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Book 4 Unit 1

1. They are hoping to _C_ the Japanese market with their latest product.

A) transmit B) plunge C) penetrate D) filter

2. Both the labor and the management made a lot of _C_ and at last they came to an agreement.

A) sessions B) recessions C) concessions D) conferences

3. A lot of ants are always invading my kitchen. They are a thorough _A_.

A) nuisance B) trouble C) worry D) anxiety

4. Out of _C_ revenge (复仇), he did his worst to blacken her character and ruin her reputation.

A) perfect B) total C) sheer D) thorough

5. I’ve already had one holiday in Africa, and I’m not _D_ on going there again.

A) willing B) ready C) eager D) keen

6. To call the music of another music-culture “primitive” is _B_ one’s own standards on a group that does not recognize them.

A) putting B) imposing C) forcing D) emphasizing

7. She cooked the meat for a long time so as to make it _D_ enough to eat.

A) mild B) slight C) light D) tender

8. The manager needs an assistant that he can _B_ to take care of problems in his absence.

A) count in B) count on C) count up D) count out

9. We love peace, yet we are not the kind of people to _A_ to any military threat.

A) yield B) apply C) resort D) appeal

10. What I hate most is making a great _C_ about such a simple matter.

A) confusion B) initiative C) fuss D) bark

11. Paul said he would give me a piece of cake if I stayed here, but I didn’t give in to the _C_.

A) intention B) appeal C) temptation D) charm

12. The first thing Jim did when he got off the train was to look for a(n) _A_ because he had too much luggage with him.

A) porter B) employee C) servant D) assistant

13. The speaker _D_ his angry words with forceful movement of the hands.

A) associated B) connected C) assisted D) accompanied

14. Don’t joke with Linda; she takes everything far too _C_.

A) carefully B) gravely C) seriously D) critically

15. The car won’t s tart because the battery has _B_.

A) run up B) run down C) run over D) run off

16. If a man is easily taken in by emotional traps, he will not be able to make _A_ judgments.

A) sensible B) sensitive C) sentimental D) sensational

17. Parents have a legal _D_ to ensure that their children are provided with efficient education suitable to their age.

A) instinct B) influence C) sympathy D) obligation

18. Space scientists believe that the black hole is _D_, and would draw everything, even light, toward its center.

A) vacant B) empty C) bare D) hollow

19. Any electric products sold in this famous department store will be _B_ for one year.

A) protected B) guaranteed C) preserved D) ensured

20. The inquiry found that the innocent civilians had been _A_ to inhumane treatment for too long.

A) subjected B) attached C) related D) resisted

21. _D_ your long service to this country, we have decided to give you this gold watch as an expression of our


