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I Vocabulary and structure (30 points)

Directions: Choose one from the four alternatives that best completes the sentence and mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet.

1. An explosion took place in a chemical plant, so measures dad to be taken to ______ the inhabitants who lived within one kilometers of the plant.

A. evacuate

B. unearth

C. transmit

D. alternate

2. In the preface _______ my book, I express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers and friends who have been of help to me during my three years’ life in the university.

A. on

B. for

C. to

D. in

3. Noise pollution generally receives less attention than ______ air pollution.

A. does

B. it does

C. receives

D. it does over

4. The mayor was asked to ________ his speech in order to allow his audience to raise questions.

A. constrain

B. conduct

C. condense

D. converge

5. The small child was unknowingly _______ the puppy as he played with it.

A. tormenting

B. titillating

C. tantalizing

D. pleasing

6. Mary acquired a certain ________ mode of behaviour at her expensive school in Switzerland, but her character still remains very unreliable.

A. clever

B. polished

C. well-behaved

D. well-bred

7. New sources of energy must be found, and this will take time, but it is not likely to result in any situation that will ever restore that sense of cheap and ______ energy we have had in the times past.

A. exquisite

B. resilient

C. copious

D. formidable

8. All are equal _________ God.

A. in sight of

B. in the sight of

C. in sight

D. at the sight of

9. The lecturer provided a list of topics _______ which he was prepared to speak.

A. to

B. of

C. out

D. on

10. ________, he can now only watch it on TV at home.

A. Obtaining not a ticket for the match

B. Not obtaining a ticket for the match

C. Not having obtained a ticket for the match

D. Not obtained a ticket for the match

11. Weather _________, we’ll have an outing tomorrow.

A. permitting

B. permitted

C. permits

D. is permitted

12. You can see the diamonds _______ under the bright lights.

A. dazzling

B. glaring

C. illumination

D. sparkling

13. If you are _______ to something, you feel strongly that you’re not willing to do it or that you don’t like it.

A. averse

B. avid

C. awesome

D. azure

14. One reason that Gone With the Wind has endured as a classic is ________ a woman who has been molded by her upbringing, but rebels just enough to sustain her independence.

A. representing

B. what represents

C. why she represents

D. that it represents

15. _______ corn is usually believed to be the American favorite vegetable, broccoli is actually the favorite vegetable, according to the poll done.

A. Actually

B. However

C. While

D. Despite

16. To my surprise, the manager _______ the plan of marketing the product at the meeting, which was disapproved at the last meeting.

A. brought about

B. brought out

C. brought up

D. brought down

17. The doctor assured Victor that his wife would certainly although she had been unconscious for 48 hours.

A. take to

B. come to

C. see to

D. stick to

18. If you are bitten by a poisonous snake it is necessary to be give an as quickly as possible.

A. analgesic

B. antitoxin

C. antibiotic

D. antidote

19. This wicked recession is throwing roadblocks in the way of many careers. It's not just layoffs ______ people ___ track..

A.knocking …… off B. knocking…..down

C. knocking……out

D. knocking…..up

20. There is clearly an increase in volunteering, in part because it helps laid-off people keep their skills sharp. But she tied much of it ______ the presidential election, as well.

A. in

B. to C .on D. at

21 She________ her apartment and moved to throw her energies into an alternative career in


A. sublime

B. submerge

C. sublet

D. submit

22. There have been several attempts to introduce gayer colors and styles in men’s clothing, but

none of them________.

A. has caught on

B. has caught him out

C. has caught up

D. take root

23. My tutor frequently reminds me to ____ myself of every chance to improve my English.

A. avail

B. inform

C. assure

D. notify

24. The _______ of color and action which fills the world is taken for granted.

A. pageant

B. panorama

C. convolution

D. epicurean

25._______ I have time, I would call her.

A. Could

B. Should

C. May

D. Would

26. They were pushed into battle _______.

A. unprepared

B. unpreparedly

C. not preparing it

D. without preparing it

27. How do you_______ both the deflationary forces of America’s worst recession since the 1930s and the vigorous response of the Federal Reserve, which has in effect cut interest rates to zero and rapidly expanded its balance-sheet?

