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founder 创始人technical breakthrough 技术突破operating system 操作系统Chinese character card 汉卡

one-touch-to-the-net 一键式上网enterprise desktop 商用台式机consumer desktop 家用台式机server 服务器peripheral 外部设备digital entertainment product数码娱乐产品enterprise laptop 商用笔记本cutting-edge technology 前沿技术

career training 职业培训

built-in mobile broadband connectivity


multimedia capability 多媒体功能

software and service package


password 密码

data recovery 数据恢复

volume purchase 大宗采购

vision 远见

innovation 创新

breakthrough 突破

core 核心

additional 额外的

in addition to 除。。。。。。之外

consumer 消费者

facility 设备

strive 努力,斗争

contribute to 作出贡献

bear in mind 记住

1.To the disappointment of his manager, it took him a(n) (add)__additional__ week to finish the task.

2. With good financial policies, the company soon (expansion)____expanded/expands_ into a large-sized enterprise.

3. The fierce (competitor) _competition__in the global market reduced their profit to a large degree.

4. They spent one year abroad simply (broad) _broadening_their mind.

5. She is a very careful worker. Whatever she does is with great (accurate)_accuracy___ .

6. You can rely on him to do that, for he is quite (trustworthiness)__trustworthy_______ .

7. Their ability to (innovation)_ innovate__ has allowed them to compete in world markets.

8. Alcohol may not be (consumer) _consumed_in the building.

9. It’s a children’s book, but I (recommendation)recommend _ it to everyone.

10. Where did you buy that (style)_stylish_handbag? It’s so attractive!

1. We need a leader with__vision__ and strong principles.

2. We need to ___update_____ our database.

3. Violence __features___too strongly in many TV shows.

4. Many important writers have _contributed to___the debate.

5. The company’s Research & Development Center i s _located___in Shanghai

6. You can start the program by_clipping___ this button.

7. The camera has a(n) _buile-in__flash.

8. The price you offered is beyond our_expectation__.

9. The guard stopped her and inquired____about her name.

10. A successful business must be good at _marketing_ strategies.

WAN 广域网

router 路由器

Ethernet 以太网

data transfer rate 数据传输速度protocol (数据传输的)协议networked computers 联网计算机instant messaging 即时通信

DSL 数字用户线modem 调制解调器configuration 配置局域网设计LAN design

局域网维修LAN maintenance


无线局域网wireless LAN



basis of software techniques软件基础知识

network user address 网络用户地址

computer virus 计算机病毒

control panel 控制面板

web browser 浏览器

broadband cable 宽带电缆

LAN 局域网

file management 文件管理

access code 密码

ISP 网络服务商

off-peak hour 非高峰时间

Internet connection 网络连接

1. If you copy the online information onto your PC device, you will save the time of (connect) _connecting_ to the online system.

2. Cars have become the (means) _means_ of transportation for most Americans when they go shopping and even go on vacations.

3. This system can (provide) _provide_ the maximum return on your investment.

4. There is a(n) (frequently) _frequent__ bus service into the center of town.

5. One way we have begun to collect the suggestions of our employees is through our new computerized (network) _network__.

6. John had no sisters or brothers and was not used to (share) __sharing____.

7. When (apply) _applying___ for Wildlife Watch membership, a Rockwatch member can enjoy a special discount.

8. We are not short of raw materials at the moment, but we need reliable __equipment__ (equip) .

9. For those foreign students who are interested in (learn) _learning__ Chinese, the university offers a Chinese training program every summer.

10. Before the flight takes off, all passengers (ask) _are asked__ to fasten their seat belts.

1. Water _____A______ in seas, rivers and lakes.

A. exists

B. keeps

C. stays

D. lives

2. More natural resources should be made use of _____D______ the ________ need of energy.

A. meeting; increasing

B. to meet; increased

C. meeting; increased

D. to meet; increasing

3. You will never know the result ___D________ you try.

A. even though

B. in case

C. whenever

D. until

4. The artist ____D_______ the headmaster gave a prize is the teacher ______ I have been taught for two years.

A. from whom; by whom

B. to whom; who

C. from whom; who

D. to whom; by whom

5. His novel is a great success and it is well ___A______.

A. received

B. accepted

C. picked

D. popular

6. When first ____ B_____into the market, these products enjoyed great success.

A. introducin

B. introduced

C. introduce

D. being introduced

7. Tian Dong, together with his classmates, ______D_____because of ___________the school rules.

A. was punished; obeying

B. were punished; breaking

C. were punished; obeying

D. was punished; breaking

8. ____A___is the top player in this football team?

