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1. In the wife’s eyes, his _____ to their marriage life is far from perfect.

A) requirement B) commitment

C) participation D) reflection

2. In the event of SARS, some _____ it while others lost their courage to do anything about it.

A) came up to B) lived up to

C) faced up to D) caught up to

3. Experts have _____ with some effective measures to prevent the disease from spreading.

A) caught up B) put up

C) come up D) kept up

4. If people feel hopeless, they don’t bother to _____ the skills they need to succeed.

A) require B) inquire

C) acquire D) enquire

5. As a result of his hard work, he has gained ______ to the Beijing University.

A) access B) commitment

C) opportunity D) reward

6. With the supplies of nurses below _____, thelocal government decided to recruit(招募) volunteers.

A) acquirements B) assignments

C) commitment D) requirements

7. Only when one is ______ of one’s getting behind is one more likely to catch up.

A) critical B) aware

C) visual D) effective

8. It is better for you to be _____ about its consequences before you take any action.

A) positive B) absolute

C) critical D) favorite

9. As an ideal _____ to the spread of SARS, this medicine is now in great demand.

A) barrier B) commitment

C) challenge D) access

10. When her business goes wrong, she tends to _____ for advice.

A) get access to B) come across

C) reach out D) speak up

11. The most important for us now is to _____what is to be done next.

A) allow of B) reflect on

C) feel like D) remind of

12. It is best to _____ wear through friction in designing the parts of every machine.

A) have insight into B) come up with

C) allow for D) reflect on

13. Good habits of living have proved to be of much _____ to our health.

A) barrier B) benefit

C) immunity D) commitment

14. Now that we have learned to see things _____, we can find that there are two sides to anything in the world.

A) in part B) from a perspective

C) on their part D) in perspective

15. As a(n) _____ job, it requires much time and commitment and persistence.

A) unwilling B) demanding

C) embarrassing D) frustrating

16. The _____ to be better than others drives him to work harder than before.

A) uniqueness B) eagerness

C) awareness D) effectiveness

17. For your study to stay in a ______ cycle, you must keep up with the progress of the course.

A) virtuous B) virtual

C) visual D) vital

18. Anyone that goes against the social order is _____ to answer for his action.

A) possibly B) probably

C) likely D) normally

19. There is much that can be done about the accidents _____ from carelessness.

A) arose B) arisen

C) arising D) arise

20. _____ his sister, Jack is quiet and does not easily make friends with others.

A) Dislike B) Unlike

C) Alike D) Liking

21. More new _____ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education.

A) opportunities B) necessities

C) realities D) probabilities

22. Unlike the problems I _____ in high school, I have few chances to speak English in class at college.

A) came across B) came about

C) came after D) came of

23. Now that they have done something ______ about the situation, it comes to return to normal.

A) unique B) effective

C) absolute D) sequential

24. _____ you realize your trouble with English learning, you can take some effective steps.

A) By now B) From now on

C) Ever since D) Now that

25. These products are _____ for export, though a few of them may come into home markets.

A) completely B) absolutely

C) essentially D) necessarily

26. The team’s attempt to win the game was _____ by the opposing goalkeeper.

A) reaped B) frustrated

C) given up D) caught up

27. He is quite sure that it’s _____ impossible for him to fulfill the task within two days.

A) fully B) exclusively

C) absolutely D) roughly

28. The police wanted her to describe all the events of that morning in _____.

A) time B) addition

C) sequence D) place

29. Thanks to the Internet, we can share sorrow and happiness at each other’s home through the _____ of e-mail.

A) role B) medium

C) modem D) sequence

30. In their own eyes, it is rather _____ that the

medical community as a whole still has little

idea about the cause of SARS.

A) rewarding B) demanding

C) embarrassing D) requiring


1. He is late again today. I’ll ____ that he will not be late tomorrow.

A) refer to it B) look to him

C) see to it D) turn to it

2. When a fire____ at the National Exhibition in London, at least ten priceless paintings were completely destroyed.

A) broke off B) broke out

C) broke down D) broke up

3. After the disaster, the truth ____ us that a healthy habit of living can keep one away from some terrible diseases.

A) focused upon B) imposed upon

C) dawned upon D) leaned upon

4. After failing the exams three times, Jack realized that he’d never

____in English.

A) see to it B) attain it

C) catch it D) make it

5. Susan has not been officially ____ to Johnson.

A) engaged B) occupied

C) practiced D) undertaken

6. After so many years, he still ____ the hope that his lost son would return one day.

A) clang to B) clung to

C) inclined to D) subjected to

7. The action of cheating in an examination would ____ you ____ severe punishment.

A) cause…to B) subject…to

C) turn…to D) take…to

8. This article _____ more attention to the problem of cultural interference in foreign language teaching and learning.

A) calls for B) applies for

C) cares for D) allows for

9. I don’t think that your watch is ____.

A) worthy the price B) worth the price

C) worthy to buy D) worth to buy

10. He is ____ a very old man but in fact he is only fifty years old.

A) apparently B) evidently

C) absolutely D) actually

11. It is not polite to ____ a speaker with frequent questions.

A) interpret B) intervene

C) interrupt D) interfere

12. Their daughter often turns a deaf ear to their inquiries, so they sometimes have to ____ answers from her.

A) interrupt B) exchange

C) squeeze D) exit

13. His failure in love games threw him off his ____ of mind.

A) mood B) engagement

C) sympathy D) balance

14. My camera can be ____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.

A) adapted B) adjusted

C) adopted D) remedied

15. At the party we found that shy girl ____ her mother all the time.

A) depending on B) coinciding with

C) adhering to D) clinging to

16. We forgave his bad temper because we know that his son’s illness had put him under great____.

A) pins B) stress

C) crisis D) depression

17. She felt ____ at her sister’s good l uck in finding jobs.

A) jealousy B) esteem

C) envy D) respect

18. The explorer lost his way so he climbed to the top of the hill to ____himself.

A) spot B) locate

C) place D) situate

19. We could see only the ____ outline of the mountain in the distance.

A) vague B) dark

C) mean D) dim

20. Because the company was doing more business it was necessary to____ the factory.

A) increase B) extend

C) broaden D) grow

21.The university ____ consists of full professors, associate professors and assistant professors.

