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Unit 1 College Life:Task 5 Translation
A. Complete the following sentences by translating the Chinese given in brackets.
1. There’s no point in fretting about things you can’t change(为无法改变的事情而发愁 fret about).
2. H e was more at ease in the classroom(在课堂上更轻松自如 at ease)than on a political platform
3. A new version of the software is due in the next couple of weeks(在以后的几周将如期而至 due).
4. Our project ran into difficulties(遇到了困难 run into) when we lost a sponsor(赞助商).
5. Banks normally give priority to large businesses(优先考虑大型企业 priority)when deciding on loans.
6. Let's take advantage of the good weather(利用晴好的天气 take advantage of )and go on a picnic.
7. Anderson played a crucial role (起了至关重要的作用 crucial) in the team’s 3-2 victory on Saturday.
8. The technology sector is doing badly. Old economy stocks, by contrast, are performing very well
(相比之下,却表现很好 by contrast).
B. Translate the following sentences from Text A into Chinese.
1. Go to all orientations. Yes, that’s right — it really is necessary to attend all the school orientations.
2. Armed with a thorough understanding of all aspects of campus life — or, at least, those aspects you
can glean from orientation — you will feel more at ease when issues arise, as they always do.
点评:这句话看似复杂,其实并不复杂。句子的主干部分是you will feel more at ease… 而前半部分
Armed with a thorough understanding of…是过去分词短语,表示伴随状态,其所隐藏的主语就是主
干部分的主语“you”。这句话可以这样理解:If you are armed with a thorough understanding of…,
you will feel more at ease…另外,此句中破折号中间的部分or, at least, those aspects you can glean from
orientation可以先忽略不看,它是对前面all aspects of campus life的补充,是前面部分的同位语。
3. Often it is tempting to sleep through early morning class or skip it altogether — resist temptation.
Make it a priority to attend all of your classes on time.

点评:注意这两句话中的 “it”。 第一句话Often it is tempting to…中的“it”是形式主语,该句真正的主
语是to sleep through early morning class or skip it altogether。第二句话Make it a priority to…中的“it”是
形式宾语,该句真正的宾语是to attend all of your classes on time。英语句子中,如果主语或宾语较
4. That being said, be careful of taking too much time for yourself.
点评:这句话的主干就是一个祈使句be careful of taking too much time for yourself。前面的部分是
独立主格结构。独立主格结构(Absolute Structure)是由名词或代词加上分词等构成的一种独立结
1)Two hundred people died in the accident, many of them children.
2)He was listening attentively in class, his eyes fixed on the blackboard.
3)Every afternoon a very old woman hobbled past the old house,a vast load of firewood on her back.


Task 5 Translation
A. Complete the following sentences by translating Chinese given in brackets.
1. Anybody who has not yet been enrolled on the English course (还没有注册上英语课的人 enroll)
should contact the tutor.
2. The Environmental Protection Agency reported that the workers could have been exposed to the
high level of radiation (可能已经受到高强度的辐射 be exposed to).
3. Though there are no other witnesses, she insists she saw a man in the yard that night (仍坚持说
那天晚上在院子里看见一个人 insist).
4. It doesn’t make sense (毫无意义 make sense) for my parents to invest such a large amount of
money in stocks.
5. Looking back on what I have achieved (回首我已取得的成绩 look back on), I am fully aware that
opportunity knocks at the door but only once(机不可失,时不再来).
B. Translate the following sentences from Text A into Chinese.
1. Not only is German a very difficult language compared to English, it is almost impossible to learn
any language if you are exposed to it only in the classroom.
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2. ...however, in the 1960s it was no where near as important as it is today.
点评:本句翻译的难点在后半句“it was no where near as important as it is today”。注意比较句
3. “It was like being released from prison. I saw my cell door swinging open and my mind being set
free to fly out. I could literally feel my brain expanding!”
4. I am extremely happy to have discovered otherwise.

