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16.In the International Y oung Pianists Competition, when it was________that Lang Lang had won, he was too excited to hold back his tears.

A.told B.mentioned C.announced D.recognized

17.The road sign is easy to read, for the words______well.

A.come out B.stand out C.go out D.keep out

18.If we don't start out now, we must risk______the train.

A.miss B.missing C.being missed D.to miss

19.—I wonder if I could possibly use your car for tonight.

—________.I'm not using it anyhow.

A.Sure, go ahead B.I don't know C.Y es, I indeed D.I don't care

20.Believe me! This new invention will bring you great ________like a goldmine.

A.benefit B.interest C.profit D.talent

21.All the attention of the fans________the China's Nationwide Y outh Singing Competition these days.

A.has concentrated to B.was paid to C.has been focused on D.was fixed up 22.That is the only way we can imagine________the overuse of water in students' bathrooms. A.reducing B.to reduce C.reduced D.reduce

23.________about what questions to be asked and write them down________. A.Thinking; for advance B.Think; in advance

C.Thinking; on advance D.To think; in advance

24.After reading her writing,every teacher came to the________that she was a very careful and promising girl.

A.conclusion B.decision C.impression D.Opinion

25.As everyone knows,exercise________better health.

A.contributes to B.suffers from C.takes part in D.applies for

26. Y ou can not go out since you have not finished your homework;____, it is a stormy night.

A. absolutely

B. meanwhile

C. therefore

D. besides

27. John Logie Baird constructed the first color TV in 1928, but it was not until 1938 _________ the first color TV program was broadcast.

A. which

B. that

C. when

D. who

28. —I haven’t seen Kate at the party.

—If it were not for the fact that she ______ too busy with her work, I ______ her.

A. is; would invite

B. was; will invite

C. had been; will invite

D. should be; would invite

29. ______ from the space, the earth, with water _________ seventy percent of its surface, looks like a blue ball.

A. Seen; covered

B. Seen; covering

C. Seeing; covering

D. Seeing; covered

30. Ladies and gentlemen,please fasten your seat belts.The plane________.

A . take off B.is taking off C.has taken off D.took off



I arrived in the classroom, ready to share my knowledge and experience with 75 students who would be my English Literature (文学)class. Having taught in the US for 17 years, I had no ____31____about my ability to hold their attention and to ____32___ on them my admiration for the literature of my mother tongue.

I was shocked when the monitor shouted, ―____33____ !‖ and the entire class rose as I entered the room, and I was somewhat____34____over how to get them to sit down again, but once that awkwardness(尴尬)was over, I quickly___35____my calmness and began what I thought was a fact-packed lecture, sure to gain their respect – perhaps____36____their admiration.

I went back to my office with the rosy glow(光) which comes from a (n)___37____of achievements.

My students___38____diaries. However, as I read them, the rosy glow was gradually ___39___ by a strong sense of sadness. The first diary said, ―Our literature teacher didn’t teach us anything today. 40 her next lecture will be better.‖ Greatly surprised, I read diary after diary, each expressing a 41 subject. ―Didn’t I teach them anything? I described the entire philosophical framework(哲学体系)of Western thought and laid the historical __42 for all the works we’ll study in class,‖ I complained. ―How 43 they say I didn’t teach them anything?‖

It was a long term, and it 44 became clear that my ideas about education were not the same as 45 of my students. I thought a teacher’s job was to raise 46 questions and provide enough background so that students could 47 their own conclusions. My students thought a teacher’s job was to provide 48 __ information as directly and clearly as possible. What a difference!

____49___, I also learned a lot, and my experience with my Chinese students has made me a __50___ American teacher, knowing how to teach in a different culture.

