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If you visit Twinsburg, Ohio, in August, you will think that you are seeing double. This is where the Twins Day Festival takes place. It is the biggest gathering of twins in the world. Every year, about 2,500 to 3,000 sets of identical twins come to the festival. There are little babies, children, teenagers, and adults. There are even twins who are over 00 years old.

The Twins Day Festival is like one big party. People meet old friends and make new friends, There are competitions to see which twins look the most alike and which twins look the least alike, people eat hot dogs. Play games, and take pictures together.

Some twins go to the festival hoping to find love. Finding someone to love is difficult for twins.,because twins are very close.“ Being a twin is very special.” one twin said .“It’s band for a non-twin to understand this special relationship.” Non-twins who marry twins often feel lonely nnd left out.Many twins never marry because they are so happy with their twins.

At the Twins Day Festival, some twins are lucky and find love. Doug and Phil Malm met their wives, Jill and Jena,at the festival. Doug explain how it happened.“We first met Jena and Jill on Friday night. Then we met them again several times on the weekend.” The tow sets of twins fell in love, and Dong and Phil asked Jill and Jena to marry them.Dong and Phil thought they asked,“will you marry me?” What they really said was,“Will you marry us?”

1.According to the first paragraph, you can conclude that some twins will meet each other in "

A.the United States

B. Canada

C. Australia

D. English

2.According to the information of the passage, it can be inferred that hundreds of twins hold a gathering "

A.every other year

B. Every tow years

C. Once a year

D. Every half a year

3. From context, the phrase”left out” (line4, para3) maans?

A,went away B. Exclucen C.cenained D.Considered

4.Form the information of the passage it can be implied that when the twins and the non- twins get married,at last they "

A.are often divorced

B.are never divorced

C.are seldom divorced

D.are never separated

5.According to the last paragraph, it is inferred that"

A. the twins Doug and Jill agreed to marry each other

B. The twins phil and Jena agreed to marry each other

C.the twins Phil d on’t agree to marry Jill and Jena

D. The twins Dong and Phil and the twins Jill and Jena agreed to marry each other


The 12th lunar month in Chinese is called layue(the month to worship all the deities). The eighth day of the 12th lunar month is the Laba Festival. It is treated as the beginning of the Chinese holiday season After the Laba Festival, people enter into the busy preparation for the Lunar New Year. The main activity of the Laba Festival is cooking and sharing the special laba gruel (laba-zhou)

Most people believe it has a close relation to Sakyamuni ,the Buddha. He left his comfortable home and set off in search of the final enlightenment .After days of traveling without rest ,he collapsed near a river in northern India. He was received by a wandering shepherdess, who offered him her lunch of family leftovers, consisting of sticky cereal, glutinous rice dates,

chestnuts and wild fruit . After consuming this repast, Sakyamuni took a batch and sat under a tree for mediation ,where he finally attained enlightenment. The very was 8th day of last lunar mont.The meal was the original laba gruel.

6.At the Laba Festival people___. "

A. Worship all the deities

B. Begin preparations for the Lunar New Year

C. Cook a variety of food to mark the occasion

D. Eat a special gruel together

7.The Laba Fcstival is believed by many to be rclated to


B. Buddhism


D. Christianity

8. Sakyamuni left his home and searched for"

A. Wealth for lift

B.wisdom of lift

C.comforts of lift

D. remedies for life

9.Sakyamuni ate a meal which was made of all the following except

A.wild fruit

B. Rice

C. Cereal

D. Meat

10.The 8th day of the last month was remarkable because that day Sakyamuni

A. Ate a meal given by a shepherdess

B.found the meal very delicious

C.made a deep meditation

D. Obtained the final enlightenment


Bill Gates is the richest private citizen in the world. There is nothing he can’t afford. Every morning, when his alarm clock goes off. The software tycoon (软件巨富)is $20 million richer than when he went to bed .His wealth is based on his company, Microsoft, of which he owns 39% of the shares. He has personal fortune estimated at 18 billion ,which is more than the annual economic output of over a hundred countries.

