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The Most Popular Travel Destinations in Indonesia

With 17,508 volcanic islands, 300 ethnic groups, and 719 languages, this Southeast Asian nation is diverse in every sense of the word.


Ubud — made famous by the book Eat, Pray, Love — is definitely enjoyable. The upland town is a heaven of traditional arts, and wellness with yoga centers, spas (the perfect place to spoil yourself in a Balinese massage), organic restaurants, and galleries. Ifs also full of quiet beauty, from terraced rice paddies (水稻梯田) to Hindu temples and rock-cut shrines.


Lombok is located in the West Nusa Tenggara province. It is a good place to surf. And the best beach Kuta is on the southern coast. To the west are the beaches of Senggigi as well as many important temples. In the central highlands is the sacred Mount Rinjani, or Gunung Rinjani, a towering active volcano that draws hikers from far and wide.


Indonesia’s capital is truly a big city —home to more than 10 million residents and 100 different ethnic groups. From the Dutch colonial buildings of Kota Tua to the Chinese temples of Glodok, the city’s architecture reflects its diverse cultural impacts. The National Museum has a huge collection of Indonesian statues, ceramics, and jewelry Jakarta is also a shoppers’ paradise with numerous specialty markets, selling everything from antiques to handicrafts plus modem malls.


Malang came under Dutch rule in the 18lh century and preserves much of its colonial-era charm to this day. Its mild highland climate, wide avenues, and attractive architecture make it delightfully walkable; its unhurried pace and booming coffee culture add to the attraction. Just outside the city are ancient temples, tea plantations, and trek-worthy volcanoes.

1. Where would a beach lover go?

A. Ubud.

B. Lombok.

C. Jakarta.

D. Malang.

2. Which of the following statements about Ubud is NOT true?

A. It has many traditional arts.

B. It is a paradise for shopping.

C. It became well-known because of a book.

D. It is worth visiting for health-focused travelers.

3. What do Jakarta and Malang have in common?

A. They both offer volcanic sights.

B. They both enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle.

C. They both have a large collection of statues.

D. They are both under the influence of Dutch culture.


Sydni Bennett didn’t want to be like anyone else when she was a little gi rl. Her friends would often compare her to Misty Copeland, a famous American ballet dancer. She didn’t want to hear that. Instead, she would live by the words, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

The 16-year-old, who is now a coach at a dance studio, has the confidence of a wise woman.

Bennett recently made history as the first African-American to be crowned (加冕) Miss Illinois Teen USA, 34 years after it first started.

“I wasn’t expecting it. My reaction video isn’t that good because I didn’t know what to do.” Before the pageant (选美比赛), Bennett was aware that a black girl had never won. Yet, she remained confident in her pursuit. “It made me want to win for all the black girls around the world,” she said. “I didn’t feel less about my ability to win; it put more stimulus in me rather than doubt.”

Bennett said her life experiences have been preparing her for the big day all along. “I think many girls

feel like they have to make the judges think they’re somebody they’re not. But I told myself, ‘This i s who I am,’”she said.

“Talking about my hands-on work with teaching was easy because it’s my everyday life. I think that’s the thing that set me apart, being genuine.”

Bennett’s next time competing for a crown will be nationally, for Miss Teen USA. She ha s already begun preparing.

4. What message does Bennett want to convey in Paragraph 1?

A. Everyone is unique in the world.

B. Everyone lives the life they enjoy.

C. Everyone is born to achieve success.

D. Everyone is busy doing their own things.

5. What do we know about Bennett from the text?

A. Bennett has already won a national pageant.

B. Bennett is the first black girl to win the pageant.

C. Bennett feels honored when compared to Misty Copeland.

D. Bennett believes her talentmade her different in the pageant.

6. What does the underlined word “stimulus” in Paragraph 4 probably mean?

A. Hesitation.

B. Horror.

C. Responsibility.

D. Motivation.

7. What can we infer from the story?

A. Time and tide wails for no man.

B. Constant dropping wears the stone.

C. Self-trust is the first secret of success.

D. From small beginnings come great things.


Shanghai is a poor place for astronomy fans. The bright city lights make it almost impossible for them to see stars in the night sky. Instead, the stars they are more likely to watch are the ones that appear on TV screens and in movie theaters. And it’s these stars that one government office wishes to see dimmed (变暗淡).

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) has issued new rules that would limit the amount of money paid to China’s biggest stars. According to SARFT, the biggest salaries that stars demand mean that others involved in producing movies and TV series, such as the rest of the cast members, directors, scriptwriters and technicians, are paid less. Therefore, the overall quality of these productions suffers.

While these salaries may seem sky-high to SARFT, they accurately reflect the market — the law of supply and demand. And show business, after all, is a business. So, in order to ensure the success of a film or a movie, producers want someone who can “open a picture” - a star whose name and reputation will guarantee a big audience.