Answer the following questions
1.Christmas online shoping
2.Lower prices :not to queue up in busy shops:to buy

almost any product imaginable
3.Because they were worried about the security and the

reliability of the Internet.
Listen to the report again and fill in ……
1. do shoping 2. on the internet 3. $233 4.slowed down

5.attract consumes
1.worked at home 2.office life ;less important 3.balance

4.teaching 5.linked to 6.agents;take orders
P49 TASK 3
A 1.gain http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c8e80228647d27284b735166.htmlmunicate 3.permission 4.agent 5.process

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c8e80228647d27284b735166.htmlanizations 7.link 8.design 9.system 10.noting
B 1.cut down 2. goes back 3.woke up 4.leading to 5.appeal

to 6.in some cases 7.for a while 8.at that time
C 1.acceptance 2.telecommuting 3.recogntion 4.popularity

5.absence 6.dependent 7.programmers http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c8e80228647d27284b735166.htmlanization

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c8e80228647d27284b735166.htmlmunicate 10.permission

1.John did not join the navy.Instead,he decided to join

theater and become an actor.
2.Geoff didni't study law.Instead he decided to become an

3.We did't go to a movie yesterday afternoon.Instead we

went to the park.
4.I diden't criticize him.Instead Itold him i was going ti

di him a favor and leave the room.
5.He didn't sit around doing nothing .Instead ,he greeted

me and gladly my invitation.
6.she didn't commnicate with her parent via email .Instead

she wrote them two letters every month.
7.He didn't take the well-paod job in Shanghai after

graduation,Instead he went to a small village in Yunnan

and become a primary school teacher.
8.We don't need teachers in our camp.Instead we need some

volunteers to help with the washing-up.
Task 5
1.The amount of financial aid offered
2.trying to balance home and career
3.The ability to communicate effectively with adults
4.the chewing of gum has been found to help reduce tension
5.to reque

st permission from your manager




(and,or) and but (both,either,neither)

(and,or,nor) (both,neither ) (and,nor)
1.……is a doctor,and I am an engineer.
2.……from Harvard and teaher from Stanford
3.……fluently,but he can't write in it.
4.……fell down ,and hurt her arms and knees,but she got

to the top all right.
5.……largest industries,either in terms of number of

tourists,or in terms of money spend on it.
1.……but also instructive/informative.
2.you need either some sleep or some beer./Either you need

some sleep,or you need some beer.
3.Angrily,bitterly,and crying,Judy finally gave up.
4.The teacher told us to recite the text,and to write a

summary for it/that we should recite the text and (that we

should)also write a summary for it.
5.……eating ,sleeping, and dreaming.
6.……words,but by his deeds/not by what he says,but by

what he does.
7.……but also too dirty.
8.……,practical,and inexpensive.
9.……and talented
10.……driving and (to)save enough ……
1b 2a 3b 4c 5a 6d 7c
1b 2a 3d 4b 5c 6a 7d 8b
1.perform a comedy
2.potted plants
3.pick oneself up
4.post a tweet
http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c8e80228647d27284b735166.htmle out of nowhere
6.be microblogging while jogging
7.transparent view
8.seeing-eye dog

1.(F)Online Jobsites are the most common places to find jobs.
2.(T)We should search jobsites based on our location ,industry,and salary requirements.
3.(F)The woman once found a job though networking and yellow pages.
4.(T)The national job boards will attract more attention and more competition.
5.(F)They are't usually the first place anyone looks for a job.
1.sources / checking 2.industry / requirements 3.qualifications / local site 4.contacted matter 5.politely hiring
feed/ mortgage/ work /bring out the best/ flexibility/ the ability to earn/ paid off / bucket loads/ get his name out/ prospective/ conquered her technology fears
1-2 3-5 Her five hard-learned best suggestions.
A:1.up-to -date 2.routine 3.coached 4.overnight 5.process 6.are /inspired 7.magica 8.revealed 9.spare 10.are loaded
B:1.has /brought out 2.have invested in 3.Stand back 4.Having put /through 5.paid off 6.are taking on 7.strike out 8.keep up with 9.sharing/with 10.learned about
C:1.invaluable 2.Reality 3.selective 4.priceless 5.practicality 6.flexibility
P71 Task4 略
A:1.must not expect them to share the danger
2.new co

ntacts and new friends
3.reveals genius
4.engoys world-wide fame
5.before starting a new career path
6.pass the technical know-how
7.has brough out earthshaking changes
8.put themselves through the hardship first
Task7 C: Example
1.That China has a long history is known to all.
2.I never believed that he was honest.
3.The man who/that stole her car has been arrested by the police .
4.The car that/which was stone yesterday has been found by the police.
5.the time when we should leave has not been decided yet.
6.I will remind him of the meeting when i see him in the office.
7.Where is smoke,there is fire.
8.I brought an umbrealla because it was raining.
9.If you have a mobile phone ,you will be able to talk to me anytime you want.
A:1.Everybody knows that learning to write is not easy.
2.Whether it will rain tomorrow willdecide our plan for this weekend.
3.The drink ,which is made from orange ,yogurt and honey is very delicious.
4.I will always remember the moment when I saw her for the first time .
5.that many popular stars play in this movie contributes to the success of this movie.
B:1.The president wrote down the draft of the address on the back of a matchbox on a train.
2.The young girl on red skirt was talking with her boy friend.
3.Tommy ate almost the whole box of chocolate.
4.On the train she read an article about food safety.
5.The man put the gift that he had bought for his wife in the bag.
Task1 1c 2a 3d 4d 5b
Task2 1a 2c 3b 4d 5b 6c 7a 8c
Task3 1.ensure your future happiness
2.focus on the elements you enjoy the most
3.dress-down environment
4.build on your existing abilities
5.break down all of your qualifications
6.in-house training
7.embark on your new career path