A. fight against B.guard against C. play against D.beat against

28. Although this is the first such annual decline since 1955, it is the transitory result of a_____ in energy prices.

A. plunge

B. plump

C. plunder

D. plunger

29. The _______ over Cuba threatens to dominate a meeting of hemispheric foreign ministers, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, scheduled for Tuesday in Honduras.

A. wrangling

B. wrapping

C. wounding

D. wriggling

30. President Obama has said he will not scrap the longtime economic embargo until Havana makes democratic reforms and _______its human rights record.

A. cleans down

B. cleans off

C. cleans out

D. cleans up

Ⅱ.Identify errors in the following sentences and correct them.(20 points)

1.Only by shouting at the top of his voice he was able to make himself heard.

2.He put forward the suggestion which we should take notes while listening to the lecture.

3.It was suggested that we would have taken notes while listening to the lecture.

4.Jack has been missed from home for two days now , and I am beginning to worry about his


5.Do help yourself to some fruit, don’t you?

6.Bruce has stated that he has always had a great interest and admiration for the work of the

British economist Brusland.

7.If someone maintains that two and two are five, or that Iceland is on the equator, you feel

pity rather anger, unless you know very little of arithmetic of geography that his opinion shakes your own contrary conviction.

8.The Portuguese give a great deal of credit to one man for having promoted the sea travel,

that man was Prince Henry the navigator, who lived in the 15th century.

9. These countries’ recessions are shaping up to the both deepe r and longer than in the

United States.

10. Some countries, such as Ireland, are so cash-strapped that they’ve raised taxes in the middle

of a deep recession, make things worse.

ⅢCloze Test(20points)

Fill in each bland with one suitable word from the four choices given.

The amazing success of man as a __1___ is the result of the evolutionary development of his brain which has ____2_____ to tool-using, toolmaking, the ability to solve problems by logical_____3____, thoughtful cooperation, and language. One of the most striking ways ____4____ the chimpanzee biologically resembles man __5____ the structure of his brain. The chimpanzee, with his ___6___ for primitive reasoning, exhibits a type of intelligence more like___7____ of man than does any other___8____ living today. The brain of the modern chimpanzee is ____9___ not too dissimilar to the brain that so many millions of years ago directed the __10___ of the first ape man.

For a long time, the fact that ___11____ man made tools was considered to be one of the

major criteria to ___12___him from other creatures. It is true that the chimpanzee does not fashion his __13___ to a regular and set pattern ------- but then, primitive man, ___14____development of stone tools, undoubtedly poked around with sticks and straws, at which __15____ it seems unlikely that he made tools to a set pattern, ___16____.

It is because of the close __17___ in most people’s minds of tools with man __18____ special attention has always been ___19___ upon any animal able, to use an object __20____ a tool; but it is important to realize that this ability, on its own, does not necessarily indicate any special intelligence in the creature concerned.

1. A. kind B. serried C. species D. tribe

2. A. resulted B. turned out C. led D. produced

3. A. reasoning B. analyzing C. thinking D. predicting

4. A. after which B. in which C. through what D. by what

5. A. lay B. lies in C. exists D. conceals

6. A. ability B. intention C. capacity D. capability

7. A. what B. that C. those D. this

8. A. mammal B. reptile C. animal D. creature

9. A. like B. maybe C. perhaps D. probably

10. A. conduct B. deeds C. actions D. behavior

11. A. elderly B. ancient C. prehistoric D. olden time

12. A. distinguish B. prevent C. judge D. differ

13. A. paws B. means C. tools D. devices

14. A. after his B. before his C. after its D. before its

15. A. place B. period C. range D. stage

16. A. too B. instead C. though D. either

17. A. contacts B. association C. touches D. approaches

18. A. so that B. in order to C. which D. that

19. A. focused B. paid C. given D. laid

20. A. like B. for C. as D. with

Ⅳ. Read the following four passages and answer the questions after each passage. (35 points

2point for each question)

Passage One

Is the literary critic like the poet, responding creatively, intuitively, subjectively to the written word as the poet responds to human experience?Or is the critic more like a scientist following a series of demonstrable, verifiable steps, using an objective method of analysis?