By limiting stars salaries and dimming their glitter, SARFT thinks that producers will spread the mo ney around to the rest of the crew and spend more on “production values” - sets, costumes and special effects. Maybe. But not necessarily. Limiting stars’ salaries would probably just mean more money for the producers. A better solution might be to give stars a smaller salary and a percentage of the profits as well, making them business partners. This is quite common in Hollywood and sometimes results in stars making much more money.

8. What’s the purpose of the first paragraph?

A. To introduce the real topic of thetext.

B. To expose light pollution in Shanghai.

C. To show there are many famousstars in Shanghai.

D.To prove Shanghai is not suitable for astronomy lovers.

9 Why has SARFT issued rules to limit stars’ salaries?

A. To attract the audience.

B. To guarantee social equality.

C. To ensure the quality of the productions.

D. To make sure the market can operate smoothly.

10. What’s the author’s advice on dealing with stars’ sky-high salaries?

A. Nothing should be done in the market economy.

B. SARFT shou ld improve rules to limit stars’ salaries.

C. The audience should refuse stars with sky-high salaries.

D. The producers should make stars their business partners.

11. What’s probably the best title for the text?

A. Should “Stars” be Dimmed?

B. What Determines Stars’ Value?

C. Why do Stars Get High Salaries?

D. What Assures a Good Production?


Newly-discovered fossils in New Zealand have revealed a giant penguin that was as big as an adult man. The creature was almost the same size and weight as professional Canadian hockey player Sidney Crosby, who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

However, when standing up, the ancient bird only stood about 160 centimeters. The new discovery is larger than any other ancient penguin that scientists have found, says Gerald Mayr. He works at the Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.

A possibly larger penguin is only known to scientists from a small piece of leg bone. That makes estimating its size difficult. The largest living penguin species is the emperor penguin in Antarctica. It stands about 120 centimeters tall.

Mayr and others described the giant bird in a paper released this week. It was published in the journal Nature Communications. The researchers named the penguin Kumimanu Biceae. The name is a combination of Maori-language words for a mythological monster and a bird, and the name of one author’s mother.

Daniel Ksepka, who works at the Bruce Museum of Greenwich, Connecticut told the Associated Press that the new disco very shows that penguins grew very large, very quickly. “They grew just after a mass extinction 66 million years ago—the extinction that is best known for killing off dinosaurs,” he sai d.

The event played a role in penguin history m well. Before that, a non-flying seabird like the penguin would have threatened by larger animals living in or near the water, us they competed for the same food. But after the extinction killed most of the larger animals, the ability to fly became less important. This helped penguins survive and grow.

The question that remains, however, is what happened to the giant birds?

12. What can we learn from the first three paragraphs?

A. Emperor penguins stand about 160 centimeters.

B. The giant penguin could move as quickly as hockey players.

C. The giant penguin almost weighed as much as a hockey player.

D. Emperor penguins are the largest penguin species discovered so far.

13. What does “This” in Paragraph 6 refer to?

A. The ability to fly.

B. The life in or near the water.

C. The extinction of larger animals.

D. The rapid increase of penguin population.

14. Why did the newly-discovered penguins grow so large?

A. Because they fed on larger animals.

B. Because they had enough food to eat.

C. Because they could fly to hunt for food.

D. Because they found new food resources.

15. Where is the text probably taken from?

A. A sports magazine.

B. A tour guide.

C. A science fiction story.

D. A scientific report.



Buying the people you love a gift that expresses your truest feelings isn’t always easy. 16. Here’s how to discover a gift your receivers will love.


While you may think it’s a great idea to surprise someone by giving them something you think is a meaningfu l gift, it’s best just to get them exactly what they have told you. A 2011 study published in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology says it is a wrong move to give people what you like instead of what they ask for.

? Size doesn’t matter

The hardest part of this process is trying to show your feelings through your gift selection.18 . In the spirit of showing love, we might go big instead of thinking of what really makes the person happy. You might think buying your husband the latest TV is perfect, but when you get it home, it lights up the living room like a stadium. Instead, try to be smart and practical.

? Keep it open

Many of us may consider giving cash or gift cards impersonal, but this may save you some anxiety by allowing the receivers to choose what they want, picky teenagers in particular. In a recent survey of over 7,000 shoppers, 39% said the receiver they were shopping for was “picky”.19 .

? Create an experience

20 . Log on to websites such as Groupon where you can get the latest tickets for a play, purchase a surf lesson package, or even something unexpected like a flight lesson. These are things that can be experienced together and create a lasting memory.

A. Listen up

B. Prepare a surprise

C. When all else fails, create a memorable moment

D. But when you get it right, the joy they show is worth it

E. Because as we all know actions speak louder than words

F. Asking around can help you think of the right gift idea for your friend

G. So save yourself the second guess and give a gift card of a favourite store




I started out my career as an editor for a travel magazine, but I wanted something more challenging. My sister 21 me some details of a content management 22 in a digital reading startup (新创办的小公司). The job was a perfect mix of my 23 and interests, so I jumped at it.

