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高考英语二轮 阅读理解能力提升演练(01)


Do you find getting up in the morning so difficult that it's painful? This might be called laziness, but Dr. Kleitman has a new explanation. He has proved that everyone has a daily energy cycle.

During the hours when you labour through your work you may say that you' re "hot". That' s true. The time of the day when you feel most energetic is when your cycle of body temperature is at its peak. For some people the peak comes during the forenoon. For others it comes in the afternoon or evening. No one has discovered why this is so, but it brads to such familar monologues as "Get up, John! You'll be late for work a gain! "The possible explanation to the trouble is that John is at his temperature-and-energy peak in the evening. Much family quarrelling ends when husbands and wives realise what these energy cycles mean, and which cycle each member of the family has.

You can't change your energy cycle, but you can learn to make your life fit it better. Habit can help. Dr. Kleitman believes. Maybe you' re sleepy in the evening but feel you must stay up late anyway. Counteract your cycle to some extent by habitually staying up later than you want to. If your energy is low in the morning but you have an important job to do early in the day, rise before your usual hour. This won't change your eyery, but you'll get up steam and work better at your low point.

Get off to a slow start which saves your energy. Get up with a leisurely yawn and stretch. Sit on the edge of the bed a minute before putting your feet on the floor. Aviod the trouble- some search for clean clothes by laying them out the night before. Whenever possible, do routine work in the afternoon and save tasks requiring more energy or concentration for your shaper hours.

1. If a person finds getting up early a problem, most probably_________.

A. he is a lazy person

B. he refuses to follow his own energy cycle

C. he is not sure when his energy is low

D. he is at his peak in the afternoon or evening

答案:D 指导:根据文中第二段,有些人的精力高峰出现在下午和晚上,所以让他早起很困难,A项“他是个懒人”、B项“他不遵守自己的能量循环”、C项“他不能确知他的能量何时最低”都不正确。

2. Which of the following may lead to family quarrels according to the passage?

A. Unwareness of energy cycles.

B. Familiar monologues.

C. A change in a family member's energy cycle.

D. Attempts to control the energy cycle of other family members.

答案:A 指导:文中第二段最后一句话说:“当夫妻意识到什么是能量循环以及家中每个成员能量循环状况时他们就会停止吵架。”言外之意,他们吵架是由于他们没意识到什么是能量循环,即选项A正确。

3. If one wants to work more efficiently at his low point in the morning, he should___________.

A. change his energy cycle

B. overcome his laziness

C. get up earlier than usual

D. go to bed earlier

答案:C 指导:第三段最后一句话给出了本题答案。早起有助于你在精力低落时仍然高效工作。A项“改变能量循环方式”、


4. You are advised to rise with a yawn and stretch because it will___________.

A. help to keep your energy for the day's work

B. help you to control your temper early in the day

C. enable you to concentrate on your routine work

D. keep your energy cycle under control all day

答案:A 指导:第四段第一句话说,慢点起床可以让你节省能量,所以选A项。B项“控制体温”。C项“让你做日常工作时集中精力”、D项“让你的能量循环得以控制”都不正确。



Words:324 难度系数:★★★建议用时:8分钟

Games originally are entertainment.Contemporary games are very realistic and for this reason they are a source of great experience for the player and develop the imagination.Games are entertainment and even more than that.The statistics(统计) of the New York University led by Green claim that the player preferring active games get improvement of some types of brain activity.In particular,game players deal with problems of simultaneously (同时地) tracking several moving objects at the average level of 30% better than people who do not play active computer video games.The “gaming” violent experience may not b e the cause of violent behavior in reality.None of the playing experience will become the priority in making important decisions concerning problems in real life.A game is an abstraction(虚拟物).A player gets abstract tasks and acts according to abstract rules.

