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第一节在本节中,你将读到10个句子,从题后所给的A. B. C.D四个选项中选出可以


1. The price of my trousers ▲reasonable, so I think it's a bargain.

A. is

B. are

C. am

D. be

2. Henry seldom came here to help us, ▲?

A. didn't he

B.doesn't he

C. does he

D. did he

3. On our way to New York, we visited the Browns, ▲used to be our neighbor.

A. whom



D. that

4. The manager will have to ▲the shop assistant because he has received several letters of complaint against her.

A. lay off

B. give off

C.take off

D. turn off

5. My friend lent me a few reference books, but ▲of them was useful for my school project.

A. neither

B. none

C.either D .all

6. "Bathtub effect" means people remember the beginnings and ends of words better than the middles, as if the word ▲ a person ▲in a bathtub.

A. were; lay

B. is; lay C were; lying D. is; lying

7. The more effort you put into your studies, ▲.

A. the better will be your result

B. the better your result will be

C. your result will be better

D. will be better your result.

8. Do you mind ▲in the extra hours in your company?



C.to put


9. Children labeled "slow" by IQ tests may end up believing that they are doomed to learn slowly, ▲they could progress more rapidly.

A. now that

B. even though

C. so that

D. as long as

10. Only through pure luck ▲the English speech contest.

A. did he manage to win

B. he managed to win

C. he did manage to win

D. managed he to win

笫二节在本节中,你将读到15个短对话或片段,从题后所给的A、B. C.D四个选项中

选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并将答题卡上对应选项的方框涂满、涂黑。1l. 一What will the weather be like tomorrow?


A It was raining outside. B. What a fine day!

C. The weather forecast says it will be fine

D.We'll fly kites if it is fine. 12.一▲

一Let me see…my favorite program, If You Are the One, starts at eight.

A. Could you switch to the sports channel, honey?

B.What's on tonight?

C. What do you do at weekends?

D. I like cartoons. How about you?

13. 一I heard that Bill broke your window. Was he sorry for his fault?


A. All right.

B. Don't worry.

C. Not really

D. No problem.

14. 一Why not put off the picnic until next month?


A. A good match.

B. A good idea.

C. Good job.

D. Good luck.

15. 一May I take your order, sir?

一What would you recommend?

一Baked fish and garlic chicken are always popular here.


A. Help yourself.

B. It's too cheap.

C. Take it easy.

D. The garlic chicken, please Sarah: John, what bring you here?

John: I’ve had a headache for a couple of days and finally I decide I’d better come and see you

Sarah: How are you feeling now?

16. Where are Sarah and John probably?

A. At a teacher's office.

B. At a doctor's office

C. In a hotel.

D. In a restaurant.

Man: How much is it to rent a car?

Woman: It’s $30 a day or $180 a week

Man:Is there any discount?

Woman:You can have a 10% discount if you pay by cash

Man: OK, I’d like to have one for two days

17. How much rent will the man pay by cash?

A. $54.

B. $30.

C. $60.

D. $180 Rick: I wonder if Susie will be here by 5 o'clock.

Julia: Her boyfriend said she left home at 4:30. She should be here al 5:10 and 5:15 at the latest.

18. When did Susie leave home?

A. At 4:30.

B. At 5:00

C. At 5:10.

D. At 5:15

P eter: I like growing flowers and playing basketball.What about you?

Sam: I’m interested in keeping pets and swimming.

19.What are they talking about?


B. Flowers

C. Basketball

D. Hobbies

Jenny: Excuse me,Professor Smith.May I ask you a few questions?

Smith:Yes,of course.But I’m sorry I have a meeting at ten. Why don’t you call me at my office hours? That is 3 to 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

20.Why can’t Professor Smith answer Jenny’s questions now?

A.He is busy now.

B. He is too tired after the meeting.

C. He will go to his office right now.

D. It’s not in his office hour.


Full- time /Part-time

Town Supermarket is seeking five cashiers

Cashiers must

Be responsible

Have some experience ,but not necessary

Be able to provide good customer service

Be able to handle money efficiently

If interested,please contact xy@townsupermarket .com for more information.

21.The above is ▲ .

A.a notice

B.a job application

C. a job advertisement

D. a resume

Clerk: What can I do for you madam?

Customer: I’d like to book a single room for the coming weekends.

Clerk: All right

Customer:Can I take a credit card for the deposit?

Clerk: Of course.

22.How will the madam put down the deposit?

A.By cash

B.By credit card

C.By check

D. Not mentioned

According to the U.S Department of Labor, by 2018,there will be over 3,200,000 nurses.The average salary for a registered nurse is about $62,000. An experienced nurse may earn as much as $92,000 a year.However, Only 6% of nurses are males.

23.The above material shows the nursing profession for males is ▲





Dear Carol Xu,

On behalf of my family,I’d like to sincerely congratulate you on your recent graduation from Harvard University with your MBA...

Yours sincerely,

Alice Walker

24. This is a letter of ▲

A. Thanks

B. Apology

C. Congratulation

D. introduction

Kim: Your son seems to have made great progress in playing the piano. Does he attend any piano classes?