For the woman who is a practitioner of feminist literary criticism, the subjectivity versus objectivity or critic-as-artist-or-scientist debate has special significance. For her questions is not only academic but political as well and her definition will court special risks whichever side of the issue it favors. If she defines feminist criticism as objective and scientific---- a valid, verifiable, intellectual method that anyone, whether man or woman, can perform---- the definition not only precludes the critic-as-artist approach, but may also impede accomplishment of the utilitarian political objectives of those who seek to change the academic establishment and its thinking, especially about sex roles. If she defines feminist criticism as creative and intuitive, privileged as art, then her work becomes vulnerable to the prejudice of stereotypic ideas about the ways in which women think, and will be dismissed by much of the academic establishment. Because of these prejudices, women who use an intuitive approach in their criticism may find themselves charged with inability to be analytical to be objective or to think critically. Whereas men may be free to claim the role of critic as artist, women run different professional risks when they choose intuition and private experience as critical method and defense.

These questions are political in the sense that the debate over them will inevitably be less an exploration of abstract matters in a spirit of disinterested inquiry than an academic power struggle in which the careers and professional fortunes of many women scholars only now entering the academic profession in substantial numbers will be at stake, and with them the chances for a distinctive contribution to humanistic understanding, a contribution that might be an important influence against sexism in our society.

As long as the academic establishment continues to regard objective analysis as “ masculine” and an intuitive approach as “ feminine ” the theoretician must steer a delicate philosophical course between the two. If she wishes to construct a theory of feminist criticism, she would be well advised to place it with in the framework of a general theory of the critical process that is neither purely objective nor purely intuitive. Her theory is then more likely to be compared and

contrasted with other theories of criticism with some degree of dispassionate distance.

1.Which of the following titles best summarizes the content of the passage?

A. How Theories of Literary Criticism

B. Problems Confronting Women Who Are Feminist Literary Critics

C. A Historical Overview of Feminist Literary Criticism

D.A New Theory of Literary Criticism

2. It can be inferred that the author believes which of the following about women who are

literary critics?

Ⅰ.They can make a unique contribution to society

Ⅱ.They must develop a new theory of the critical process

Ⅲ. Their criticisms of literature should be entirely objective

A. Ⅰonly

B. Ⅱonly

C. Ⅰand Ⅱonly D.Ⅰ,Ⅱand Ⅲ.

3. The author specially mentions all of the following as difficulties that particularly affect women

who are theoreticians of feminist literary criticism Except the

A. tendency of a predominantly male academic establishment to form preconceptions

about women

B. limitations that are impose when criticism is defined as objective and scientific

C. likelihood that the work of a woman theoretician who claims the privilege of art will be

viewed with prejudice by some academics

D.tendency of members of the academic establishment to treat all forms of feminist literary theory with hostility

4. According to the author, the debate mentioned in the passage has special significance for the

woman who is a theoretician of feminist literary criticism for which of the following reasons?

A. There are large numbers of capable women working within the academic establishment.

B. There are a few powerful feminist critics who have been recognized by the academic


C. Like other critics, most women who are literary critics define criticism as either scientific

or artistic.

D. Women who are literary critics face professional risks different from those faced by men

who are literary critics.

5. Which of the following is presented by the author in support of the suggestion that there is

stereotypic thinking among members of the academic establishment?

A.A distinctively feminist contribution to humanistic understanding could work against the influence of sexism among members of the academic establishment

B. Women who define criticism as artistic may be seen by the academic establishment as

being incapable of critical thinking

C. The debate are the role of the literary critic is often seen as a political one.

D. Women scholar are only now entering academic in substantial numbers.

6. Which of the following is most likely to be one of the “utilitarian political objectives”

mentioned by the author in line 19?

A. To forge a new theory of literary criticism

B. To pursue truth in a disinterested manner

C. To demonstrate that women are interested in literary criticism that can be viewed either

subjectively or objectively

D. To convince the academic establishment to revise the ways in which it assesses women

scholars’ professional qualities

7. It can be inferred that the author would define as “ political” (line35)questions that

A. are contested largely through contention over power

B. are primarily academic in nature and open to abstract analysis

C. are not in themselves important

D. cannot be resolved without extensive debate

Passage 2

One theory and practice in the area of sentencing have undergone a gradual but dramatic changes through the years. Primitive man believed that a crime created an imbalance which

could be rectified only by punishing the wrongdoer. Thus, sentencing was initially vengeance-oriented. Gradually, emphasis began to be placed on the deterrent value of a sentence upon future wrongdoing.