31.A.trouble B.idea C.doubt D.experience 32.A.impress B.put C.leave D.fix 33.A.Attention B.Look out C.At ease D.Stand up 34.A.serious B.sure C.curious D.puzzled 35.A.found B.returned C.regained D.followed 36.A.more B.even C.yet D.still 37.A.thought B.sense C.feeling D.idea 38.A.wrote B.hid C.kept D.read 39.A.replaced B.taken C.caught D.moved 40.A.Naturally B.Perhaps C.Fortunately D.Reasonably 41.A.different B.same C.similar D.usual 42.A.happenings B.characters C.development D.background 43.A.may B.should C.will D.must 44.A.immediately B.certainly C.simply D.gradually 45.A.that B.what C.those D.ones 46.A.difficult B.interesting C.ordinary D.unusual 47.A.draw B.get C.decide D.give 48.A.strange B.standard C.exact D.serious 49.A.Therefore B.Besides C.However D.Though 50.A.normal B.happy C.better D.Good




When I lived in Spain, some Spanish friends of mine decided to visit England by car. Before they left, they asked me for advice about how to find accommodation. I suggested that they should stay at ‘bed and breakfast’houses, because this kind of accommodation gives a foreign visitor a good chance to speak English with the family. My friends listened to my advice, but they came back with some funny stories.

“We didn’t stay at bed and breakfast houses,”they said, “because we found that most families were away on holiday.”

I thought this was strange. Finally I understood what had happened. My friends spoke little English, and they thought ‘V ACANCIES’meant ‘holidays’, because the Spanish word for ‘holidays”is ‘vacaciones’. So they did not go to house where the sign outside said ‘V ACANCLES’, which in English means there are free rooms. Then my friends went to house where the sign said ‘NO V ACANCLES’, because they thought this meant the people who owned the house were not away on holiday. But they found that these houses were all full. As a result, they stayed at hotels!

We laughed about this and about mistakes my friends made in reading other signs. In Spanish, the word ‘DIVERSION’means fun. In English, it means that workmen are repairing the road, and that you must take a different road. When my friends saw the word ‘DIVERSION’on a road sign, they thought they were going to have fun. Instead, the road ended in a large hold.

English people have problems too when they learn foreign languages. Once in Paris. when someone offered me some more. coffee, I said ‘Thank you’in French. I meant that I would like some more, However , to my surprise the coffee pot was taken away! Later I found out that ‘Thank you’in French means ‘No, thank you.’

51. I suggested that they stay at bed and breakfast houses because ______.

A. they would be able to practise their English

B. it would be much cheaper than staying in hotels

C. it would be convenient for them to have dinner

D. there would be no problem about finding accommodation there

52. “NO V ACANCIES”in English means ______.

A. no free rooms

B. free rooms

C. not away on holiday

D. holidays

53. If you see a road sign that says ‘Diversion’, you will ______.

A. fall into a hole

B. have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself

C. find that the road is blocked by crowds of people

D. have to take a different road

54. When someone offered me more coffee and I said ‘Thank you’in French, I ______.

A didn’t really want any more coffee B. wanted them to take the coffee pot away

C. really wanted some more coffee

D. wanted to express my politeness


It must have been around nine o’clock when I drove back home from work because it was

already dark. As I came near to the gates I turned off the headlamps of the car so as to prevent the beam(光) from swinging(摇摆)in through the window and waking Jack, who shared the house with me. But needn’t have done so, I noticed that his light was still on, so he was awake anyway--- unless he had fallen asleep while reading. I put the car away and went up the steps, Then I opened the door quietly and went to Jack’s room. He was in bed awake but he didn’t even turn towards me.

―What’s up, Jack?‖ I said.

―For God’s sake(看在上帝面上), don’t make a noise,‖ he said.

The way he spoke reminded me of someone in pain who is afraid to talk in case he does himself a serious injury(伤害).

―Take your shoes off, Neville,‖ Jack said.

I thought that he must be ill and that I had better humour (迁就)him to keep him happy, ―There’s a snake here‖ he explained, ―It’s asleep between the sheets. I was lying on my back reading when I saw it. I knew that moving was out of the question. I couldn’t have moved even if I’d wanted to .‖ I realized that he was serious. ―I was relying on you to call a doctor as soon as you came home.‖ Jack went on.‖ It hasn’t bitten me yet but I daren’t do anything to upset it. It might wake up. I’m sick of this,‖ he said, :‖ I took it for granted that you would have come home an hour ago.‖

There was no time to argue or apologize for being late. I looked at him as encouragingly as I could and went out to telephone the doctor.