Games are also the possibility to be however a person wants to be and to rest from the outside world for some time.But what if a person gets so much excited with the game scenes that he becomes violent in reality? Then,it proves that the games cause people to become violent in reality.But a psychologically healthy person will never confuse these two different worlds.A game is a virtual world with visual images very similar to human.These images represent by themselves nothing but playing obstacles(障碍).A game may potentially give the opportunity to “destroy the obstacles” that may not be destroyed according to the rules but it is more about personal choice whether to do it or not.This leads us to the conclusion that violence is not a consequence but the cause.People who are originally trended to violence may get into a temper by games and perform violence in the “real world”.But in this case violence in games is a simple justification(理由) of the violent nature of the players.

【解题导语】本文论述游戏是娱乐形式却远不止供人娱乐,还能提高打游戏者同时注意观察多个移动物体的能力,因为心理健康的人不会混淆游戏中的虚拟世界和生活中的现实世界。1.The passage is ________.

A.a story B.a descriptive writing

C.an argumentative writing D.a scientific essay


2.In the first paragraph the author used the statistics to prove that ________. A.games can provide experience for the players

B.games can help develop players’ imagination

C.games can cause violent behavior

D.games are more than entertainment


3.What is the author’s attitude towards the “computer games”?

A.“Violent games” can lead to the performance of violence in the“real world.”B.Violence is not a consequence of the “computer games” but the cause. C.Games are just entertainment and nothing more.

D.The “virtual world” and the “real world” are just the same.


4.The best title for this passage is ________.

A.Violent games cause violence

B.Games:good or bad?

C.The cause of violence

D.The consequence of games



Words:290 难度系数:★★建议用时:7分钟

(2012·安徽自主命题仿真卷)My name is Lanier Lobdell, and I am a 55-year-old woman with rheumatoid arthritis (风湿性关节炎), or RA.RA is a disease that mostly affects the joints, but it can also affect internal organs.I have had RA for almost 21 years, and it definitely has changed my life, however, I try not to live my life like I have a disease.

For me, attitude is everything.I always try to find humor in the situation or try to ignore it, but that does not always work.These days I can hardly walk due to my ankles, yet I still try and do the things I always did.I love riding my motorcycle, and I try to take long trips every year.

This year I got involved with some folks who make the biologic medicine I am on, to create the Going the Extra Mile Tour to raise awareness about RA.The tour will take me across the country and back on my motorcycle, making stops along the way to meet

with local Arthritis Foundation (AF) chapters and people who are affected by all forms of arthritis including RA.

I want to encourage people not to let RA stop them from living their lives the best they can.There are so many new medicines coming out these days, and they can really help.People have to be their own supporters and get informed-knowledge is power.Talk to your doctor and focus on what you can do-not what you can’t.Rest when your body is telling you to and push and keep going when you can.Learn to listen to your body -that’s how I deal with having RA.


5.Lanier Lobdell is a woman ________.

A.who got RA at the age of 32

B.who suffers from a blood disease

C.who has retired from work for 21 years

D.who’d like to share her experience with RA


6.Lanier Lobdell took part in the Going the Extra Mile Tour ________.

A.to call for attention to RA patients

B.to compete for a medal in the tour

C.to show her love for motor riding

D.to share interest with some talks

解析:选A。细节理解题。根据第三段首句中的“to raise awareness about RA”可知,A 正确。

7.In the last paragraph, the author wants to tell us ________.

A.how she manages to be positive

B.how she helps other RA patients to be positive

C.why being positive can help RA patients

D.how RA patients manages to be positive


8.It can be inferred that Lanier Lobdell is ________.

A.easy-going B.happy-go-lucky

C.strong-minded D.well-informed



Words:318 难度系数:★★建议用时:8分钟

Frederick Law Olmsted (1822~1903),a Connecticut farm boy,saw his first public park in Liverpool,England,as he accompanied his brother on a walking tour.He was impressed by the park’s winding paths,open fields,lakes and bridges.Perhaps the most wonderful things of all was that the park was open to everyone.

