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浙江省2019年中考英语试卷汇编 单词拼写


一、浙江省2019年初中毕业学业考试 (湖州市)

单词拼写 (本题有9小题,每小题1分,共9分)


In Chinese lunar calendar, people 57 (划分) the year int0 24 solar terms (节气) . Start of Summer means the coming of a new 58 (季节) summer. and it begins on May 6 and ends on May 21 this year. The temperature will 59 (上升) quickly during this period.

Here are three things about how Chinese greet the Start of Summer.

Checking one's weight

The 60 (风俗) of weighing people at the Start of Summer started from the Three Kingdoms Period and is 61 (仍然) popular in South China today. It's said that this practice will bring health and good luck to the people weighed.

Eating eggs

In ancient China, people believed a 62 (圆的) egg was a symbol of a happy life and eating eggs on the day of Start of Summer was a good 63 (愿望) for good health. People put leftover tea into boiled water together with eggs to create "tea egg". Today it has become a 64__ (当地的) snack in many places of China. Taking care of the heart

According to Chinese traditional medicine, Start of summer is a key time to moisten the heart. When it grows hot, heat can affect human health. So people 65 (更喜欢) food such as fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins and cool in nature.



Many people go to Utah because they love hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park. They enjoy ________ (岩石) climbing, camping and so on. However, some people go to Utah for a very ________ (不同的) experience.

The Boulder Outdoor Survival (生存) School (BOSS) in Utah is the world's oldest survival school. It teaches people how to stay alive outside without tents, or even backpacks. In Bryce Canyon, the days are very ________ (热的) and the nights are very cold. Not everyone wants to go and experience life without modem ________ (发明) like smart phones and e-books, Students at BOSS quickly learn that it is important to work hard and ________ (尝试)new things if they want to complete the trainin9.

In survival camps at BOSS, students don't just practise camping, hiking or ________ (骑) horses. They go into the wild for days or weeks. They learn how to find ________ (新鲜的) water for drinking. They also learn how to make a fire, use a ________ (小刀)and find food to eat. Nature can often give them ________ (每件事) they need to survive.

After these people go back to the real world, they may never use these skills again. Even if they don't, at ________ (至少) they will always know that they can live without computers, electricity, and smart phones—even if it is only for a few days!



A group of rubbish collectors in Turkey are recycling the books that people have thrown away. They have ________ (已经) created a mobile library. There are now over 9, 000 books, which are divided into 20 kinds, including ________ (医学的) care, politics, literature, history, healthy living and so on. The library is inside a ________ (卡车) that tours schools in the countryside. They hope to create a greater passion(热情) for reading books in children, ________ (尤其) in the age of mobile phones and computers. Many schools do not have a reading room or their ________ (自己的) library.

The library has got lots of attention in Turkey. People from all over Turkey are ________ (送) their old books to the library. A ________ (女士) working at the

mobile library said, "The interest is growing. Each day we have guests coming here

to 58 ________ (借) books or have a quiet time to read." The director of the library

said, "We have books here for kids aged from four to ________ (十), and books for

older children, like world classics and ________ (诗). We hope that it will develop

their love for books."

四、浙江省2019年初中毕业学业考试 (温州市)


Lydia runsand picks up rubbish along the way. What she does is called"plogging",

an activity combining collecting rubbish with running. Last 46 (六月)she first

learned the idea of plogging on the Intemet and decided to plog.

Lydia runs four or 47 (五) times a week and takes a daily walk with her two

dogs. She often wears her gloves and takes several 48 (袋子) when she goes out.

Sometimes she spends 49 (一半,半数)an hour collecting rubbish. She says she 50

(浪费) the last few years of her running life. Now she feels" 51 (更好的) to do

plogging than just running by the litter."It just takes a moment to stop and pick

something up off the ground. 52 (然而) , it makes a bigdifference to my community.

Now my husband also 53 (加入) me," Lydia says __54 (自豪地). "It

doesn't matter how much rubbish I pick up. It's。good way to protect our __55


五、2019 年杭州中考英语试题

单词拼写(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)



60.I'm very hungry. Ihaven't e anything since 7 : 00 this morning.

61.H isteamhadlostthegamebecauseofhim.Hefeltliketherewasaheavyw on his shoulder

62.Ad is a conversation between two people in a book,

film orplay.