Lisa: Yes, he takes lessons twice a week, but from next week on, he will go to the class on Sunday evening too.

25. How often will Lisa's son have piano lessons from next week on?

A. Once a week.

B. Twice a week.

C. Three times a week.

D. Four times a week



A. I think he won't do that again.

B. I heard that Max made a mistake.

C. But at least he stays.

D. He was too scared that he would be fired, I suppose.

E. The boss was considering moving him down to a lower level.

Beth: I heard the boss yelling at Max for some reason earlier today. Do you know what it was about?

Sally: 26 He tried to cover it, but the boss found out.

Beth: Why didn't he just own up and tell someone?

Sally: 27

Beth: Max should have told someone so that it can be fixed. 28

Sally: I can't tell. Didn't someone say that even the smartest person makes the same mistake sometimes.

Beth: Surely the boss won't fire him, will he?

Sally: 29

Beth: That's too bad. 30

第四节在本节中,你将读到一篇短文,从短文后各题所给的A. B. C.D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并将答题卡上对应选项的方框涂满、涂黑。Dear Mr. Mills,

In reply to your letter of April 20,I would 31 to inform you that there are a number of beautiful summer houses for sale here in Ocean City.

For example, we have a modern two-storey house that is 32 up to date. It is two blocks from the sea and you may find that this is a disadvantage, but,_ 33 all, the opening of the summer season is only a few weeks from now, and finding a house 34 to the ocean than that is almost out of the question. The house I'm speaking of has two bedrooms and a porch(门廊)that can be 35 for sleeping. For this reason,I consider it as a very good buy. The kitchen is out of order at the 36 ,but this will be repaired, of course. The price is reasonable. As a matter of fact, the house costs less than comparable(同等的)houses elsewhere in town.

As a rule, I 37 to deal with people face to face in matters of this kind. However, I will be out of town next week, and I don't think you should delay in 38 your decision about this house, since it is sure to be sold quickly. Under the circumstances, therefore,I suggest that you come to see it as 39 as possible. You can talk to one of my assistants in the office. I'm sure you will find the house is 40 what you expect.

Sincerely yours ,

Jason Riggs,Manager

Ocean City Real Estate Company

31. A. Want B. Like C. Wish D. hope

32. A. Few B. Little C. Quite D. quiet

33. A. In B. For C. After D. at

34. A. Near B. Far C. Higher D. closer

35. A. to use B. Using C. Used D. use

36. A. Moment B. Time C. Present D. season

37. A. Enjoy B. Select C. Mind D. prefer

38. A. Giving B. Offering C. Getting D. making

39. A. Fast B. Quick C. Soon D. much

40. A. Only B. Just C. Total D. exact





Welcome to Wild West Theme Park

Opening months: From April to September

Opening days in a week: 7 days

Opening hours: From 10 a.m. t0 6 p.m.

Time of Wild West Show: Every Saturda.v and Sunde0,

Show starts: 2 p.m.

Show lasts: 2 and a halj'hozirs

Ticket price: Adult: $15; Child: $7; Family ticket: $28

Additional information:

Bus service

From Monday to Friday, there are free buses from the urban area to the park from 8 o 'clock to 10 o 'clock in the morning. And on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, free buses are available the whole day.

Booking information

The tickets can be available through the Internet and telephone. You can get a fifty percent

discount during the first half an hour of the performance.

41. You can't go to the Wild West Theme Park in ▲ .





42. When is the ending time of the show?

A. 18:00.

B. 16:30.

C. 14:00.

D. 12:30.

43. If a ten-year old boy goes to the park with his parents, they will have to pay at least ▲

A. $22

B. $28

C. $37

D. S45

44. Which of the following is mentioned in the reading material?

A. Danger.

B. Food.

C. Bus service.

D. Weather.

45. According to the reading material, which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. You can enjoy the show the whole day on weekends.

B. You can buy cheaper tickets if you are ten minutes late for the performance.

C. You can take the free bus in the morning on weekdays.

D. If you want to buy a ticket, you don't have to go to the ticket office of the park.

46. Where can you most probably find this material?

A. In a bus guide.

B. In a computer magazine.

C. In a biology textbook.

D. In a traveling guide.


Do you remember a time when people were a little nicer and gentler with each other? I certainly do. And I feel that much of the world has somehow gotten away from that. Too often I see people rushing into elevators without giving those inside a chance to get off first, or never saying "thank you" when others hold a door open for them. We get lazy and in our laziness we think that something like a simple "thank you" doesn't really matter. But it can matter a lot.

The fact is that no matter how nicely we dress or how beautifully we decorate our homes, we can't be truly elegant(优雅的) without good manners, because elegance and good manners always go hand in hand. In fact, I think of good manners as a sort of hidden beauty secret. Haven't you noticed that the kindest, most generous people seem to keep getting prettier? It's funny how that happens, but it does. Take the long lost art of saying "thank you", like wearing a little make-up, or making sure your hair is neat. Getting into the habit of saying "thank you" can make you feel better about yourself. Good manners add to your image, while an angry face makes the best dressed person look ugly.