A) By means of B) By nature of C) By way of D) By virtue of

22. Material abundance has been the life blood which has _C_ Americans in their basic beliefs and values.

A) contributed B) provided C) sustained D) favored

23. The planet’s surface temperat ure is a 100 degrees C below zero at night, so that butter put outside will not _C_.

A) thaw B) dissolve C) melt D) harden

24. The thieves _D_ the waste paper all over the room while they were searching for the diamond ring.

A) spread B) scratched C) burned D) scattered

25. Joe had many regrets when he _C_ the years he spent abroad.

A) looked up to B) looked down on C) looked back on D) looked forward to

26. Cultural _D_ indicates that human beings hand their languages down from one generation to another.

A) transformation B) transaction C) transport D) transmission

27. The terrorists might have planted a bomb on a plane in Athens, set to _A_ when it arrived in New York.

A) go off B) get off C) come off D) carry of

28. There are strict rules _C_ the use of chemicals in food.

A) reforming B) relating C) regulating D) registering

29. People go to the church to _A_ God.

A) worship B) pray C) respect D) admire

30. The homeless _D_ from the flooded town were helped by the Red Cross.

A) scouts B) saints C) beggars D) refugees

Unit 2

1. Jack’s shirt was burned by _C_ from the fire.

A) spots B) spills C) sparks D) sprays

2. The wood was so rotten that, when we pulled, it _C_ into fragments.

A) broke off B) broke away C) broke up D) broke through

3. We shall have to _A_ the meeting until next week, I’m afraid.

A) postpone B) conduct C) replace D) last

4. To our _C_, Geoffrey’s i llness proved not to be as serious as we had feared.

A) entertainment B) judgment C) relief D) relaxation

5. The working of the machine _D_ that of the human brain.

A) compromises with B) competes with C) communicates to D) corresponds to

6. The attack was the latest in a series of border _B_ in that area.

A) accidents B) incidents C) events D) occurrences

7. The children will not be allowed t o come with us if they don’t _D_ themselves better.

A) direct B) accustom C) adjust D) behave

8. The oppressed peasants rose up in armed _A_.

A) revolt B) rebel C) chaos D) challenge

9. I had to shake him several times to _A_ him from his sleep.

A) rouse B) stimulate C) motivate D) prompt

10. Three days after the trial the prisoner was _C_ secretly, and the body was buried under a tree inside the prison.

A) murdered B) convicted C) executed D) punished

11. His skin was _C_ from years of working outdoors.

A) elastic B) clumsy C) coarse D) delicious

12. Three people were killed in a head-on _C_ between a bus and a car.

A) collapse B) conflict C) collision D) crush

13. Ruth has gone back to California _D_. She will not return to the East.

A) for long B) before long C) ever since D) for good

14. When the singer appeared, the audience started to _C_ loudly.

A) claim B) crack C) clap D) crash

15. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a _B_ going around the office that Mr. Smith is leaving at the end of

the month.

A) news B) rumor C) saying D) proverb

16. I guess Jones didn’t have a chance to win the election. Almost all of the peo ple in the city voted for his _A_.

A) opponent B) candidate C) colleague D) advocate

17. He was _D_ of his friend’s reputation.

A) greedy B) controversial C) competitive D) jealous

18. The newspaper uncovered a sex _D_ involving several government officials.

A) shame B) conviction C) rumor D) scandal

19. The dog waiting behind the gate looked so _B_ that I did not dare to go in.

A) bold B) fierce C) wild D) harmful

20. The workers there held a(n) _A_ to call for better working and living conditions.

A) rally B) conjunction C) episode D) riot

21. The protest march developed into a _D_ when the police tried to stop it.

A) rebel B) strike C) violation D) riot

22. He said he had _C_ the performance of the new model and was surprised at what he had seen then.

A) endeavored B) demonstrated C) witnessed D) judged

23. It is my _C_ wish that you use this money to further your research.

A) intensive B) generous C) earnest D) voluntary

24. He had been completely exhausted but felt considerably _D_ after a meal and a rest.

A) renewed B) recreated C) reshaped D) refreshed

25. In Britain today women _A_ 44% of the workforce, and nearly half the mothers with children are in paid


A) make up B) build up C) stand for D) conform to

26. The garden is _D_ in a formal pattern.

A) laid up B) laid off C) laid down D) laid out

27. There are several possible explanations for the greater job stability in Japan _C_ the great job mobility in the

United States.