A moment beginning in 1840 to set aside park land on New York City’s Manhattan Island had a successful result in 1856 with the purchase of 840 acres of rocky and swampy(沼泽) land,bought with about $5 million in state funds.Olms ted’s chance meeting with a project organizer led to his applying for the job of park manager.In 1857 Olmsted was appointed manager of the proposed park,and the clearing of the site began. Calvert Vaux,a British architect,asked Olmsted to collaborate with him on a park design,and Olmsted agreed.Vaux saw the park as a work of art,while Olmsted saw the park as a place for people to escape the noise of the city.Together they invented a plan that would give the persons and animals living in the city a quiet,green park and would also preserve and increase the good qualities of the natural features of the land.The commissioners voted in favor of Vaux and Olmsted’s plan,and in 1858,the two became the official designers of New York City’s Central Park.

It took milli ons of cartloads of topsoil to build Central Park’s gentle slopes,shady glens,and steep rocky ravines.Five million trees were planted,a water-supply system was laid,and bridges,arches,roads and paths were constructed.The park officially opened in 1876,and today,well over a century later,people still escape the noise of the city in Olmsted and Vaux’s great work of art.


9.What is the text mainly about?

A.A history of the planning of Central Park.

B.An engineering plan for Central Park.

C.A biography of Frederick Law Olmsted.

D.A guided walking tour of Central Park.


10.Olmsted became manager of Central Park because of ________.

A.his friendship with Calvert Vaux

B.his hard work in clearing the land

C.his winning a design competition

D.a chance meeting with one of the park’s organizers


11.The underlined word “collaborate” in the third paragraph means ________. A.disagree B.comment

C.vote D.work together


12.Which of the following is TRUE about Central Park?

A.It is out of date nowadays.

B.The designers came from the same country.

C.It is an old park in America.

D.It is only for people who can well afford it.



Words:405 难度系数:★★★建议用时:9分钟

A common misconception (误解) -about scholarships is that they are only available for the smartest students with the highest GPAs.However, this just isn’t even close to true.There are scholarships out there for every type of student seeking a college education.Let’s take a look at each type a bit more in depth.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are also often referred to as merit (优点) scholarships, though a merit scholarship can mean anything that has some level of contest to it.These are fox; the students with the 4.0 GPAs, the years as a part of several extracurricular (课外的) activities and the well-rounded applications.They typically have the highest payouts and are considered very well-known as they are often national awards.

Athletic Scholarships

For students with strong academics (学业的) and physical skills, athletic scholarships are the way to go.There is practically a scholarship for every single sport, from volleyball to football; gymnastics to cheerleading.So, if you are good at anything physical,you should definitely pursue an athletic scholarship. Scholarships for Minorities

There are also many scholarships for minorities available.Some of these are general and for all minorities as a collective whole, while others are intended for individual ethnic (种族的) groups.It is also a good idea to apply for a minority scholarship if you are part of fully of a certain ethnicity.You will get to represent your culture and possibly win money-what more could you ask for?

Scholarships for Women

As with the scholarships for minorities above, there are also scholarships specifically for women.Since colleges were dominated (主宰) by men for many years, scholarships have been created for strong, career-minded women that need assistance paying for college expenses.If you are female, it is strongly recommended you pursue a scholarship for women.Moreover, scholarships for women are typically available in just about any field.Be specific!


13.In the author’s opin ion, ________.

A.most people are well-informed about scholarships

B.most people think scholarships should go to the smartest students

C.most people have some misunderstanding about scholarships

D.most people deserve scholarships though not having applied for them

解析:选C。事实细节题。根据首句可知,很多人对奖学金制度不甚了解,有不同程度的误解。14.Tom does well in his lessons and is especially good at sports.The best scholarship he can apply for ________.

A.Academic Scholarships

B.Athletic Scholarships

C.Scholarships for Minorities

D.Scholarships for Women

解析:选B。事实细节题。根据Athletic Scholarships中第一句可得出答案。

15.Alice is an Indian-American.She prefers to study her own culture and something

about ethnology (民族学).Then she’d better apply for ________.

A.Academic Scholarships

B.Athletic Scholarships

C.Scholarships for Minorities

D.Scholarships for Women

解析:选C。事实细节题。Alice属于美国的少数民族,故可申请“少数民族学生奖学金”。16.How many scholarships are intended for all the students?

A.One. B.Two.

C.Three. D.Four.