However, soon after I joined the 24 , its model turned to education, and everything about my position 25 . I was asked to take on the 26 different roles of selling content to teachers. I had no 27

in sales, training or education. On top of that, I’m shy. I felt more than a little 28 my comfort zone.

I knew I wanted to grow and make a(n) 29 effect on the company. I told myself everything feels

30 at first and I should at least try. I knew jumping out of the nest was the right thing for me, 31 it felt pretty awful.

I was 32 to be surrounded by very helpful people. My best friend reminded me that I’d gone on adventures in the past and told me I’d 33 just fine. It also helped that my boss seemed to have more faith in my 34 than I did.

I spent hours 35 my company’s product s. I asked lots of questions and looked for opportunities to put in 36 efforts.

Over time, I 37 that the job was something I could do and liked doing. It was amazingly 38 to see the company grow. Sure, I made mistakes and undertook more than I could 39 . But I also learned that it’s important to take a 40 , even when you’re not sure whether you’ll do it well.

21 A sent B. consulted C. owed D. spared

22 A task B. application C. position D. project

23 A feelings B. responsibilities C. opinions D. skills

24 A company B. organization C. brand D. club

25. A. remained B. changed C. settled D. improved

26. A. slightly B. completely C. rarely D. deliberately

27. A. performance B. reputation C. development D. experience

28. A. outside B. within C. during D. beside

29. A. extreme B. average C. significant D. minimum

30. A. complicated B. smooth C. abstract D. improper

31. A. since B. whether C. unless D. though

32. A. bound B. fortunate C. popular D. pressed

33. A. pay off B. break down C. pull through D. turn up

34. A. pride B. competence C. personality D. attitude

35. A. replacing B. packing C. cleaning D. researching

36. A. extra B. blind C. casual D. occasional

37. A. announced B. pretended C. realized D. stressed

38. A. challenging B. rewarding C. annoying D. frightening

39. A. acknowledge B. consume C. handle D. convey

40. A. breath B. break C. ride D. risk



A saying goes that dogs are man’s best friends, which means dogs are loyal, and will stay with their owners through thick and thin.

Although dogs 41 ( regard) as companions and part of the family for a long time, China and Western countries have different 42 (culture) beliefs about them.

In Chinese, some words 43 (concern) dogs have negative meanings, such as “No ivory can come out of a dog’s mouth.”44 in English, the situation is different. People use “every dog 45 (have) his day” to describe a period of good fortune.

The dog-human relationship goes right back to the beginning of Western civilization. Perhaps the most moving example is from 800 BC, in Greek poet Homer’s The Odyssey.46 Greek hero Odysseus finally returns home after 20 years away at war, he’s in disguise (伪装). Only Argos, an old and ill dog, recognizes him. He is excited 47 (see) his master again after so many years.

Nowadays in the West, millions of people keep dogs as pets. People feed them, take them on holidays and look after them as if they 48 (be) their children. In return, dogs are loyal in a way that friends sometimes aren’t. As the US 49 (music) Don Van Vliet once said, “You can tell by the kindness of a dog 50 a human should be like.”








Last Sunday I went to a bookstore to choose some books but found my wallet going when check out. I panickedimmediate as the wallet was a birthday gift from my best friend. Besides, they contained about 200 dollars, which I had earned by working hard as waiter in a fast food restaurant. However, I quickly left the queue and began to search thearea that I had been reading. Then a girl in her twenty came up to me. It was turned out that she had been waiting forthe owner of the wallet. To my delightful, I not only got my wallet back but also make a new friend.





2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数;

3. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Li Hua, a high school student from China.

I would be most grateful to receive your timely reply.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua





1~5 BBDAB 6~10 DCACD 11~15 ACCBD


16~20 DAEGC



21~25 ACDAB 26~30 BDACA 31~35 DBCBD 36~40 ACBCD


41.have been regarded 42.cultural 43.concerning 44.But 45.has 46.When/As 47.to see 48.were 49.musician 50.what



Last Sunday I went to a bookstore to choose some books but found my wallet going when check out. I panicked


immediate as the wallet was a birthday gift from my best friend. Besides, they contained about 200 dollars, which I

immediately it

had earned by working hard as ∧waiter in a fast food restaurant. However, I quickly left the queue and began to

a Therefore/Thus/So

search thearea that I had been reading. Then a girl in her twenty came up to me. It was turned out that she had been

where或reading后加in twenties删除was

waiting forthe owner of the wallet. To my delightful, I not only got my wallet back but also make a new friend.

delight made



Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Li Hua, a high school student from China. Having read your advertisement on the Internet, I am quite interested in your hotel. Thus I am writing to see if more details about your hotel could be provided.

To begin with, since I will travel with my parents for a week in London, I wonder whether family rooms are available and how much I should pay per night. Besides, it would be greatly appreciated if your hotel could offer airport pickup service. If not, is it convenient for us to get to your hotel by subway or by bus? Last but not least, I would like to know how far it is from your hotel to tourist attractions such as London Eye.

I would be most grateful to receive your timely reply.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua