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一Global warming may be the most harmful environmental problem human beings have created ,and the most difficult to solve.our society is largely (powered)by the fossil fuels that cause global warming .It‘s growing consequences–ecological

disruption ,floods ,droughts,disease_are convincing more and more people that we must cut down (greenhouse)pollution.

Many people view global warming as a problem too large and too (far away)for anything they can do to (make a difference) however ,in reality ,there are lots of things we can do to stop ,or at least to reduce it.

1. plant tree.trees (breathe in) carbon dioxide ,but only as long as they ?re living.

2 .intall low-flow shower heads and faucets .you‘ll use less than half the water without (decreasing performance )

3. buy energy –efficient electronics and appliances 。then ,turn them off when they‘re not in use.

4. reduce!recuse!recycle!recying a stack of newspapers only (four inches high)will save

a goog sized tree.

5. mount a local (campaign)against global waming .educate your community about how to cut greenhouse gas pollution.support measures at the national and local levels that increase energy efficiency ,and that (encourage )the use of clean ,renewable solar and wind technologt.

二Each year the respective Nobel Committees send invitations to thousands of scientists,members of academies and university professors around the world,asking them to nominate candidates far the Nobel Prizes gor coming year.

These prise nominations must reach the respective Nobel Committees of the prise-awarding institutions before February 1 of the year for which the nomination is being made.The prize-awarding institution for the Physics and Chemisty awards is the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The nominations received by each committee are then evaluated with the help specially appointed experts. When the committees have presented their recommendations to the prize-awarding insititutions,a vote is taken for the final choice of Laureates .The choice of that years Laureates is announced immediarely after the vote in October each year.

The prize are awarded at the Prize Awarding Ceremone at the Concert Hall in Stockholm,Sweden,on December 10,the King of Sweden hands each Laureate a diploma and a medal. The Ceremony is followed a banquet at the Stockholm City Hall for about 1 300 people including 250 students.

三(书上为排序题)Let me now share my six business success ―secrets‖ with you:

Provide more and better products and services, to larger numbers of people, at less cost. Marketing is everything. Marketing is the key to letting the world know about your products and services. There have been many products that had great sales potential, but have failed owing to poor marketing.

Keeping a tight control on expenses—while at the same time avoiding being ―penny wise and pound foolish,‖ is a wise business practice. There must be a willingness to take risks. You should not risk more than you can afford to lose, but you can‘t afford not to take certain business risks.

An entrepreneur must deliver good quality products and services and support themwith a responsible attitude towards shortcomings and faulty products. Related to that is good customer service.

The businessperson should always look for ways to improve their goods and services,as well as ways to increase efficiency and expand their marketing reach..

I‘ve just revealed a handful of universal principles of business success. If you apply them, they can contribute towards your own business success.

四The news that a sheep in Scotland has been successfully cloned got me wondering .What good would it be to clone humans? What would i do with a clon of myself ? Then it hit me that i

could have my clone go into work for me while i

went out hiking , biking , sking , etc ! Ireally

could be in two places at once .

But wait a minute . If that‘s what i would do

with my clone , how do i know that i‘m not a

clone myself ? What if the original me had

himself cloned and sent the clone in to do his

work for him?

This explains a lot :

---all those mysterious checks i find in my bank

statement every month but don‘t remember


---why my wife doesn‘t seem to notice when

i‘ve been out of town ,

---all those traffic tickets i have to pay but swear

i never received in the first place .

---why my frien ds say things like ,―i thought i

saw you out skiing last week,‖when i know i

was at work ,

---why i keep getting fines for overdue books at

the library , when i only check out CD‘s ,

---the unexplained charges to my bredit from

London , Paris , New York ...

I can only hope the original me never gets

sentenced to prison .

五The purpose of education is not only to

train youngsters for the employment market, but

to prepare them for tomorrow‘s society. Because

of the rapidly changing world, one can argue that

changes will be continuous, which will make

lifelong learning necessary for those who expect

to handle the changes successtully. While some

may argue that their education commenced

when they began school and concluded when

they completed it, modern reality suggests that

education is a lifelong process, and the

classroom is merely the beginning of the

education process. The very nature of its

definition implies that education is lifelong.