1.He was enjoying the sun on the beach and the prospect of catching fish.
2.He tried to relieve his work stress.
3.The fisherman should be working rather than lying on the beach .
4.What will my reward be?
5.He means he is doing the very thing as the businessman mentioned "have no cares in the world".
1.warmth;prospect 2.the stress of his workday;make a living 3.reward;get bigger nets 4.a little irritated;hire 5.have a care ;looked up
1.blind;carrying children with a white cane in their hands 2.withot realizing the danger; no panic or doubt 3.not skipping a beat,adjusted their course;the calls from others. 4.made it to the other side 5.giving directions in unsion 6.moved ,amazed,frightened/taken aback;learned three lessons.
1-2 3

-10 The event of a blind couple trying to cross a busy intersection with the help of others The three lessons learned
A:1.appreciate 2.witnessed 3.beat 4.miracle 5.amazed 6.adjust 7.clue 8.unfolded 9.initially 10.snsed
B:1.have no idea 2.in general 3.be caught up 4.take for granted 5.go about 6.made a difference 7.taken aback 8.make it http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c8e80228647d27284b735166.htmlpletely wrapped up 10.reflect on
C:1.unforgettable 2.unfolded 3.Obviously 4.awareness 5.emotionless 6.guidance
Task4 略
P92 Task5
A:1.craned their necks 2.don't have a clue 3.To her relief 4.are navigated by the sun 5.with a simultaneous broadcast on radio 6.has made all the difference to it
P95 Exercises
A:1.ran 2.Drinking http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c8e80228647d27284b735166.htmled 4.broken 5.chasing 6.boiling 7.boiled 8.destroyed 9.destroyed 10.destroying 11.To win 12. knowing 13.leaving 14.Entering;lying 15.Seized ;to bribe
B:1.……lawn,he was bitten by a dog.
2.Barking angrily,the dog was led away by a woman.
3.Having paid my purchase,I found that the money in my wallet dwindled to nothing .
4.……disease,,the old man may be killed by this long winter ,we are afraid.
5.…… to do,she saw a TV commercial.
6.When depressed,I may become happy if I can eat a good meal.
7.While being cleaned,one of the dishes suddenly fell to the ground and broke into pieces.
8.Searching in darkness ,they find it very difficult to find the key.
9.……negotiation,we need to make a lot of preparations.
12.Sitting at the dinner table ,I suddenly got a brilliant idea.
13.While the car was racing down the empty street at 70 miles per hour ,a wnman suddenly started to cross the road in front of it.
14.……accident,the police conducted a thorough investigation.
15.Covered by the bushes ,no mushroom can be found in the forest.
Task1 1d 2a 3b 4c 5a
Task2 1d 2a 3c 4d 5a 6b 7b 8c
Task3 1.stumble upon obstacles 2.a blessing in disguise 3.be destined to 4.miss out 5.make the best of 6.hold back 7.have a profound effect on 8.all it takes is
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B Answer the following questions
1.Son snd mother. 2.She is dying. 3.Death is just a part of life. 4.Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
Listen to the talk again
1.dying 2.be afraid of death 3.figure out his own destiny 4.cancer; little flowers
Comprehension of the Text
1.a document 2.took hold of ; calmly asked 3.be as normal as possible. 4.considerate,kind, showing great love for his son. 5.humor ;the courage to live it ;honor
3-16 ;There was no expectation of Dad's recovery after six operations.the doctor suggested one more operation to temporarily prolong his life.
17-22 Dad signed the document and died three weeks later.
23-24 The author got the last and best gift from his Dad.
A:1.edge 2.appetite 3.shrink 4.ignored 5.symptoms 6.witnessed 7.sustain 8.Melody 9.obligation 10.recurring
B:1.take hold of 2.put themselves in the place of 3.nagging 4.was gone 5.responsible for 6.taking turns 7.checks on 8.take part in
C:1.indignities 2.approval 3.signature 4.wisdom 5.celebrate 6.glanced 7.privacy 8.consent
1.tell 2.get;checked 3.be destroyed 4.attend 5.be designed 6.cross 7.study 8.be handled
A:1.witness his brother being taken away by the police
2.consent to her marriage
3.prolong our stay by another week
4.spilled wine over my new dress
5.celebrate their achievements with family and friends
A:1.is 2.is 3.was 4.are
B:1.are 2,has 3.is 4.hold
C:1.are is D:1.are 2.is E:1.is 2.is 3.is
P113 Exercises
A:1.appose 2.are 3.is 4.deserves 5.is 6.know 7.is 8.were 9.want 10.sees 11.has been 12,is 13.wants 14.attracted 15.has broken
B:1.THe People's Republic of CHina was established in 1949.
2.We have decided to paint the wall in pink.
3.Mr. Smith's daughter Jenny is very pretty/
4.I failed in the exam because I hadn't worked hard enough.
5.Now,it is hard to say what will happen tomorrow.
6.I don't believe they can sell all the books in week.
7.I like this novel much better than the movie.
8.The students in this classroom will go to New York next week.
9.Some novels published on the Internet also sell very well in bookstores.
10.This movie will attract young people.
1a 2b 3d 4c
1b 2a 3a 4c 5d 6d 7c 8b
1.independence day

