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P art Ⅱ Vocabulary & Structure (15minutes)

Directions:This part is to test your ability to use words and phrases correctly to construct meaningful and grammatically correct sentences. It consists of 2 sections.

Section A

Directions:There are 10 incomplete statements here. You are required to complete each statement by choosing in the appropriate answer from the 4 choices marked A), B), C), and D). You should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

16. I in touch with you as soon as I receive more details from the manager.

A) am B) was C) will be D) have been

17. Traveling across the country costs a lot of money, but John can it.

A) spend B) build C) give D) afford

18. It was not until 3:00 pm the secretary found the missing report.

A) where B) as C) that D) while

19. The police have not the search even if it has lasted for a week.

A) given up B) broken in C) taken away D) brought about

20. I decided to as a waiter in a restaurant during my summer vacation.

A) serve B) take C) turn D) make

21. I’m afraid we don’t have that book in stock, we can order it for you.

A) as B) since C) but D) for

22. In this museum a guided tour for you at no charge.

A)being provided B) is provided C) to provide D) provides

23. Generally speaking, a lot of patience is to look after a sick patient.

A)regarded B) agreed C) decided D) required

24. Hold the money in your bank account you use it for college courses.

A) although B) unless C) as if D) wherever

25. the price of the product, you will have to pay for shipping.

A) In terms of B) In relation to C) In addition to D) In spite of

Section B

Directions:There are 10 incomplete statements here. You should fill in each blank with the proper form of the word given in brackets. Write the word or words in the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet.

26. The factory is going to make a new model of bicycle, designed (special) for women.

27. It is no use (try) to advertise so much if you don’t know the users’ needs.

28. We are informed that the company meeting will (hold) next Saturday afternoon.

29. You should remember (lock) the door when leaving the office.

30. There is no (possible) for us to get the products before the Spring Festival.

31. (Realize) that he had left an important document in the office, Harry ran back for it.

32. Their excellent performance has left a deep (impress) on the audience.

33. Last month I went to Germany and (take) part in the World Skills Competition.

34. The interview is very (success) , so you will get a chance to work for the famous software company.

35. (Compare) with those products, ours are more reasonable in price and better in quality.

PartⅢ Reading Comprehension (40minutes)

Directions:This part is to test your reading ability. There are 5 tasks for you to fulfill. You should read the reading materials carefully and do the tasks as you are instructed.

Task 1

Directions:After reading the following passage. You will find 5 questions or unfinished statements, numbered 36 to 40. For each question or

statement there are 4 choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should make

the correct choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet

with a single line through the center.

Companies sometimes receive hundreds of applications for a single job, and it

is becoming more common for managers to conduct screening(筛选)interviews over

the phone. This saves them considerable time and money—especially if a candidate

lives out of town.

Don’t take these interviews lightly. It is important to prepare for a telephone

interview just as you would do for a regular interview.

The employer will normally call or e-mail you in advance to set up an interview

time. If possible, arrange for the interview to be held over a landline phone(座

机), as it is more reliable than a mobile phone. Make sure that children, pets and

other sources of interruption will be out of the room. Keep a glass of water nearby.

Phone interviews can often last a half-hour to an hour and be sure to have your

resume in front of you. Do your best to be personal, but don’t overdo it by, say,

trying to tell a joke.

36. Screening interviews over the phone is becoming more common because_______.

A) it is simple and fair

B) it is easier to prepare

C) it seems more friendly

D) it saves time and money

37. An employer usually arranges the time for the interview by ________.

A) paying you a personal visit first

B) calling or emailing you in advance

C) announcing the date in the newspaper

D) asking you to visit the company’s website.

38. A landline phone is preferred for the interview because it is more ________.

A) reliable

B) economical

C) efficient

D) practical

39. What should you do with your resume during a phone interview?

A) Keep it in front of you.

B) Read it out if required.

C) Post it up online.

D) Send it by email.

40. In the last sentence, by saying”…but don’t overdo it…”, the author means

“don’t be too_________”.

A) nervous

B) proud

C) personal

D) formal

Task 2

Directions:This task is the same as Task 1. The 5 questions or unfinished statements are numbered 41 to 45.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your products or services, customers can be one of your most valuable sources of information and market research. So why not take it a step further and visit some of them?

Ideally, you want to do this in person, so you may need to offer your customers something for their time. They may be pleased that you take their opinion seriously, and they may also enjoy getting a chance to help influence your products or services. If your customers are in different places, you could make such visits part of your business travel to get a wider rang of responses.

One expert recommends that you make your customers feel comfortable during the visits. You’re not trying to sell anything through these meetings, so pla n to spend 80 percent of your time listening.

Don’t try to lead your customer to give responses that you really want to hear. Instead, ask questions tha t focus on the customer’s experience, such as whether they got what they were hoping for and what they found difficult or enjoyable.

41. According to the passage, your customers can be very helpful in _______.

A) expanding your business

B) reducing your production cost

C) selling your products or services

D) improving your products or services

42. In the first paragraph, the author suggested________.

A) paying a visit to some customers

B) finding out sources of information

C) advertising your products or services

D) carrying out various marked researches

43. Your customers may feel happy if you ___________.

A) take them as your good friends

B) treat their opinions seriously

C) offer quick responses

D) visit them regularly

44. According to the expert, the way to make your customers comfortable during the

visit is _________.

A) to promise them the best price

B) to explain your sales plan to them

C) to spend most of your time listening

D) to tell them the advantages of your products

45. The focus of your questions during the visit should be on ________.

A) the development of your business

B) responses that you want to hear

C) the customer’s experience

D) your future sales plan

Task 3

Directions:Read the following passage. After reading it, you should complete the information by filling in the blanks marked 46 to 50 (in no more than 3 words) in the table below.

This reminder(提示)is intended to offer guidance for using email. This is not a “how-to” document, but it is rather a document that offers advice to prevent you fro being cheated or troubled by emails.

Studies show that knowledge workers spend about 20 hours a week doing email and one-third of that email is useless. Still worse, 70% of this email gets handled within six minutes of arrival and the average worker is interrupted every three minutes. As a consequence, there is a cost to our organizations. While we can’t control what we receive from the outside, we can make some progress from the inside. Please read this paper and take action by following its instructions. Many thanks go to Earl Hacker (CIO, WBB Consulting, Inc.) for providing some of this information from an internet site.


Task 4

Directions:The following is a list of terms used in an Application Form for Import/Export of Articles for Personal Use(进出境自用物品申请表). After reading it, you are required to find the items equivalent to (与…等同)those given in Chinese in the table below. Then you should put the corresponding letters in brackets on the Answer Sheet, numbered 51 through 55.

A ………Applicant’s Name

B ………Nationality

C ………Date of Birth

D ………Address

E ………Passport No.

F ………Permit No. of Articles

G ………Departure Country

H ………Telephone

I ………Entry/Exit Port

J ………Destination Country

K ……… Port of Loading

L ………Means of Transport

M ………Bill of Lading

N ………Number of Pieces

O ………Port of Delivery

P ……… Gross Weight

Q ………Remarks


Task 5

Directions:Read the following passage. After reading it, you are required to complete the answers that follow the questions ( No. 56 to No. 60). You should write your answers (in no more than 3 words) on the Answer Sheet correspondingly. Dear Mr. Harrison,

It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone this afternoon. I am very happy to accept the position of Project Manager with Harrison Consultants (哈里森咨询

公司). Thank you very much for the opportunity to join your team. I am excited about the possibilities for this position, and I am eager to work with your team.

As we discussed in our conversation, my starting yearly salary will be $50,000. I understand that after being employed for 30days, I will receive health and life insurance benefits. After working for Harrison Consultants for six months, I will receive one week’s paid vacation.

I am prepared to start work on January 1, 2014, as you requested. If there is any paperwork I need to complete before I start work, or if you need any additional information, please contact me at (732)294-5103.

I appreciate the help your associate (合作伙伴)Mr. Ken Knox provided by recommending me for this position.

Thank you.

Evelyn Wauson

56. What position is the letter writer going to accept?

The position of _______________________________.

57. What is the starting yearly salary for the position?

It is ___________________________________.

58. What benefits will the letter writer receive after working for 30 days? Health and _______________________________ benefits.

59. When will the letter writer be able to have a one-week paid vacation?

After working for the company for _______________________.

60. Who recommended the letter writer for this position?

Mr. ______________________________________________.

Part Ⅵ Translation -- English into Chinese (25minutes)

Directions: This part, numbered 61-65, is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese, each of the four sentences,(No.61-No.64) is followed by four choices of suggested translation marked A), B) ,C) and D). Make the best choice and write the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. Write your translation of the paragraph (No.65) in the corresponding space on the Translation /Composition Sheet.

61. You should take into account the delivery time when you plan to order our


A) 在决定采购我们的产品时,你应该核算交货时间。

B) 在计划订购我们的产品时,你应该考虑交货时间。

C) 在检验我们的产品前,你必须明确告知具体时间。

D) 在收到我们的产品前,你应该知道具体发货时间。

62. Partly because of the increasing demand, the prices of sea food in this region

have almost doubled recently.

A) 人们越来越认识到海产品的价值,因此都涌到这个地区争相抢购海鲜。

B) 由于海产品很受人喜爱,消费量翻番,使得这个地区海鲜的价格猛涨。

C) 这个地区海产品价格再次翻了一番,是因为人们对海产品有更大的需求。

D) 这个地区海产品的价格近来几乎翻了一番,部分原因是需求日益增加。

63. Our customer service workers will contact you within 14 working days of receiving

your complaint about the product.

A) 我们的客服部门一收到你的意见,就会在第14个工作日给您一个满意答复。

B) 我们的客服部门将在14个工作日之后,发函征询你对我们产品的反馈意见。

C) 在收到你对产品的投诉之后,我们的客服人员将在14个工作日内和你联系。

D) 一旦你投诉我们的产品,我们的客服人员会在14个工作日后和你取得联系。

64. Nowadays it is a well-known fact that second hand smoking does even more harm

to human health.

A) 二手烟对人类健康危害十分巨大,这在今天已经是无可争辩的事实。

B) 二手烟对人类健康的危害甚至更大,这在今天已是众所周知的事实。

C) 今天大家都知道这样一个事实,二手烟对人类的危害已是不容置疑。

D) 今天广为传播的说法已被证实,二手烟对人类的危害并非有意夸大。

65. It’s our responsibility to provide our staff with the best technical support

service. We are working hard to give clear information about each of the services we provide. And we also aim to achieve the highest service standards.

However, please remember that things can sometimes go wrong. If this happens, please let us know right away by calling 01782 29 4443. We will do everything we can to put things right.

Part V Writing (25 minutes) Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to fill in the Application Form according to the following information given in Chinese. Remember to do your writing on the Translation/ Composition Sheet.











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