He has built a mansion over looking Lake Washington that he’s packed with high - tech gadgetry and TV monitors ,some taking up an entire wall, Visitors are giving a smart card encoded with their personal preferences. So that,as they wander from room to room, their favorite pictures will appear on the screens, and the music they like will play .Gates’own personal lift is rather romantic .when he went out with an ex -girlfriend. The couple conducted much of their relationship by going on virtual dates. Each would drive alone to the some movie at the same time in different towns, and then talk about it afterwards on their mobiles, discussing the plots and exchanging opinions.

Gates has been called “king of the Nerds”(傻子王),but this simply isn’t fair. In the 9th grade at school, he got A’s in all the subjects he took, which put him among the top ten students in the nation ,Gates went on to Harvard University, where he managed to be in the same class as the

girl he fancied by inserting a piece of software in to college.when he left , he knew exactly what to do .he started up his own computer company .

The reason why Micosoft has been so successful is that Gates saw that his fortune lay in software ,and hardware now the multi -billionaire,whose software is uesd in two-thirds of the word’s computers ,is developing the HPC,or hand-held personal computer.It is his intention that there should be a computer in the pocket of everybody in the whole world.

11 Which of the follwing about Bill Gates’wealth is NOT true?

A.Bill Gates has a personal fortune of about $18 million.

B.Bill Gates earns $20million every day.

C.Bill Gates wealth mainly comes from Microsoft.

D. The annual econmic output of over 100countries is not as much as Bill Gates wealth.

12.What is special about his house?

A.All the rooms are decorated with beautiful pictures.

B.All the rooms are packed with televisions.

C.As guests open each door, the same music will play for them.

D.The house is packed with high-tech gadget and monitors.

13 How would he have a date with his ex- girlfriend?

A. They would talk about a movie on the telepone after whiching it together.

B. The would watch a movie separately in the same cinema.

C. They would go to the same movic at the same time respectively.

D. They would discuss a movie together after watching it alone.

14.What did he do to the computer at Harvard?

A. He put a piece of software into the college computer.

B. He exchanged the hardware of the college computer.

C. He damaged the computer at Harvard.

D. He took a piece of software away from the college computer.

15 What is the secret of his success?

A. He had good luck.

B. He knew that his fortune would lie in hardware.

C. The computers made by his company sold well.

D. He knew clearly what he was good at.


Even the newest gardener realizes that plants die without water; what is not so well known is that plants die equally decisively, though not so quickly , if they are overwatered. Beginners usually decide to play it safe and keep their potted plants thoroughly wet. In consequence, death by drowning is one of the commonest disasters to befall (降临,灾祸发生)the plants of a new boeticulturest ,plants wither away (枯萎)if they don’t get enough water ,and this draws attention to their problem.A plant that has been slightly underwatered so that it droops strikes terror into the heart of its new owner.But it will ,in fact ,recover completely as long as rescue in time and the process is out repeated too often over watered plants,unfortumtely ,do not give any such obvious signal; slowly they cease to thrive and the first visible in dication of serious trouble is a yellowing of the lower leaves .Unless the overwatered pot soil is givern a conisderable period without

water during which time the plant will continue to look wretched it will suddenly collapse in exactly the same way as the under watered plant- but with no chance of being revived because the roots have rotted away.

16.From the text we can infer a horticulturist is a person engaged in

A,growing plants

B.raising birds

C.cutting plants

D.studying the death cause of plants

17.What does a new gardener usually decide to do keep their potted plants alive ?

A.Underwatering the plants

B.Fertilyzing the pot soil

C. Overwatering the plants

D.Loosening the pot soil

18.According to the text ,which of the following plants might die without recovery?

A.Plants with their lower leaves yellowing

B.Overwaterde plants

C.Underwatered plants

D.Plants with worms

19.A withered plant might be rescued because

A.it doesn’t get enough water

B. it is repeatedly overwatered

C. it gives visible signal of dying

D. it dies slowly

20.What is the purpuse of this text?

A.To warn gardeners not to underwater problems of gardening.

B.To give information about general problems of gardening.

C.To draw attention to the problem of overwatered plants.

D.To recommend new gardeners the book about gardening.


21.She is older than ________ .

A. any other girl in the group

B. any girl in the group

C. all girls in the group.

D. you and me as well as the group

22.The student was just about to ________ the question, when suddenly he found the answer!

