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人教版新目标九年级英语同步测试:Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to Section B (3a_selfcheck)


Unit 9Section B (3a-selfcheck)



( )1.My aunt married her daughter ________ a doctor.

A.with B.to C.for D.in

( )2. —Nick is an excellent student.

—I agree with you. Our teachers always ________ him.

A. reflect

B. recall

C. pardon

D. praise

( )3.There ________plenty of ________in the fridge. You don't need to buy more. A.is;egg B.is;eggs

C.are;egg D.are;eggs

( )4. —Why do you feel so________, Tom?

—Because my best friend Jim said that he would not be my friend anymore for an argument.

A. serious

B. smooth

C. painful

D. private

( )5.—How long will it take me to get to the train station?

—It depends on ________you will get there.

A.how B.why C.how far D.how often

( )6. The foreigner ________ teaches English in our school is from Canada.

A. what

B. whom

C. which

D. who

( )7.Few men prefer ________ shopping with their wives to staying at home.

A.goes B.to going C.go D.going

( )8. —Tom, I'm so sorry that you got a “C” again. Would you please stop making me________?

—I'm sorry, Mom. I will work harder, I promise.

A. off

B. down

C. up

D. away

( )9.—The concert this evening is sure to be exciting.

—But it is a ________that I can not go there with you.

A.joy B.wonder C.pity D.wound

( )10.You can see a library ________ the street.

A.in the end B.by the end of

C.at the end of D.by the end

( )11. Studying in groups is a popular way ________ can develop students' ability.

A. that

B. who

C. when

D. where

( )12.Eric likes reading very much. He spends every ________moment he has in the library. A.nervous B.spare C.boring D.full

( )13.Uncle Wang ________the electricity and water in his house before going on holiday.

A.took off B.turned on

C.shut off D.put on

( )14.If you ________practicing the piano every day,you could become quite a good pianist in the future. A.care for B.think about

C.stick to D.deal with

( )15.Alice ________ her husband in 1987.They live a happy life now.

A.married with B.was married

C.got married to D.got married


How important is music?Many people usually think that listening to music is nice but not very __16__. It is often only thought to be entertainment(娱乐), but not the first __17__ for education. This opinion is wrong. __18__,music education is necessary for all students.

Music tells us who we are. Music __19__ the musicians' thoughts and ideas,and the social environment they came from. For example, just as Mozart's music represents(代表) a lifestyle, rock music__20__ represents a lifestyle. George Gershwin's music is another __21__. He introduced jazz style into his music.

Music __22__ a kind of ability to know the world in a different way. Science explains how the sun rises and sets. Music explores(探索) emotional(情绪的) meanings. People need every possible way to __23__ about our world.

Music shows people's thoughts. We can “talk” to each other in this amazing way.

Through the language we __24__ our feelings, discoveries, ideas and hopes. All of these can be shared with others. When we do not let our children receive a good music education, we take __25__ away from the meanings that music expresses. So music education is much more necessary than people usually think.

( )16. A. interesting B. possible C. exciting D. important

( )17. A. choice B. step C. advice D. purpose

( )18. A. In total B. In fact C. In the end D. In that case

( )19. A. recalls B. reminds C. reflects D. reviews

()20. A. ever B. still C. even D. also

( )21. A. decision B. example C. suggestion D. tradition

()22. A. performs B. promises C. provides D. prepares

()23. A. doubt B. learn C. talk D. worry

( )24. A. explain B. expect C. excite D. express

( )25. A. them B. him C. her D. it


There are many different kinds of music in the world. Now let's study some of them.

Classical music

Classical music is a form of music which needs high musical skills. If you want to learn this kind of music, you have to go through proper training.

Heavy metal music

Heavy metal music came out after World WarⅡ. The melody(旋律) of the song is heavily influenced by the structure of it. It is also known as “information music”. In heavy metal music, songwriting is based on a form.

Hip-hop music

This kind of music always includes the use of instruments such as the guitar, violin, piano, bass(低音电吉他), drums and so on. In this kind of music, the bass is the main instrument. It was first played by a group of traveling singers and poets of West Africa.

Opera music

It first appeared in Italy in the 1600s. It has a great mixture of theatrical(戏剧的) art and musical invention and is used in theaters.

Jazz music

This kind of music has strong and complex(复杂的) melodies. The main musical instruments are the cornet(短

号), trumpet and violin, which help carry the melody.

Besides these, there are many other kinds of music such as the blues, new-age music, Celtic music, religious music, and chamber music(室内乐).

( )26. ________music needs high musical skills.

A. Classical

B. Heavy metal

C. Hip-hop

D. Opera

( )27. The main instrument in hip-hop music is the________.

A. guitar

B. violin

C. piano

D. bass

( )28. The ________ is used in both hip-hop music and jazz music.

A. piano

B. violin

C. trumpet

D. cornet

( )29. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Heavy metal music appeared after World War Ⅱ.

B. Only after proper training can you learn classical music.

C. Opera music first appeared in Italy.

D. People call jazz music “information music”.

( )30. What's the BEST title for the passage?

