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When an animal helps another animal, it usually gets something valuable in return. For a long time, many scientists thought that only people could act generously just because it feels good.

However, a new s 1 in Germany suggests that chimpanzees (an animal like a large monkey without a tail) also do good things for no real reason. And so do children who are as young as 18 months of age. Maybe it is because humans and chimpanzees s 2 an ancestor about 6 million years ago.

People and chimpanzees appear to develop such features without any other t 3 , says Warneken, a scientist in Germany.

Warneken and his partners worked on adult chimpanzees that live on an island in the African country of Uganda. They also worked with 18-month-old children in Germany. The researchers performed three experiments on the adult chimpanzees and two experiments on the kids. In the first a 4 experiment,a person tried to reach his arm into a cage to get a stick,but he couldn’t reach it. A chimpanzee was in the cage,and it could reach the stick if it wanted to.

Thirty-six chimpanzees took part in this experiment one by one, and no chimpanzee saw what the other chimpanzees had done. Even though the animals hadn’t m 5 the person before, they usually took the stick and gave it to the person. What’s more, they did this whether or not the person offered them bananas as a reward.

In the next experiment, 36 children acted in a s 6 way. They helped the person reach the stick, whether or not they were offered toys for their help.

Researchers did other experiments on chimpanzees and babies. No rewards were offered in either experiment. And s7 , both the chimpanzees and children went out of their way to help. Still, the new study is different from earlier findings. Researchers have found that chimpanzees don’t give rewards of food to other chimpanzees, even if it costs them nothing to be generous.


Mary Kay is a well-known American businesswoman. Her company, Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc. , is a very successful company which s 1 cosmetics (化妆品) and employs people all over the world. She became successful through hard work and she has a strong belief in herself.

Mary Kay was born in America. Soon after she started school, her father

became ill. Her mother worked 14 hours a day in a restaurant to s 2 the family. Mary Kay had to do housework, cook, and take care of her father.

After high school, her family couldn't afford to send her to college. So she got married and started a family. Then she started her sales career. At first, she sold books. Later, she visited people's homes to sell home care products. Mary Kay was successful selling those products. Her managers praised her work but never raised her pay. It t 3 her that men didn't believe that a woman could succeed in business. She decided to prove them wrong.

In 1963, Mary Kay started her own company. It sold many skin care and beauty products. Today the company has sales of more than 1,000 million dollars and employs more than 800,000 sales representatives in 37 countries around the world and most of them are w 4 .

Mary Kay shared with her employees her life motto—Belief first; Family second; Career third. Every year, she held a n “Awards Night” and awarded a pink Cadillac car, diamond jewelries and 5-star vacations to s 5 employees. She praised them, not just money. The company wants women to feel good about themselves.

May Kay died in 2001. She was a tough businesswoman w 6 a great knowledge of marketing and sales. Through her belief in women’s abilities and her willingness to give them a chance, she made the d 7 of a successful career come true for hundreds of thousands of women all over the world.


Early that morning, Tom didn't go to work as usual. He thought he had caught a cold and phoned the restaurant to ask for leave. But Tom didn't really feel ill enough to stay in bed. I 1 , he decided to go to the new shopping mall to buy a watch. The mall was interesting so he spent a few hours looking around. He felt h 2 and bought some popcorn(爆米花). Suddenly a large red and blue parrot appeared above him and came down again and again to eat the popcorn from Tom's packet.

Tom was rather surprised, but he had seen the bird show at Ocean Park. He stretched out his arm and the parrot flew down and happily climbed onto his shoulder, and then onto his head.

The parrot was quite friendly. So Tom just stood there w 3 the parrot on his head.

The crowd of people grew and grew. A newspaper reporter heard the noise, saw

the crowd and decided to investigate. This is what happened: the parrot escaped from the o 4 flat by flying out of the window. It enjoyed itself during the daytime, but when evening came the bird tried to find its home, without success.

By the time the parrot found Tom, it had been free for two days and it was very hungry. It had had a drink from the f 5 but it hadn't had anything to eat at all. Popcorn was not its favorite food, but there was nothing else. So when it saw Tom, it was very p 6 . It wanted a friend, it needed some food and it was hoping to go home.

