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2017-2018学年高中英语浙江专版选修6:Unit 3 课时跟踪练二 含答案 精品

课时跟踪练(二) Warming Up & Reading —Language Points



1.More and more people cannot bear the stress (压力) of modern life.

2.According to the law, drivers who are drunk are banned (禁止) from driving.

3.This warm weather is abnormal (不正常的) for February.

4.He was so addicted (入了迷的) to computers that his parents were worried about him much.

5.This is a hospital for those people who suffer mental (精神的) diseases.

6.This activity helps strengthen (加强) memory and build trust.

7.She has become accustomed (习惯了的) to climbing the mountain every day.

8.Without any aid, the situation in this country will be desperate (绝望的).

9.She was disappointed (失望的) at the disappointing result.

10.As for you, you ought to be ashamed (感到惭愧的) of what you have done.


2017-2018学年高中英语浙江专版选修6:Unit 3 课时跟踪练二 含答案 精品

He was addicted_to drinking because of work pressure.

2.Finally we decided_on the plan we should carry out.

3.Due_to the extreme cold, we couldn't go out to have a picnic.

4.The old man likes telling us his life story over_and_over_again.

5.The heavy rain did great damage_to the crops there.

6.Surrounded by positive people, you will keep focused on what you can do instead_of what you can't.

7.It is sunny today, and we feel_like going out to have a walk.

8.We are usually accustomed_to having a get-together every other week.


It's easy for you to start smoking, but once you become 1.addicted (addict) to it, you may find it difficult to quit. Firstly, you may become 2.physically (physical) addicted to nicotine, a harmful chemical that consists in cigarettes. Secondly, you may develop the habit of smoking and become mentally addicted to it, 3.believing (believe) that you will only feel good when you smoke. Smoking may have all kinds of harmful effects 4.on the health of 5.both the smokers themselves and non-smokers around them. It not only affects your physical fitness, but also does harm 6.to your heart and lungs and causes a variety of diseases. Being 7.a smoker, the offensive smell and

appearance of you may drive people around you away. So, it's important that one quit 8.smoking (smoke) and live a healthier life. To quit smoking, you should be well-prepared 9.and make a list of all the benefits you may get after quitting. Developing some new habits like listening to music, reading novels or 10.doing (do) housework may distract your attention and help you give up smoking.


越来越多的孩子整日沉溺于(be addicted to)网络游戏,这会对他们有很坏的影响(have a bad effect on)。一旦他们养成这个习惯,就不容易摆脱掉(quit),这让他们不能适应(accustom)日常生活。在我看来,老师和家长都应该强调(stress the importance of)学习的重要性,禁止(ban)他们玩这样的网络游戏。

More_and_more_children_are_addicted_to_the_Internet_games_all_day,_which_will_have_ a_bad_effect_on_them._Once_they_form_the_habit,_they_won't_quit_it_easily,_which_can't_ac custom_them_to_the_daily_life._In_my_opinion,_the_teachers_and_parents_should_stress_the_i mportance_of_study,_and_ban_them_from_playing_such_Internet_games.



When I smoked with my family, I would feel so __1__ and good that nothing else in the world seemed so __2__. I thought that smoking weed (烟草) was okay since many of my family members and people at my school smoked. __3__ ever happened to them. __4__ I started smoking weed a lot more during lunch and after school. I never thought __5__ of it. At that time I just wanted to smoke. Then I began to __6__ in school. I would __7__ classes, come home late and spend all my money. I would spend __8__ 8 to 18 dollars a day. I never thought __9__ about the bad effect that marijuana (大麻) had on those things. Maybe my coming to class high (神志恍惚) was the reason why I was failing or coming home late. As I continued to smoke marijuana, I began to notice that I would always have the strong desire to smoke and that I would get __10__ cigarettes if I smoked those, but I don't. __11__ I have learned more about marijuana, I have __12__ the amount of marijuana that I use. I don't want marijuana to be the most important in my life. I'm not smoking every day, and not spending as much money. Since I have __13__ on my habit, I am __14__ more money. I'm ready to go back to school and do good, so that I can make myself __15__. Everyone is always saying how weed __16__ your mind and how it solves problems. I think it only brings more __17__. Marijuana is not good for your body or your brain. I'm not trying to tell you not to smoke; I'm just letting you know that marijuana can be __18__ to your health, and that __19__ it may cause some long-term negative effects. Stop smoking now, before it is too late. I don't want to lecture anyone, but just __20__ my experience with you.