63.J udy is good-looking, but I think she looksmuchp

with long hair than with shorthair.

64.G rowing vegetables looks easy,buta it takes a lot oflearning.

65.H earing the funny story, all the students begantol loudly.

66.T he doctor told the patient to takethem three times aday.

67.J1st is Children'sDay.

68.S he is nineteen, and next year she is going to celebratehert


69.I t takes me45m to get to school by bike everymorning.


根据下列句子及所给汉语注释, 写出空缺处各单词的正确形式 (每空一词) 。

36. The two little girls often stay together to____________ (分享)their secrets.

37. This kind of silk feels much ____________ (柔软的) than that one.

38.1川。to go abroad to celebrate my twentieth birthday in ____________ (八月) .

39. At the meeting the boss ____________ (赞扬) John for the progress he made.

40. More and more people have realized the importance of spreading our _____________(传统

的) culture.

41. We can see clearly that Mongolia___________ (位于) between China and Russia on the map.

42. Could you please show me your ______________ (护照), young men?

43. You'll forget the dancing skills easily ______________ (除非) you practice them often

44. We ____________ (很少地〕hang out at weekends recently.

45. In Ningbo, everyone knows that things in blue rubbish bins can be___________ (回收利用).



Cooking was once regarded as a necessary part of education in England. But in recent years, ithas become less important in schools. As a result __36__(基础的) cooking and food preparationskills are being lost. It is also making more children overweight, as parents use too much fast foodthat is __37__(有害的) to their health.

The government is worried and is looking for ways to __38__ (解决) the problem.

A new lawhas been passed. All secondary schools should offer cooking __39__(课程 ) to students aged from 11 to 14 years old. They hope that this will encourage people to cook instead of eating __40__ (准备好的) meals, fast food and snacks.

Students will learn to cook for one hour a __41__(星期) for one term. They will learn to use simple and fresh ingredients(原料) to prepare healthy, tasty food, following __42__(说明). These cooking skills will be helpful in their future life. Schools are also setting up cooking clubs all overthe country. The clubs will __43__(提供) more children with the chance to learn to cook.

There are still difficulties. Head teachers are worried about the things they will need for the cooking. And about 15% of schools do not have __44__(厨房) ) and there are not enough teachers.

The speaker from the government __45__(允诺) to train 800 teachers and to give schools million pounds a year to help children from poorer families to pay for ingredients.



浙江省2019年中考英语试卷汇编 单词拼写

If you are tired of making human connections, Lovet can be a great choice for

you. A Japanese company __51__(发明) it in December, 2018. It is a friendly robot which can make __52__(孤独的) people feel the love.

The __53__(名字) “Lovet” comes from the two words—“love” and “robot”. With two bright eyes and a __54__(柔软的)body, Lovet moves around your house and asks you for hugs. It doesn’t talk, but chirps(作唧唧声).

Lovet follows you with the help of a __55__(照相机) on its head. It also has abilities to tell who you are by reading your face. It can __56__(甚至) remember

up to 1000 faces.

The robot cannot help you with housework, but it will __57__(发展) your ability

to love. It moves around on three wheels and waves its two little __58__(手臂) to show surprise and love, or to ask for a hug. it sleeps when it;s hugged and it follows

you when it is called. It is __59__(害羞的) around strangers. When you open the door,

it will hide __60__(在……后面). If you want to make it laugh, just touch it.

Lovet will do all it can to fill you with joy.


一、 57. divide 58. season 59. rise 60. custom 1. still 62. round

63. wish

64. local 65. prefer

二、 rock;different;hot;inventions;try;riding;fresh;knife;everything;least

三、already;medical;truck;especially;own;sending /giving;lady;borrow;ten;poems

四、46. June 47. five 48. bags 49. half 50. wasted/ has wasted

51.better 52. However 53. joins 54. proudly 55. planet

五、61-70:eaten, weight, dialogue/dialog, prettier, actually, laugh, medicine(s), June, twentieth, minutes

六、 36. share 37. softer 38. August 39. praised 40. traditional

41. ties/is 42. passports 43. unless 44. seldom 45. recycled

七、36.basic 37. harmful 38. solve 39.courses/ lessons 40. ready 41.week

42.instructions/directions 43. provide 44. kitchens 45. promises


浙江省2019年中考英语试卷汇编 单词拼写