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课时训练(十六) Modules 5—6(九上)



1.[2017·昆明] Many are playing an active part in making Kunming a civilized city(文明城市).





2.[2018·沈阳] My grandparents wrote letters to keep in touch with others they were young.





3.[2018·遂宁] If it sunny, we camping this wee kend.

A.get; will go

B.gets; will go

C.gets; go

D.will get; go

4.There aren’t many tickets left for the concert,so you’d better that you get one today.

A.make sure of

B.make a decision

C.make sure

D.make plans

5.[2018·无锡]—Do you watch Peppa Pig on TV? It’s so funny!

—Well, no, to be , I think it’s quite silly.





6.[2016·兰州]The fridge doesn’t work. Why not consider a new one?



C.to buy


7.[2017·苏州改编] As soon as she at home, Sally knew she had bought the wrong dress.

A.handed it in

B.tried it on

C.tried it out

D.made it up

8.[2017·咸宁]—Please keep off the grass. Can’t you see the sign?

—Sorry, sir! I didn’t see it.



A. B. C. D.

9.[2017·天津] M y father wants me to doing my homework as soon as I get home.

A.stand for

B.win the heart of

C.stay in touch with

D.get into the habit of

10.[2018·菏泽]—It is reported that Heze Mudan Airport will be put i nto use in 2019.

—! We’ll be abl e to travel around much easier.

A.Good idea


C.What good news

D.Sorry to hear that


Real Solutions(解决方法) to Problems

Thirty engineers were working as a team in a company.They were young and eager to learn.The manager decided to teach them about finding real solutions to problems.

One day, the team was called for a 11 in a hall.They were quite surprised and all reached the hall holding various 12 .As they entered, they found a box placed in the center, full of flat balloons.

The manager asked everyone to pick a balloon and blow it up.Then they were asked to write their names on their respective(各自的) balloons 13 so that the balloons wouldn’t blow out.All tried, but not everyone was 14 .Five balloons blew out due to pressure(压力).

Those who failed to mark their names on the balloons were 15 of the game.As a result 25 engineers came to the next level.All the balloons carrying their names were 16 and then put into a room, here and there.

The engineers were told to pick the balloon with his or her name on.All the 25 engineers began to search for the respective balloons in a rush.It was almost 15 minutes but no one was able to 17 the right one.The second level of the game was over.

Then came the 18 level.The engineers were asked to pick any balloon and give it to the person named on the balloon.Within a couple of minutes, all balloons 19 the hands of the respective engineers.

The manager announced this was the real solution to the problem.Many times in our life, sharing and 20 others give us real solutions to problems.

11.A.game B.show C.concert D.party

12.A.purposes B.suggestions C.thoughts D.plans

13.A.quietly B.carefully C.secretly D.clearly

14.A.honest B.ready C.patient D.successful

15.A.checked out B.helped out C.ruled out D.cleaned out

16.A.collected B.weighed C.tied D.cleaned

17.A.mark B.hide C.number D.find

18.A.next B.second C.third D.final

19.A.freed B.reached C.lifted D.hit

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c4148e6ca9114431b90d6c85ec3a87c240288ade.htmlughing B.helping C.passing D.dressing


Many people want to buy the newest gadget(小器具), the fastest car and the most expensive watch—but are these things really worth?

For some people, these things give them status(地位).They’re cool because they have a cool car, or they’re better at the newest Xbox game.Lots of people say that buying new things makes them happy.They like having new, pretty, impressive things.The problem is that people don’t stay happy, and the feeling you get when you buy something new disappears.For example, there’s a new iPhone.You stop liking your old car.Your friend has Beats in different colours and they’re so much nicer! Things get old and outdated.And someone else always has something better.

So, what can you buy and stay happy with? A research suggests that the best thing to spend your extra(额外的)money on is doing things like travelling, learning to cook, speaking a language, skiing or surfing.What about going to the theatre, eating at a Michelin star restaurant or climbing a mountain?

In the long term(从长远看), people are happier with money they spend on activities than on things.You don’t remember what shoes you wore, but you remember running the marathon! When you do new things or things you enjoy, you get life experience and memor ies.You can share them with people.Even if you don’t enjoy the experience,you can learn something and often a little while later you see the good sides of it.At least, it’s a story to tell—maybe even a funn y one.

So forget about designer clothes and fancy gadgets—a new skill or experience lasts longer!

21.The first paragraph is mainly written to .

A.introduce the background

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c4148e6ca9114431b90d6c85ec3a87c240288ade.htmle up with the question

C.explain the reason

D.give the result

22.What does the underlined word “outdated” probably mean?





23.Which is NOT the reason why people try to get designer clothes and fancy gadgets?

A.Getting status.

B.Having happiness.

C.Keeping away from pressure.

D.Having impressive things.

24.According to the research, you should when you have extra money.

A.learn to cook and speak a language

B.climb a mountain and buy the fastest car

C.go to a theatre and have designer clothes

D.buy the most expensive watch and go travelling

25.What is the best title of the passage?

A.What Makes People Happy

B.How to Spend Your Money

C.Follow Fashionable Ways of Life

D.Spend Money on Valuable Things



26.[2017·扬州] If you cut down these trees, you .

27.[2017·黄冈] Everyone is supposed to do what they can the problem.

28.Children sit in the front seat of a car. It’s too dangerous.

29.[2018·随州] Sometimes he was absent from classes and his examination.

30.Fruit is for our health. We should eat it every day.