47. What does the author say about people of the past?

A. They were nicer and gentler.

B. They paid more attention to their appearance.

C. They were willing to spend more money on clothes.

D, They were more aware of changes in fashion.

48. In the author's opinion, saying "thank you" is something that ▲ .

A. doesn't really matter

B. does matter a lot

C. does not matter at all

D. matters a little

49. The author thinks people seem to have forgotten ▲ .

A. the art of saying "thank you"

B. to wear a little make-up

C. to make sure their hair is neat

D. to decorate their houses

50. According to the author. how can we best improve our image?

A. By decorating our homes.

B. By putting on a little make-up.

C. By wearing fashionable clothes.

D. By being kind and generous.

51. What is the passage mainly about?

A. The art of dressing.

B. The secret of staying pretty.

C. The importance of good manners.

D. The difference between elegance and good manners.


How long you live has a lot to do with your environment and lifestyle, but exceptional long life may have even more to do with your genes. For the first time, researchers have discovered a genetic recipe(墓因谱) that can tell who may live to 100 and beyond.

Detailed examination shows that 90% of the people who lived to 100 had at least

one of the signature genetic clusters(标志基因组).Dr. Thomas Perls at the School of Medicine of Boston University said, "We realize that this is a complex genetic puzzle. There is a long way for us to go to understand how the combination of these genes with lifestyle factors is playing a role in this long life puzzle."

Perls has studied many factors that help people to live long, and he is the first to recognize that living longer isn't likely to be simply a matter of genes. His previous work has shown, for example, that among mostly elderly people who live into their 70s and 80s, about 70% can owe their long life to lifestyle factors such as not smoking; eating a healthy, low-fat, low-calorie diet; and remaining socially engaged and mentally active (恩维活跃) throughout life.

It seems clear that those who live extremely long are benefiting from a special DNA. In fact, Perls believes that the older a person gets, the more likely it is that his or her genes are contributing to those extended years.

52. Perls may most likely agree that ▲

A. living longer just depends on certain genetic recipes

B. the combination of certain genes with lifestyle factors plays an important role in long-living

C. most people living extremely long benefit from not smoking

D. being mentally active has nothing to do with living an old age

53. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Remaining socially engaged helps a person to live long.

B. If you want to live to 100, you must have the right genes.

C. A genetic recipe can predict who may live to 100 and beyond.

D. Perls is the first to think living longer is just a matter of genes.

54. Which of the following would be the best title of the passage?

A. The Secret of Long life

B. Diet and Smoking

C. Genes Decide Your Lifestyle

D. Environment and Resources

55. Perls believes that ▲ .

A. they have understood how certain genes with lifestyle factors are playing a role in a long life

B. there is a long way for them to get to understand what leads to a long life

C. they are close to the factors why people can live a long life

D. they fail to understand what makes a long life possible

56. In which part of a newspaper can you most probably find this passage?

A. Sports and Games

B.Entertainment and Economics

C. Medicine and Science

D. Culture and Custom



57.Good manners add to your image, while an angry face makes the best dressed person look ugly.

58.It seems clear that those who live extremely long are benefiting from a special DNA.


Internet shopping is a new way of shopping. You can shop for just about anything from your armchair. All you need is a computer which is linked to the Internet.

People can shop for different kinds of products on the Internet. Physical products include items such as books, CDs, clothes and foods. You can also buy information products such as online news or magazine stories, or you can download computer software through the Internet. Services such as booking airline tickets, reserving hotels or renting cars are also available on the Internet. You can also go shopping on the Internet for entertainment services such as online games or e-mail "chat".

To find something on the Internet, people often use powerful computer tools called "search engines". You can search for a type of product, such as sports shoes, or a brand name, such as Nike. The search engine will give you a list of websites where you can find these products. These websites may be brand shops such as a Nike shop, or they may be general stores, called malls,which sell a variety of goods.

The main disadvantage of Internet shopping is that you can not actually see the products you are buying or check their quality. Also, many people enjoy shopping in the city and miss the opportunity to talk to friends. Some people are worried about paying for goods by using credit cards, so Internet companies are now finding ways to make online payment safe.

Internet shopping is sure to become more and more popular in the years ahead. It promises to change the way we buy all kinds of things - from tonight's dinner to a new car.

Internet Shopping

Advantages People can shop for different kinds of products on the Internet, such as

Physical products and 59 products.

People can also shop for different kinds of services on the Internet, such as

booking or renting services and 60 services.

Disadvantages People can’t be sure about the quality of the goods they are buying.

People have fewer 61 to talk to friends.

Some people fear it is not 62 to pay on line by using credit cards


63.学校将召开关于“最佳宿舍”评比( The Best Dormitory Award)的会议,请以学生会的名义写一份通知。该通知必须包含以下要点:





有序,并能保持整洁。此外,宿舍内禁用危险电器( electrical equipment)。





April 22,2015

A meeting about “The best Dormitory Award” is going to be held in our school.....

The Students’ Union