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(1)不定代词anyone, anybody, somebody, something, nobody, each, the other做主语时,谓语动词用单数。

Everything is ready.


To work hard is necessary. Reading aloud is very important in learning a foreign language.

Whether she comes or not is of no matter.


The professor and author is very famous.

(4)each/ every/ no +单数名词+ and each/ every/ no +单数名词作主语,谓语用单数。

No teacher and no student is allowed to break the school rules.

Every boy and every girl has the right to education. No boys and no girls are admitted.

(5)More than one, many a 作主语修饰单数可数名词时,谓语用单数。

Many a soldier was wounded in the battle.

(6)某些以复数形式出现的名词作主语时谓语用复数,如clothes, trousers, glasses, socks, stockings, shorts, arms, goods, wages等。

My trousers are being washed.

(7)关系代词,who, that, which在定语从句中作主语时,谓语与先行词保持一致。但当先行词有the only, the very修饰时,谓语动词用单数。

Those who want to go please sign their names here.

He is the only one of the two foreigners who knows Chinese.



Three years is not a long time. Five thousand dollars is more than he can afford.

(2)表示学科的名词maths, physics, politics或以s结尾的表示疾病等的名词(diabetes, measles)等作主语,谓语用单数。

Politics is very interesting. Every possible means was tried to language teaching.

All available means have been tried to language teaching.

(3)表总称意义的名词如people, police, cattle作主语时,谓语用复数。

The police have looked into the murder.

(4)集体名词如family, team, group, class, crow, public, audience, government, committee作主语时,作整体看待时,谓语用单数。侧重其中个体成员时,谓语用复数。

His family are worried about him. My family is a big family.


The old need to be taken good care of.

The injured have been taken to the hospital.


(1)either……or, neither……nor, not only……but also, not……but, whether……or, or等作主语时,谓语与邻近的主语保持一致。

Either you or I am right.


There is a desk, two books and three chairs in the room.

注意:主语后接as well as, no less than, rather than, more than, but, except, besides, with, along with, together with等时,谓语不受此类短语的影响,应和这些词前面的名词保持一致。

The teacher together with his students is going there on foot.



在when, while, whenever, till ,as soon as, if , unless, as if, though, as, than等引导的状语从句中,若谓语有be动词,而主语又与主句主语一致或主语是it时,从句的主语和be动词常被省略。

unless (I am) invited, I won’t go to the party.


单独使用不定式符号to,用来代替动词不定式后被省略的动词,to常在be, afraid, glad, happy, want, prefer, expect, forget, hope, intend, like, love等后边。

——Will you join in the game? ——I’d be glad to.

[注意] 如果不定式中含有be, have, have been,通常保留be, have和have been.

——Are you a sailor? ——No, but I used to be.


Each of the students, working hard at his or her lessons, . (hope)


Listening to music, along with reading to relax, to senior students. (important)


Sheep, like any other warm-blooded animal in the world, in winter. (active)


All the employees except the manager to

working online at home. (attach)

5、——Hey! Here is a message on my cell-phone, telling me to send money to……


——Delete it! It’s a trick. Many a person by such tricks. (cheat) 6、他是不关心自己的收入和名誉的老科学家之一。

He is one of the old scientists who his personal income and fame. (care)


All the members, as well as the captain, the match scene. (leave) 8、每天妈妈似乎都忙到晚上10点,这个时候家里的其他成员已经入睡了。

Every day the mother seems to be busy until 10 o’clock at night, by which time the rest of the family . (fall)


She is the only one of the woman writers who stories for children. (devote)


The teacher, together with some students, located east of the school. (visit)


It is not his brothers but his father who . (punish) 12、有一两件事我想知道。

There I’d like to know about. (thing)


A large number of students of this school . (come)


T o tell the truth, whether she comes or not . (matter) 15、全班正在认真听老师(讲课)。

The whole class the teacher attentively now. (listen) 16、老师和选手对胜利都没有信心。

Neither the teachers nor the player himself of victory. (confident) 17、他们安全着陆在太平洋的岛上,一切进展得比预期的好。

They landed safely on the island in the pacific. Everything went on . (expect) 18、虽然见到我们很吃惊,这个教授还是热烈欢迎我们。

, the professor gave us a warm welcome.

(1. hopes to go to university/ college

2. is very important

3. live an active life

4. are encouraged to attach importance

5. has been cheated

6. don’t care about

7. have left

8. have fallen asleep

9. is devoted to writing

10. is visiting the factory

11. has punished him

12. is one or two things/ is one thing or two

13. come from the countryside

14. doesn’t matter

15. are listening to

16. is/ was confident

17. better than expected

18. though surprised to see us