A. Who do you think

B. Do you think whom

C. Whom do you think

D. Do you think whose else

1. 为了能够提供无漏洞、可靠的软件系统,进行软件测试非常有必要。(bug, reliable, necessary)

In order to__provide a bug—free and reliable___ software system to the customer, it is_ quite necessary_ to do _a testing for the software system

2. 我们的顾客将会非常欣慰,并给我们带来更多的利润。(happy, generate, profit)

Our customers will _ be very happy _____and__ generate more profits for us __.

3. 优秀的软件测试人员应该善于和程序开发员进行沟通,从而保证产品成功上市。(communicate, assure, launch)

Good software testers should _be good at communicating with program developer___, thus to assure the successful launch of the product._______ .

4. 测试方案需要描述软件测试目的、测试范围和测试方法。(objective, scope, approach)

The test plan needs to describe _ the objectives, scope and approach of a software testing_______

1. Monica ___A____to mention the fee of the web testing service when she was marketing it.

A. neglected

B. hided

C. navigated

D. is planning

2. Edison’s theory ___A_____to be correct.

A. turned out

B. was turned out

C. turned on

D. turned off

3. Software sales in the northern part of our country have ____C__by 8% compared with last year.

A. faced

B. moved

C. increased

D. mounted

4. _____C__everyone’s great surprise, they have broken their promises.

A. Of

B. In

C. To

D. For

5. __B___, these machines should last for ten years or more.

A. In part

B. In theory

C. In turn

D. In place

6. When dealing with a(n)__A_______ task, Mary always asks for help from people around her.

A. difficult

B. valuable

C. intimate

D. simple

7. Please keep a detailed __D___ of the work that you have done.

A. code

B. idea

C. exercise

D. record

8. No matter what difficulty you will meet with, ___B____ your plan to finish the task.

A. turn off

B. carry out

C. make sure

D. check out

9. If I had attended the meeting yesterday, I ___B____ you.

A. will have seen

B. would have seen

C. have seen

D. had seen

10. The new model of the car was put into production in 2007, __D____ helped to provide another 1,400 jobs.

A. that

B. when

C. what

D. which

11. What Tom told me to do was __D__ I must not be late for the interview.

A. what

B. if

C. which

D. that

12. Linda worked for the Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining Company, ___B___ as 3M.

A. knowing

B. known

C. being known

D. to be known

13. The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain ___C___ as the plane was making a landing.

A. seat

B. seating

C. seated

D. to be seating

14. You can give the books to __B____ need them most.

A. anyone you think

B. whoever you think

C. you think who

D. those that

15. Of all ___C___ the students on the blackboard, Lily got the best grades in the exams.

A. listing

B. being listed

C. listed

D. to list

16. There is no point at all __A/B____ to do something you hate or which you find boring because you will never stick to it.

A. starting

B. in starting

C. on start

D. start

17. As there was not much chance to find good jobs in their hometown, many young men now tried to __C___ their fortune in cities.

A. find

B. find out

C. seek

D. look at

18. Lily’s mobile phone was left in a taxi accidentally, never __B____ again.

A. to find

B. to be found

C. finding

D. being found

1. The price of gas has greatly (increase) ___increased___ in recent years.

2. Our company’s most (value) _valuable_ resources are its employees.

3. The salesgirl has made a detailed introduction to the (function) _functions_ of online services.

4. These programs are (design) _designed__ to provide best services for the poor people.

5. Price control seems to be the only (solve) __solution_ to the problem of the rising cost of living.

6. We have already (check) checked___ out the Recruiting Calendar. GM will be visiting our campus next month.

7. We reserve the right to deny (accessibility) access_to this website, or any service provided via this website.

8. The youth is completely (quality) _qualified_ to be a teacher, for he has just graduated from Beijing Normal University.

9. (fail)_ Failure _ is the mother of success.

10. (success)_Successful_ men are those who can make full use of time.

1.bug (程序等的)错误

2.valid 有效的

3.keyboard 键盘

4.editor 编辑

5.consider 考虑

6.require 需要

7.disabled 残疾的

8. quality 质量

9. legal 合法的

10. design 设计11. reliable 可靠的

12. solution 方法

13. client 客户

14. convince 说服

15. programmer 编程人员

1. business marketing 市场营销

2. competitor 竞争对手

3. follow-up 市场跟踪

4. assessment 评估

5. poll 民意调查

6. specialty 特色商品

7. handout 传单

8. opening date 开业日期

9. special sales 特价优惠

10. top selling product畅销商品

11. slogan 口号

12. logo (公司的)标识

13. coupon 优惠券

14. discount 打折

15. free item 免费赠送品

1. 董事会仔细审视公司新近开发的产品。(examine, recent, introduce)

The executive board carefully ___examines___ products that thecompany _has recently introduced___.