A) contrary to B) in regard to C) in contrast to D) with respect to

28. Gasoline is processed from _C_ oil.

A) raw B) rough C) crude D) tough

29. New York _A_ second in the production of apples, producing 850,000,000 pounds this year.

A) ranked B) occupied C) arranged D) classified

30. After reading the _D_ of the play, the director made several changes.

A) scrape B) catalog C) category D) script

Unit 3

1. We have had to raise our prices because of the increase in the cost of _D_ materials.

A) primitive B) rough

C) original D) raw

2. The social security system provides _B_ for retired citizens.

A) wages B) pensions

C) profits D) rewards

3. It is well-known that the retired workers in our country are _A_ free medical care.

A) entitled to B) involved in

C) associated with D) assigned to

4. Although she was not very rich, she was quite _C_ with her money.

A) noble B) flexible

C) liberal D) liable

5. He received a letter of thanks for his _B_ of books to the Shakespeare library.

A) publication B) donation

C) acquisition D) quotation

6. The bus ran over the cliff because its _A_ failed.

A) brakes B) controls

C) gears D) signals

7. Not long ago, a government official whom I know very well was _B_ a bribery.

A) related to B) involved in

C) included in D) subjected to

8. They put in the highest _C_ for the house.

A) currency B) proposal

C) bid D) purchase

9. A good hunting dog is _A_ to every sound and movement in the field.

A) alert B) aware

C) cautious D) nervous

10. This diploma _B_ that you have completed high school.

A) proves B) certifies

C) secures D) approves

11. He was accused of _A_ vital secrets to the enemy.

A) leaking B) loosening

C) relieving D) issuing

12. Only the most sophisticated theories of modern physics can _A_ this phenomenon.

A) account for B) count on

C) account of D) count for

13. At the end of his trial, he was _A_ of murder.

A) convicted B) convinced

C) sentenced D) condemned

14. Most flowers will not _D_ without sunshine.

A) cultivate B) boom

C) sustain D) thrive

15. The company has an employee _A_ of everyone working for them.

A) profile B) acquaintance

C) administration D) acknowledgement

16. When Mary paid the bill, she was given a _C_ for her money.

A) cheque B) ticket

C) receipt D) label

17. There is a whole _B_ of bills waiting to be paid.

A) stock B) stack

C) number D) sequence

18. The members of the club _D_ a plane to take them on holiday to France.

A) assembled B) dominated

C) monitored D) chartered

19. Frankfurt, Germany, is in one of the most _A_ populated regions of Western Europe.

A) densely B) vastly

C) enormously D) largely

20. He’s well known in the _C_ of foreign affairs.

A) settlement B) operation

C) realm D) scope

21. She _D_ the sports page to find out who had won the game.

A) plunged B) perceived

C) sketched D) skimmed

22. The lighting of the Christmas tree was the _D_ of the evening.

A) peak B) boom

C) summit D) highlight

23. We didn’t like the colo r of the curtains, and so we _C_ them a beautiful dark green.

A) soaked B) sketched

C) dyed D) dipped

24. Bruce Stephen gripped the _C_ wheel hard as the car bounced up and down.

A) stirring B) driving

C) steering D) rotating

25. Years of heavy burden and hard work made him _C_ at his early forties.

A) lower B) lean

C) stoop D) bow

26. Niagara Falls is a great tourist __B_, drawing millions of visitors every year.

A) attention B) attraction

C) appointment D) arrangement

27. He _C_ for the day when he would see his hometown again.

A) desired B) counted

C) longed D) urged

28. The insurance company paid him $ 10,000 in _B_ after his accident.

A) installment B) compensation

C) substitution D) commitment

29. The noise _C_ until she couldn’t stand it any longer.

A) set up B) rang up

C) built up D) called up

30. They _A_ for a progressive cause and died willingly.

A) bled B) wounded

C) devoted D) departed

Unit 5

1. It took him several months to _D_ the wild horse.

A) tend B) cultivate

C) breed D) tame

2. I don’t think it was an accident. He did it on _B_.

A) choice B) purpose

C) intention D) design

3. The manager _C_ the letter to his secretary, who wrote it down in short hand.

A) passed B) copied

C) dictated D) declared

4. He was of _A_ birth; his parents had no money and lived poorly.

A) humble B) harsh

C) wicked D) wrecked

5. On the way to school, there was no shelter from the rain, so the students were soaked _B_.

A) wet B) to the skin

C) on the skin D) over

6. The smoke from the burning building almost _C_ the firemen and forced them to wear masks.

A) blocked B) provoked

C) choked D) stroked

7. He smiled again with an air of _A_ contentment and said, “It’s the first time I’ve ever done what

I wanted to do.”

A) supreme B) superficial

C) supplementary D) superior

8. We might say that _C_ has been done when a man’s innocence and guilt has been proved beyond


A) judgment B) jury

C) justice D) wrong

9. He has given all the facts at great _D_ so that you may judge for yourself.

A) detail B) extent

C) degree D) length

10. She hasn’t found an apartment yet;she’s staying with her aunt _C_.

A) for a long time B) for the first time

C) for the time being D) from time to time

11. On receiving sound waves, our eardrums _C_ and cause minute electrical signals to be sent to

the brain.