31.[2017·兰州]happens to the students in the school, their teachers will always be there for them.

32.Learn to be in control of your own life comparing others all the time.

33.Next time you come to our city, please to my house.

34.Something is wrong with my bike. Can you it?

35.[2017·呼和浩特]his house, mine is larger and cheaper.



The British Museum is the biggest one in the world.Inside, you feel smaller than usual.There are lots of things in the museum to see: 36.c which have been telling the time for six hundred years, Roman money, some of the earliest books in the world, including Shakespeare’s own works...

The British Museum was set up nearly 300 years ago b y a doctor, Sir Hans Sloane.The man liked to 37.c such things as books, drawings, clothes, money, animals, flowers, and also hoped that his things would be well 38.k and would be visited by people after his death.

His wish came true, and the museum opened in 1759, six years after Sir Ha ns Sloane died.

Later, more antiques(古董) arrived at the museum, more books, old and new, came to it, and more people wanted to visit it.The museum had a famous round Reading Room.There was 39.s unusual in the r oom.Cool air came up 40.t small holes in the tables.Hot air flowing under the floor kept readers’ feet 41.w .Since its opening, many famous men have written and studied there, like Karl Marx.And the library is growing faster and faster—there are four kilometres of new shelves each year, 42.b it attracts increasing number of tourists each year.

It is now open every day of the year, except for two holidays (New Year’s Day and Christmas).Entrance(入场) is free.There are lots of special exhibitions and every day there are different films and talks, some of 43.t for children.Small machines tell you about the museum and as you walk around it, you can look and listen at the same time.So if you are one of the British Museu m’s two 44.m visitors this year, don’t try to see it all too 45.q.There is a lifetime of looking in the British Museum.



2.A 考查连词辨析。when 当……的时候;since自从;after 在……以后;before 在……以前。根据主句“…wrote letters to keep…”可知用when。句意:我祖父母年轻时靠写信联系他人。故选A。

3.B 考查动词时态。在状语从句中,主句用将来时,从句一般用现在时代替将来时,即主将从现。故选B。


5.D 考查形容词辨析。curious好奇的;brave勇敢的;gentle绅士的;honest诚实的。此处用到固定短语to be honest 表示“说实话”。故选D。


7.B 表示“试穿它”,应用try it on。故选B。

8.D 9.D 10.C

Ⅱ.[主旨大意] 一位领导通过组织员工做一项游戏,告诉大家要帮助别人,通力合作才是解决问题的办法。

11.A 考查名词辨析。根据第四段第一句“那些没能在气球上写上名字的工程师就会被淘汰,不能再参与游戏。”可知,这些工程师被召集在一个大厅里做游戏。故选A。

12.C 考查名词辨析。根据前半句“They were quite surprised…”及后文的故事描述,可推断出他们会有很多想法。故选C。

13.B 考查副词辨析。根据后半句“…so that the balloons wouldn’t blow out.”可以推断出他们写名字的时候应该小心点。故选B。

14.D 考查形容词辨析。根据下句“ Five balloons blew out due to pressure.”推断此句表示并非每个人都成功了。故选D。

15.C 考查动词短语辨析。check out检查;help out帮助解决;rule out排除,取消;clean out清扫。句意:那些没能在气球上标注姓名的工程师被取消游戏资格。故选C。

16.A 17.D

18.D 根据前面的第一、二环节及后文中“The manager announced this was the real solution to the problem.”可判断此处是最后一个环节。故选D。

19.B 考查动词辨析。reach the hands拿到手。故选B。

20.B 考查动词辨析。根据最后一个环节的游戏内容,可以推断出此处是帮助别人。故选B。

Ⅲ.[主旨大意] 本文是一篇议论文,阐述了人们如何消费才能保持快乐,有的人买最新的小玩意,当时开心了,可是过一阶段就过时了,这是不值得的;有的人愿意花钱旅游运动,这种快乐能给人留下美好的回忆。

21.B 细节理解题。第一段中的“…but are these things really worth?”提出疑问。故选B。

22.D 词义猜测题。根据后句“And someone else always has something better.”可猜测该词意为“过时的”。故选D。

23.C 细节理解题。根据“For some people, these things give them status.…makes them happy.They like having new, pretty, impressive things.”由此可知选C。

24.A 细节理解题。根据第三段第二句“A research suggests that the best thing to spend your extra money on is doing things like travelling, learning to cook, speaking a language, skiing or surfing.”可知选A。25.D 标题归纳题。根据文章第四段第一句“…people are happier with money they spend on activities than on things.”可知选D。

Ⅳ.26.will be punished27.to deal with 28.mustn’t 29.failed 30.necessary 31.No matter what

32.instead of http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c4148e6ca9114431b90d6c85ec3a87c240288ade.htmle round 34.repair http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c4148e6ca9114431b90d6c85ec3a87c240288ade.htmlpared with

Ⅴ.[主旨大意] 本文是一篇说明文,主要介绍了世界上最大的博物馆——大英博物馆。文章除了提到它所陈列的物品外,还叙述了它建立的缘由、发展壮大的过程,直到今天,每年都需要新增4千米长的陈列架。最后说到不要试图太匆忙地看完它的全貌,因为大英博物馆需要用一生的时间来慢慢观赏。

36.clocks 37.collect 38.kept 39.something 40.through 41.warm 42.because 43.them http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c4148e6ca9114431b90d6c85ec3a87c240288ade.htmllion