Though deterrence is still an important consideration, increased emphasis on the possibility of reforming the offender-----of returnig him to the community a useful citizen -----bars the harsh penalties once imposed and brings into play a new set of sentencing criteria. Today, each offender is viewed as a unique individual ,and the sentencing judge seeks to know why he has committed the crime and what are the chances of a repetition of the offense. The judge’s prime objective is not to punish but to treat .

This emphasis on treatment of the individual has created a host of new problems. In seeking to arrive at the best treatment for individual prisoners, judges must weigh an imposing array of factors. I believe that the primary aim of every sentence is the prevention of future crime. Little can be done to correct past damage , and a sentence will achieve its objective to the extent that it upholds general respect for the law, discourages those tempted to commit similar crimes, and leads to the rehabilitation of the offender, so that he will not run afoul of the law again. Where the offender is so hardened from society so that he will be unable to do any further harm. The balancing of these interacting, and often mutually antagonistic factors requires more than a good heart and a sense of fair play on the judge’s part, although these are certainly prerequisites. It requires the judge to know as much as he can about the prisoner before him. He should know the probable effects of sentences upon those who might commit similar crimes and how the prisoner is likely to react to imprisonment or probation. Because evaluation of these various factors may differ from judge to judge, the same offense will be treated differently by different judges.

The task of impro ving our sentencing techniques is so important to the nation’s moral health that it deserves far more careful attention than it now receives from the bar and many civic-minded individuals who usually lead even the judges in the fight for legal reform approach this subject with apathy or with erroneous preconceptions.

8. What is the main idea of the passage?

A.The sentencing technique should be reformed.

B.The objective of sentence is to avoid further offence.

C.The civic-minded people are apathy.

D.The judges should have a good heart and a sense of fair play.

9.From the second paragraph, we can infer that________.

A.the judge must investigate the reason of the crimes

B.deterrence is not important now

C.despite of their wrongdoings, the rights of the offenders should be ensured now

D.the punishment should be as harsh as possible

10.The word “rehabilitation” in the third paragraph probably means________

A.live in a new place

B.begin a new way of life

C.obtain a life once more

D.give others a new life

11. Which of the following does the author think is not true according to the text?

A. There are many factors that will influence the sentence of an offence.

B. New concept of sentence also brings new problems.

C. Now the attention given to sentence is careful enough.

D. Some of the professional people are not responsible enough

12. The author’s attitude toward the future of legal reform is ________

A. pessimistic

B. apathetic

C. warm-hearted

D. optimistic

Passage Three

Suppose you are driving on a highway with three lanes going in your direction and you come upon a toll plaza with six toll booths are off to right. Which lane should you choose? It is usually the case that the wait time is approximately the same no matter what you do. There are usually enough people searching for the shortest line so as to make all the lines about the same length. If one line is much shorter than the others, cars will quickly move into it until the lines are equalized. There are usually enough drivers searching for the fastest line to equalize the average wait time. The term profit in economics has a very precise meaning. Economists, however, often loosely refer to "good deals" or profitable ventures with no risk as profit opportunities. Using the term loosely, a profit opportunity exists at the toll booths if one line is shorter than the others. The general view of economics is that profit opportunities are rare. At any one time there are

many people searching for such opportunities, and as a consequence few exist. At toll booths it is seldom the case that one line is substantially shorter than the others.

Another example of a possible profit opportunity is the purchase and exchanges of foreign currencies. The prices of these currencies are determined in world money markets. If, for example, the mark-franc price is too low with respect to the other prices, there is an immediate rush to buy marks and sell francs, not by ordinary citizens at bank windows, but by a few large currency traders in Tokyo, London, etc. who watches prices every minute. Such a rush drives up the mark-franc price to the no-profit-opportunity point. Markets like this, where any profit opportunities are eliminated almost instantaneously, are said to be efficient markets. The common language way of expressing the efficient markets hypothesis is “there's no such thing as a free lunch. ”There are thousands of individuals each day looking for hot tips in the market, and if a particular tip about a stock is valid there will be an immediate rush to buy the stock, which will quickly drive its price up.