A) shiver B) shake

C) vibrate D) tremble

12. Coal and petroleum are called _B_ substances, because they are the remains of living things.

A) superb B) organic

C) vigorous D) rotten

13. Preservatives (防腐剂) are added to bread to keep it from getting _D_.

A) static B) stained

C) stable D) stale

14. Here were cycles of industrial prosperity which always collapsed into industrial _C_.

A) booms B) nightmares

C) depressions D) disadvantages

15. All men or women, young or old, short or tall, should not _D_ any form of discrimination,

because sooner or later we are all likely to fall victim to this dangerous practice.

A) resist B) sustain

C) undergo D) tolerate

16. Generally, it is only when animals are trapped that they _C_ to violence to escape.

A) resort B) appeal

C) proceed D) incline

17. In the end, a _B_ of six men and six women deliberated four days and found him guilty of


A) panel B) jury

C) court D) legislation

18. Although his _D_ ideas were difficult to understand, I managed to go through the whole book.

A) abstract B) practical

C) concrete D) superficial

19. During a visit to the Forbidden City, she was heard to _A_ “it’s so beautiful” three times.

A) have grasped B) have gripped

C) have claimed D) have exclaimed

20. This meat is rather tough; you have to _ C_ it for a long time.

A) chew B) bite

C) eat D) swallow

21. We cannot judge a person simply on the _A_ of his education.

A) condition B) basis

C) principle D) base

22. Don’t let t he child play with scissors _B_ he cuts himself.

A) only if B) in case

C) now that D) so that

23. I’d grown _A_ of the place and it was difficult to leave.

A) considerate B) accustomed

C) attached D) fond

24. He had no qualifications; _D_, he got the job.

A) but B) nevertheless

C) despite D) instead

25. Don’t forge t to _A_ the letter before you post it.

A) stick B) fasten

C) seal D) enclose

26. The child got a _D_ from his mother for being rude.

A) slip B) strap

C) snap D) slap

27. The bond of true affection had pulled us—six very different men from six very different

countries—across Antarctica; we proved in the end th at we weren’t very different _A_.

A) after all B) as usual

C) in particular D) for all

28. The couple separated because they were not _A_.

A) compatible B) equivalent

C) consistent D) uniform

29. He made several interesting discoveries when he _A_ a monkey recently.

A) experimented on B) tried on

C) experimented with D) tried with

30. Their specialities _C_ from Chinese literature, history and philosophy to law, sciences, and

traditional Chinese medicine.

A) alter B) separate

C) range D) differ

Unit 6

1. By the time you get to New York, I _______for London.

A. would be leaving

B. have already left

C. am leaving

D. shall have left


2. The lawyer advised him to drop the ________, since he stands little chance of winning.

A. event

B. case

C. incident

D. affair


3. Sometimes children have trouble ________ fact from fiction and may believe that such things actually exist.

A. to separate

B. for separating

C. separating

D. of separating


4. He is quite sure that it's ________ impossible for him to fulfill the task within two days.

A. absolutely

B. fully

C. exclusively

D. roughly


5. There was a big hole in the road which ________ the traffic.

A. set back

B. held up

C. stood back

D. kept down Correct answer: B

6. Many a delegate was in favor of his proposal that a special committee _______ to investigate the incident.

A. were set up

B. be set up

C. was set up

D. set up Correct answer: B

7. In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives play ________ roles in raising children.

A. incapable

B. insensible

C. indispensable

D. infinite Correct answer: C

8. Eye contact is important because incorrect contact may create a communication ________.

A. tragedy

B. question

C. vacuum

D. barrier Correct answer: D

9. There is no _______ to the house from the main road.

A. access

B. exposure

C. avenue

D. edge Correct answer: A

10. ________ energy under the earth must be released in one form or another, for example, an earthquake.

