. Let’s drive to the station .我们开车到车站去。
345. Hey! Keep your eyes on the road.注意,看前面的路。
346. They drove slowly through(along) the streets.他们驾车缓缓地穿过马路。
347. Get off first, and then get in.先下车,后上车。
348. Give these picture books to the children.给孩子们这些图画。
349. I ‘m sorry, I haven’t given you much help.对不起,没给你大的帮助。
350. Grandma is learning to read and write ,through she is over seventy.奶奶尽管已年过70,依然学习读书写作。

351. They were greatly surprised when they learned the news.他们听到这个消息后,感到非常惊讶。
352. I learnt that our college team had won the match.我了解到我们大学队赢了这场比赛。

353. Which train are you going to take?你想乘哪次火车?
354. At what time will the meeting begin?会议什么时候开始?
355. They put off the meeting until Thursday.他们把这个会推迟到周四。
356. She made a speech of welcome at the meeting.会上,她做了欢迎致辞。
357. He went to the headmaster to ask for leave.他为请假找了校长。
358. We’ll go and get our hair cut in the town.我们要到街市里去理发。
359. Our school won’t cut down our teach-resarching expense yet.我们学校也不会压缩教研经费。
360. The students asked their teacher to give a short talk on English history.学生们要求老师给他们讲一些英国历史的情况。
361. We felt that the plan was all right.我们觉得这个计划相当不错。
362. On the afternoon of New Year’s Day, we’ll have a celebration meeting.元旦下午,我们要开一个庆祝会。
363. We have missed the last bus, we have to walk home.现在没有了公共汽车,只能徙步回家。
364. That day we walked over twenty kilometers.那天我们徙步20多公里。
365. They’re taking a walk on the sports ground.他们正在体育场上散步。
366. After supper we often go for a walk in the school garden.我们饭后经常到学校花园散步。
367. They went on with their performance in spite of the rain .他不管天在下雨,仍坚持在岗位上。
368. Children love to play.小孩嘛,总喜欢玩。
369. Don’t play with fire.不要玩火。
370. In their spare time, they’re fond of playing basket-ball.业余时间,他们喜欢打篮球。
371. I prefer to stay at home in such weather.我喜欢这样的天气里只是呆在家里。
372. Help yourself to some more fish(fruit,soup).随便吃点鱼(蔬菜,汤)
373. Which do you prefer: rice or steamed bread?你喜欢吃什么,大米,馒头?
374. He left for Shanghai around seven o’clock last night。昨天大约7点钟,他去了上海。
375. .If she isn’t in ,you may leave a note to her.她不在的话,你给她留一个便条。
376. The winter holiday will begin on January 24.元月24日开始放寒假。
377. My teacher will spend her summer holidays in taking part in the teacher-training class.我们老师要利用暑假参加师资培训班。
378. I have a present for you.我送你一件礼物。
379. You don’t have to give me anything.你不必给送我什么。
380. Long time no see, I’m glad to meet you again.久违了,见到你真高兴。
381. Great changes have taken place in our school since 1985.从1985年以来,我们学校发生了很大变化。
382. It will take almost two months to finish the teaching-building.要用近两个月的时间才能建成这座教学楼。
383. We’d better turn back, it’s getting late.我们还是回去的好,天已经晚了。
384. Suddenly,I remembered I had left my glasses in the library.我突然想起我的眼镜忘在了图书馆。
385. I

’m sorry, I have forgetten the word.对不起,我忘词了。
386. I forgot to bring my notebook to class, I have left it at home.我把笔记本忘了,放在家里了。
387. We haven’t decided when to hold the speech contest.我们还没定下举办演讲比赛的时间。
388. When we read the text,we should pay attention to sentence stress,pause and liaison.读课文的时候,大家要注意句子的重音、停顿和连读现象。
389. If you can’t see, come a bit nearer.你看不见的话,可以走近一点。
390. Is there anyone absent?有谁没来?
391. Today we shall study the text first, then I’ll ask you a few questions.现在大家先看课文,然后我问几个问题。
392. This short text is selected from a novel.这篇短文摘自一篇小说。
393. Epitomize the general idea ,the depict way of the text.概括本文的大意和描写方法。
394. What’s the writing trait of the text?本文写作特点是什么?
395. Have you got any questions about this paragraph?就这段而言,大家有什么意见?
396. Who would like to say sth as briefly as possible about the text ?谁能较简短的说说这篇课文。
397. How do you like the story ?Give me your reasons, please.喜欢这个故事吗?说说理由。
398. Begin to divide into groups to discuss it(have a discussion in groups).开始分组讨论。
399. The first lesson has been finished, Have you grasped all the key points?第一课结束了,大家掌握了所有的要点了吗?
400. More energetic(active), please.再积极一点。