55. The underlined phrase― out of the question ‖means _______.

A. impossible

B. no problem

C. no doubt

D. without difficulty

56. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Neville and Jack lived in the same house

B. Neville thought that Jack had fallen ill

C. Neville really believed that Jack was not making a joke

D. Neville refused to argue or to make an apology for coming late

57. The reason why Neville thought that Jack must be ill is that Jack _______.

A. asked Neville to take off his shoes

B. made a gesture to show the presence of the snake

C. was afraid to upset the snake sleeping between the sheets

D. behaved strangely as if he was badly hurt

58. According to the passage, Neville should have been home at _______.

A. 7p. m

B. 8p. m

C. 9p. m

D. Midnight


WHEN there are some strangers in front of us, which of them will we trust?

According to a new study in the online PLOS One, people make their decisions to trust others largely based on their faces. Y our appearance can do a lot for you, especially if you are in the financial industry. The more trustworthy you look, the more likely people will buy what you’r e selling.

Researchers from Britain’s University of Warwick Business School, University College London, and Dartmouth College, US, did a number of experiments.

The research team used computer software to make 40 faces, from the least to the most


The study said that the difference between a trustworthy face and one that isn’t as trustworthy comes from features that look slightly angry or slightly happy, even when the face is at rest. However, a slightly happy face is more likely to be trusted.

Researchers gave participants some money and asked them which face they trusted to invest the money for them. Then researchers gave some good and bad information about the people with these faces, and asked the participants again whom they trusted.

The results showed that even if they got different information, the participants didn’t change their choices. They were still more likely to invest their money with the more trustworthy-looking faces.

Chris Olivola, one of the study’s authors, said in the University of Warwick’s press release: ―It seems we are still willing to go with our own instincts about whether we think someone looks like we can trust them. The temptation to judge strangers by their faces is hard to resist.‖

59. Which of the following can be a proper title for this passage?

A. What kind of face do you trust?

B. Who did the experiments?

C. Why do you trust him or her?

D. Why did they do the experiments?

60. According to the study, which of the following faces is most likely to be trusted?

A. A sad face.

B. A smiling face.

C. A crying face.

D. An angry face.

61. Which of the following about the experiment is TRUE?

A. The trustworthy faces were given good information.

B. Researchers took photos of the 40 people’s faces in college.

C. Most participants gave their money to the trustworthy-looking faces.

D. Participants liked to choose the faces with good information.

62. What did the researchers learn from their experiment?

A. People can’t refuse temptations.

B. People always do things with their instincts.

C. People often judge strangers by their faces.

D. People don’t trust strangers with sad faces.


The only survivor of one of the two Sandy Hook Elementary School first-grade classrooms where Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children tricked the gunman by playing dead, the girl’s pastor (牧师) said.

―She ran out of the school building covered from head to toe with blood and the first thing she said to her mom was, ―Mommy, I’m OK but all my friends are dead‖ Pastor Jim Solomon told ABC News’ Lara Spencer this weekend.

―Somehow, at that moment, by God’s grace, she was able to act as she was already dead.‖ he said.

The girl, a 6-year-old whose name is not being announced for privacy (隐私) reasons, was the first student to appear from the lockdown (封锁) at Sandy Hook, Solomon said. He said the young girl described the shooter to her mom in a way that only a young child can.

―Well, she saw someone who she felt was angry and someone she felt was very mad,‖ Solomon said. ―I think it’s impossible without the help of God. She has wisdom beyond her years, for sure’’.

Of the 20 children killed on Friday, eight were boys and l2 were girls. Six staff members, all female, were also killed. The gunman, whose mother was also killed by him before he went to the schoo1 classrooms, was found dead at the present spot.