Lifelong education builds on and affects all

existing educational providers, and extends

beyond the formal educational providers to

include all bodies and individuals involved in

learning activities.

Lifelong education means enabling people to

learn at different times, in different ways, for

different purposes at varions stages of their lives

and careers.

六often find myself trying to explain the

attraction traveling holds for me . Traveling ,

according to many people ,is often

uncomfortable and even ,at least

sometimes ,dangeious .Butone benefit of

traveling is that it creates a perfect atmosphere

foe the observation of life an environment that

can lead to better understanding anf

enlightenment .Many wonderful people and

places lie on the road ahead . The fact that there

are obstacles as well only makes the jounery

more rewarding .My life and my memories will

be enriched after encountering these people and

places .That‘s a pretty big benefit!

Of course I could also enrich my life without

traveling very far at all , but there is something

about foreign lands that provides an additional

fascination.I think most non-travelers are simply

too distracted by things such as work ,home ,and

friends to devote their full attention to

observation of life .I‘m more observant when

I‘m on the road and listen to them carefully .I

keenly notice everying about my strange new

environment .I see a lot of hmor that can

compensate for the misery of moving about.

七Depending on the drug,many people report

feelings like happiness, counfidence, orpeace

when they take drugs. But even when they‘re

fee ling these things, there‘s a sense that it‘s not

real, that the happiness is going to disappear any

moment. And unfortunately, in most cases these

feelings are followed by depression, anxiety,

guilt, embarrassment, loneliness and a yearning

for more drugs.

Generally, drugs interfere with the nervous

system‘s basic functions. Sometimes they alter

the muscles and how they function

too.Besides,almost all drugs can make it tougher

to sleep.Some drugs can cause immediate

death,and some can give even healthy people a

heart attack on the http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c4021d0403d8ce2f00662394.htmling drugs over and

over for a long period time can cause lots of

medical problems,from lung cancer to liver

problem to brain damage.

In addition to the physical problems,drugs cause

major long-term brain issues. Depression is a

serious problem for many addicts.Also,they can

really hurt people. Drug addicts almost without

exception start to tell lies,steat money for

drugs,sometimes even get violent with people

they love.Their biggest ambition becomes

getting high,instead of setting high goals.

八Wars between states have become less

frequent. But in the last decade internal wars

have claimed more than 5 million lives, and

driven even more people from their homes. At

the same time weapons of mass destruction

continue to cast their 1)___shadow of fear___.

The threat of deadly conflict must be tackled

2)at every stage:

Pursuing arms reductions. The

Secretary-General urges Member States to

control small arms transfers more rigorously;

and to re-commit themselves to reducing the

dangers both of existing 3)nuclear weapons and

of further proliferation.

Strengthening 4)peace operation.While

traditional peacekeeping had focused mainly on

monitoring ceasefires, today‘s complex peace

operations are, in essence, to assist the parties

5)engaged in conflict to pursue their interests

through political channels instead.

Prevention. Conflicts are most frequent in poor

countries, especially in those that are ill

governed and where there are sharp inequalities

between ethnic or 6)religious groups. The best

way to prevent them is to promote balanced

7)economic development, combined with

human rights, minority rights and fair political

arrangements. Also, illicit transfers of weapons,

money, or natural resources must be focused.

Protecting the vulnerable. We must 8)find better

ways to enforce international and human rights

laws, and ensure that gross violations do not go



1 . The company will spend 6millionon sales


2.The movie star was caught ··released··

3.The soldiers pretended to run away ···trapped .