This economist ′s view that there are very limited profit opportunities around can, of course, be carried too far. There is a story about two people walking along, one an economist and one not. The non-economist sees a $ 20 bill on the sidewalk and says, “There’s a bill on the sidewalk.” The economist replies, "That is not possible. If there were, somebody would already have picked it up."

13. According to the first passage, why all the lines on a highway with tool booths are


A. Because there are too many people on the high way.

B. Because many drivers are searching for the fastest line thus all the lines are


C. Because there are toll booths in each line and the drivers have to wait to pass them.

D. Because the shortest line has more people and the longest line has few people, and

the wait time is almost the same.

14. How does profit opportunity relate to the toll booths in the first example?

A. Both of them are the object people are pursuing.

B. There is no relation between the two.

C. There are a great many of profit opportunities in the toll booths.

D. The profit opportunity in economic are as rare as the toll booths.

15. What happens to the market when the mark-franc price is low?

A. People will rush to sell marks and buy francs and thus everyone makes big profit.

B. The mark-franc price will begin to rising and profit opportunity will disappear

C. The market of foreign currencies will become an efficient market.

D. People will go to large currency traders in Tokyo and London to watch the change of


16. According to the second paragraph, what kind of market is called efficient market?

A.A market that doesn't provide free lunch is an efficient market.

B. A market where any profit opportunities are removed at once is an efficient market.

C.A market that is driven by individuals' activities is said to be an efficient market.

D.A market where people are looking for hot tips is said to be an efficient market.

17. What is the main idea of this passage?

A. In efficient markets, there is limited profit opportunity because every one is

searching for it.

B .Everyone is profit-driven, and it is the reason why they cannot get"free lunch".

C. There is an analogy between efficient market and highway with toll plaze.

D. Economists know well that there will be no bills in the sideway.

Ⅴ.Translation (30points)

1. Translate the following passages into Chinese. Give the number of each passage in your answer sheet.

A life of slothful ease, a life of that peace which springs merely from lack either of desire or of power to strive after great things is as little worthy of a nation as an individual .

We do not admire the man of timid peace. We admire the man who embodies victorious efforts, the man who never wrongs his neighbor, who is prompt to help a friend, but who has those virile qualities necessary to win in the stern strife of actual life. It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. In this life we get nothing save by effort. Freedom from effort in the present merely means that there has been effort stored up in the past. A man can be freed from the necessity of work only by the fact that he or his fathers before him have worked to

good purpose. If the freedom thus purchased is used right, and the man still does actual work, though of a different kind, whether as a writer or a general, whether in the field of politics or in the field of exploration and adventure, he shows he deserves his good fortune.

But if he treats this period of freedom from the need of actual labor as a period, not of preparation, but of mere enjoyment, even though perhaps not of vicious enjoyment, he shows that he is simply a cumberer on the earth’s surface; and he surely unfits himself to hold his own place with his fellows, if the need to do so should again arise. A mere life of ease is not in the end a very satisfactory life, and above all, it is a life which ultimately unfits those who follow it for serious work in the world.

As it is with the individual, so it is with the nation. It is a base untruth to say that happy is the nation that has no history. Thrice happy is the nation that has a glorious history. Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.

2.Translate the following passages into English.. Give the number of each passage in your

answer sheet.







Ⅵ. Writing (20 points)

Directions: In this part you should write a composition of no less than 300 words

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades (makes) encourage students to learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.




I. Vocabulary and structure (20 points)

1. 【A】考点:词义。选项A .“evacuate”意为“疏散,从……撤离”;选项B.“unearth”意为“发

掘,找到”;选项C.“ transmit”意为“传输,传播(信号)”;选项D.“alternate”意为“轮流,交替”。根据句意,因此选项A为正确答案。【译文】化工厂发生了一起爆炸事件,各方正在采取措施疏散工厂周围方圆1000米内的居民。