1.A.worried B.relaxed

C.disappointed D.stressed

解析:选B根据后文的“and good”可推知,当时作者对吸烟的态度应该是肯定的,认为吸烟是好事,并能让他感到放松。

2.A.important B.common

C.interesting D.funny

解析:选A从文章第12空后的“I don't want marijuana to be the most important in my life.”可知,作者当初认为吸烟是生命中非常重要的事情。

3.A.Something B.Everything

C.Nothing D.Anything


4.A.By the way B.Now and then

C.In my opinion D.For a time

解析:选D by the way“顺便说一下”;now and then“不时;时而”;in my opinion“在我看来”;for a time“一段时间”。根据后文的“At that time”可知此处是指“一段时间”。

5.A.too much B.a little

C.too often D.any more


6.A.get ahead B.fall behind

C.come across D.make up

解析:选B根据后文的描述“I never thought __9__ about the bad effect that marijuana (大麻) had on those things.”可知,吸烟已经影响到了作者的学习。get ahead“取得进步”;fall behind“落后”;come across“偶遇”;make up“编造;化妆”。结合语境可确定答案为B项。

7.A.give B.have

C.attend D.cut

解析:选D根据后文的“come home late and spend all my money”可知,吸烟影响了作者的生活。cut classes意为“旷课”,此处是吸烟对作者学习的影响。

8.A.at least B.at most

C.no more than D.as little as

解析:选A根据前文的“spend all my money”可知,作者花在吸烟上的钱并不少,每天至少要8至18美元。at least“至少”;at most“最多”;no more than“只有;仅仅”;as little


9.A.once B.twice

C.again D.further

解析:选B尽管吸烟对作者的学习和生活影响很大,但当时作者考虑得并不多。think twice about sth.“三思而行,慎重考虑后再决定”。

10.http://www.wendangku.net/doc/caecbd0e49d7c1c708a1284ac850ad02de8007a1.htmled to B.paid for

C.lost in D.ready for

解析:选C根据后文“... if I smoked those, but I don't.”可知,当时作者已经意识到吸烟对自己的学习和生活产生的影响,如果继续吸烟的话,作者就会沉溺其中。get used to“习惯于”;get paid for“因……而被付给钱”;get lost in“沉迷于;热衷于”;get ready for“为……做好准备”。

11.A.As if B.Even if

C.Now that D.As long as

解析:选C既然作者已经意识到了吸烟的危害,于是他开始控制吸烟的量。as if“好像”;even if“即使”;now that“既然”;as long as“只要”。

12.A.reduced B.increased

C.decided D.continued

解析:选A从后文“I'm not smoking every day, and not spending as much money.”可以看出,作者在有意识地减少吸烟的量。reduce“降低;减少”。

13.A.broken down B.cut down

C.turned off D.cut off

解析:选B break down“(机器等)出故障;(身体)垮掉;失败”;cut down“减少;消减”;turn off“关掉(电源等)”;cut off“切断”。由于作者意识到了吸烟的危害,所以尽量少吸烟。由此可知答案为B。

14.A.wasting B.spending

C.making D.saving


15.A.less B.more

C.better D.worse


16.A.excites B.fills

C.repairs D.destroys

解析:选A根据后文的“and how it solves problems”可知,有的人在鼓吹吸烟的好处。