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During the rest of sleep, the fatigue (疲劳 of the body disappears and recuperation (复原 begins. The tired mind gathers new energy; The memory improves; and annoyance and problems are seen correctly.

Some adults require little sleep , others need eight to ten hours in every twenty-for. Infants sleep sixteen to eighteen hours daily, the amount gradually decreasing as they grow older. Young students may need twelve hours; university students may need ten. A worker with a physically demanding job may also need ten , whereas an executive working under great pressure may manage on six to eight. Many famous people are well known to have required little sleep . Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Edison , and Charles Darwin apparently averaged only four to six hours a night.

Whatever your individual need , you can be sure that by the age of thirty you will have slept for a total of more than twelve years. By that age you will also have developed a sleep routine : a favorite hour, a favorite bed .a favorite posture (姿势 , and a formula you need to follow in order to rest comfortably.

Investigators have tried to find out how long a person can go without sleep. Several people have reached more than 115 hours-nearly days. Whatever the limit, it is absolute Animals kept awake for from five to eight days have died of exhaustion. The limit for human beings is probably about a week.

1.It is implied in the passage that__.

A. a light sleep is as refreshing as a deep one

B. sleep is important for good mental and physical health

C. memory is greatly improved during sleep

D. famous people need less sleep that ordinary people

2.It can be concluded from the passage that the amount of sleep required___,

A. depends on the bed one sleeps in

B. varies greatly from one individual to another

C. can be predicted from the type of job one has

D. is closely related to the amount of pressure one suffers

3. The word ―formula‖ (line 3, paragraph 3 most probably means___

A. a prescription

B. a mathematical rule

C. a fixed method or approach

D. an expression of the elements of a compound

4.A person should __ in order to sleep well.

A. follow his sleep routine

B. go to bed early

C. sleep as much as he can

D. do a physically demanding job

5.The longest time a human being can survive without sleep is probably.

A. five days

B. seven days

C. ten days

D. twelve days


As prices and building costs keep rising , the ― do-it-yourself ‖ (DIY trend (趋势 in the U.S

continues to grow.

―We needed furniture for our living room ,‖ says John Rose ,‖ and we just didn’t have enough money to buy it. So we decided to try making a few tables and chairs.‖ John got married six months ago ,and like many young people these days, they are struggling to make a home at a time when the cost of living is very high. The Roses took a two –week course for $ 280 at a night school.

Now they build all their furniture and make repairs around the house.

Jim Hatfield has three boys and his wife died. He has a full-time job at home as well as in a shoe making factory. Last month, he received a car repair bill for $ 420. ―I was deeply upset about it. Now I’ve finished a car repair course ,I should be able to fix the car by myself .‖

John and Jim are not unusual people. Most families in the county are doing everything they can to save money so they can fight the high cost of living . If you want to become a ― do – it –yourselfer ―, you can go to DIY class .And for those who don’t have time to take a course , there are books that tell you how you can do things yourself.

6.We call lean from the text that many newly married people ____.

A. find it hard to pay for what they need

B. have to learn to make their own furniture

C. take DIY courses run by the government

D. seldom go to a department store to buy things 7.John and his wife went to evening classes to learn how to__.

A. run a DIY shop

B. make or repair things

C. save time and money

D. improve the quality of life

8.When the writer says that Jim has a full-time job at home , he means Jim___

A. make shoes in his home

B. does extra work at night

C. does his own car and home repairs

D. keeps house and looks after his children

9.Jim Hatfield decided to become a do-it-yourselfer when ____

A. his car repairs cost too much

B. the car repair class was not helpful

C. he could not possibly do two jobs

D. he had to raise the children all by himself

10.What Would be the best title for the text ?

A. The Joy of DIY

B. You Can Do It Too!

C. Welcome to Our DIY Course

D. Rose and Hatfield : Believers in DIY


Bicycle tour (旅行 and race

A bike tour and race will be held on August 26 and 27 (Set. & Sun.. At 5:30 am,the riders will leave Tian’anmen Square and ride the first 35 kilometers as a training leg. Then the next 55 kilometer leg, from Yanjiao to Jixian , will be the first competitive (竞争性的 part of the tour . The riders and their bikes will then be taken from Jixian to Changli.

