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1. What is coming to Louise?

A. Her big party.

B. Her birthday.

C. The first day of work.

2. What is the man doing?

A. Watching a game.

B. Preparing the dinner.

C. Introducing his wife to the woman.

3. What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A. Selling cars

B. Going home early.

C. Celebrating Thanksgiving.

4. What is Anna’s uncle doing now for a living?

A. Reporting weather.

B. Raising sheep.

C. Running a hotel.

5. Where might the speakers be right now?

A. In an elevator.

B. In an eye doctor’s office.

C. On the fourteenth floor.




6. What does the man want to do?

A. Buy some books.

B. Start a small company.

C. Do some research for a paper.

7. What is the man like?

A. Careless.

B. Impatient.

C. Cautious.


8. What’s the relationship between the speakers?

A. Boss and employee.

B. Co-workers.

C. Reporter and passer-by.

9. When should the report be finished?

A. By Thursday morning

B. By Friday morning.

C. By Friday afternoon.


10. When does the man want to go for a trip?

A. In June.

B. In July.

C. In August.

11. How many tourist attractions are mentioned by the woman?

A. Two.

B. Three.

C. Four.

12. How will the man buy his ticket?

A. On the phone.

B. On the bus.

C. Online.


13. What did the man think of Americans?

A. Health-conscious.

B. Ignorant.

C. Lazy.

14. Why does the man mention organic food?

A. To show how influential American food culture is.

B. To show how people’s attitudes have changed.

C. To show that Americans are spending more on food.

15. According to the woman, why are things different now?

A. People have access to more information.

B. People are more active in general.

C. People are more positive.

16. What does the woman try to avoid?

A. Watching too much TV.

B. Eating fast food.

C. Driving her car.


17. Where did the shark attacks occur recently?

A. In North Carolina.

B. In California.

C. In Florida.

18. Who is Graham Schwartz?

A. A writer for a magazine.

B. A researcher from a museum.

C. A shark expert from a university.

19. What can people do to avoid being attacked?

A. Only swim where the water is warm.

B. Make their presence known in the water.

C. Avoid wearing certain types of bathing suits.

20. What did the Department of Parks and Reservation do?

A. They closed down the beaches.

B. They conducted a study on shark attacks.

C. They forced boats and fishermen to stop all activities.




21. One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem _______

it becomes an emergency.

A. when

B. before

C. after

D. unless

22. Speaking of the US-China trade war, Ministry of Commerce (MOC) spokesperson

stressed that ______ can only be settled by negotiations on an equal footing between the two sides.

A. frictions

B. relationships

C. balances

D. claims

23. --I forgot a ll about yesterday’s party.

--I ______, too, but for my secretary’s vocal reminder.

A. did

B. could

C. have had

D. would have

24. --Do you know that guy?

--Not much, perhaps. He _____ with my cousin for a time, though.

A. has worked

B. had worked

C. worked

D. was working

25. --It’s frustrating that my father rejects everything that I demand.

--Well, both of you must learn some art of ______ in that case.

A. compromise

B. command

C. argument

D. settlement

26. It’s widely acknowledged _______ public awa reness is _______ the key to better

environment lies.

A. how; how

B. why; because

C. that; where

D. what; in which

27. People should be taught the importance of conservation if sites like Acropolis

______ kept in good condition.

A. are

B. will be

C. is going to be

D. are to be

28. It’s increasingly ______ that the White House’s purpose is little about unfair

trade, but about the dominance of the whole Asia-Pacific region.

A. ambiguous

B. appropriate

C. fundamental

D. apparent

29. There is always something in the way ______ before we realize the real goal of


A. having got through

B. to be got through

C. got through

D. getting through

30. Riders should signal your intention to change the lane in good time by using the

blinker and ______, by hand signalling.

A. if so

B. if not

C. if any

D. if necessary

31. The company has begun with the ready-mix concrete business, ______ cement mixers

with GPS sensors and cell-phone data communicators.

A. equipped

B. equipping

C. to equip

D. being quipped

32. Some netizens urge people boycott tours to Sweden until the police have ______

and learnt to respect different cultures.

A. made their way

B. earned their way

C. mended their ways

D. had it both ways

33. All right, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll call it a d ay if no one ______ the


A. objects to

B. appeals to

C. submits to

D. corresponds to

34. --Putting on a happy face not only helps to make friends, but also makes yourself

feel better.


A. I’d love to

B. It’s my pleasure

C. It’s up to you

D. I’m with you on that

35. If the US insisted upon settling the Syrian conflicts with war, they would be as

good as opening ______.

A. a closet with a skeleton

B. Pandora’s Box

C. Noah’s ark

D. Sphinx’s riddle



Mrs. Walker sat down at her desk and sighed. “OK. Tell me, Winston, how your homework became part of the ecosystem.”

“Yesterday,” he began, “after I finished my math homework, I needed a(n) __36__. So I took out my bubblegum tape to __37__. Michael and I are having a contest.

“Yes.” __38__ Michael, “We are.”

“I thought the more gum, the bigger the bubble. I kept __39__ gum and my bubble kept growing. Pretty soon I was blowing bu bbles so big they __40__ my face.”

“Wow!” one girl behind him exclaimed in whisper.

“Then it __41__. I blew a bubble as big as a beachball.” He __42__ his arms over his head to show how big it was.”

Some kids murmured in disbelief. But Winston __43__ them and went on.

“All of a sudden a gust of wind __44__ the bubble right out of my mouth! The bubble __45__ over my desk and out the window. As it sailed away, I noticed something yellow stuck to it. Like paper. Then I noticed my __46__ was missing.”

“So?” Mrs. Walker asked.

“I ran after it into Mrs. Roosevelt’s garden—she lives next door. I saw her cat __47__ the bubble. The bubble broke. All I saw then was the cat running madly away.

“Mrs. Roosevelt helped me search the __48__. But my homework was nowhere to be


Mrs. Walker did not look __49__. Shaking her head, she said, “__50__, Winston, why didn’t you just tell me that the homework was __51__ and…”


Just then, the office assistant walked in with an envelope addressed to Winston. Everyone watched him open the envelope and take out his __52__ homework page and a note that said, “For Winston’s teacher.”

Mrs. Walker __55__. “It was all true!”

“Yes, Ma’am”. Winston said quietly.

36. A. reward

B. break

C. change

D. surprise 37. A. play

B. eat

C. practice

D. research 38. A. confirmed

B. complained

C. replied

D. claimed 39. A. chewing

B. pressing

C. adding

D. twisting 40. A. covered

B. touched

C. brushed

D. reached 41. A. expanded

B. changed

C. exploded

D. happened 42. A. spread

B. curved

C. crossed

D. waved 43. A. accused

B. respected

C. ignored

D. noticed 44. A. tore

B. seized

C. burst

D. snatched 45. A. hung

B. floated

C. jumped

D. skipped 46. A. desk

B. beachball

C. homework

D. gum 47. A. hold

B. attack

C. swallow

D. stretch 48. A. garden

B. cat

C. paper

D. bubble 49. A. touched

B. amused

C. surprised

D. impressed 50. A. Honestly

B. Ridiculously

C. Generally

D. Unfortunately 51. A. missing

B. hard

C. torn

D. finished 52. A. fascinating

B. shining

C. preserved

D. wrinkled 53. A. forgotten B. promised

C. wanted

D. refused