2. 公司领先于全球个人电脑市场,同时收获了丰厚的利润。(become, top, profit)

The company _becomes the top___ PC maker in the world and has _increased profits___ at the same time.

3. 愈陷愈深的经济衰退冲击着世界各地的公司。(economy, crisis, globe)

The deepening __economic crisis__ hits companies __around the globe_____.

4. 一场展示该公司与众不同之处的营销活动开始了。(start, how, different)

A marketing campaign __starts___ showing _how the company is different from others _____.

1. remind 提醒

2. desire 欲望

3. major 专业

4. skill 技巧

5. physical 身体的

6. average 平均的

7. share 分享

8. customer 顾客

9. protect 保护

10. promote 促进

11. counter 柜台

12. package 包裹

13. client 客户

14. confidence 信心

15. afford 负担得起

1. You ___B____ help me if you don’t have time. I can do the job myself.

A. aren’t able to

B. don’t have to

C. aren’t going to

D. mustn’t

2. Next August, Bob and Sue __C_____ for 10 years.

A. are married

B. have been married

C. will have been married

D. will marry

3. The sun gives off light and warmth, ___B ____ is very important to the living things on the earth.

A. that

B. which

C. what

D. where

4. Would you please wait for me ___C____ few minutes?

A. more

B. some

C. another

D. other

5. It ___D___ hard when I left the house.

A. rains

B. is raining

C. rained

D. was raining

6. After a long discussion, they ___D ___ a conclusion that the plan should be continued.

A. made

B. found

C. discovered

D. drew

7. —Do you mind if Tom rides in your car?

— __D ____. I’ll be glad to take anybody but Tom.

A. Certainly not

B. No, I do

C. Not at all

D. Yes, I do

8. The light is still on. They __C ____ to switch it off.

A. may forget

B. should have forgotten

C. must have forgotten

D. can’t have forgotten

1. Many undergraduates say they are trying to (decision) _ decide __ between medicine and science.

2. Young children tend to wake up early and (easy) __ easily _.

3. To make matters (worst) _ worse __, many junior high schools start earlier than elementary schools.

4. Early Alert is a project (specialize) _ specialized __ in stuffed mailboxes.

5. Booklets about safety come with such tips as “If (awaken) _ awakened _ at night by an intruder, lie still”.

6. The office is on the (sixty) ___ sixtieth _ floor of an unguarded, almost deserted building in a rough street off Broadway.

7. Everyone is feeling good because they are stretching and (relax) _ relaxing __ their bodies.

8. Within a few years, all participants become decent (music) _ musicians __.

9. The Crime Prevention Center always (advice) _ advises/advised _ the elderly not to get into empty elevators.

10. Your encouragement made me more (confidence) _ confident _ of my future.

1. maintenance 维护,保养

2. delivery 递送,交付

3. handle 处理,解决

4. solution 解决方法

5. hard drive 硬盘

6. tend to 有……的倾向,可能会……

7. delete 删除

8. apply 适用;应用

9. slow down (使)……慢下来 10. exchange 更换

11. use up 用完

12. retailer 零售商

13. improvement 改进,增强

14. icon 图标

15. original 原来的,初始的

scan remove virus tend to use up do damage to credit handle account discount

1. Computers___ tend to ___ go wrong after a few years.

2. There is a(n)__ discount ___ store specializing in household goods.

3. The entire paper contents of all libraries will be_ scanned___ into computers.

4. Some banks make it difficult to open a(n) _ account ___.

5. Earthquakes__ do damage to __houses and lives of citizens.

6. As soon as the cake is done, _ remove _ it from the oven.

7. Startup items_ use up _memory when you are not using them.

8. To tell the truth, I don’t know if I can__ handle the job.

9. Hackers are said to have started a computer __ virus __.

10. You can pay cash or buy on _ credit _ .

1. 控制面板中的增加/删除程序选项能够帮助你移除你不再需要的游戏或工具。(Add/Remove programs, control panel, remove) The___ Add/Remove programs ____of your _ control panel ___ helps you _ remove _ games or tools that you may no longer use.

2. 恶意软件是那些趁你不注意的时候对你的电脑系统造成损害的软件,就好比病毒。(malware, do damage to, virus) _Malware __ is the software which could __ do damage to__ your computer system, just like viruses ___

3. 公司通常在产品寄出21天内接受商品退换,之后客户可以获得客服中心的服务。(return, exchange ,delivery)

Companies usually accept returns __ and _ exchanges___ for up to 21 days after_ delivery _ , and after that customers can get support from Customer Care.

4. 商品享受全额退款。但当订单中的部分商品退回后,折扣不再适用于其他商品。(refund, discount, apply)

Full _ refund __ with tax is guaranteed. When some items from your order are returned, the _ discount ___for the whole order will no longer_ apply ___