The second racing leg of the tour will be from Changli to the seaside of Nandaihe , covering a distance of 20 kilometers. Saturday night includes the stay at Nandaihe and supper . Sunday morning is free for play at the seaside . At noon all the people and their bikes will be taken to Beijing.

Cost: 200 yuan

Telephone : 4675027

Brazilian footballers

The B razilian Football Club will play Beijing Guo’an Team at the Workers Stadium on

August 26. The club has four national team players. Also coming is 1994 US World Cup star Romario who has promised to play for at least 45 minutes.

Ticket price :60 .100. 150 yuan

Time/date :4:30 pm. August (Sat.

Telephone :5012372

Rock climbing

The Third National Rock Climbing Competition will be held on August 26-27 at the Huairou Mountain – climbing Training Base .More than 10 teams from Beijing ,Wuhan , Dalian , Jilin and other places will take part in it . A Japanese team will give an exhibition climbing. Free for spectators (观众。

Take a long-distance bus from Dongzhimen to Huairou.

Time/date :9-12 am ,August 20 and 27

Telephone :7143177, 7144850, Wang Zhenghua

11.The main purpose of announcing the above events is to give information about

A. visiting teams

B. famous players

C. things to do for the weekend

D. prices to pay for the sports events

12.If you take part in the bike tour , you will ride for ____.

A. 35 kilometers

B. 55 kilometers

C. 75 kilometers

D. 110 kilometers

13. The word ―leg ― in ― Bicycle tour and race ― probably means

A. race

B. practice

C. training

D. part of the tour

14.What is special about the rock climbing competition?

A. A foreign team takes part in it .

B. You can watch it without paying.

C. You don’t have to be a sportsman to take part.

D. The bus trip to the place of the competition is free.

15.If you want to find something to do for Saturday afternoon , Which telephone number will you call?

A. 4675027

B. 7143177


D. 7144850


We walked in so quietly that th e nurse at the desk d idn’t even lift her eyes from the book. Mum pointed at a big chair by the door and I knew she wanted me to sit down . While I watched mouth open in surprise , Mum took off her hat and coat and gave them to me to hold. She walked quietly to the small room by the lift and took out a wet mop. She pushed the mop past the desk and as the nurse looked up , Mum nodded and said ,‖ Very dirty floors.‖

―Yes. I’m glad they’ve finally decided to clean them,‖ the nurse answered . She looked at Mu m strangely and said ,‖But aren’t you working late?‖

Mum just pushed harder ,each swipe (拖一下 of the mop taking her farther and farther down the hall. I watched until she was out of sight and the nurse had turned back to writing in the big book.

After a long time Mum came back . Her eyes were shining . She quickly put the mop back

and took my hand . As we turned to go out of the door , Mum bowed politely to the nurse and said , ―thank you.‖

Outside, Mum told me ,‖Dagmar is fine. No fever.‖

―You saw her ,Mum?‖

―Of course .I told he r about the hospital rules, and she will not expect us until tomorrow. Dad will stop worrying as well.It’s a fine hospital. But such floors! A mop is no good. You need a brush.‖

16.When she took a mop from the small room ,what mum really wanted to do


A. to clean the floor

B. to please the nurse

C. to see a patient

D. to surprise the story- teller

17.When the nurse talked to mum she thought mum was a____.

A. nurse

B. visitor

C. patient

D. cleaner

18.After reading the story what can we infer about the hospital?

A.It is a children’s hospital

B.It has strict rules about visiting hours

C.The conditions there aren’t very good

D.The nurses and doctors there don’t work hard

19.From the text we know that Dagmar is most likely___

A.the story——teller’s sister

B.the story ——teller’s classmate

C. Mum’s friend

D.Dad’s boss

20.which of the following words best describes mum?