A. arrive at

B. work out

C. give up

D. work on

23.I tried ________ the window, but that didn’t help! I still fel t cold

A. to close

B. closing

C. to be closing

D. closed

24.—Are the new rules working?

—Yes, ____ books are stolen.

A. Few

B. More

C. Some

D. None

25.When ________ through a circuit, the current will lose part of its energy.

A. flowing

B. being flowed

C. flow

D. having flown

26.Peter has planned to ________ some money every month so that be can buy a used car next year.

A. set aside

B. set up

C. set in

D. set along

27.It was between 1830 and 1835 ________ the modern newspaper was born.

A. how

B. that

C. which

D. because

28.Upon hearing the bell ring, ________ .

A. the students’ departure was hasty

B. our departure was hasty

C. we departed hastily

D. the classroom was filled immediately

29.The harder the scrub is to grow, _____ .

A. the higher price it is

B. the higher price it would have

C. the higher the price is

D. the higher is price

30.Mike’s uncle insists ________ in this hotel."

A. staying

B. not to say

C. that he would not stay

D. that he not stay

31.He ________ the newspaper and sat on it.

A. spread out

B. took out

C. put down

D. finished

32.The science of medicine, ________ progress has been very rapid lately, is perhaps the most important of all the sciences.

A. to which

B. in which

C. which

D.with which

33.—How did you do on the test?

—I don’t know. For some reason, they’ve put off ________ the result until the end of the mouth.

A. announce

B. announcement


D. to announce

34.Tom told me that you were going to take a trip to America, ________ ?

A. weren’t you

B. weren’t going you

C. wouldn’t you

D. didn’t you

35.________ carefully and you will be able to ________ what is useful to you.

A. Hear, listen to

B. Hearing, hear

C. if you listen, hear

D. Listen, hear

36.He lay o a straw mat with ________

A. closed eyes

B. eyes closed and his mouth open

C. closed eyes open his mouth

D. eyes closed and his mouth open

37.Mr. Kim married________ .

A. with Miss Lee

B. to Miss Lee

C. Miss Lee

D. by Miss Lee

38.—John ________to like the fried rice.

—He sure does! That’s his third helping.

A. dares

B. looks

C. seems

D. wants

39.History shows that the founding of the People’s Republic of China________ a great deal________ those who gave their lives for the course.

A. owes, to

B. Contributes, to

C. makes contribution, to

D. benefits, from

40.Almost all foreigners ________ to find the cit wreathed in yellow—grey mist for most of the year.

A. expect

B. look forward

C. look up

D. look out

41 If you had told me earlier, I ________ like that

A. would not to

B. would not have done

C. would do

D. will not do

42.I________ of his course of action, so I told his to go ahead.

A. accepted

B. agreed

C. approved

D. consented

43.Chapter Four mainly deals with the Civil War. As for its background, you may find it in the________ chapters.

A. after

B. past

C. preceding

D. before

44.________ it rains or not doesn’t concern me.

A. Either

B. It

C. Neither

D. Whether

45.The job requires ________ as an accountant

A. three year experience

B. three year’s experiences

C. three years experience

D. three years’experience

46.Jim doesn’t like. American beer,________ does Anna.

A. so

B. neither

C. either

D. also

47.The audience waited until the curtain had risen and then________ into applause.

A. flooded

B. cheered

C. burst

D. started

48.Scarcely had they settle themselves in their seats in the cinema ________ it is composed.

A. then

B. have been

C. are

D. was

49.By the end of June, you___here for three months

A will have studied B.studies C will study D have studies

50.You ________him so closely; you should have kept your distance.

A. shouldn’t follow

B. mustn’t fol low

C. couldn’t have been following

D. shouldn’t have been following


根据下述要求写一篇约101词左右的求职信:假如你是一位应届毕业生,你再中国日报(China Daily)上看到一则摩托罗拉公司(Motorola)欲招聘一位手机推销员的招聘广告,你非常感兴趣。请写一封求职信,询问有关情况,并介绍本人的优势,如专业知识过硬,计算机操作熟练,英语交际能力强等。你迫切希望该公司能考虑录用你,请该公司给你一张申请表。若能提供面试机会,你将不胜感激。(注意:必须包括对收信人的称谓,发信人的签名等基本格式)



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