4.The village was isolated from··

5.The thories of relativity have made


6.That is our ultimate proposal··

7.The forest fire was found to have been


8.The speaker had apparently··

9.The doctors tried to convince··

10.The police asked him to ··detail

11.The quality guarantee and good

after ··responses·

12.The story of Harry Potter stirred··

13.The victim was able to give a precise

14. The cost of producing market··

15.The sweaters are made ··imported··

16. The coming of IBM‘s CEO ··stir

17.To combat poverty in the city··

18.The effective implementation ··regulations

19.Trust your instincts and··

20.The prohibition on street begging··

21.The court sentenced him 10 years··irrational··

22.The police suspect that··committed··

23.The local dialect ··peculiar··

24.The failure of the movie ··retreat

25.The woman‘s headache puzzled··

26.The state has laws that··misleading

27.The mayor is···counterpart

28.The regulations are so vague··

29.The soldiers in the open field were exposed··

30.The long climb up ··throb.

31.The explosion at the ··confusion·

32.The doctor felt the patient‘s pulse··

33.The sight of the rats running ··creep.

34.The judges must confine ··

35.The thought of flying terrified··

36.The scoundrel has fooled a lot of people into··

37.The news of the President··up to

38.The number of families··as a result

39.This high dosage of··keep at bay

40.Taiwan‘s PC makers··jumped the gun

41.The local government··resorted to

42.The boy admires ··hang on

43.The manager pulled ··joffed down

44.The five candidates··k in turn

45.The chaiman talked··as if

46.The bank robber ··If only

47.The yearly campaign to··under way.

48.The soldiers were going··in search of


1.we all agreed on specific··

2.with a tearfull love ··element·

3.When Bonny stepped into ··bewildered ··

4.We hope the special loan··pull our company through

5.What‘s the point of racking our brains··

6.With no paper qualifications to his name··

7.We have exchanged views on everything under the sun .

8.Nowadays ,consumer not··

9.Because of the impact··modest··

10.Brown‘s comments ··controversy .

11.Being the ·qualify

12.Because of a flat tire··all the way


1.As a consequence of her hospital··

2.After the second world war··priority

3.According to a recent··brands··

4.A hacker attacked an··string

5.After 20 hours of non-stop··reckless

6.As I came to know ··deepened.

7.After the intensive ·somewhat

8.A lot of innocent people··

9.As my house is the only··sticks out

10.As a leading producer··ahead of

11.At the wedding party ,guests milled about··

12.At present, the whole world·at a loss

13.A group of bystanders··join in

14.A few mirrors can instantly impact on··

15. Any damage to ··resulting from


1.In many shops ··consequence

2.I have no patience with··

3. I have never imagined··curiosity

4.I don‘t think·attain

5.I felt great relief··

6.I saw a little girl curl··

7.In those days even bicycles··come by

8.It is believed that the··belong to

9.I can use a computer; but when it comes to

10.It is expected that all··under the WTO umbrella

11.Isn,t this straw hat··came upon


1.Some young people find ··attractive··

2.Some non—governmental··campaign

3.So far, ··given little hint

4.Some of his instructions··vague

5.Strife at home would invite··

6.Scientists will have to come up with··


1.Mike is now a director·manufacture

2.Mr.Wilson is quite atisfied ··efficient·

3.Mike's eyes lingered ··

4.Many international students··adjust to

5.Many great men ··for instance,


1.Plenty of football ··sponsor

2.Pompeii was overwhelmed··

3.You will be overweight·excessive

4.You are expected to get··punctually

5.You could not be exempted··exception

6.From all the indications··assume

7.For the purpose of economy

8.For many years··nightmare

9.He tried to explain the··confused

10.He was sentenced to 2··on top of

11.He founded the company··ever since

12.Hundreds of fans lined up··

13.He hated having to share the hotel bedroom with··

14.She wants to drop out of··frown very much on··


1.Chinese and mathematics··core

2.Getting tired of her ··approach

3.Don‘t bother about him··utter

4.Drugs and alcohol have···in a state of

5.Don‘t worry about the··sit back

6.On the arrival at the scenic··venture

7.Owen and Nancy had··drifted

8.Let‘s go and sit in the··comfortable

9.Roy complained to ··dazed

1.这场给人类带来巨大灾难的战争对这样一个诗人产生了什么影响呢?How did the war, which brought terrible disasters to man kind ,impact on such a poet