2. 【C】考点:固定搭配。选项A:“preface to a book”意为“书的序言”。【译文】在我书的


3. 【A】考点:省略。这个比较从句是对noise pollution 和air pollution 的比较,用does来

代替receive attention,does也可放在air pollution后面。因此选项A为正确答案。【译文】比起空气污染,噪声污染通常得到的关注更少。

4. 【C】考点:词义。选项A. constrain意为“约束;迫使”;例:I am constrained by the need

to care for my mother. 由于需要,我不得不照顾母亲。选项B, conduct意为“进行;实施”,例:British Rail is conducting an enquiry into safety standards on trains. 英国铁路正在进行火车安全标准的调查。选项C. condense意为“简缩;节略”,根据题意,选项C符合。

选项D. converge意为“集中,会聚”,例:Crowds are converging on the stadium.人群聚集在体育场内。【译文】市长被要求缩短他的演讲,以便让听众提问题。

5. 【A】考点:易混词。选项A. torment意为“折磨(某人);使痛苦”,例:The boy tormented

his little sister.那个男孩折磨他的小妹妹。选项B. titillate意为“使(某人)兴奋”;选项

C. tantalize意为“诱发无法满足的欲望”,例:He’s been tantalizing with the promise of

foreign travel.他一直承诺说要我们出国旅行,吊足了我们的胃口。选项D. please意为“使满意(高兴)”,例:You can’t please everybody.你不可能让人人都满意。因此根据句意,选项A为正确答案。【译文】不知为什么,这个小孩子老是折磨他玩的小狗。

6. 【B】考点:词义。选项A.clever“聪明”;选项B.polished可以修饰人的举止,意为“优雅、

有教养的”;选项 C.well-behaved表示“行为端正”,但用来修饰人,不修饰举止;选项



7. 【C】考点:词义。选项A. exquisite意为“优美的,精致的;敏感的”,例:He has exquisite

taste in music.他对音乐有细腻的鉴赏力。选项B. resilient意为“有弹性的”,例:Rubber is more resilient than wood. 橡胶的弹性比木头大。选项C. copious 意为“许多的”,例:He takes copious notes. 他记了很多笔记。选项D. formidable意为“令人敬畏的;难以克服的,难以应付的”,例:They faced formidable difficulties in their attempt to reach the South Pole.在他们尝试到达南极的途中,遇到了难以克服的困难。因此根据题意,选项C是正确的。【译文】新的能源一定能找到,但这要花时间,但我们不可能回到过去那种能源既廉价又丰富的年代了。

8. 【B】考点:固定搭配。选项A. in sight of 意为“可以看见(某物)”;选项B. in the sight

of 意为“在……看来”;选项C. in sight意为“在视线内,可以看见”;选项D. at the sight of 意为“在看到……时”,因此根据句意,选项B符合。【译文】上帝面前人人平等。

9. 【D】考点:固定搭配。选项A. speak to意为“给……作演讲”;选项B. speak of 意为“讲

到,描述,证明,说明”;选项C. speak out 意为“大胆讲话,讲大声点”;选项D. speak on意为“就某个题目讲话”,根据句意应选D项。【译文】演讲者给我们列出了一张他准备演讲的题目。

10. 【C】考点:现在分词短语做状语。该题的前半句为原因状语,分词短语的逻辑主语是

主句的主语he,因此要用表示主动的现在分词结构;其次,分词短语的动作先于主句的动作之前发生,所以用分词的完成形式;符合题意的只有选项C,相当于原因状语从句“Because he has not obtained a ticket for the match.”例:Not knowing her address, we couldn’t get in touch with her. 【译文】因为没能弄到比赛的票,现在他只能呆在家里看电视。

11. 【A】考点:独立主格结构。在本题中现在分词独立结构在句中做状语,表示条件。因


12. 【D】考点:词义。选项A. dazzle意为“使炫目,耀眼;使赞叹不已;使倾倒”,例:The

lights of the car dazzled me.汽车的灯光照得我眼花。选项B. glare意为“怒目而视;发出强光,发出刺眼的光”,例:The didn’t fight, but stood there glaring at o ne another. 他们没有打起来,只是站在那里怒目相视。选项C. illumination意为“照明,照亮;阐明,启发”,例:The illumination is too weak to show the detail of the painting. 选项D. sparkle意为“闪耀,发光;机智活跃”,例:She sparkles in company. 她在团队中很活跃。因此根据句意,选项D为正确选项。【译文】你可以看到钻石在明亮的光线中闪闪发光。13. 【A】考点:易混词。选项A. averse通常用法averse to 意为“讨厌的、反对的”,例:

