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Have you ever had ... a fantastic experience?

Wei Ming has been all over China by plane. Her father is an Air China captain, so they fly to different places for their holidays. "My favourite place is Mount Tai. But I also like the beaches in Sanya." Is there anywhere she hasn't visited? "I've never been to Shanghai!"

Han Li has been to San Francisco in the USA. His grandparents live there and he visits them every Spring Festival. "I like San Francisco very much because there's a lot to see and do there. I'm at home in Chinatown!" says Han Li.

Yi Wen has tried western food in a hotel in Nanjing. "Have you ever had Italian food? It's delicious! Pizza has always been my favourite food. But I don't like sandwiches or ice cream—they're too cold!"

Wang Ming has been to a Liu Huan concert in Beijing with more than 2,000 people. "He's given concerts all over China and the tickets have always sold out. He's written many songs! He's the greatest Chinese musician ... ever!" says Wang Ming.

He Meifeng went to a Beijing cinema to see The House of the Flying Daggers because she's always liked Zhang Ziyi. At the end she got up, and Zhang Ziyi was in the seat beside her. "I've always wanted to meet her. It was my 'dream come true'!"

Write a short passage about your fantastic experience. The first prize is the holiday of your dreams in England








Hope for the Future

Liu Sanzi is an eight-year-old boy from a village in Hunan Province. His parents want him to drop out of school. It's important for him to work on their farm because there are seven people in Liu's family and they are very poor.

Li Yinming is 14 and from Zhangxian in Gansu Province. He stopped going to school a few years ago. His parents have been ill and he has to look after them.

Many children like Li Yinming and Liu Sanzi can't get an education because their families are poor. Now they can go to school with the help of Project Hope. In the last 15 years, this project has raised money and paid for the education of 2.5 million poor students in the countryside. People in China and abroad have given 2.2 billion yuan. With this money, Project Hope has built many schools and libraries. It has also trained teachers and it has sent students to high schools.

Last year Shen, a boy from Shanxi Province, went to a school with no electricity and only a few books. But this year he's at a new school with big classrooms and lots of books. Project Hope paid for it.

Most people in China have heard of Project Hope and have given money. But 40 million children from poor families still need help. Because of Project Hope, thousands of children have better lives. Perhaps we should all ask: What can we do for Project Hope? How can we help?








When's the Best Time to Visit the USA?

The USA is a very big country to visit, so choose carefully the places to see and the time to go. Bring a good map because you may want to travel around.

New York and Washington D.C. are good places to visit in May or October. It's not too hot then. In winter there's a lot of snow.

The best plan is to arrive in New England in September. The weather starts to get cooler and the trees start to change colour. It's a good idea to bring your camera because you may want to take photos of the autumn leaves.

4,000 kilometres away in Los Angeles, California, the weather is fine all year. It's nice to see the sun in December! Bring your swimsuit because you might want to swim in the sea.

In the northwest, it isn't very cold, but there's a lot of rain, so bring an umbrella. It's pleasant to visit Alaska in July and August but it might be cool in the evening. So remember to wear some warm clothes. But don't come in winter. It'll be dark all day and freezing cold.

In Texas and the southeast, there are storms from time to time in summer and fall. It's usually very hot and sunny compared to many other places.

So when's the best time to visit the USA? Any time you like!