2.作母亲的有时候不能察觉她们所深爱的孩子们的过错,这样做的结果会使孩子们再次犯错Mothers are sometimes blind to the faults of their beloved children,which will cause the children ,which will cause the children to make the same mistake again

3.作为一个在这个完全陌生国度的新移民,她总是觉得孤立无援As a new immigrant in this completely strange country ,she always felt



后行。Acting before thinking often results in

failure ,so we should think before we leap


护我们的环境。The time for talking had gone

by ,we must take positive actions to protect our



The journalist pressed the speaker for

explanation of this military attack.



His electional speech failed to convince the

voters that he was the suitable candidate for the




while I admit there is something wrong , I don,t

think there problem can,t be solved .


His first debate on the TV made great

impression on the audience.


All things interact with one another.


Thoughts are expressed by means of language.


T he new books I have bought this year are too

many to be kept count of.


日的。The old woman felt assured that her son

could come back to celebrate her birthday today.


His mother insists that his pocket money can‘t

exceed 100yuan every month.


Last month we bought a new car and registered

it in my name.


名。The band shot to fame by the album in the

1980s .


Take a risk . Maybe you‘ll still fail , but the

chance to win will be increased as well .


scientists are pushing themselves to the limits in

researching for a AIDS killer .


下大事。Now we know the point of internet ;you

can konw everything happening in the world by

clicking the mouse .


范。Some people think the government will

regulate the research for cloning humans sooner

or later .


It‘s one thing to know the theory; but it‘s another

to put it into practice.


It‘s reported that jogging can make you two third

less likely to suffer from a heart attack.


值。According to the latest investigation, half of

the British people have no idea what the Euro is

worth in relation to the British Pound.



This area should have been made into a park

enjoyed by everyone, but several apartment

buildings have been set up there.


图画.I doubted if all the related information could

add up to a clear figure of his.


He breathed a sigh of sadness and told us that he

had seen a better day when he was young .


个项目。The strong sense of responsibility was

the reason why he was chosen to take control of

this project .


那个地方总是一个不错的主意。Wherever you

go ,be it for bussiness or pleasure , it‘s a good

idea to learn about the place as much as

possible .


should be careful ,for the situation may be about

to repeat itself .


然与成人的健康也有关系。In fact , the air quality

of a house has a great deal to do with children‘s

health ,and adults health for that mattes .


叹:―要是他们知情就好了。‖Many people think this

medicine is helpful to sleep,but all I can think

is:‖If only they knew the truth.‖


He kept chipping away at the problem until he

had completely solved it.



The rurigenous boy was exposed to different

kinds of strange things in the town ,and he was

surprised as if he had entered a future world.


了一个凡事都无所谓的庸人。Just a year after

graduation, he has gone from a young guy with

bright dreams to a mediocre person who doesn‘t

care about a thing.



I have been given permission to interview in the

area and that‘s not the chance everyone gets.


提。The thefts in recent months paled in

comparison with the case .


脱不了负疚感。Several years have passed since

the traffic accident, and he still can‘t shake away

the guilty feeling.


似乎没有认真考虑。Though we had put

forward the proposal to reduce cost, the board

members didn‘t appear to take it seriously.


们想起保护环境的重要性。The bare hills around

haven‘t reminded the villagers of the importance

of protecting the environment.

40.办公室里可能再不会响起他那爽朗的笑声了。It is

unlikely for his hearty laughter to ring in our

office again.

1.For years,geologists have known that

fossil fuels would not last forever.