―The mom told me — and I thought this was very insightful (有深刻见解的) — that she was suffering from what she felt was survivor’s guilt because so ma ny of her friends no longer have their children but she has hers,‖ Solomon said how the girl’s mother and father are handling the trauma (伤害).―I don’t know whether I would have the type of faith that they have if the same thing happened to me.‖

63. How did the girl manage to avoid being shot?

A. She pretended to be dead.

B. She hid herself under the desk.

C. She rushed out of the school building in time.

D. She persuaded the shooter into not shooting her.

64. Which of the following best describes the girl?

A. Talented and innocent.

B. Serious and insightful.

C. Active and happy.

D. Clever and brave.

65. The killing case which happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School .

A. ended up with the shooter being killed

B. was a shooting by a group of people

C. was due to the gunman getting angry with the pupils

D. was not open to the public for the moment

66. Which of the following is TRUE about the girl’s mom?

A. She was disappointed with the pastor.

B. She felt very dissatisfied with other parents.

C. She felt terribly sorry for those who had lost their children.

D. She strongly complained the police.


Many people especially beginners,often complain that listening to spoken English is too hard for them.

But if you don’t understand what people are saying,how can you converse (交谈) with them?It may be difficult,but learning by listening is necessary. It can be done.

It is a common fact that different people have different pronunciations of the same word. Standard pronunciation is the basis for English study,especially of listening.

If your pronunciation is not standard,it is hard for other people to understand you as it is for you to understand them.

Y ou may know the words when they are written down. That’s import ant.Y ou should plan to read every time you practise speaking and listening.

Select a set of good books with cassettes. Do the exercises, from the simple to the difficult, step by step.As for listening, you have many choices: Watch English-language films, listen to English-language radio and television programs.

Try to listen every day,even if only for a few minutes. At first,you may understand few words or perhaps only familiar names such as Clinton. Don’t give up. Just listen.

On TV, you can guess some of the words from watching what is happening on the screen.

Gradually, you will find yourself recognizing some words.Try to pronounce them. Do you sound like the person on TV?

Are you speaking standard English? Remember to read and practise speaking. It will help you to listen better. Y ou may find many words that you missed or didn’t understand when you were listening. Every day, spend an hour reading English.

Talk to English-speaking foreigners whenever possible. Talking face to face is the liveliest textbook.In general, foreigners will speak more slowly with you, use simple words, and use gestures to help you understand them.

67.Beginners often complain that listening to spoken English is too hard,because________. A.they can’t pronounce st andardizedly

B.they spend little time listening English

C.they are not familiar with the words they’ve learnt

D.all mentioned above

68.Standard pronunciation________.

A.can help to communicate with others

B.is the basic condition of listening

C.helps the speaker to be understood easily

D.makes listeners content to converse with you

69.To improve your hearing,________.

A.select a set of good books with cassettes

B.watch what is happening on the screen

C.talk to English-speaking foreigners

D.read,watch,talk and listen

70.Supposing you are able to understand some words such as Clinton while listening,what would you do?

A.Don’t be too anxious about it.

B.Use gestures to help you.

C.Get into the habit of reading English every day.

D.Find the liveliest textbook to read.



Reading people’s character from their ears is very old science.In ancient times people thought that a person with big ears had a good and generous character. They thought that a person with pale, small ears was dangerous. They also thought that the shape of the ear showed if a person was musical or not.

Today,too many people believe that the size and shape of the ear help you know if a person is musical. Ears are all different, and each characteristic has a meaning. Next time you look at a person ,see if his or her ears are large, medium-sized, or small. Look at the lobes(耳垂). Are they attached(连接)to the face? Ears that are always red mean that a person may have a temper, or he/she may just have high blood pressure. Ears that are always cold and pale mean that a person has a nervous character. And a big hole inside the ear means a person is musical.

So, the size and shape of your ears shows your character more than any other part of the face. Other parts of the face change their shape as we get older, but ears don’t change their shape. They only change in size.

Title:Ears and 71._______

72.In_______time Kinds Characters

73.______ears Good and 74.______ Pale,small ears 75.________

76.The ________ of ears If a person was musical or not

Today Red ears

Having a 77.______or

high blood pressure Cold and pale ears A 78._______character Big 79._______

inside ears

Be musical

80.______ The size and shape of ears show a person's character more than any other part of the face.



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