I don’t drink usually, but I am not averse to the occasional glass of champagne.我通常不喝

酒,但是也不反对偶尔来一杯香槟。选项B. avid意为“(出于喜欢而)大量做某事的;

渴望的”,例:Liz is an avid reader.利兹是个废寝忘食的读者。选项C. awesome 意为“令人敬畏的”;选项D. azure意为“蔚蓝的”。根据句意,答案应为A。【译文】一旦你对一件事情反感的话,你就会强烈感觉到不愿做或不喜欢做。

14. 【D】考点:固定搭配。that引导的从句做表语。分析句子可知:第一个that 引导的

句子做one reason的同位语,who引导的定语从句修饰先行词woman,选项B what和选项C的Why引导的从句可做宾语从句,但是不能做表语从句。选项D. one reason is…that 是一个固定搭配,that在这里引导的从句做表语。因此选项D为正确选项。【译文】飘作为经典存在的原因是它表现了一位女性由生长的环境塑造了性格,并为了保持自立而进行了适当的反抗。

15 【C】考点:while引导的让步状语从句。选项A. Actually意为“实际上”。分析句子我们

可以看出如果用选项A,就把两个完整的句子之间用逗号隔开,是不正确的。选项 B.

however意为“虽然,但是”。它做“无论怎样”之意时,可以引导让步状语从句,相当于“no matter how”, 不过这时语气更强烈。例:However you decide to spend your time, one thing is certain: you’ll arrive at yo ur destination. 无论你决定怎样安排时间,你必须确保到达目的地。选项C. while意为“尽管”,例:While I agree with a lot of what you say, I still can’t accept your conclusions. 尽管你所说的很多我都同意,但我还是不能接受你的结论。选项 D. despite意为“尽管,不管”。例:Despite the bad weather we had a lovely time.尽管天气不好,我们还是过得很愉快。根据句意,只有选项C符合。【译文】尽管玉米通常被认为是美国人喜欢的食物,但是根据民意测验,实际上他们喜欢的食物是花椰菜。

16. 【C】考点:固定搭配。选项A.“bring about”意为“导致,引起”,例:What brought about

the change in her mind? 是什么使她改变了注意。选项B.“brought out”意为“生产(新产品)”,例:The company has just brought out a new range of cosmetics. 公司刚生产出一系列新的化妆品。选项C. bring up意为“养育;提出;恶心”,例:All these problems were brought up at the last meeting. 所有这些问题都在上次会议上被提出来过。选项

D.“brought down”意为“使(某事物)降低;使(某人)失势,倒台”,The government is

determined to bring down inflation.政府决心降低通货膨胀。根据句意,选项C符合。【译文】令人惊讶的是,经理在会议上又重提在上次会议中已遭反对的产品营销方案。17. 【B】考点:固定搭配。选项A. take to意为“立刻喜欢”,常用“take to doing something…”

表示开始经常做某事。例:He’s taken to staying out late.他开始晚回家了。选项B. come to 意为“苏醒,恢复知觉”,例:I wanted to be there when he came to after the operation.我想在他手术后苏醒过来的时候到他那里去。选项C. see to 意为“照料;处理;安排”,例:Will you see to the holiday arrangements? 你能否关照一下假日的安排? 选项D.“stick to sth…”意为“继续执行(决定、计划或协议)”,例:I’ve decided to stick to my original idea.