401. Learning Chinese, you must have good comprehension.学习汉语,必须要有很强的理解力。
402. Don’t worry, take you time.不要着急,慢慢来。

403. Let’s read the seventh lesson that is a beautiful prose.让我们读一下第七课这篇优美的散文。
404. About the exercise.No.1,choose the right answer , please.就练习1,选取正确的答案。
405. Don’t hesitate to ask me if anything is not clear to you .如果你有什么不太明白,问我可不要犹豫。
406. Raise your hands if you can’t follow me.要是不能理解,就举手示意我。
407. What punctuation shall we put here?此处应是什么标点?
408. The word order is wrong.词序错了。
409. Precisely.正好,正是如此。
410. I’m afraid it’s wrong.我想恐怕这错了。
411. Let’s read the brief introdction of the writer about the text first.让我们先看看这篇课文的作者简介吧。
412. Can you tell us sth about the primany emotion of the prose?你能说说这篇散文的基调吗?
413. What’s the figure of speech of the sentence?这句话用了什么修辞格?
414. Let’s revise something we did last time.让我们修改上次做的部分内容。
415. Who wantsto have a try ?谁想试一下?
416. Don’t be afraid.不要害怕。
417. Can I help you?我能帮你吗?
418. The question is very difficult,please think it o

419. Your parents are very pity,you must study hard for your parents.你的父母不容易,可要好好学习为他们争光啊。
420. Your future will be wonderful, please study hard.你的未来是美好的,一定要刻苦学习。
421. Didn’t you feel that you had made progress this term?你感到你这学期里的进步了吗?
422. I think you’ll make more progress sooner and later.我想你迟早会取得大的进步。
423. You’ve improved a little.你已经取得了一定进步。
424. He’s in the section of school affairs.他在学校的一个部门里工作。
425. The old man is in charge of general affairs.那位年纪大的人负责总务后勤。
426. She’s from politics teaching-research group.她是政治教研组的人。
427. The gate-house of our school is next to Class One, Grade Two.传达室就在二年级一班的隔壁。
428. Grasp the main ideas of the text, and you will be able to answer the questions.抓住文章大意,就能回答有关问题。
429. That’s old news.那已是陈年旧闻。
430. What’s your oral examination? And your written?你的口试情况怎么样?笔试呢?
431. You’d better do your teaching with the method of elicitation next class.下节课你最好用启发式教学法。
432. You should have your ID card when you are 18 years old.等到18岁的时候,你也会有身份证。
433. I ask you to be in great form in class, and you will take a rest well before.我要大家课上保持良好的精神状态,你事先就得休息好才是啊。
434. Let me give you the standards of grading on the mid-term test.我来给大家说一下这次期中考试的得分标准情况。
435. Some of you need to make-up Maths examination next week.一些同学下周要补考数学。
436. We’ve got to ready(made preparations) for the exam我们要为考试做些准备。
437. My older sister is a teacher in a key university in our Shandong province.我姐姐在我们山东省的一所重点大学里做教师。
438. This university is a half-day system school.这所大学是所半日制学校。
439. Nextyear, we’ll be the graduate class.明年,我们就是毕业年级了。
440. I’m sorry that you’ve neglected your duty.我很遗憾,你忘记了你的责任。
441. You haven’t done your duty well enough.你没有尽到你的责任。
442. We will not only study English, but also study Japanese next term下学期我们不仅学英语,还要学日语。.
443. It’s necessary to attend each other’s lectures.相互听课很有必要。
444. We often teach and learn from one another.我们经常互帮互学。
445. At the end of the term, the teachers are checked up.学期结束时,老师们要接受检查。
446. My teacher has many resources(materials) on(for) teaching.我的老师有很多教学资料。
447. You’re to make-up study on English now.现在你们要补学英语

448. Our examination system isn’t still wonderful now.我们现在的考试制度还不是很完美。
449. You’d better form the habit of studying.大家最好养成学习的好习惯。
450. No smoking here.这里严禁吸烟。
451. Smoking is harmful to your health.吸烟有害健康。
452. A foreign language is a useful weapon in economic struggle.外语是一种经济斗争的有力武器。
453. He never lose heart(lost hope).他从不失去信心。
454. He went on fighting until the victory was got.他仍在奋斗,直到取得胜利。
455. We still need to move on.我们还是要坚持前进。
456. Stop living in the past.不要总是生活在过去的阴影里。
457. He gave his life to the cause of revolutionary. 他为革命事业献出了自己的一生。
458. We must fight for the aftertime(future) of our motherland.我们一定要为我们祖国的未来而奋斗。
459. The people helped each other in their fight against the flood.大家齐心协力,与洪水展开决战。
460. I will be pride of you when you take great contribute for the society.你们能对社会做出伟大贡献,我也会很自豪。
461. The town has changed a great deal since reformation.改革以来这座城市发生了很大变化。
462. At last, we entered(joined) the World Trade Organization.终于,我们进入了世贸组织。
463. We’d fight for freedom and democracy with all the life.我们将用毕生精力为自由和民主而战。
464. Women play an important part in our socialist construction.妇女在社会建设中扮演重要角色。
465. It’s necessary to keep on the wonderful family traditions.保持家庭传统美德,很有必要。
466. Fight, only fight, we have our wonderful future(aftertime).奋斗,只有奋斗,我们才有美好的未来。
467. The Party led us from one victory to another.党领导我们从胜利走向胜利。
468. Led by the Party, the Chinese people are going all out to build socialism.在党的领导下,中国人民正全力建设社会主义
469. Knowledge is power.知识就是力量。
470. It’s very important to get along(well).和睦相处很重要。
471. It’s glorious for you to have a labour habit.劳动最光荣。
472. He spoke out in favour of reforms.大胆发言,赞成改革。
473. It’s much important to reform the education system。教育改革,事关重大
474. All things are difficult before they are easy.万事开头难。
475. We could do nothing, but try our best. 除了努力,我们别无选择

476. From small beginnings come great things.伟大始于渺小。
477. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.有志者事竟成。
478. The long travel comes from the first step.千里之行始于足下。
479. A thousand-li journey is starmed by the first step.千里之行始于足下。
480. Nothing seek,nothing find.没有追求就没有收获。
481. Cease to the struggle and cease to the life.生命

482. Everyone can make friends with each other.每个人都可成为朋友。
483. Fortune is grasped by own hands.命运掌握在自己手中。
484. You have to believe in yourself, that is the secret of success.自信是成功的秘诀。
485. If you doubt yourself, then indeed you stand on shaky around.如果怀疑自己,你的出发点就不稳固了。
486. Confience in yourself is the first step on the road to success.自信是踏上成功之路的第一步。
487. look ahead.面向未来。
488. as fit as a fiddle.体壮无比。
489. as dull as ditch-water.枯燥无味。
490. Without rhyme or reason.无缘无故。
491. birds of a feather.物以类聚
492. Those who know more act as teachers.能者为师。
493. Good things come to him who works.天道酬勤。
494. No autumn fruit without spring bossoms.春花秋实。
495. Constant dropping wears the stone.水滴石穿。
496. can’t help doing情不自禁。
497. all along(all the time).自始自终
498. all at sea(s).茫然不知。
499. get along.和睦相处。
500. A fly in the ointement.美中不足。
501. Study hard,up and up .好学向上。
502. up and down.上窜下跳
503. It’s raining cats and dogs.暴雨倾盆。
504. as poor as a church mouse.一贫如洗。
505. as difference as day and night.黑白分明(天壤之别)。
506. it’s unbelievable.难以置信。
507. nothing to offer.无可奉告。
508. as strong as an ox.体壮如牛。
509. Dream comes true.梦想成真。
510. Too many cooks spoil the broth人浮于事。
511. eat like a bird.细嚼慢咽。
512. eat like a pig.狼吞虎咽。
513. drink like a fish..嗜酒如命。
514. improve the occasion.因势利导。
515. out a figure.崭露头角。
516. Anything is good with me(It’s up to you.).悉听尊便
517. be looking forward to doing 热望良久。
518. Wait for me a while (a moment).稍等片刻。
519. take care of yourself.好自为之。
520. Good trip.一路顺风
521. know mistake and put right.知错必改