A. Different Kinds of Music

B. Our Favorite Musicians

C. We Love Music Best

D. Welcome to the Music Club



31. If you still feel________(令人疼痛的), you should go and ask your doctor for advice.

32. He liked the wide open spaces of the________(澳大利亚的) countryside.

33. Do you know who is the________(导演) of the new movie?

34. She________(更喜欢) reading at home to going out on weekends.

35. They are so lucky to have a chance to________(表演) on tonight's show.


36.Mum,would you mind my __________(play) table tennis?

37.The young woman is a ___________(direct) of the company.

38.Last week my uncle bought an _____________(electric) dictionary for me as a birthday present. 39.There are many rules in my home,such as______ (go) to bed early.

40.He has lots of ___________(Australia) friends and they are friendly to him.



41.Feng Xiaogang is one of the most famous ____________.

42.Some ____________ will visit our company this week.

43.When their grandmother died,they felt a deep ____________.

44.A ____________of 100 18-year-old students were chosen to attend the race.

45.I made a few mistakes while I was ____________on the stage.



46. 你已经自己做决定了?既然那样, 我们就不要谈论这件事了。

You have made your own decision?________ _________ _________, we don't need to _________ _________ it. 47. 琼不喜欢纪录片, 但是她偶尔也看。

Jean doesn't like documentaries, but she watches them once _________ _________ __________.

48. 我在纽约总共学习了5年。

I studied in New York for five years_________ _________.

49. 你应该坚持每天记五个单词。

You should _________ _________ __________ five words each day.

50. 请关闭电视机, 让我好好地休息一会儿。

Please_________ _________ the TV. Let me have a good rest.



人教版新目标九年级英语同步测试:Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to Section B (3a_selfcheck)

Hi,friends!I'm from Sydney,Australia.My name is Carmen.I'm always happy.I'm never 51.________.What do I do to stop myself 52.________ sad?It's very simple.When terrible things happen,I always 53.________ off my brain and try to look on the bright side of life.There are always happy things to think about,so I'm always a happy girl.Because I'm always happy,I have 54.________ of friends.And all of my friends like to be with me.Why?Because I can teach them how go get rid of (摆脱) their 55.________ and stay happy.But it's a 56.________ that I don't have any Chinese friends!Well,I really want a Chinese friend.Hey,Chinese friends!Here is some more 57.________ about me.I work hard at school and always get good 58.________.I like movies.When I'm free,I often go to the movies.Oh,no!To be exactly,I spend all my 59.________ time watching movies or reading about

movies.If you ask me,I will say I prefer funny movies to sad movies.Are you 60.________?



Country music is very popular in America.It is a traditional kind of music from the southern states of America.At first,people played country music only at family parties.When people in the countryside moved to towns and cities to look for jobs,they took their music with them.With country music continuing to change,it became popular throughout America.John Denver was one of the most famous country singers in America 50 years ago.His song Take Me Home,Country Roads is well-known and people still play it today.

Pop music is another kind of musical style.Pop music can make people feel happy and comfortable.Pop music has been popular since the 1950s.In China,Jay Chou is liked by a large number of fans of all ages.He sang many songs about the world we live in.One of them is Dao Xiang,which encourages people not to give up even when life is difficult.


61.①t________ being part of the customs of a country or group of people.

②c________ to keep doing something without stopping.


62.He sang many songs about the world we live in.

Many songs about the world we live in ________ ________ by him.


63.What did people play only at family parties at first?


64.Was John Denver one of the most famous country singers in America in the 19th century?


65.How can pop music make people feel?




要点:1. 你很喜欢这个节目,特别是节目播放的歌曲很优美,歌词很棒。

2. 在你学习感到疲劳时,会打开收音机听这个节目。

3. 从节目中你学到了很多单词。

4. 告诉他你最喜欢的是什么类型的音乐,请他帮助你介绍一些相关的歌手和CD。

Dear Philip,


Li Ming



1-5BDDCA 6-10 DDBCC 11-15 ABCCC




25-30 DCDBA


31. painful32. Australian33. director 34. prefers35. perform

36.playing 37.director 38.electronic 39. going 40.Australian

41.directors 42.Australians 43.sadness 44.total 45.performing


46. In that case,talk about 47. in a while48. in total49. stick to memorizing 50. shut off


51.down 52.getting 53.shut 54.plenty 55.sadness

56.pity http://www.wendangku.net/doc/af71f4034973f242336c1eb91a37f111f1850d69.htmlrmation 58.grades 59.spare 60.surprised



62.were sung

63.Country music./At first,people played country music only at family parties.

64.No,he wasn't.

65.Happy and comfortable./Pop music can make people feel happy and comfortable.


Dear Philip,

My name is Li Ming. I am a middle school student. I often listen to your program at night. I like it very much,especially the English songs.

I like the English songs that have great lyrics. I will turn on the radio and listen to your program when I feel tired. It helps me relax myself. By the way,I have learnt many English words from these songs. And I like singers who can sing clearly and write their own songs. Can you introduce me some singers and their CDs?You can send me e-mail at Liming@163. com.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much!


Li Ming