18. 【B】考点:易混词。选项A. analgesic以为“止痛药”;选项B. antitoxin 意为“抗毒素”;

选项C. antibiotic意为“抗生素”;选项D. antidote意为“解读剂,方法”;例: The poison has no known antidote.这种毒药目前还没有解药。根据句意,选项B为正确答案。【译文】如果被毒蛇咬了,要尽快打抗毒素。

19. 【A】考点:固定搭配。选项A. knock off 意为“停止做(某事,尤指工作)”,例:Let’s

knock off early today. 今天我们早点下班吧。选项B. knock down意为“拆毁,撞到;降价”,例; The price was knocked down $3.价格降到了三英镑。选项C. knock out意为“使(某人)睡觉;对某事感到吃惊;淘汰”,例:Our team was knocked out in the first round.我们队在第一轮便淘汰了。选项D. knock up意为“匆匆做成(某物)”,例:Can you knock up a meal for us now? 你现在能马上给我们烧一顿饭吗?因此根据句意,选项A为正确答案。【译文】许多人的职业生涯因可恶的经济萧条而中断,这不仅仅是短期解雇,而是让人们从此没了工作。

20. 【B】考点:固定搭配。Tie与介词to搭配,表示“与……有联系”,例:Salary increases

are tied to inflation rates.工资的增长和通货膨胀率挂钩。因此只有选项B正确。【译文】作志愿者的人明显多了起来,部分原因是这可以帮助那些下岗工人保持他们的技能。但她同时把这和总统选举联系在一起。

21. 【C】考点:易混词。选项A. sublime意为“崇高的;令人赞叹的;庄严地”;选项B. submerge

意为“使没入水中”,常用“submerge yourself in something”意为“用全部时间和精力做某事”,例:He completely submerged himself in local politics.他完全投入到当地的政治活动中去了。选项C. sublet 意为“(租房人)转租,分租”,例:He rents the house and sublets

a room to a friend.他租了一所房子,然后把其中一间房间分租给了一个朋友。选项D.

submit 意为“使屈服;提交(文件或计划)”,例:He was losing the fight, but he refused to submit.他眼看就要被打败了,但他决不屈服。根据句意,选项C为正确答案。【译文】


22. 【A】考点:固定搭配。选项A. catch on 意为“流行;变得风行;抓牢;理解”;选项

B. catch sb...out意为“发觉某人的过失,找破绽”;选项

C. catch up意为“赶上,加紧弥补”;

选项D. take root意为“生根,扎根”,根据句意应选A项。【译文】人们做过很多的尝试,试图在男式服装中注入更鲜艳的颜色和风格,但无一例外都没有流行起来。

23. 【A】考点:固定搭配。选项A. avail oneself of sth…意为“使用某事物,利用某事物”,

例:You should avail yourself of every opportunity to improve your English. 你应该利用每一次机会来提高你的英语水平。【译文】我的导师经常提醒我要利用每一次机会来提高我的英语水平。

24. 【B】考点:词义。选项A. pageant 意为“盛会,庆典”;选项B. panorama意为“全景,

一连串景象”;选项C. convolution 意为“回旋,盘旋”;选项D. epicurean意为“享乐主义者”。根据句意,正确选项应为B。【译文】充满世界的色彩和动作景象被认为是理所当然的。

25. 【B】考点:虚拟语气。在书面语中,使用虚拟语气的条件状语从句中的连词if可此省

略,这时要把助动词should,had,were提到从句主语的前面。如:Had the damage been worse, the insurance company would have paid more.要是受损更严重些,保险公司会赔的更多。【译文】我要是有时间就去看她。

26. 【A】考点:主语补足语。主语补足语可以放在宾语之后,结构如“主语+谓语+宾语+补

语”,如:He got off the bench very nervous.选项B. unpreparedly 是副词,一般不用作补语。选项C和选项D都有语法错误。因此选项A为正确答案。【译文】他们毫无准备就被卷入了战斗。

27. 【B】考点:固定搭配。选项A. fight against 意为“与……斗争”,如:the fight against terrorism.

反对恐怖主义的斗争。选项B. guard against意为“预防;防止(某事)”,例:You should wash your hands when preparing food, to guard against spreading infection.你做饭时应洗手,以防传播疾病。选项C. play against意为“与……比赛”,例:We’re playing against the league champions next week. 下周我们要和联赛冠军队比赛。选项D. beat against 意为“敲打”,例:The rain beat against the window. 【译文】如何预防自1930年以来美国出现的最糟糕的经济萧条所带来的紧缩压力和美国联邦储备所做出的强力回应?联邦储备已有效地把利率缩减为零,并迅速扩展了其资产负债表。

28. 【A】考点:易混词。选项A. plunge意为“(价格、温度)的暴跌,骤降”,例:Stock