A) crew B) rank

C) circle D) staff

22. Due to the fact that she was naturally timid, she shrank from any ____ social and cultural activities.

A) comprehension of B) study on

C) success in D) participation in

23. It was no use trying to discuss business with James, who was well-known for___ everything.

A) coping with B) trifling with

C) striving for D) doing well in

24. Jane is scolded by her boss because she left the office with the computer ____ yesterday.

A) on B) out

C) unlocked D) unclosed

25. I have taken the mid-term exam, but I don’t know what my ____will be.

A) future B) career

C) chance D) fate

26. I could see nothing ____ of the hall but the moans of pain told there was someone there.

A) in the dust B) in the dusk

C) in the lobby D) in the exit

27. In the eyes of most students, her teaching method is far from ____ .

A) content B) consent

C) satisfied D) satisfactory

28. It was reassuring to have someone ____ whom he could ____ for a while.

A) upon…touch B) upon…pride

C) upon…lean D) upon…impose

29. The new cadets are very slow to ____ the strict regulations of the military college.

A) react to B) relate to

C) adapt to D) turn to

30. When reading books about space exploration, I often ____ man’s skill and creativeness in putting complex pieces of machinery into space.

A) tremble at B) startle at

C) wander at D) amaze at


1. The sun _____ from behind the clouds.

A) emerged B) immersed

C) existed D) embraced

2. I haven’t read the report properly --- I’ve only _____ into it (浏览).

A) dined B) dimmed

C) dipped D) dripped

3. Her achievement was more _____ in that she had come from such a remote area.

A) popular B) famous

C) remarkable D) understandable

4. Living in the central Australian desert has its problems, ____ obtaining

water is not the least.

A) for which B) to which

C) of which D) in which

5. There may be a(n) ____ of truth in this idea, disagreeable though it may seem.

A) element B) factor

C) advantage D) concept

6. I’d like to _____ a seat for the New Year’s Concert.

A) preserve B) serve

C) conserve D) reserve

7. The story that follows ______ two famous characters of the Rocky Mountain gold rus days.

A) concretes B) concerns

C) proclaims D) relates

8. He _____ the good chance to present his proposal to the director, and at last, it was adopted.

A) realized B) seized

C) delivered D) released

9. They _____ in spite of the extremely difficult conditions.

A) carried out B) carried off

C) carried on D) carried forward

10. Which sport has the most expensive training equipment, _____

players’ personal equipment and uniforms?

A) in place of B) in terms of

C) by means of D) by way of

11. The purpose of this election is to set up a government truly _____ of the people.

A) typical B) representative

C) characteristic D) responsible

12. It will need a _____ to save the firm from running downhill.

A) mystery B) therapy

C) miracle D) source

13. After answering an telephone from her boyfriend, she _____ herself to read a book.

A) imposed B) composed

C) transferred D) transformed

14. Although he was getting on in years, his experience gave him a(n) _____ over his rival.

A) priority B) benefit

C) profit D) advantage

15. I am firmly _____ that this plan would do much good to our company.

A) composed B) convinced

C) recognized D) satisfied

16. When talking about China, people often _____ it with the Great Wall.

A) think B) associate

C) imagine D) assist

17. I’m sure he is up to the job ______ he would give his mind to it.

A) if only B) in case

C) until D) unless

18. I’ve _____ a lot of time and effort in this plan,and I don’t want it to fail.

A) invented B) invited

C) invested D) involved

19. A small terrorist group has ___________ responsibility for the bombing in Baghdad.

A) claimed B) acclaimed

C) exclaimed D) reclaimed

20. For the currency to keep _____, the government has to adopt some strong measures.

A) concrete B) fertile

C) productive D) stable

21. _____ your advice, I have decided to read the article once more.

A) Acting as B) Acting upon

C) Acting for D) Acting up

22. We are doing this work in the _____ of reforms in the economic, social and cultural spheres.

A) context B) contest

C) pretext D) texture

23. The meeting was in full ______ (活跃) when we arrived.

A) rock B) swing

C) swim D) sway

24. Now the patient can _____ from the wheelchair to the seat with relative freedom.

A) transport B) transplant

C) transact D) transfer

25. In human friendship an important _____ is “forgive and forget”.

A) principal B) primary

C) principle D) chiefly

26. The republication of the poet’s most recent works will certainly _____ his national reputation.

A) magnify B) enlarge

C) enhance D) strengthen

27. Important people don’t often have much free time as their work _____ all their time.

A) takes away B) takes over

C) takes up D) takes in

28. With everything being ready, it is time to _____ our new plan _____.

A) set … aside B) set … out

C) set … in motion D) set … down

29. While nuclear weapons present grave _____ dangers, the predominant crisis of overpopulation is with us today.

A) inevitable B) constant

C) overwhelming D) potential

30. Mobile telecommunications _____ is expected to double in Shanghai this year as a result of a contract signed between the two companies.

A) possession B) potential

C) capacity D) impact