w better than to do
3.throw an anxious glance at
4.let go 5.in charge of
6.potential kidnappers
7.express concern for my safety
8.scream with horror

Answer the following questions
1.Because she is a risk-taker.She got her college degree in her 50's,her master's degree in her 60's.She travels when she can and dances on the weekends with a circle of friends.
2.It is in the mountains, and it doesn't have a beach,only a dock.
3.She wanted to jump off the dock. Because she thought that she wouldn't come back again and she didn'twant to miss the adventure.
4.Yes.She did.She screamed.It hurt a little bit when she hit the water .But the ride was fun.
5.We shouldn't let fear get in the way.The joy of life would be greatly reduced if we allowed fear to be in control.
Listen to the story……
1.hang out with; welcoming ;warmlth 2.risk-taker; master's degree ;a circle of 3.all of the ways; had no intentinon of ;uncomfortable 4.One by one ;took the plunge ;the ride 5.a little scared ; deep inside ;miss the moment
1.all hard workers ;made a place ;land of opportunity 2.decided on ;combined; had saved 3.in 1930;a heart attack; brought about 4.lost interest in ; odd hours; his customers 5.took a portion of ; meager; making a garden; fresh and cheap 6.clerked; kept books ;only one dollar 7.go out and see the rest 8.Jewish ;part Indian girl
1-5 6-8 ;Bernie leaving the store to Julie; Julie's reflection on the fate of life
A:1.wondrous 2.tend 3.items 4.square 5.odd 6.deplete 7.black 8.portion 9.thrive 10.title
B:1.set in 2,decided on 3.bring about 4.fall on 5.have a kanck for 6.appeals to 7.pick up 8.speak of 9.were blessed with 10.made a place for
C:1.successful 2.thought 3.forthcoming 4.depression 5.parking 6.canned 7.weight http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c8e80228647d27284b735166.htmlbined
1.She stood by the window,thinking about what to do next.
2.The old lady was seated comfortable in the sofa,listening to the light music from her radio.
3.The French soldiers dragged on ,leaving the dead every mile.
4.Not knowing the way in the city ,I had to turn to the police for help.
5.They sat at the table near the window, talking about the problem over their meals.
6.Leading his little children by hand , they went out to meet the general.
7.The kind teacher stopped the children's laughter when she exclaimed how pretty the bracelet was, putting on ,and dabbing some of the perfume on her wrist.
8.I've always felt that one of the greatest rewards of being a taeacher is that I get to learn from my students, gaining new insights from hearing their experience and ,equally ,from coming to know them as individuals.
9.The passengers formed a semi-circle behind Heidi,waiting for Dave and the Big Question.
10.The knight n white ,carrying yet another dozen red roses, strode proudly to his lady-in-waiting.
A:1.had a knack for directing people
2.he finally came out on top and becam

e the boss of the company
3.begining to pay off
4.we run our household budgets in the black
5.was forced to extend credit to these customers
6.was also unable to appeal to many voters
7.can easily set in and have a bad effect on his interest
8.the old buildings which had survived the war
1.fronting without inversion(前置)
2.fronting with inversion(倒装)
3.periodic sentence(后移)
P135 Exercise
A:1.More important is the issue of finding jobs for university graduates becoming.
2,In no other store will you find so many kinds of food.
3.Under no circumstances will China adopt trade protectionism.
4.Here comes the bus.
5.Outside his office building parked a new car.
B:1.A new law to be enacted will increase taxes by 30 percent.
2.This report ,though accepted by the public ,has left many questions unanswered.
3.A country does not need to worry about attack if it is militarily strong.
4.As there are not enough jobs ,many graduates now are willing to accept jobs out of their magor interests.
5.The trial ,which lasted several hours ,was conducted with great difficulty.
C:It was six thrity,the time when Jack needed to get up .He put on his clothes,and began to walk unwillingly to the bathroom.First he needed to brush his tooth slowly,and wash his face carefully.After that ,he went to the dining-room.His mother was preparing a simple breakfast for him to eat on the bus .Jack picked up his breakfast pack and school bag ,and rushed quickly to catch his bus.
Task1 1b 2d 3c 4c 5d
Task2 1b 2d 3b 4a 5b 6d 7c 8a
Task3 1.in essence 2.drown one's sorrows 3.have sth in common with sb 4.with flying colors http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c8e80228647d27284b735166.htmle one's way 6.reinvent oneself 7.fulfill one's dream 8.catch up with sb
Answer the following questions
1.It is experience with his mother when he was just about two years old and made a huge mess in the kitchen by dropping a bottle of milk onto the ground.
2.His mother asked him to fill the bottle with water once again ,and encouraged him to discover a safe way to carry the bottle ,which is to grasp the bottle at the top near the lip with both bands.
3.He learnt that one should never be afraid of mistakes because mistakes are opportunities to le

arn something new.
Listen to the story......
1.interviewed ;average person ;set apart
2.remove a bottle ;slippery bottle ; spilling its contents
3.great and wonderful mess ; already been done ; clean it up
4.opportunities ;scientific experiments; something valuable
1.We have been told from an early age that toerr is wrong ,but success and errors,like hits and misses,are the results of the same process.
2.We avoid making mistakes by performing routine taske because of the belief that "to err is wrong".
3.Errors ,however, are a necessary by-product of creative thinking,stepping stones to new ideas and negative feedbacks helping people change directions.
4.High error rates make us more successful.
A:1.reluctant 2.diverge 3.agency 4.cover 5.cultivated 6.campaign 7.collapsed 8.original 9.minimum 10.potential
B:1.played around with 2.popped up 3.went through 4.end up with 5.figure out 6.going through 7.to the extent of 8.in and of itself
C:1.administration 2.privacy 3.creative 4.original 5.assumption 6.erroneous 7.familiarity 8.innovative
1.Indeed, it was the President who called another politician a liar.
2.It is for the reason that your program will run on all present and future platforms that they decide to use it.
3.It is only when you nearly lose someone that you become fully conscious of how much you value him.
4.We were told that it was in that very room the Republicans held the important meeting.
5.It was not until he entered the classroom that he realized that he had forgotten to de the homework.
A:1.keep the damage to a minimum
2.playing around with just to learn what you can do with it.
3.made more than my share of trouble
4.took it for granted that the world was flat
5.undermined his self-confidence
6.keeps popping up
7.no one bats a thousand
8.screw it up
P157 Exercises
A:1.Born in Germany, he became a very famous novelist.
2.At a surprisingly young age , Johnson was appointed head of the marketing department.
3.Because his payments from publishers were irregular,he always worried about poverty throughout his adult life.
4.It was after he was tied to bed by illness that he wrote his best work.
5.To show that she's unique , the young girl dyed her hair green.
6.Eight people were killed by the car in the accident.
7.Nervous and trembling,the little boy entered the headmaster's office.
8.Unmarried he remained all his life.
9.slowly bu confidently,these little boys started to climb the mountain.
10.In spi

te of his deafness, Beethoven continued to compose music.
C:1.If you travel around in this area, you will be amazed at those beautiful lakes.(porn)
2.It was raining heavily when they arrived at the airport.(tense)
3.When we entered the room ,we found a broken vase on the ground.(voice)
4.To go to the airport, take a bus to the railway station,and then transfer to the subway.(sentence pattern)
5.Everyone should fill in this form if he or she wants to take part in the game.(pron)
Task1 1b 2c 3d 4d
Task2 1b 2c 3a 4d 5c 6a 7d 8b
Task3 1.achieve success 2.out of the gate 3,narrow something down 4.die for something 5.strive for success 6.daily happenings 7.Number one hit on the top chart http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c8e80228647d27284b735166.htmle in many forms