A. Strange

B. Warm— hearted

C. Smart

D. Hard— working


21. —Let’s buy a new house in the city.

—wouldn’t you ____have one in the country side instead?

"A.better B. rather C. like D. seem

22.When her father died, he had no ___but to leave school and get a job.

A. choice

B. chance

C. reason

D. hope

23.He will give them ___to finish it.

A. two weeks times

B. two week’s time

C. two week time

D. two week’s time

24.If you fill in a form, you should usually write down your name ,address ,____ etc.

A. occupation

B. employment

C. profession

D. job

25.There are two ___one is big and ___is small.

A. tomatos; another

B. tomatos; the other

C.tomatoes ;the other


26. It’s about time that somebody ___you to behave yourself.



C.will teach


27.You may borrow this book ___you promise to give it back.

A. although


C.as long as

D.as soon as

28.I looked out of the window and happened to seeTim on his bike___along the road.




D.to ride

29.There are usually some ways to overcome rhe problems you may___in finding a job. http://www.wendangku.net/doc/b17f2590a9114431b90d6c85ec3a87c240288aaf.html e across http://www.wendangku.net/doc/b17f2590a9114431b90d6c85ec3a87c240288aaf.html e on http://www.wendangku.net/doc/b17f2590a9114431b90d6c85ec3a87c240288aaf.html e along http://www.wendangku.net/doc/b17f2590a9114431b90d6c85ec3a87c240288aaf.html e out

30. Computers can help those who don’t ___a common language talk to each other.





31. Good advice he’s given us,___?

A.what;has he


C.what a;hasn’t he

D.what a;isn’t it

32.Every attention must be paid to him, lest he ___that he is inferior to my other guest. A.Would feel B.felt C.feel D.feels

33.The soldiers___and buried___.


B.the wounded;dead

C.the wounded;the dead

D.wounded;the dead

34.There is no point___about it.Just do as you are told.


B.to argue


D.being arguing

35.The glass works___in 1992.

A.is built

B.are built



36.A___skin is sassily hurt by too much sunshine.





37.She___plumper(较丰满 , but she ate too little.

A.can grow

B.can have grown

C.could grow D .could have grown

38.Study hard,___you will pass the exam in English.





39.You look ___in blue while red clothes are nice___her.





40.__interesting to us, but also its English will help us in composition.

A.Not only the novel will be

B.Not only Will be the novel

C.only will the novel be

D.Not only will the novel be

41.Who did the teacher have ___an article for the wall newspaper just now?




D.to write

42.The houses in this village are___built of stone and brick.





43.He lived in London for 3 months,during___time he learned some English.





44.No one can ___the wheel of history however powerful he may be.

A.put up

B.take back

C.pick up

D.hold back

45.Was it in nagano,Japan___the 18th Olympic winter Games were held?



C.that D 不填

三、作文假如你是校学生会主席,你的一天活动安排如下表。请根据表格中的活动安排些一篇日记时间:2003 年 7 月 3 日,星期六天气晴时间地点活动安排 8:00 校门口欢迎 Bates 夫妇到我校讲学 9:00-10;30 学校大厅二年级全体同学听Bates 夫妇关于美国教育的报告 10:30-11:30 校园内陪同 Bates 夫妇参观教学楼实验楼体育馆 11:30-12:30 学校食堂陪同 Bates 夫妇吃午饭 13:00-15:30 511 教室部分学生和 Bates 夫妇座谈,学生们向 Bates 夫妇提供很多英语方面的问题 16:00 校门口 Bates 夫妇离开学校注意: 1 词数在 100 词左右 2 日记要包括上述全部内容可适当增加细节使全文连贯 3 不得在文中写出你所在的学校名 4 如需用本人和教师的名

字一律用 A B C 等代替 5 单词提示学校大厅 school hall 教学楼 classroom buildings 实验楼 lab building 体育馆 gymnasium 扫描二维码立即获取答案第 6 页共 7 页

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