Several hours later, the SPCA contacted (联系) the owner. He came to the mall with a bag of peanuts, which the parrot liked even better than popcorn. He put the peanuts into a cage and the parrot hopped in.

Tom r 7 at last. He was tired and hungry, but the Parrot's owner thanked him and even gave him a reward—just enough to buy the watch.


It was a sunny summer Saturday. The sun shone down upon the grassland round Clover Farm. Robby, the eldest of the farmer’s four children, was not happy.“Come on, Robby, tell me the t 1 ,” called out his mother from the house where she was at work.

Robby answered, “Mother, I don’t wan t to take the children to the grassland. I want to please myself!”

“Who told you to take the children to the grassland --- Father?” Mother asked.

“Yes, it was. He said I was to take them to play on the grassland, and not to leave there until he came back f rom the market.”

“And what is it you want to do instead?”

“I want to go with my net down to Butterfly Corner. There will be lots of butterflies out this sunny day. And the other boys at school are all c 2 . They have more than I do.”

“Oh, dear! But I ca n guess why he gave those orders. He knew that this is a very busy day for me,” his mother said. “And as this is market-day at the town, he would be away until dinner time. So, you see, he has left you in charge. You are in Father’s p 3 this morning t o guard the farm and all of us, especially the little kids. Don’t you think it’s an honor to be so trusted (信任)?”

Something h 4 in Robby’s heart because of his mother’s words. He walked quietly away. After all, what were the butterflies compared with the kids left in his charge? “Hip, hip, hooray!” Robby cheered. He had won a victory --- o 5 himself.

“Hi, Nettie! Hi, Dumps! Come along ! And where’s Baby ? We’re going to the grassland, and I’ll teach you to play a new game!” he shouted.

The four kids enjoyed a happy day.

At the dinner table, Father showed the family a new bike. He said to Robby, “Now I’ll tell you w 6 I wanted you to stay at home this morning. It was for this surprise. Look, my boy! For weeks back I’ve been planning to buy this bicycle for you. Today I bought it, and it’s yours!”

For a few seconds Robby could not believe his eyes. The good, kind father had been planning for this boy’s p7 ! “Oh, Father!” he cried.


Life in an American high school is an interesting and exciting learning experience. High school in America is not just a p 1 for studying some subjects. It is also an important social center, where students can develop other interests and talents.

The high school is d 2 into four years. The teenager usually starts school at about 8 am ,and ends at about 3 pm. There’s no school on Saturday.

Students have lunch at the school cafeteria, where they can choose from a variety of good things to eat and drink. After lunch they play a sport, talk to friends or s 3 relax. The lunch break lasts about an hour.

When the school day ends, some students go home, but many still stay at school for after-school activities. There are many activities and clubs to choose. With the headmaster’s agreement, students can start any kind of club that is e 4 and fun!

In the afternoon many students practice sports with the school team. Sports are an important part of high school life. It’s an honour (荣誉)to play on the school team.

American high school students like to be "popular". This m 5 being a good student, being active in the community and being well-liked by others. Popular students are elected to take part in student government. Every year in June there are prizes for the best athletes and the best athletes.

There are many social e 6 such as Spring Dance and School Picnic during the school year which involve (涉及) the whole school and the teachers.

Most American high school students have a part-time job during the school year and a full-time job during the summer. Parents encourage their children to work

b 7 its part of growing up and becoming responsible and independent.

Most high schools have a job list to help students find work. Teenagers are fond of their jobs!


It seems like a magic trick sometimes. One day you walk down a street in Shanghai lined with old buildings.

Urban redevelopment is a f of life in all of China’s cities.

(1) 1、study 2、s hare 3、training 4、animal 5、met 6、similar 7、still

(2)1、sells 2、support 3、taught 4、women 5、successful 6、with 7、dream

(3) 1、Instead 2、hungry 3、with 4、owner's 5、fountain 6、pleased 7、relaxed

(4) 1、trouble 2、collecting 3、place 4、happened 5、over 6、shy7、pleasure

(5)1、place 2、divided 3、simply 4、educational 5、means 6、events 7、because