(A)It is cheap

(D)To show··

(D)they would be free·

(D)1000 plants

(B)will see increasing

2.Some disasters,such as tornadoes,are

impossible to···

(C)they can develop·


(C)Countries which are least··


(C)The cyclone in··

3.The royal images we see on playing cards

today come straight out of` the··

(C)a brief history··

(C)a pack of cards

(C)they wanted to get

(B)had the same··

(D)importing and··

4.Do European managers differently from

Japanese or··

(C)in European firms,negotiation··

(D)They attach··

(A)the managers'··

(C)Common history·

(A)The features of··

5.The North West Company is main provide of

food and everyday··

(C)They are involved

(D)Helping the company··

(C)to help the directors··


(A)they have the opportunity··

6.Fresh spring lettuce,succulent fruits in


(C)Connecting with·

(C)It promotes the··

(B)Because it is a cleansing··

(D)Drinking fruit juice


7.For recent college graduates or professionals··

(C)How to have a successful··

(A)A good resume and cover letter

(B)Meet the ··

(D)make you be obviously

(D)Record suitable

8.As companies have struggled to survive the economic··

(D)To cut down the··

(A)business of similar··

(B)Midsize cities

(C)the number of megacities··

(D)To show that location···

9.In Boston,a pediatric resident is experiencing a vague··

(C)Because the resident··

(A)Continuous care·

(D)Caring for a ··

(B)Making the child into a culturally appropriate···

(A)Broadening their·

10.All normal human infants cry,although they vary a great··

(C)The reason is still

(D)in its duration

(D)the number of··

(A)it helped them get sufficient

(B)increasing the··

11.Here's yet another reason to lose weight.Heavier people are more··


(C)People with a BMI of 38··

(C)takes into consideration both··

(B)being very fat

(B)the design inside·

12.The job of raising children is a tough one.Children don't come with an··

(B)There is no ready·


(C)send their children

(A)Hitting them on··


13.Happy birthday!Do birthdays really make people happy?Of course they··

(C)Unfair treatment

(C)America may become··

(C)They are usually·

(A)doing physical··


14.Several years ago,the college where I teach created an electronic··

(B)cut down the··

(B)People tend to··

(A)It makes everything an··

(D)Writing letters··

(C)The negative··

15.We owe the development of the fax to a Scottish clockmaker.··

(A)The brief history·

(B)he made the fax··

(C )Because people turned their··

(D)In the 1960s

(A)to be applied··

16.By the time modern man appeared,probably in Africa between··

(C)almost a quarter··

(B)Farming and agriculture


(C)Archimedes uesd·

(D)technology developed··

17.Adolescence is a transiyional stage between childhood and adulthood.··


(B)they want to form



(B)it is one of the stage that··

18.The federal rules that designate which categories of workers must be··

(A)Nonexempt workers who··

(A)Because long hours on··

(B)The pressures for grester

(C)Overall working hours··

(A)Motivating employees··

19.Sunshine and Sangria may sound like the ideal cure for all your ills.··

(B)Traditional summer holidays

(A)Boarding the dog

(B)When you feel··

(D)Doing everything of your own accord

(C)Methods of avoiding··

20.Oxford is a unique and historic institution.As the oldest English-speaking··

(B)A brief history of·

(D)to have come into

(B)Violent turbulence

(A)The oldest residence

(B)Although academic halls were·

21.Manhattan was once just a small settlement.However,right from··


(D)from the island··(B)many skyscrapers

(B)Philip Johnson

(B)The style of··

22.There was a struggle at first.As soon as it became known there were plants··


(D)Because Eiffel's company··

(B)At an ironworks··

(A)About two years

(D)A monument to··

23.Drought is very different from normal desert processes.A drought is a prolonged··

(B)The expansion of·

(C)Seasonal rains

(C)For lack of nutrition and water supply (A)About two hundred thousand people

(D)A drought is one of the most···

24.Just last weekend I joined a group of divers to dive Nanaimo's new··


(D)Advanced equipment and··

(B)ensure that the divers···

(A)To guarantee··

(B)Receiving specific

25.Every cheek cell,like all cells in the body,contains genetic


(A)putting too high·

(B)Help identify the·

(A)DNA is not a powerful tool··

(D)DNA technology can make children··

26.You might have never dream of the possibility of earning of earning a··

(A)who can not be physically··

(C)Online education is tied with the··

(B)get better positions in their jobs

(D)Lecture records

(A)A diploma can be