A. Accumulated

B. Assembled

C. Gathered

D. Collected Correct answer: A

11. He wasn't appointed chairman of the committee, ________ not very popular with all of its members.

A. to be considered

B. being considered

C. considering

D. having considered Correct answer:B

12. The twentieth century has witnessed an enormous worldwide political, economic and cultural ________.

A. tradition

B. transmission

C. transportation

D. transformation Correct answer: D

13. The ________ stuck on the envelope says 'By Air'

A. diagram

B. signal

C. Label

D. Mark Correct answer: C

14. Mobile telecommunications ________ is expected to double in Shanghai this year as a result of a contract signed between the two companies.

15. A. ability B. possession C. possibility D. impact Correct answer: B

16. Reading ________ the lines, I would say that the Government are more worried than they will admit.

A. behind

B. along

C. between

D. among Correct answer: C

17. My brother's plans are very ________; he wants to master English, French and Spanish before he is sixteen.

A. arbitrary

B. ambitious

C. aggressive

D. abundant Correct answer: B

18. The statistical figures in that report are not ________. You should not refer to them.

A. accurate

B. delicate

C. fixed

D. rigid Correct answer: A

19. He ________ to his customers and halved the price.

A. leaked

B. quoted

C. drew

D. yielded Correct answer: D

20. Tryon was extremely angry, but cool-headed enough to ________ storming into the boss's office.

A. prevent

B. turn

C. prohibit

D. avoid Correct answer: D

21. The author of the report is well ________ with the problems in the hospital because he has been working there for many years.

A. informed

B. enlightened

C. acquainted

D. acknowledged Correct answer: C

22. The ship's generator broke down, and the pumps had to be operated ________ instead of mechanically.

A. manually

B. automatically

C. artificially

D. synthetically Correct answer: A

23. Unlike most students, he doesn't learn English ________ learning.

A. with the excuse of

B. at the cost of

C. for the sake of

D. in the name of Correct answer: C

24. Most of ________ scientists know of the Sun's outer atmosphere comes from studies of solar eclipses.

A. that

B. what

C. which

D. those Correct answer: B

25. On the day of my ________, all my friends in the city came to see me off.

A. adventure

B. absence

C. departure

D. arrival Correct answer: C

26. Many children want the same thing they see ________ on television.

A. advertising

B. advertised

C. being advertising

D. been advertised Correct answer: B

27. ________ scientists may find a way to send a portion of the earth's population to the moon.

A. More or less

B. This or that

C. Sooner or later

D. Such and such Correct answer: C

28. You would be ___________ a risk if you let your child go to school by himself.

A. omitting

B. affording

C. attaching

D. running Correct answer: D

29.H e is always here; it's __________ you've never met him.

A. unique

B. rare

C. strange

D. seldom Correct answer: C

30. We'd like to ____C____ a table for five for dinner this evening

A. preserve

B. retain

C. reserve

D. sustain

Unit 10

1.Our talk was completely ________ by the roar of the machines. As a result, we had to communicate with


A. decreased

B. reduced

C. smashed

D. drowned Correct answer: D

2. She was arrested for ________ state secrets to a foreign reporter in return for her son going abroad

A. getting away

B. giving away

C. breaking away

D. putting away Correct answer:B

3. There ________ new problems in the relationship between the two countries in the recent years.

A. rose

B. raised

C. lifted

D. arose Correct answer: D

4. His health ________ as he ate too little and worked too hard for months on end.

A. broke up

B. broke through

C. broke down

D. broke off Correct answer: C

5. The theory of class currently prevailing in the West is ________ based on what Max Weber, a German sociologist, proposed.

A. fairly

B. kindly

C. greatly

D. largely Correct answer: D

6. His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any ________ of it at all.

A. recognition

B. meaning

C. intelligence

D. sense Correct answer: D

7. She ________ the troubles ahead and took steps to avoid them.

A. assumed

B. proclaimed

C. foresaw

D. evaluated Correct answer: C

8. According to the ________ of the contract, tenants (??) must give six months' notice if they intend to leave.

A. laws

B. rules

C. terms

D. details Correct answer: C

9. He has an excellent ________ as a criminal lawyer.

A. popularity

B. fame

C. regard

D. reputation Correct answer: D

10. The government clearly had not the slightest ________ of changing the legislation, in spite of the continued protest.

A. desire

B. ambition

C. willingness

D. intention Correct answer:D

11. Complete the form as ________ in the notes below.

A. insisted

B. specified

C. implied

D. devised Correct answer: B

12. When I got my case back, it had been damaged ________ repair.

A. above

B. beyond

C. over

D. further Correct answer: B

13. He always _______ this town with his cousin.

A. associates

B. reminds

C. relates

D. memorizes Correct answer: A

14. Many labor unions also have special funds ________ workers can receive monthly checks when they retire or if they become disabled and cannot work.

A. in that

B. from which

C. in case

D. in which Correct answer: B

15. She was glad that her success would ________ for the women who would follow.

A. make things easier

B. make her easier

C. be easier

D. be easier to make

Correct answer: A

16. The fifth generation computers, with artificial intelligence, ________ and perfected right now.

A. developed

B. have developed

C. will have been developed

D. are being developed

Correct answer: D

17. That was so serious a matter that I had no choice but ________ the police.

A. called in

B. calling in

C. to call in

D. call in Correct answer: C

18. After the accident she suffered brain ________ and couldn't speak.

A. destruction

B. disease

C. harm

D. damage Correct answer: D

19. The ________ for the flat is $80 weekly.

A. price

B. cost

C. hire

D. rent Correct answer: D

20. In ________ of value for money, this is the best car I've ever bought.

A. sense

B. light

C. regards

D. terms Correct answer: D

21. It is politely requested by the hotel management that radios ________ after 11 o'clock at night.

A. not be played

B. not to play

C. were not played

D. did not play Correct answer: A

22. The last man ________ the sinking ship was the captain.

A. left

B. to be leaving

C. to leave

D. leaving Correct answer: C

23. Never before that night ________ the extent of my own power.

A. had I felt

B. I felt

C. was I felt

D. I had felt Correct answer: A

24. I was ill that day. Otherwise, I ________ part in the seminar on the WTO.

A. would take

B. took

C. would have taken

D. had taken Correct answer: C

25. Actually, humor helps make products more ________ to consumers.

A. available

B. sensible

C. feasible

D. accessible Correct answer: D

26. Just as the increase of fax machines, wireless phones and personal computers have caused a shortage

of phone numbers, heavy use of the Internet is ________ the supply of numerical (数字的) Internet addresses

A. draining

B. soaking

C. absorbing

D. drying Correct answer: A

27. Compared with what I saw 10 years ago, ads today are becoming increasingly ________.

A. sophisticated

B. soaked

C. philosophical

D. physical Correct answer:A

28. According to the recent report, 10 years ago about one in seven people in this country spoke a language

________ English at home.

A. rather than

B. other than

C. regardless of

D. except for Correct answer: B

29. Dolly's creators at Edinburgh's Roslin Institute boasted she ________ the promise of animals that could produce drugs and organs for humans.

A. contained

B. emphasized

C. packed

D. embodied Correct answer: D

30. If, one day, it was possible to direct stem cells to become selected types of replacement tissue, it could be used to ________ a host of diseases which at present are incurable.

A. treat

B. adjust

C. adopt

D. remedy Correct answer: A


Unit 1

1-5 CCACD 6-10 BDBAC 11-15 CADCB

16-20 ADDBA 21-25 DCCDC 26-30 DACAD


1-5 CCACD 6-10 BDAAC 11-15 CCDCB

16-20 ADDBA 21-25 DCCDA 26-30 DCCAD


1-5 DBACB 6-10 ABCAB

11-15 AAADA 16-20 CBDAC

21-25 DDCCC 26-30 BCBCA

Unit 5

1-5 DBCAB 6-10 CACDC

11-15 CBDCD 16-20 ABADA

21-25 BBDBC 26-30 DAAAC