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199 When I was in third grade, I was picked to be the princess (公主) in the school play.

______ a few weeks my mother helped me practice my lines (台词). But once on stage, every word ________ (appear) from my head. My teacher asked me ______ (change) roles and be the narrator (解说员).

Though I didn't tell my mother what had happened that day, she felt my _______(happy) . She asked me to take a walk in the yard.

It was a ______(love) spring day. We could see dandelions (蒲公英) popping (跳出) up through the grass, as if a ______(paint) had touched our landscape with bits of gold. I watched my mother carelessly bend down by some flowers. "I think I am going to pick all these weeds (野草)," she said.

"But I like dandelions," I said. "All plants are beautiful —even dandelions!"

My mother looked at me _________(serious) . "Yes, every flower shines in its own way,

______(do) it?" she said. I nodded. "And that is true of people, too," she added.

She had guessed my pain. I started to cry and told her the _____(true) .

"You will be a beautiful narrator," she said, reminding me of how much I loved to read stories aloud _____ her.

Over the next few weeks, I learned to take pride in the role. The big day finally came. A few minutes ______ the play, my teacher came over to me. "Your mother asked me to give this to you," she said and handed me a dandelion. After the play, I took the f_______ home. I was perhaps the only person who would have kept such a weed.

200 Easy way to be pretty

A girl and her mother were visiting a mall. They were ________(surprise) to see two shiny, silver walls ______could move apart and back together again.

The girl asked, “Mother, what is this?”The mother, never having seen _____elevator, said, “I have never seen ________(something) like this in my life. I don’t know what it is.”

_____that moment, an old man in a wheelchair went close to the ______(move) walls and pressed a button (按下一个键). The walls opened and the man entered a small room. The walls closed and the girl and her mother watched the small numbers above the walls light up one _____one. Then, the numbers began to light in reverse (反向的) o______. The walls opened up again and a handsome young man ______(step) out.

The mother said _____(quiet) to her daughter, “Go get your father.”

201World catches computer virus

When a virus (病毒) comes into our body, we get sick. The same thing can also happen ____ a computer. A virus may destroy the software (软件) and make it stop ______(working).

Since May 12 this year , a new computer virus, WannaCry, has been infecting (感染) computers in over 150 _______(country) , including Russia and the United Kingdom.It has hit tens of thousands of c_________ in China, reported Beijing Morning Post.

Once WannaCry gets into your computer, it locks all the documents (文件) and asks for

m_______ from you. At first, it asks for $300 (2,068 yuan) to give all the documents b_____. If the

______(use) doesn’t send the money in 72 hours, the price goes up to $600. It will lock the document forever _____ the user doesn’t pay in seven days.

The WannaCry virus is ______________(serious) one in history, according to Europol (欧盟刑警组织). Users should update the new Microsoft security patch (安全补丁) and not open

________(know) emails.

202It’s hard for famous people to be true to themselves. After all, fans always want to see their good side. But Chinese _____ (sing) and actor Huang Zitao, 24, always shows his true_________(feel) .

These days he is ______ a concert tour of many cities. He also plays the leading role (主角) in the movie Edge of Innocence (《夏天19岁的肖像》). It will come out on M______ 27th.

Huang is straightforward (直率的). He never hides his opinions. Many people don’t like him

_________of it. Once, he went to _____evening party for Mid-Autumn Festival. People asked him what kind of moon cake he liked. He said, “I don’t like moon cakes at all.”

He is confident too. Chinese actor Jackie Chan, 63, thought ______(high) of his talent. And it made him so happy. He even talked about it in an interview (采访). But it’s t_____ that Huang has many talents. He is good at singing, dancing, martial arts (武术) and sports.

Huang proves himself _______hard work. In the show Takes a Real Man (《真正男子汉》), he tried to be a real soldier (士兵) in the army . When he left the army, he even cried. Some people began to c_________ their opinion of him.

203How do you decide if someone is smart? One way is to find out the _______(person) intelligence quotient (智商), or IQ.

A 12-year-old girl recently took an IQ test. People found that her IQ is _____(high) than Albert Einstein’s and Stephen Hawking’s! Rajgauri Pawar, an ______(India) girl studying in England, scored 162 in the famous Mensa (门萨) IQ test, reported the Independent.

Mensa, founded in England _____1946, is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. To become a Mensa member, you must have an IQ _____falls in the top 2 percent of the population that take the tests. Hawking got a score of 160. Although Einstein never took the test, experts said his score would be the s______ as Hawking’s.

However, what does _____(have) a high IQ mean? Will those with a high IQ definitely become the next Einstein or Hawking?

Not necessarily. Most IQ tests, including the Mensa one, test one’s ability in math, l________ and memory. However, these tests don’t test abilities like knowing how to make things work, according to Richard Nisbett, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, US. It doesn’t test your creativity or curiosity (好奇心), _______.

Also, a lot of things can affect one’s IQ score, including poverty (贫穷), nutrition (营养), stress and how familiar you are ____ the tests.

Lisa Van Gemert, a Mensa expert, said that good habits, perseverance (毅力) and a strong work ethic (职业道德) are just as important as intelligence.

“If you don’t develop those other qualities, you can waste a smart IQ,”she said.

204 Delicious French baked cookies come in many colors

If you walk by a bakery, you will probably see some _______(color) little round cookies in the shop window. They can be y______, pink, green, blue and almost any other color. They look too beautiful to eat. They are macarons.

A macaron is a ________(France) dessert. It’s made of almond powder (杏仁粉), sugar and egg white. There _____(be) three layers (层) in one macaron. The two layers of cookies outside are crunchy (酥脆的). The middle layer can be jam or cream. It ______(taste) soft and smooth (顺滑的). People also put in all kinds of powder (粉末), ______chocolate, pumpkin and green tea powder. They not only add flavors (味道) to macarons, _____also colors.

The French city Montmorillon is famous _____ its macarons. ________(old) macaron bakery there is around 100 years old. The city even has a macaron museum. It’s a paradise (天堂) for macaron _______(love) around the world.




3.to change






9.truth 10.to 11.before 12.flower

















9.the most serious 10.unknown 202:









9.through 10.change










9.either 10.with 204:



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9.The oldest 10.lovers